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Rystan Aster
Full Name: Rystan Aster

Series: Final Fantasy X
Class: Thief
Threat Level: City Smasher
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Al Bhed)
Age: 17 (Appearance)
Birthdate: Unknown
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 140 lbs.

Short Description: The world's most successful thief, and least successful escape artist.
Miscellaneous: Rystan is annoying by default. Be forewarned.

Rystan Aster
A punk. That's the first impression most anyone would get at seeing this young man. It's not his light brown hair, which is cut fairly short, only coming about halfway down his neck in typical bishonen style. It's not even his clothes which, while not particularly old looking, still look like they've seen better days... No, even with the ragged pair of black jeans, the shoddily stitched black leather coat, and worn black boots with dull white faceplates that look like they'd laugh in the face of shoe polish, what makes this young man look like a punk is 100% his attitude.

He's often grinning, and if/when you catch his brown eyes, Rystan usually looks at you as if you're his own personal amusement. Then again, maybe it's something else that's making him smile. Regardless, the smile, while easily interpreted as friendly, has that certain look of smugness to it. The way he handles himself doesn't help matters much either. Rystan's always sliding around, as if he's trying to be sneaky and failing miserably. And the strange, almost hyper way he talks, is he making fun of you, or himself? Around the middle and ring fingers of his right hand are two black rings, that look like they're joined together whenever his fingers are touching. All in all, Rystan looks like a young guy that needed a lot more discipline as a child.

Rystan Aster
Primary Skills:


Rystan appears to be capable of dagger-based teleportation, with very limited range but almost impossibly fine control of the position and momentum he ends up in. If he throws a dagger at someone, he can appear anywhere along the dagger's path, or adjacent to that path, and in any position with any inertia he desires. Rystan has been known to use this to appear in mid-attack within extremely intimate proximity to his enemies. Or to steal things no human could possibly steal.

Both his white and black dagger are also capable of teleporting to him, and to each other. Rystan's extremely fine control of teleportation extends to the daggers as well, and they can emerge from a teleport in any angle and direction he wishes.


Like most characters in the world of Spira, Rystan can use magic. Unlike most characters, Rystan has enough experience fighting and being fought, that he can use ALL magic. This firmly puts him in Final Fantasy Protagonist levels of threatening, especially when he can teleport two inches from someone and drop Ultima.

Fast Hands

Rystan is one of the most dexterous human beings conceivable, at least where his hands are concerned. He can cut the top off of a coke bottle before anyone has even observed him reach for his dagger, and have the dagger away again before the carbonation releases. As a pickpocket, Rystan is nigh undetectable, even to creatures with blindsense. He likes to joke that his tongue is just as quick as his hands, but noone believes him.

Flaw: Inattentiveness

Rystan has ADHD. There is no need to mince words here; did you do something clever? He didn't notice. There is just too much going on that's interesting right now.

In fact, Rystan has been observed not to notice when someone who killed him and attempted to kill his wife entered the room, because other things were happening at the time. It was not a large room. And the person was not subtle.



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