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Summary: Thus, the mazoku's next target is revealed!

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Who: Devi, Momo, Oblivion
When: August 25th, 2008
Where: Devi's panty drawer


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Devi's bedroom is mostly simple. There are glow in the dark stars attached to the celing and a 6 drawer black and purple dresser on the left. A diery sits upon it. Her bed is the most elaborate thing so far, in here. It's a QueenSized Canopy bed, with a large piece of purple mesh, covered in a black mesh to act as the actual Canopy. If you lay on her bed, you'll find it very comfy, and you might notice that there are stars intwined into the mesh above. The room is neat and simple, unlike Devi herself. The bed is unmade and there might be scary things under the bed. Spare yourself and don't look!

Oblivion floats in Devi's room, reading her diary. The book is upside down, of course, and he snickers here, and cackles there as he reads, as if something in it amuses him. Momo floats nearby, with a rat dangling from her claws. It squeeks in terror and pain as she pokes it with one of her claws.

Devi appers laying on the top of her bed's canopy, feet raised, and swinging back and forth, as she puts her chin into her hands."Finding everything ok? Should I show you to the Electornics deparment? Or perhaps the Women's underware section would be better suited for you?" Oh, apperently, she doesn't approve of people rummaging through her stuff.

Oblivion smirks "No thanks. I already went through the underwear drawer. Hence why i found this! Nice bloomers, by the way, but that black thong with the spike on the inside looks REAL painful. You should put it on someone, just to see how it looks". He flips another page

Devi glowers, her face darkening 10-fold. "You did what?"

Oblivion smiles "Oh, it's not like you really have to wear them anymore, is it? Or... do you?". His tone is inquisitive, but he doesn't persue anything more of it "Besides, what's the point of writing without intending someone to read it?". There's a loud "SQICK!" as Momo kills the rat by biting off it's head. She then smiiiiles, and vanishes, off to do whatever.

Devi growls low in her throat, flicking her fingers and causing the diary to shoot across the room and into her hand. Tucking it into a pocket, she folds her arms. "So, is no one on Twisted willing to play with you today? That you must come and meander through my...... belongings." In her head, she starts planning ways to hide her undergarments.. Never planned to have anyone in here, and now.. Well, she just doesn't feel like her panties are safe.

Oblivion lets her reclaim her diary from him. After all, it's purpose has been served at this point. He does note, however, that she didn't answer his question.... MOST interesting, AND entertaining. "I saw this strange little man in the street running around with dozens and dozens of pairs of ladies undergarments, so was curious if he had any of yours from your old life, and if not how many funny things i could maybe make him do using them as payment".

Devi eye's widen. "You do not mean Happosai? If you even dare to give that leech any of my undies... I swear......" She swears she has no idea what she'd do... but she'd try to improvise.

Oblivion laughs "So you HAVE been wearing them, even though you don't need to wear anything at all anymore! How entertaining..... and by the way, it's not polite to swear". He gives a demented wink "Which for some reason reminds me, I've chosen your new partner, and as we speak working to corrupt her. Her name is Felicity, and she shows great... promise. Avoid contact with her outside of your 'disguise' until such time as she can be remade, much as you were"

Devi says, "Her?? Do you really think that she'll work? I mean, I was already jaded and warped.. She's..." Her mouth curls at having to say the word, it filling her mouth with a vile taste."Innocent." She'll obey Blivy's command for her disguise, not that she ever has much choice. Shrugging she continues, "Well, at any rate it'll be fun to watch her turn. Speaking of, how are you going to manage that? She's all.... Pride and Valor, Protecting the weak kind of chick."

Oblivion gives a cruel smile "While true, that is the ultimate point of our kind. To turn innocent upside down and inside out. Specially when it's done literally. She is, indeed, quite in line with those qualities, but you forget one thing: What did you just mention that is so disasterous to humans?"

Devi says, "Innocent?"

Oblivion shakes his head "Pride. Innocence can lead to making ignorant mistakes, but not to serious moral downfall most of the time. Pride, however, almost ALWAYS leads to getting one into trouble. I ALSO have become aware of what she truely craves, and have already offered it to her."

Devi arches an eyebrow. "What's that, if I can ask?" Devi wanted power, and wanted to show Sun up. Which she did. Grinning at the thought, she chuckles a little. Sun wasn't so bad ass trapped in that crystal, begging to be let out. Oh... almost got sidetracked there.

Oblivion smiles "Power, for intent of controlling things around her. She's starting things a bit late, you see, and already realizes that the path to safely wielding power is one that will take several lifetimes, at best, to truely master fully."

Devi nods. "Alrighty. I shall do as you command, oh Great one. But right now, I've got something I have to go check on. If you'll excuse me?" She fades from view, her tounge stuck out at the last second before she fades from sight.

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