2007-02-01a (PreU) Beat me a little harder please!

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Beat me a little harder please!

Summary: So, Devi's first fight..... And she gets a teacher of sorts, if you can call Oblivion that.

Who: devi, oblivion, rystan, sayuri
When: February 1st, 2007
Where: UR Gym


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Devi stands in front of the punching bag, her green eyes narrowed harshly as she thinks things over. A loud quick cry rises from her as she punches it, putting all of her anger and emotion into it, all the confusion. She hits it again, with her other fist. She stops the crys and starts bouncing on the balls of her feet, her hands held up in front of her chest in a loose but defensive postion, she starts hitting the bag some more. -SMACK- The punches start slowly, the sound of flesh hitting that crappy vinalish fabric resounding in the high celing. -SMACKSMACK- The punches are coming more quickly now, Devi's pearl white teeth bared as she growls low in her throat as she lets out her agression.

"OOOOHHHH! SOMEone brushes with COLGATE! YAY!" comes Oblivion's voice from somewhere in the room....

Her punches start alternating between punches and kicks, her growls lost in her screaming again. "FUCK!" She kicks the bag with a harsh snap kick with her left leg, the -THWACK- echoing. she kicks again with her left leg, spinning around to left kicking the bag high. Her breathing is heavy as she jumps at Blivy's voice sounds out. "Fucking people. WHAT THE HELL!!!" Her glare scans over the room, finding nothing she turns back to her baggy opponent and starts bouncing again.

Oblivion is standing between her and the punching bag. When, where, how, who knows. "Fucking people? I don't see anyone mating in here". He smiles semi-evily, hands behind his back.

Her eyes widen, then narrow as she reconizes Oblivion. Tilting her head to the right, she grins, a very not sweet look rises and flashes on her face, eyes glinting. Her lips roll back and she quickly turns towards the left, and brings her leg up and snaps at Blivy's head. If she misses, oh well, Regards less she screams at him, more then happy to answer his question. "YOU! YOU ARE THE GODDAMNED PEOPLE I'M TALKING ABOUT. FUCK!"

Oblivion's head snaps sideways with the kick, as it connects at full speed and he doesn't even try to dodge it. His neck looks to be obviously broken, as the head is almost completely off the neck. As her foot goes to the floor afterwards, his head rights itself, and no damage appears to have been left behind. His smile widens "Very nice. I remember seeing that kick earlier. You could do even more serious damage with the proper.... training". His eyes, glowing red through the shaded visor of his helmet, flash brighter for a moment as he says 'training'. "Interested?"

Devi says, "I don't need your help, thanks, I'm here to work off a little excess PMS. If you'd like to be my punching bag, I'd be more then happy to oblige." Her words drip like acid as she very nearly spits them. Not bothering to wait for a reply, she punches with her left fist, then her right, following by an Axe kick with her right leg. She's not really aiming for Oblivion, more so for the punching bag behind him, but she also REALLY doens't give a shit.

Oblivion gets nailed by the left punch, then the right, then puts his hand up, allowing for the axe kick to land in his open hand, in an attempt to grab her by the ankle. He doesn't apply pressure if he succeeds, merely grabs and holds. "Are you so sure? Care for a little... waaaaager?"

Devi breathes a heavy sigh of relief when they hit him, it feel great to hit something. Dropping her kick right into His hand she has to fight to keep her balance as he grabs her ankle. Although she's panting, she needs this, to get out all of the crap she's got built up. She bears her teeth, looking a little more insane each time she smiles. Leaning forwards, she can't really remove her leg from Oblivions grip but she starts punching rapidly, and as hard as she can, her knuckles starting to redden.

Oblivion smiles. The blows are rained upon him..... with no effect whatsoever. "Here's my offer. Defeat" *punch* "Me, and i'll do a favor for you, to" *punch* "be called in at the time of your" *punch* "choosing. If i defeat" *punch* "You, you have to let me TRAIN you" *punch* "in certain melee techniques. You" *punch* "Game?". His nose does start to bleed slightly after that last one.

Devi grins as she stops her punches, her breathing heavy. She eye's him up and down, narrowing her glare. "Fuck it, sure, I need someway to get rid of all this. You got much to offer?" Her lips curl back again, very feral, and angry at everything right now.

Oblivion smiles. Not a friendly one, either. "Terms of the match are simple". He lets go of her ankle. "Your fists versus my fists, first to concede or be KO'ed loses. No killing. No weaponry. No magic. No Psionics". He puts up his dukes "I'll even let you make the first move". His grin matches hers for feral-ness

Rystan dashes into the Gym from the UR's restaurant portion, three bottles of cola in each hand, hanging from their necks between the young man's fingers. "Hah, that stupid 'tender never knew what hit him. By the time he notices them missing, I'll be..." He skids to a stop and notices the scene in front of him. "... Oi, oi, this isn't the exit, not the entrance even..." He gets a sheepish look on his face and coughs, his hands flying left and right and depositing the bottles of cola in various pockets lining his vest and jeans. The motions would be smooth and graceful, if he wasn't already seen holding the drinks. "Ehe... I think I'm lost, or maybe just not found."

Letting her foot fall to the floor, Devi gives a real laugh for the first time in a while. She goes back to her original stance, left foot back, her legs tense and ready to move. Devi ignores everyone, doesn't even relize their there, she's all about Oblivion right now, and seeing someone bleed, even if it's her.

Oblivion takes a step forwards, pulling his hand back to punch, aiming at her face, but then lashes out a snap kick at her knee, before letting the punch fly, the intent to make her block one, but be distracted enough to be hit by the other

Metallica - Die Die My darling starts playing over the speaker system as the fight begins. Devi grins once more and watches Oblivion step forwards, stepping back in time with him she leans back as she expects the punch, but can't react in time for the kick. She bears her teeth as the kick connects with her left knee. It folds but she falls with it, landing, on it. She punches up, and swings her left leg across, trying to sweep him.

Oblivion is hit by the punch in the chin, and leaps with it, doing a backflip, and kicking up as he does so, going over her sweep, and sending a shot at her chin with both feet. Hit or miss, he lands perfectly, and smiles evily "Ready to give up yet?"

Seeing that the two people are fighting, Rystan whistles innocently, slipping one of the cola bottles out of his pocket and taking a sip, all in a fluid motion that makes one wonder exactly when he popped the cap open. "Ah, a chick fighter. More and more women trying to be strong these days, tired of being weak, maybe." He sizes the two up with a few glances and grins. "A punker babe and a short dude. That's my kind of fight, right, right." His middle and ring fingers tap a little melody on the bottle's neck.

Devi gets knocked back by the kick, bouncing on her back as she hits. She looks at the celing and laughs, her teeth covered in blood. Swallowing what she can, she spits out the rest and jumps up, charching towards Oblivion, fists curled and ready. Punching up with her right hand, she spins, bringing her left elbow down and back, towards his stomach, her breathing heavy but her eyes wide, and sparking with life.

Rystan winces as Oblivion's kick connects, and watches as Devi's laugh sprays a little blood out of her mouth, whistling appreciatively. "Girl's got spunk, that she does, that she does." His rings make a clinking sound against the glass bottle as he watches, tilting his head to the side and calling out. "Hey, lady, didja need any help, or do I jus' get to stand here and watch him beat you to death, all the way to death an' stuff?"

Devi bounces on the knee and gets back up, her body shaking. Whipping her head in Rystans direction, her voice unnatural and rough. "Fuck off, I can handle things myself." With that she turns back to Oblivion, her grin returning,"You're going to have to do better then that, knock me out or kill me, I won't stop until then." Maybe she's boasting a bit, or maybe she's just that stubborn. She spits again, and moves forwards, punching him again, anywhere she can, -swooshswooshswoosh- Her left leg snaps out at his neck, her foot turned inwards as her body turns.

Oblivion is hit by 5 punches Devi throws in rapid succession, seemingly off-balance by the blows, but then she does that kick, and he goes rigid, not even moving the slightest bit with the impact. Before she can drop he, he tries to reach up and grab the middle of the lower leg.

Folding her leg in after she hit Oblivion, she pulls the leg back, out of his reach and lets it fall, her weight returning to it. Quickly shuffeling back, she strips off her sleeveless turtle-neck tank top thing off and tosses it to the side, leaveing her in a black spagetti strap tank. She darts in again at Oblivion, her hands held up as she turns her body and does a low stomp kick at his kneecap, bringing her right elbow high and back towards his face.

Rystan laughs and shrugs at Devi's words, finishing off his bottle and tossing it back over his shoulder. Obviously, he's not worried about finding a trash can. "Whatever, suit yerself. S'your funeral, babe." Still, he walks a bit closer to the fight, enjoying the entertainment and wanting a better view. "Your loss too, totally a loss." He lets his fingers bounce off of his chin, strumming along to the rhythm of the punches and kicks. "Such a waste of a body, too. Always hate to see a fine chick getting herself beat down."

Oblivion is hit in the knee, which he looks at "Aaww. i just waxed that". The shot to the face connects, but does, like all her other attacks thus far, nothing in the way of effect "I'm gonna be busy later, it seems...". He suddenly leaps towards her, sending a rather weak punch at her face, while the other hand tries to slip behind her back at the waist. Should the waist hand be successful, he'll attempt to send her flying into the wall at high speed.

Her head moves with the punch, lessening the force of the blow. Devi strikes out like a viper at Oblivion's face again with a anger-filled but well aimmed punch, and screams as Oblivion throws her. In a moment of stillness, she seems to hang in the hair, she flings a word at Oblivion that is shrouded in her movement and lack of air in her lungs. Coming out as a whisper more like, "Asshol-!" THUD! She hits the wall and flies forwards again, slamming against the ground, her shoulders rolling as she lays there for a second stunned.

A low whistle comes from Rystan, and his grin turns into a smug smile. "Gotta say, girl, yer not long for this world with that kinda stubborn-ness." He reaches down into his vest, picking out a sasparilla, and grins again, spinning the bottle in between his fingers quickly, the cap flying off at some time during the act, and the bottle's lips find their way to his mouth before the foam can shoot out. After a quick swig, he continues. "Y'should just lay down and take less hurt, lady. Be better for ya in the long-run, take it from me." His rings scrape against the side of the bottle, making a grating sound at least half as annoying as his comments.

Oblivion smirks, stepping over to the prone Devi, and reaching down to try to grab her midway between the wrist and the elbow, and then lift her off her feet via said arm should he succeed

A young woman peeks through the door quietly, peering around. First you're enjoying a nice walk by the shore, then all of a sudden, you're on a weird dark street corner in hell knows where. . o O ( I don't sense ANY chakra coming from this place...and I didn't sense anyone coming, either. ) She looks around, before fully entering the gym. There's a civilian, then there's a woman who just got thrown against a wall. Normally she would step in and go after Oblivion, but...she could care less right now. She approaches Rystan quietly, watching the two. "So, what is this place? Can't be genjutsu, or I would've dispelled it already..." She mumbles a few words under her breath, peering around the room.

Devi is picked up by Oblivion as her head reels, palms to her temples, trying to shake off the cobwebs of the smack, her body lays limp as she trys to get her head to work.

Oblivion grins visciously, and starts to squeeze the radius and ulna closer together. While not breaking it outright, if he keeps applying such pressure, it'll break soon enough. This means intense pain. "Give up? Or shall i continue?"

Devi gasps as Oblivion clears the webs for her, her hands trying in vain to press his arm away, her grunts of pain, turning into short screams as she bites the inside of her cheek, she gives in and lets out a loud echoing scream, trying to wiggle out of it, tossing her weight around. Tears jump to her eyes as she screams, profanitys pouring out of her mouth like the sea.

Rystan takes another full swig of his drink before he grants the newcomer even a passing glance, he's enjoying the gladiatorial event too much. But when he does spare her that glance, it's a lot more than just in passing. He does a double take and takes his time analyzing her. "Whew, what's a guy to do around here? All the women are fighters, and a lot of the fighters are women too, mhm..." He would've ordinarily stepped in at this point, heroically saved the day and maybe gotten a grateful girl in the process, but from the way Devi's been acting, he's guessing it wouldn't serve his interests that much. So instead he gives the new girl a shot, hoping to see what makes her tick. "I'm sure I dunno, babe, just found my way here myself, but I can already tell you 'n me are gonna be good friends, yeah." He spins his bottle around a few times in his fingers again, even though it's open now. Not a drop of liquid finds its way out of the bottle.

Oblivion holds it at it's current pressure, not pressing more, so that the bones won't break, but letting it stay where it is, so the pain will remain constant "You COULD end this.... i can go all night, too!" >})

Sayuri watches Devi and Oblivion in silence. She would normally step in...but the metal one doesn't look like he would be too fun to deal with. If she screams any louder, though, the shinobi might step in. Who knows. Rystan is offered a glance and a raised eyebrow. "You think that you and I will be good friends? What gives you that impression?" She reguards the young man silently as she awaits an answer.

Devi screams, "AYE, FINE, I GIVE, LET GO YOU BIG METAL PRIG!" This is a rare occasion indeed. Devi usually never gives in but this pain she can't deal with for much longer. Tears are streaming down her face, although she's not actually aware of it, her vision going white and red, lungs burning for relief.

Rystan doesn't miss a beat as Sayuri levels a perfectl valid question his way, sliding around to the other side of her in a smooth motion that doesn't really even look like he took any steps, more like he just sort of glided along the floor. "Well, it's quite obvious, isn't it, babe? Yer a girl and I'm irresistable, your type and mine always get along just fine." Irresistable, huh? Well he IS physically attractive, if you go for the bishonen look, but irresistable? His actions make him less attractive, if anything. Doesn't seem to stop him, though. "You agree of course, course y'do." He tilts his head at an odd angle and examines Sayuri a little closer up. Nothing as bad as it sounds, but hard to interpret it that way with his attitude.

Oblivion lets go "Oh, goody. That was indeed fun. I'll be back in a day or so to begin your training! Ciao!". He vanishes into thin air as suddenly as he appeared.

Devi drops to the floor, holding her stomach curled into a ball, waiting for the pain to leave, she mutters to herself, still not noticing the tears of frustration. "Goddamnit Johnny, fuck, christ, what happened? Why can't I comprehend all this, why am I so fuckin angry all of a sudden..." She breaths deeply, forcing the pain to go away, putting her palms on the floor she pushes herself up, standing, she finally takes stock of the two people.

Narrowing her eyes, she heads towards the exit, scooping up her dicarded shirt along the way. Devi says nothing to the two people, the blood leaking from her lip giving her a very rough but exotic kind of beauty as she wipes it off with the back of her hand, she leaves the Gym and heads back to Nny's house.

Sayuri watches Rystan passively, listening to his explanation. "Why yes, you ARE quite attractive." She states matter-of-factly, putting one hand on her hip. She does indeed look Rystan up and down, as if she's actually truly interested, also giving him a bit of silence to let the comment sink in. "...But if you ever call me 'babe' again, or even if you blatantly hit on me like that again, I might just have to send my fist right into your solar plexus, or perhaps your genitals, depending on the severity of your remarks." She finishes this response with a bright smile.

At Sayuri's comments, Rystan's grin turns into a placating smile, and he slides around back to the other side of her again, not even making any noise with his movement this time. "Oh come on, sis, don't be like that, don't be like that." Well, any noise save his less than interesting words. "Just because you've got cirumstances doesn't mean you've got to be so harsh to man, no it doesn't." With a special kind of slide that is a mix between an incredible coordinated dance move, and the epitome of all things sleezy, he winds up behind her with a smile on his face. "After all, we're friends, aren't we?"

Rystan falls flat on his face in response to Sayuri, continuing to slide off to the side anyways, even in such a precarious position. It's a little twist and a hop and pivot, and he's on both feet again, walking backwards with the momentum of the slide, turning until he's back-walking over to Sayuri again with his hands in his vest. "Aw, come on sweetheart, you don't have to be so cruel." His feet are barely even touching the floor now, he's moving purely by momentum, as if there's no friction between his boots and the floor. "You n' me are like kindred spirits an' all that stuff!" As he approaches the wall, Rystan's feet shift slightly, and he does indeed slide up the wall for a few moments before he falls, pivoting in midair to land on his feet again, sliding back twards Sayuri. "Ya don't hafta hide your feelin's from me, ya know. I can tell what'cher thinkin' even 'fore you can, after all."

Sayuri arches a brow. Wow. Someone who's just ASKING to get punched. She sighs, clasping her hands in front of her and making a weird shape with her hands. This is brief, however, and she walks towards the wall...and up the wall...and onto the ceiling, where she stops and stands there, looking silently down at Rystan. All with a rather nonchalant smile upon her face. "No. We aren't kindred spirits. And no, you can't tell what I'm thinking before I can. Now, I could probably tell YOU what you're thinking before you can, but that requires a lot more effort on my part than I'm willing to give up for someone so unpopular and uncool as you." Again, she smiles.

Rystan throws his hands up in mock-defeat, letting out a sigh, then an appreciative whistle. "Alright, ya got me, sis, I don' know what you're thinkin, and I ain't nothin' like you. Nothin at all." His whistle is, of course, in appreciation of her little spider-man act, there. "I've got to say, yer an impressive lady, for a chick." All the time he's speaking, Rystan's feet are just sliding around on the floor in exactly opposite movements to each other, each canceling out the other's movement and keeping the young man in place. Looks like he can't stand still, or maybe just doesn't want to. "An' you got me pegged, I ain't got no friends, nor none o' that 'popularity' stuff everyb'dy seems to be so keen on " His feet begin to move slightly faster, and if one was paying real close attention, they'd notice streaks on the floor, like rubber being burned onto the floor of a bowling alley. "But y'know, I'll bet yer wrong too, babe." He pulls his hands out of his vest and just holds them a few inches out from his sides, a smile on his face. "Y'see, yer a skin deep kinda chick, so I wouldn' s'pect ya ta get me on the first try, darlin." Sounds like someone's TRYING to be a bother.'

Sayuri watches silently, paying close attention to Rystan's feet, listening to his strange babblings. "You act as though I'm fawning all over you and can't keep my hands off of you...when in reality, I'm the one standing on the ceiling in order to stay away from you." She smiles. "In any case, I can garuntee I can read your mind down to every little movement of your muscles. But as I said, that's more effort than I want to put forth on your behalf." She watches his arm positioning as well, suspicion forming in her eyes. "So...what's the deal with your feet? Are you hyperactive, or perhaps you have restless leg syndrome...? Hmm? Do tell, I'm curious."

Rystan grins broadly, letting his leg movements get broader and more artful, as if he were doing some combination of riverdance, the moonwalk, and, oddly enough, the peanuts dance. "Now, now, don't be goin an' makin' assumptions just 'cause o' th' way I talk, darlin', don't you be now..." His hands raise up in the air, empty palms lifted heavenward, as if to show they were empty. "I may not be your cup o' tea, but don't be thinkin' you went and got me solved." His smile is disarming, but something's not quite right. The rings on his right hand, something about them is just... off. "S'not my feet ya should be watchin' anyways, if y'know what I mean." Actually, it's very like Sayuri DOESN'T know what he means, but that's ok, he's happy to explain.

Sayuri watches Rystan silently, examining his every move. Not one movement goes without notice by Sayuri. The hands, the rings...those get her going, and she lifts her hands to that same strange position she did before she went up the ceiling, still staring at the man's every movement. "Really, now? So what should I be watching, then? Your hands? Your face? Or perhaps those peculiar rings of yours? Please, do explain." She keeps her hands up in the hand sign, still watching and waiting for anything that may be reason for attack or defense.

His grin dying down into a quiet but confident smile, Rystan goes ahead and explains, just as he was hoping to do. "Well, babe, y'got good eyes to be thinkin o' watching my rings, and I give ya credit for it. An' standin on th' ceiling, too..." He turns his right hand around a few times to let Sayuri examine the rings if she wants, seeming quite carefree about them. "Fact o' the matter is, I must've found m'self a great place to roost." He stares up at Sayuri's eyes for a moment, smiling a disturbingly happy and peaceful smile for someone who talks and acts the way he does. "Each n' every one of you all that I've met so far buys into my ev'ry word. Far too easy, if y'ask me." Well, it's nice of him to go on a rant, but what's his point? He closes his eyes for a second, speaking as he opens them again slowly. "See, darlin, what you really should be focusin' on..." His eyes finish opening and stare at Sayuri intently, his next words not obscured by whatever accent he was carrying before, but rather as clear as day. "Are the bottles." The bottles? What is he--... This is usually where the thought process breaks down. His remaining five cola bottles are all floating up just below the ceiling at about the height of Sayuri's head, as if slowing down from having been thrown up, and preparing to drop back down, each about 2 meters away from the female ninja. But that's impossible. He didn't even MOVE. And it's another potentially thought-breaking process when the necks of each bottle are cut off in rapid enough succession to seem simeultaneous, by twin black and white daggers moving through the air at high speeds. But he's still not moving, not until the two daggers both converge on the last bottle, and their blades cross each other, and then suddenly, without any other warning, there's Rystan, holding each blade in his hand, sliding along the ceiling towards Sayuri at what can only be described as a sickening speed. "Guard the face, 'babe'."

As she spots the bottles near her, Sayuri smirks. Instead of watching...she closes her eyes...then, as the last bottle is cut, she opens her eyes...which are now very weird, red with a strange pinwheel design around each pupil. "Kage Bunshin!" As soon as she shouts this, small clouds of smoke appear, all around her, concealing her from view...and when the smoke clears, there are about five of her. Which one is the real one? Hard to tell, but all of them are headed right for Rystan, and all of them have a kunai in each hand...and all of them are moving at a speed almost equally as sickening as Rystan's own speed.

Rystan spirals towards the five candidates, whistling again, but this time in a cleaner, more honest tone. Five of them, and what to do? Letting his feet skid forward out from under him, or above him, depending on which way you look at it, (they are upside down, after all) Rystan lets his white dagger drag behind him into the ceiling, and gives it a slight tug, changing his direction that of to the clone furthest on his left, and leaving the dagger embedded firmly in the ceiling. Just before he would come within the clones' striking distance, Rystan lets the momentum carry him back upright, where he jumps, yes jumps, off of the ceiling towards the floor. Perhaps what, if any of this, might surprise someone, is the fact that Rystan falls back up towards the ceiling behind the squad of clones, his black dagger into the ground as he... falls up. "Neat trick, must be great at parties."

The clones all offer a wry smile. #1 says, "Thank you." #2 says, "It is a pretty good party trick." The rest just smirk. Each of them pulls out a throwing needle, sending them towards various (nonfatal) spots on Rystan...then, shortly after, all five leap 'up' from the ceiling, right at Rystan, kunais drawn and ready. #4 says, "Pretty good for overwhelming opponents, as well."

"Oh, I don't doubt that..." Rystan responds, letting his arms drift out to the side as he falls towards the clones, and more immediately, the needles. However, his words don't come from where he is, but from the white dagger back what is now behind the clones in the ceiling, and ... no, wait, that IS where he is... despite the fact that he was falling towards a small needle barrage and a likely butchering at the hands of several clones. "Though it could probably use some work." Now he's... falling horizontally... towards the clones, as if the wall in front of them were the ground, and the wall behind them were the ceiling. He grabs the dagger on the way ... down. "Hard to blame you, though." In the same motion he scooped the white dagger up from the wall, he flings it toward the clones, who it would not surprise him in the least to see already all but turned around. However, the dagger doesn't come from the direction he threw it, but rather from 'above' the clones, specifically from the spot where his black dagger rests in the ground. Rystan himself, however, continues his course towards the clones, rearing back for a punch. What a strange man. "

Each clone reacts in good time; one is struck by the white dagger, and dissapears in a cloud of smoke. Then, suddenly, all four of the rest dissapear into a cloud of smoke, leaving no Sayuri to be found. Where did she go? Looking around, that question is answered: she's standing atop a barbell a ways away from where the battle was just going on, and is lifting her hands into the strange position again, eyes following Rystan's every movement...then, she narrows her eyes, taking a breath. "Mangekyou Sharingan!" Nothing appears to happen, except for her eyes becoming even stranger; now her pupils are shaped like a three-bladed shuriken. . o O ( Come on...look in my eyes... )

As the white dagger embeds itself into the ceiling again, and the four clones disappear, Rystan pushes off the ceiling, and suddenly he's holding onto the white dagger's handle, hanging from it as gravity affects him normally once more. "Hmm? Disappeared?" He glances over towards where Sayuri is now, smiling broadly. "A retreat? How practical. So unlike a girl." Sexist, much? Deep within the pupils of his eyes, a light stirs, a tiny pinprick, and he finds himself staring straight into Sayuri's eyes. "You might want to get those looked at..."

Sayuri smiles pleasantly, her hands still lifted up...strangely, Rystan would likely find himself unable to look away from the girl's strange eyes, no matter how hard he may try. "Yes...a retreat. Your fighting style is a bit too confusing for me to put myself out on the line. But I DO have a bit of advice for you." She chuckles. "You might want to be more careful about looking into people's eyes, especially if they look as strange as mine do." Suddenly, her pleasant smile becomes a somewhat wicked grin. Then, in a quiet voice, she speaks, keeping eye contact with Rystan. "Tsukiyomi." That's all she says...that's all she NEEDS to say, as the room starts to...change. As if it's melting, almost. Actually, a peice of the ceiling is melting down onto the hand Rystan is using to hang from the ceiling, and another peice of it is dripping towards his shoulder...

"Oooh, Fancy." Rystan decides to keep hanging onto the white dagger for the time being, wondering idly if the melting room will burn. "Severe property damage, you see, this is why chicks shouldn't fight." Ever the persistent antagonist, Rystan gives his wide grin. Ordinarily, people would probably be scared out of their mind, or perhaps even believe they were going insane. "But seriously, though, I know a good ophthamologist, clear that right up for you."

Sayuri smirks. "I'm glad you like it, then." She narrows her eyes, seeming to concentrate. As the ceiling drips onto Rystan's hand and shoulder, it starts to harden...and starts to severely squeeze. More bits of ceiling drip down, now acting like tentacles and trying to wrap around the man's waist and legs. "This is going to hurt, you know...a lot...we could be here for days, now." The woman chuckles, her voice becoming darker...more wicked-sounding. "And I have a feeling there isn't anything you can do about it."

Rystan blinks and narrows his eyes a little bit as he feels his shoulder and hand begin to be crushed. "Hmmm... Now this is new..." The light from within his pupils grows brighter, and he raises an eyebrow and turns his head to look around for a minute, then glance back down at the ground, specifically the black dagger.. "Hmm? ... ... ... Interesting." Oh? What's interesting? "...Looks like you're right, there's nothing I can do." He gives a wide grin, an odd thing for someone being crushed to death to do, and just sort of stares back at Sayuri. Intently.

Sayuri watches intently as the ceiling does its work, wrapping around Rystan and squeezing him tighter and tighter. "Mmm...giving up already? And I was just about to have so much fun...we could have days of fun, you know." Her eyebrows lower, and all of a sudden, all turns black, and Rystan is free from the ceiling's grips, free to move around. The shinobi stands only about twenty feet away, eyes still on Rystan. "Is this idiotic and unprompted fight over and done with, or are you going to let me have more fun with you?"

Rystan smiles and watches Sayuri's tentacly ceiling show end. He rubs his shoulder idly, and his smile blossoms into a grin again. "More fun? So you enjoyed yourself then?" He tilts his head and gives Sayuri an 'I told you so' look. "Told you we'd get along." ... Is this what he calls getting along?

Sayuri arches a brow. "Hmmm, we do seem to be getting along." She smirks. "More fun, however, would be torturing you for days upon days...watching you scream and cry and break down, then beg for more." She chuckles. "So what's your biggest fear? Any clues, or do I have to rip them out of you?" Her eyes widen, as does her grin, and she lifts her hand...suddenly, she dissapears, and the scene changes to a rather frightening room...the floors, walls, and ceilings are all made of muscle, organs, eyes, and various other body parts. Blood drips from the ceiling. The walls flex, as if the room itself is breathing.

The man's grin becomes a mere smile once again, as he watches with fascination. "Hmm, quite intense. I love the scenery." The light within his pupils begins to engulf them now, his eyes shining a bright white, as if he were blind. "As for my greatest fear..." He gives Sayuri a much less hearty smile, a half-hearted, almost sad smile. "I've been living it every day of my life for the last three years." He looks up, towards the bleeding ceiling, and his half-hearted smile continues. "I'm sorry to say that you don't have the power to frighten me."

Sayuri's voice comes from everywhere yet nowhere, "Really now? Damn. Well then...I can either torture you with pain, since fear doesn't seem to work, or alternately, I can let you out of here and you and I can sit and have some peaceful conversation." As insane and demented as she is, she does have something of a heart, strange as it is to have both of those words in the same sentence. "Which would you rather?"

His grin returns again, and Rystan stares head on into Sayuri's eyes. "I'll think on that one. Hope you don't have any plans." He's not going to budge? ... This is going to be a long night...

Sayuri can be hear 'hmm'ing (she's currently not visible, actually). "Alright. Well, while you think on that one, I'm going to have to find a way to amuse myself..." Suddenly, bone spikes start to emerge from the walls. "Might want to hurry up with that thought process, before I decide for you..."

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