2010-09-21 (PreU) Part 1: Restaurant Rampage

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Part 1: Restaurant Rampage

Summary: Part one of two, only a week or two late. YOU CAN STOP NAGGING NOW JOHNNY~!

Who: Felina, Johnny_C, Oblivion, Samantha
When: September 21, 2010
Where: The Usual Restaurant

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The Usual Restaurant.. And it seems to be.. busy! Yes, the place is all but crowded, every table has somebody at it at the moment, and it is also unfortunately for Felina, the time of her padding down into the restaurant from upstairs.. Meowing faintly, she looks around, <oh joy> yes, she is still in the sollen-bellied form of a white housecat.

Oblivion actually walks in the door normally for a change, except... his head is upside down.... ? odd. He doesnt seem to notice, though.

Felina pauses, sitting now on the corner of a table, and she looks at Oblivion, with his upside-down head.. <Oh wonderful.. That nutcase again.. I just hope he doesn't cause any bother.. >

Through the throng of busily babbling merry-makers winds a figure notable mostly - at present - for the rather chaotic path she is treading. Deprived of her usual casual grace, Samantha Li-Bogard places her feet in haphazard fashion, barely avoiding the dreaded drunkard's stumble as she winds her way through the crowd. A gaudy-labelled bottle hangs at her hip, clutched in the fingers of her gloved left hand, as with the right she pushes a stray tangle of hair from her bleary eyes. She comes to a sudden stop near the door, glancing this way and that before she alights her gaze upon the entering Oblivion. She blinks once, twice, and a third time, before canting her head to one side, considering the mazoku with a suspicious squint. "Huh," she manages after a moment, putting a finger to her lower lip and tugging at it. It's not an attractive gesture. "Yer kinda... wrong." The hand extends out, pointing a wavering finger toward 'Blivy's left eyeball. It's as good a place as any. She curves her fingertip around in the air, tracing the general shape of his head as though trying to figure out what, exactly, is 'wrong'.

Oblivion stops, and looks at Samantha "What do y- OH!". He walks over to the wall, and smashes it with his face. When he turns back around, it looks fine. "I was WONDERING why everyone was on the ceiling..... ". He turns his head and looks riiiiight at Felina, smiling evily "I read the log. I know your secret. FEAR! Or don't. Your choice". He smirks, and turns to look at Samantha, but says nothing else as of yet.

Felina hrms, purring softly and she licks at her forepaw, grooming... before looking at Oblivion with ice-blue eyes.. then she looks over towards Samantha, and she pands over towards her, purring softly.

An eyebrow lifts on the ninja's brow as she continues to stare at Oblivion. A second later, the other suddenly perks up to join it, almost as though it had forgotten to do so the moment before. Idly, lazily, oh-so-drunkenly, the bottle-bearing hand swings upward to deliver a slug of thick off-black liquid past overly malleable lips. A trickle runs down her chin and drips to the floor of the UR with a gentle 'plink plink'. The noise, slight as it is, sets Samantha's ears to twitching - and this in turn causes a giggle which becomes a snort. As Oblivion turns around, she is unable to restrain the gesture any longer and all but EXPLODES in his newly adjusted face. A dark, sticky spray makes its way rather suddenly across the empty airspace between them, a few flecks scattering outward to draw irritated sounds from a couple of the other patrons. Luckily, they seem to be mundane enough not to pose any greater problem. Not that the cut young woman notices anyway, continuing to redden with mirth as she hurriedly turns from 'Blivy in a pathetic attempt to pretend the spray had nothing whatsoever to do with her. "Ha! Kitty!" She barks out, rather thickly and with an overtone of half-swallowed liquid, as her vision now comes to Felina. Tail lashing behind her, Sammy half-steps, half-staggers and half-drops to a knee, reaching out with her free hand to pet at her fellow feline. "Kitty, kitty..." Her murmur covers a quick glance to Oblivion, inspecting the results of her handiwork...

Felina purrs a bit, sniffing and recailing at the smell of booze from Samantha, but then she nuzzles into the petting.. This white kitty is at the moment looking fairly large.. fat even at a glance..

Oblivion blinks as hes doused in alcohol, which, for some strange reason, ignites almost as soon as it touches him! You now have a human torch standing in the middle of the room. For his part, all he does is look around, smiling, and randomly asks "Who wants a hug? OOHH! Kitty!". He goes over to try to pet Felina, or Samantha, whoever he gets to first. While one fire. How can he resist!

Felina sees the fact that she and Samantha are beig approached by the inferno that now is oblivion, and she meows loudly! Drawing a paw across the ground in front of her, a shimmering wall of light forms in front of oblivion.

As she glances at Oblivion, Samantha continues to pat and stroke at Felina. Her hands aren't all that clumsy, considering the obvious state she is in, but they do slip somewhat to work away around to the side of the plump white cat. "/More/ kitty!" Her exclamation comes even as her brain processes the burning mazoku now standing before her, and for a moment her expression shows great conflict; to look at the pregnant Felina, or the fiery abomination soaring toward her - a sight that would be surreal even were she not in the depths of Cuckooland. Her eyes flicker back and forth, finally settling for crossing inward, distracting her further as a hot and heavy hand descends upon her... Her hand immediately recoils from the smaller feline with a jolt, as a ripple of power soars around her fingertips and trails up her arm in an ascending spiral. Blue-white energy coalesces at her shoulders before leaping in an arc for her endangered scalp. Must... protect... the hair! In tandem with Felina's wall of light, a tight blue-white orb of condensed water magic strikes Sammy atop her head, spraying her with a deluge of curiously sparkling liquid. For a moment she simply sits there, blinking and pouting slightly, uncrossing her eyes to focus once more upon Oblivion. Who is also sparkling behind... magic that her brain tells her is nothing to do with her. "Uhhh, huh." She frowns, sending rivulets of water down her face, and looks down to Felina. "More than /just/ more kitty. What kinda thing're you?" She leans downward, trying to focus on Felina's eyes with her own. "Felixian or somethin'?"

Oblivion stops, watching the wall, which is easily surmounted, but seeing Sam douse herself with water, he stops. He starts laughing like the lunatic he is, convinced she ment to do something else, and ended up soaking herself by accident.

Felina purrs, and she giggles a bit at Oblivion, before turning to look up at Sammantha.. and then she speaks quite calmly.. "I beleive we've met before... It's Felina.. As to what I am.. apparently I'm something of a flesh golem..."

Samantha is just sozzled enough to go with the flow as the adorable little cat begins speaking. Any less adorable, or anything more like her own size, and the reaction would be rather more shocked or more directly confrontational. But this is easy. This is like a fairy tale; a concept her heavily-regressed brain cells can handle with surprisingly little effort. Which does nothing to stop her jaw from hanging slack, eyes widening and practically glowing with childish delight before the better parts of her brain place the voice and toss up a sobering memory. "Oh." She mutters, looking to the ceiling, tongue popping up against her left cheek. "Oh!" With attention back on Felina, and struggling to block out Oblivion's lunatic cackling, she casts the smaller feline a wide grin. "Yer alive an' stuff! Tha's great! Though uh, I thought flesh golems were more..." She gestures helplessly, searching for words a moment, before losing all semblance of patience and civility. "HEY!" She straightens up with furious briskness, whirling on the armoured mazoku with a RIGHTEOUSLY POINTING FINGER. Never mind that the fingers behind it are wrapped around a beer bottle. "We're /tryin'/ to have a conver-" her mouth shuts and opens, twice, "Convermasation. Don't see what's so funny anyw-" Again she's cut off in mid-sentence, this time by a large hiccup which comes oh-so-close to turning into an even larger belch. Releasing the gas with a gasping sigh instead, the catgirl seems to forget about 'Blivy and looks tiredly at Felina. "...fleshy. Fleshy is what. They're more /fleshy/." Apparently all it takes is an outburst.

Oblivion starts laughing louder at Samanthas antics "Aaahhh.... that was hilarious.... inept at magic, and too drunk to speak in an intelligent manner, all at once. Talk about dinner and a show". The flames abruptly go out, leaving him with his normal appearance "You should cut down, or at least get better stuff. Then you can be drunk off your ass and look good doin it at the same time!"

Felina frowns, perhaps quite a funny looking thing, at Oblivion, before she turns to Samantha, her paws glowing as she casts a spell, at Samantha.. "Purge."

"HEY!" Samantha starts to leap to her feet all over again, before realising that she's already upright. As she turns on Oblivion for the second time - but what feels distinctly, to her, like the first - her sneakers slip out from under her. Well-honed flexibility means one leg flails wildly above her in the air as the other slips up against her behind, sending her down in the most impossibly graceless manner. Only good instinct steers her to an empty patch of floor, and she turns to just about thrust her face in Felina's as the spell is shot toward her. Needless to say, it hits. Point blank. Master of her own art she may be, and a mage whose training is coming along admirably these days, but there are some things even the matured Samantha Li-Bogard has no chance of evading or deflecting. In a dizzying rush, the toxins leave her body, spreading a clean feeling that has not been felt truthfully in some weeks - save the odd tentative day spent training alone, far from what passes for 'civilization' in the realm of Twisted. The effect is immediate, and fearful, as the catgirl's face twists into first adject shock and surprise, then momentary relief, and finally sheer, unbridled panic. She scrambles up onto her posterior, kicking her feet to get as far from Felina as possible, staring at the kitty-bearing kitty with what amounts to horror. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," she stammers out, reaching up to push at the sodden mass of her hair, knotting up a big handful as she stares from Felina, to Oblivion, and finally to the other patrons of the bar. She looks around in a wide arc, clearly trying to ensure she is as far from anyone as possible. Far from appearing sobered, it's as though she were coming up on a fierce cocktail of hallucinogens. Paranoid, crazy, call it what you will... What happens next is far more distracting, in any case, as a blaze of dark fire ERUPTS from Samantha's bare midriff, tearing at the air first as a flame, then as a swaying, vicious claw. It flickers and fades in the air, leaving behind a sense of power that hammers on the senses of any who can detect such things. A couple of patrons frown and take cautious steps further from Sammy; though most absorb it as part of the general chaos and pay little heed. To those looking closely, a wound has appeared in her gut, wide and strangely empty of gore. As though a hole had been made in her very being. Somewhere inside, the darkness stirs again, but before anything more can emerge she clamps a hand against the opening, fingers tense, white and shaking. Bright sapphire eyes focus upon Felina, across the room. Samantha's voice is low now, restrained compared to her former drunken self, and she manages to keep the fear in her face from inflecting her tone as she states, "Might be a good time to show me just how strong ya are. Defend these people."

Felina blinks, ducking under the flames, and she meows loudly, "Are. You. NUTS?? " the cat looks quite scared now, she had no idea this would happen when she purged the toxins from Samantha's body.. "I'm STUCK in this form, and there's no way in hell i'm fighting.. "

Oblivion smiles evily "Interesting AND amusing..... " he looks at a nearby reflective surface "Hey Mr.Wacky! Somethin you might wanna see here!". He looks back, analyzing its astral form and composition, letting it run amok otherwise

The reflective surface grows black and cracks, the darkness pouring from the cracks and forming into the very annoyed shape of Johnny C, glaring at Oblivion behind narrow red eyes. "WACKY!?!? What the FUCK have I said about calling me WACKY!!?!" Ignoring the goings on in the UR, he draws a dagger and brings it to 'Blivi's throat (if he can). Under his breath he mumbles, "...if this is about Joker..." Yeah. Hi Johnny. Good job of paying attention.

The first exclamation by Felina actually garners a sharp hiss of amusement from Samantha, who cracks out a lopsided grin despite her other feelings. And despite what may amount to a heavy amount of physical pain, as the flesh around her midriff stretches against some great strain from within. "Nuts about sums it up," she grinds out past partly clenched teeth, "An' sorry. I didn't realise you were stuck. I--" a fierce gasp explodes from her lungs, forcing her to open and even more fiercely clamp her mouth shut again. Flecks of spittle froth at her lips, and a moment later that black ichor emerges from about her clasped fingers, her entire body bucking off the floor in an arch. "/Shit/." She doesn't swear often, and it's empassioned, a desperate syllable as she settles back against the legs of a booth table. It may be fixed to the wall, but the entire thing begins to grunt and groan, somewhat terrifying the patrons sat upon the attached chairs. They scramble to get out, joining some of the others in forming a wide circle around the clearly insane catgirl - who looks to Oblivion briefly, expressing vast annoyance at his amusement and entirely missing the reference to a certain maniac, before turning her attention back to Felina. "Don't need to fight," she manages to say more amicably, trying to offer reassurance through her own total lack of it, "Just need to save people. Or just yerself. That'll do too----NGHHH!" She spasms before she can finish the sentence, and all but springs into a half-crouch, buckling in against her abdomen as a severe gout of darkness thunders forth, enveloping her upper body in a writhing mass of indistinct tentacles. Each comes to a sharp point, some cutting into her skin and others slicing at the now very tainted atmosphere of the Usual. Blue eyes lift to the ceiling as Johnny appears nearby, utterly unseeing as her ears are utterly unheeding. And there's nothing else for it but to say; Samantha roars, long and bloodthirsty, evil and unsettling...

Oblivion smiles at Nny, and points at the black thing and Sammy "Look! Shiney!". He then vanishes, intent on investigating something about this..... creature.

Felina blinks, shocked by this happening with Samantha, and she jumps away from her, her eyes glowing brightly.. "Shit.. Damn it, what the hell have I done? " her paws start to glow as she attempts to encapsulate Samantha in a shell of magic, a barrier to keep her sealed off from other people..

Johnny slashes at Oblivion's throat just as the prankster vanishes, only following his guesture to look after he's sure the man had vanished. The maniac's eyes go wide a moment as the resemblance to his own wall-beast is more than apparent. For one brief moment he's back to the boy he once was, looking for someplace to hide from the world, and in the next moment rage builds. Johnny takes a step towards the nightmare and points using the tip of his still drawn dagger, "Someone tell me what the fuck that's doing here?!?" Oh, he doesn't notice who's in the middle of it? Poor maniac.

In the maniac's defence, it doesn't take long for the Bogard heiress to be practically indiscernable amongst the twisting, slashing fronds. Even as Felina works her magic, they bend around and through it, reaching in sharp jerks for the ceiling, moving as though bidden by Samantha's tortured scream. The barrier does seem to have some effect, and as it fully forms it draws a twitch of darkness-encompassed shoulders, and the screaming halts with a shuddering groan. Bright blue eyes scan down from the unseen heavens, to the maniac and the feline. The barrier's press has cut the detectable energies to perhaps half of what they were... but the power pouring from the catgirl's gut is feeding the flame by the second. Past the mussed mass of her silky hair, and the foul, semi-corporeal tentacles, she lashes out a wide, rictus grin, enough of her humanity seeping into the gesture to make it that much more gruesome. When she speaks, her voice is disturbingly unaltered, but for the background hum of energy. "It's my birthday, Johnny. Been puttin' it off for a while, but someone had to set me free sooner or later... right?" She cants her head to one side, the mass of dark power swaying with her, whipping at her flank and drawing more cuts upon her bared arms, on the flesh of her face. "Thanks, Felina. Best present /EVER/!" She shouts the last, and rears back, both hands flying upward and clasping to fists, the leather of her gloves creaking a violent protest. "POWERRRRRRR! GEEEEYSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Her back bends, and she thunders forward into an offensive crouch, bringing first one fist, and then the other into shuddering impact with the floor of the restaurant. Felina's barrier is sorely tested as an explosion of sheer force rocks the building. The tiles of the floor peel and splinter as the chi of the earth is summoned to match - in quantity - the raging black energies already bending downward to meet their mistresses' call. Blue-white meets pitch dark, throwing into life a fearsome hybrid of midnight fire which rises in a rapidly spreading pillar around Sammy's bent and shaking body. To call the assault 'fast' would be a misnomer... but it seems all but unstoppable... Patrons scream and yell, those with mystical defences struggling to raise them as their less able peers try to rush for the doors and windows. Panic reigns among the simpler folk of Twisted's nightlife.

Felina mewls in horror, she had no way of knowing anything like this would happen, and she lowers her head, curling into a ball in her fear.. "Wh.. what have I unleashed? This is horrible.. "

Johnny watches the goings on with wide eyes. The voice crying out only seems to make it worse. Unconciously he begins to mutter "...no..." every few seconds as his body tries to remember this thing called moving. Inevitably it does move, and into a crouch as the maniac leaps backwards onto a nearby table as the cry of her father's attack is yelled out from the mass before them. The shadows wrapping themselves around Johnny's form dissapate and clenching his dagger tightly, the maniac watches on behind a pair of goggles. As stupid as it might be, he lauches himself towards the voice using the table as a springboard. He has to see, he has to know first hand... if given the chance he'll squirm his way to the heart of the beast just to make sure his own nightmares aren't coming true in the midst of the Usual Restaurant.

Into the heart of darkness the maniac goes... and it rises to embrace him. The advance of that devastating pillar stops as it reaches the leaping Councillor, meeting Johnny with a stream of fury from floor to ceiling. The Usual is a well-fortified building, and it seems safe from collapses; for now. The fittings and decorations are far less hardy, however, and as other bystanders flee, drop, or simply cover themselves in uncertainty or fear, everything and anything non-sentient is hurled about in the maelstrom emanating from Samantha. She remains at the centre, her fists grinding into the floor, breath coming in long, curiously tight rasps. As for the battle between Johnny and the geyser, it comes to an instant anti-climax as he strikes the mass full on. With a cacophonous rush of winds it seems almost to part around him, the frayed ends of black tendrils grasping out at the fringe of the break as though to draw him more deeply inward. Behind it all, past her madness and mental strain, Sammy cracks a smile, small and sinister. It may go unseen - but the gesture alone sends a rush of emotion through the restaurant. As though the woman-beast's will were imposing itself upon each and every mind therein, a flare of bitter jubilation presses upon each consciousness, the unpleasant tone of this offset by something else. Something approaching... love. As that feeling dawns, a light in the pitch, the geyser suddenly collapses inward with a dull, if deafening boom. White noise explodes throughout the Usual, as a crushing force is meanwhile brought to bear on the body of the maniac. But that force, it strikes like a bludgeon - hard and fierce, but lacking the bitter clutch that the energy has thus far shown. As if, even in attacking, it were willing to release him... As he is given his chance to fall to the ground, a pained sob echoes from the booth against which Samantha is all but pressed. Dark tendrils slump over her body, nearly lifeless, slapping the floor as the blood from a hundred wounds drips slowly to join them. Blue eyes lift, casting about for Felina and for Johnny. The emotion in the air gains a fragility even as it begins to fade.

Felina has not gone anywhere, the pregnant cant is curled up underneath one of the tables on the other side of the restaurant, whimbering softly, quite terrified...

Johnny's eyes burn behind the goggles on his head as the energies ingite their way through flesh and bone. It finally occurs to him at this moment that he honestly has no idea why he's here, or why he's jumping into this nightmare. All he knows is that voice and the imagery and the feeling that he has to be sure. "DAMNIT! Why don't I ever stop to think fir--?" His voice is drowned out as the energies cascade into a cresendo and collapse beneath him, sending him tumbling down into the mess wrapping around the still-unseen form in the midst of the chaos. A splash of blood hits him as he impacts the carnage, immediately making him try and spit the salty fluid from his mouth (he was mid-sentance after all) as he goes literally DIGGING with his knife to see where the mass is coming from. Again, not the best idea he's ever had... but why stop now?

Oblivion reappears a few moments later, smiling evilly to himself, watching Nny digging "Don't think youll reach china anytime soon"

Chaotic maelstroms summoned by horrible fiends from other dimensions are one thing, but a dagger flying through linear space for a sharp and bloody connection with the face? This registers on a much more accessible level. Weary and pained as she is, Samantha is warrior enough to see the blade before it can scrape her. It snags on an outlying limb of black ichor, which begins to dissipate in a slow, ungulant hiss, almost below the fringe of hearing. But the catgirl's ear is atwitch even as her left hand slips from the floor to clasp the blade. Leather settles around Hell-honed steel, bringing the maniac's weapon to a dead stop. "Johnny..." It's a bare whisper, as Sammy pulls her concerned gaze from Felina, glancing to her old friend with brow raised over damp eyes. Her hair is a mess, lying over her forehead and plastered to her cheeks along with the vestiges of that dark energy, but she is unmistakably herself. She ekes out the ghost of a smile, raising her voice to a more comfortable level, though it is still soft, "Baka. I'm here, an' I'm alone." Her expression brightens a shade, a flicker of pride warming her from somewhere within, "I told ya I could control it." She heaves a sigh, and slowly pushes up to her feet, shaking her shoulders and head to cast away the ichor. Despite the numerous injuries, and the fact her entire frame is visibly shaking, she appears reasonably strong and together. Giving her friend a nod, she releases his dagger and moves to brush past him, heading toward Felina and offering a hand down to the fearful cat. "S'okay," she murmurs, "It's over. Y'did a good job, I think..." Her other hand moves to gently brush the swollen lower regions, her expression taking on yet more warmth. Relief feels good. "Everybody's safe, right?"

Felina whimpers a little bit, uncurling, and she looks up at Samantha, still shaking.. and she takes in the apparently injured status of the catgirl.. "S.. samantha... What.. what the hell was that? Your body.. how were you Injured? "

Oblivion stands there smirking in amusement "I KNEW catgirls were the source of their own tenticles!".

Samantha seems relatively unoccupied with her own state, following Felina's stare and merely brushing at a few of the cuts. She does cringe briefly, but keeps her composure with a tight swallow and a shake of the head. She's obviously had worse. Shooting a cursory glance and raised eyebrow to Oblivion, she answers Felina with a distant nod, idly folding her arms about her midsection. The wound, of note, appears to have disappeared - her body is bloody but mostly whole, with no gaping hole in place. "What was it?" She echoes quietly, nodding again before she resumes speech... "I reckon, after a couple of months, I can finally give a decent answer to that. It's complicated, but like you, I've had more than one body. An' I've been more than one person. Honestly, it means I've lost track of what exactly I'm capable of, and until recently I didn't remember a great deal about a lot of it. What you just saw... it used to be in him." She cants her head toward Johnny, and slowly stands up, walking toward him. She draws in breath and stops at his side, looking up slightly to look him in the eye. "It used to be in you, Johnny. Benedict." She'd assumed that he knew, but she tries to hold his gaze a little longer, tries to get confirmation. Their reunion was confusing in the first instance - mind-boggling in the last. Details get missed. After a moment she turns back to Felina with a shrug, "Another long story, but to cut it short - demonic power, opposed by an equal and opposite goddess. Who, /I/ used to be. Briefly. And, whose memories I've..." She pauses, grasps for a word, "Inherited. Weird story. Uncomfortable story. But it seems I'm a bit different from the person I used to be, in more than a couple of ways. Back in another life, in another time and world, I was a part of myself I regret even exists, an' she's who you've just had the pleasure of seeing." She shrugs. "Sort of." Releasing a sigh, Samantha laughs and shakes her head, lifting both hands now in a somewhat nervous gesture, trying inadequately to make some arrangements with her tortured hair. She gives up after a few seconds' fiddling and looks around the room, "What I said makes no sense, does it? I'm sorry. Maybe I can make it up to ya sometime." The last comes with a sad half-smile to Felina, before she glances away and settles upon Oblivion. A frown slips across her brow. "Who /are/ you, anyway? Have we met?"

Felina looks to Sam, listening, and she shivers.. "I.. if you want.. I can try to heal your wounds, Samantha.. You look pretty hurt... "

Oblivion smiles, his grin literally going from ear to ear..... his head actually falls backwards at the jaw, and lingers that way for a moment before snapping back, his mouth returning to normal "Just a fan of yours whos read ALL your logs!". He pulls out a pen and piece of paper "Can i get your autograph?!" His grin is still large, even if not AS large, and his voice is manic.

Johnny's expression seems to shatter at the name 'Benedict'. For a moment his mind is broken, his soul is empty, his eyes are hollow. The dagger in his hands briefly begins to burn with a black smoke remenanecent of his days on Metropolis as the memories once again boil to the surface. Probably not the best moment for such a breakdown as eyes are being directed towards him, but at least it only lasts a moment before the maniac returns to his senses and he drops down onto the nearest chair with enough force to nearly topple it over. Even though he never forgot despite how hard he's tried, and even though it's been literally eons for him since those days, it all comes flooding back like it was yesterday. The most he can manage to say is to breathe out "...I-I'm sorry..." before falling silent again. It's a touchy subject, obviously.

At this point, the mazoku cannot do a lot to add to Samantha's confusion. She has gone beyond the point of strained perplexity, to reach a curious harmony - the work and resulting tiredness of months has culminated, finally, in some kind of sense, however convoluted and broken. While there's no denying Oblivion puts her on the back foot, she goes with it, all but gliding over to him and snatching the pen with a flick of the wrist that sends only a few droplets of crimson into the air. "Only if there's nothing written on the page," she murmurs in response, keeping half her attention on him as she scans the page, meanwhile directing a second response back over her shoulder. "I'm fine, Felina... thanks though. Reckon I just need'ta rest. My body's had enough energy thrown around to last another lifetime. There's already been too-" she glances suddenly to one side at the rather abrupt noise of Johnny collapsing. "'Scuse me." The piece of paper goes unsigned as Sammy fumbles the pen back toward Oblivion and turns on her heel, a slightly wavering stride taking her over to the table at her friend's side. "Johnny..." She bites down on her lip, studying him for a long moment. A weight descends, the knowledge that the aftermatch of adrenaline and a profound realisation has made her overly flippant. That she has shirked the one person here who has the most emotional investment of them all; and as this strikes home, she falls to one knee, a hand going sincerely to the back of Johnny's neck as she leans against him, gently tipping her forehead to his upper arm. A gesture somewhere between affection, and a plea for forgiveness. "You've got nothin' to apologise for. But... we've still got a lot to talk about, y'know..." She glances up at him as best she can, and whispers, "Take us away somewhere. Let's go."

Oblivion smiles "Yay! See ya! Gotta go blog aaaaaall about this!", and he vanishes, without the paper, signed or otherwise, or the pen. Lunatic....

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