2007-06-07 (PreU) Crono comes to Twisted

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Crono comes to Twisted

Summary: Johnny and Caliga escape from the fight that broke out in the middle of Twisted where they run into Devi and.. Crono? With his powers out of control, dire actions must be taken to keep the Abomination escaping Johnny's waste lock from taking out existence as we know it, but at what price?

Who: caliga, crono, devi, Johnny_C, Samantha
When: June 7th, 2007
Where: Zealous Ruins(#1828R)

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Zealous Ruins(#1828R)

You find yourself amidst the ruins of a large palace. If you have the ability of sensing magic you'd realise that nearly everything here resonates with a magica aura. Here and there small stones literaly float from the abusively large amounts of power stored here. Because of the broken and fallen walls and celings not much of the palace is explorable. In the back of the room rests a large golden throne atop a small platform. Behind it glowing blue is a swirling vortex which even now seems to want to pull you inside. Too bad the world of Chronos is a protected world. Violating the Council's order is a serious offense...

A gust of wind howls menacingly througout the ruins of the palace, giving the feeling that the ruins themselves could be a living entity. Behind the throne the vortex suddenly seems to grow in size, as if someone or something were stepping through it. There is a sudden shimmer of light, and the vortex seems to return to its original state. The spikey-haired hero named Crono stands before it, the Rainbow Sword drawn and ready for battle. Dressed in the full Moon Armor (http://www.chronocompendium.com/Term/Image:Moon_Armor.png.html), the Prism Helm adorns his head, contrasting with the armor upon his body. In his left ear, the Gold Stud seems to gleam from the light of the vortex. "..Where am I?"

The former King will find the ground here completly black. From it comes two forms, one of them the shape of a man and the other a nightmarish mass of tenticles. The darkness soon fades, seeming to become absorbed in nearby shadows. The tenticled mass becomes the form of a tall, skinny man dressed in black. Part of his skull, his legs, and one arm seem to be having trouble deciding what they are. The tenticles from before are whiping about wildly from the places mentioned, each one seems to end in an eye, teeth, or claws. There's even a saw blade or two spinning around in the mix. Up and down both arms knives seem to pierce the skin coming out of them! Adding insult to injury, two daggers are plunged into the throat of this abomination. Infact, they look strangely like the ones Magus was...

Johnny screams, "I C-CAN'T CONTROL IT!! IT'S TOO MUCH!!" the maniac flails about as the tenticles extend and retract from his body. He grips the side of his head and screams incoherrently. His voices seems to double briefly and a demonic voice cackles, "Destroy! Devourer! CONSUME!!" Johny's voice returns and he screams in pain, dropping to one knee. Welcome to Twisted Street, Crono.

"..I see now.." Caliga stands off away from Nny as he watches the maniac do his thing. He starts tossing a few crystals up into the air with his right hand, catching them as they fall. He closes his right hand, and presses it against his lips. Four purple crystals suddenly fly out from the closed fist, completely sealing the vortex right behind Crono with a diamond shaped field. "The last thing I want is to have you go on a rampage on Chronos.." His eyes suddenly catch a glimpse of Crono, and a grin suddenly appears. "Johnny.. It seems we have a guest now from that very world..."

Devi stumbles in with quiet curse as she finds herself in the Ruins once more. Tucking a strand of purple hair behind an ear, Devi shoves her hands in her pockets and looks around. Deep green eyes going wide at the Abomination, Devi glances and finds a rock to hide behind. She recognizes Nny's voice, but the other 2 men are unfarmiliar. Best to stay low on the radar for right now, until something else is said or done that is important.

"..Wah?" Crono suddenly leaps away from the vortex and Johnny, his eyes growing wide with surprise. He keeps his sword drawn, really unsure as to just what in the world is going on with this guy. One minute he's sprouting tentacles like a bad hentai movie, next minute, he's grabbing his head and screaming like crazy. He leaps back once more as the four crystals suddenly encase the vortex in an energy field, completely blocking him from returning to his own world. He hears Caliga's words, and the sword seems to droop a little. "I'm.. in Twisted..?"

Johnny spins around at the sound of the portal, still clutching his head. His eyes narrow at Crono and briefly control seems to wash over him as his face contorts into a hideous smile. The double voices seem to now come and go as he speaks, "Ahhh... the King. Greetings again, dear boy. Haven't seen you in a few millenia... Ever fix that problem with the flow of time?" Suddenly the two voices begin to cackle hideously and the tenticles come tearing out at the spot Crono stands in. As they travel the human parts of his body turn completly black save for his eyes which begin to burn red. His mouth cracks open into rows and rows of teeth all of them sharpened and seemingly ready to rip anything that they touch apart...

A purple crystal suddenly flies at Crono, and a sudden shield of energy appears, turning away the tentacles from the King. "We don't want to kill him. He could be valuable.." The shield suddenly vanishes. Caliga takes a few steps towards the two men, his face giving signs of a plan starting to form in his mind. Things could get very bad for him and the king, if words are not chosen carefully for now.

Devi narrows her eyes as she watches, mentally noting the red haired guy as a King? To herself, she murmurs softly, "What do they want with a king? Dear boy? What the hell?" Her legs start cramping painfully at being held in one position for so long, and she's white knuckeling on the rock she's gripped to. Looking down, she lets go of the rock and flexs her hands, letting the blood return. "Who the hell is this dude?"

Crono once more leaps back from Johnny, even as the shield seems to block the attack for him. "Johnny..?" The gears in the back of his head seem to start turning as if he were remembering something very important. And then it clicks. "You're the one who gave Magus the dagger.. Aren't you?" Now he seems to remember the conversation he had with Magus regarding that accursed thing. A frown adorns his face as he suddenly realizes the prospect of him being a hostage for the two men, which is something he does not like at all.

Johnny's tenticles don't seem to care about the energy shield in the slightest. As soon as they hit they spread out around it like water, most of them plunging into the ground. The smaller sets of teeth begin to consume the soil and rock itself, while the rest simply smash and cut whatever they come in contact with. Johnny lurches down onto one knee again and the tenticles on his legs begin to follow in suit, devouring the very ground he's standing on. The darkness wrapped around him flickers and in the process his face is shown to be becoming very pale. Johnny's eyes shut from the strain and he cries out painfully again. "I don't like this dream anymore!!! I want to wake up!!" Tears actually begin to flow from his eyes as his head drops. When it raises up again he's cackling in those two voices once more. "PAIN! TERROR! Take the world and let it come undone!! FULFILL THE PROPHECY! OBLIVION AWAITS!!!"

"You wish to wake up?" A silver crystal suddenly flies at Johnny before landing at the abomination's 'feet'. "Then use that and wake up.." Caliga's eyes narrow upon Crono for a moment, hearing about the dagger, and the one called 'Magus'. It looks like he's going to have to get into Johnny's mind after all to find a way to fix the maniac before he does infact destroy everything.

At seeing Johnny cry, Devi stands up, wincing as her muslces unfulrl, calling out to him, "Johnny! Stop it! Fight it! Do SOMETHING!!" Her fists ball up as if to prove her determination. Her mind races, how to prove she's not a figment, how to help him, how to stop all this madness and general insanity. And above all else, how to not get killed. Johnny's gone after her before, but never in this form and she's not sure how to help him. The only standing she has is that she's his friend, and can't just stand there, watching things unfold. Damn the backlash of it all, damn the wastelock and damn everything. She could handle him if he was the old Nny, but the new one... She curses under her breath as she thinks about all this.

Another look of surprise crosses Crono's face as Johnny starts to freak out even more. He suddenly takes off running through the ruins, trying to get away from the guy. Tentacles are not on his list of things to fight today. He suddenly glances at the woman who stands up from behind the rock, spinning around and dragging his sword across the ground towards Johnny. A white line of energy suddenly dances across the ground, making its way to Johnny.

More of Johnny's body seems to crack open, allowing more of these tenticles to come forth. The newer ones wrap around the older ones as they travel, all of the apparently having the same goal in mind: destruction. With each new bit terror to snake out of him, blood and flesh-meats seem to spray into the air, leaving the maniac in an even greater state of disrepair. He barely acknowledges it but luckily he hears Caliga's words. His eyes flick open and he stares down uncomprehensively at the object. Devi's words drift into his mind. That's all he needed for motivation. Reaching down with what's left of his good arm he picks the crystal up between the talloned fingers and yelps as energies snake into his already mangaled body. His mind seems to crack in two as images come rushing into him. The past replaying itself. The world of Chronos. Living in the caves and creating statues and paintings of friends. Meeting Vashtearnia. Fighting the Frog-knight Glenn. The Kingdom of Zeal and the splitting of two worlds, one where he was asked to help Crono and his friends, and the other where he was inslaved. Still, further from the past come his memories. Samantha. Metropolis. Surrendering his soul to Benedict in exchange for the daggers. Further back... Terry Bogard and Crux. Fighting the Doughboys and the same monster that is destroying him now. Further back, still... Squee. Devi. The beast within the walls of his house. This beast. The beast inside him. It always comes back, again and again. It haunts his nightmares. It's the reason he can't sleep. It's not just a product of his wastelock it's really...

Johnny screams as Crono's slash cuts through the tenticles sending them severed. Black blood spraying as far as the eye can see. Wait, not blood. Acid. Everything it touches seems to be disolving. The tenticles simply regenerate, the severed ones melting into that inky acid and damaging the ruins still more. If only they could be cut off at the source...

Caliga suddenly clutches his head as the memories rush forward, and suddenly it starts to become clear to him just what is happening. The silver crystal suddenly shatters as he severes the link entirely. He looks to Devi and suddenly phases from sight. He re-appears right next to her. "Listen to me and listen closely because there really isn't much time to do this in Devi." It seems he already knows who she is from the memories that were just sent over from Johnny. "In order to save your friend.. He needs to be reset back to a point to where he was free of any influence except his own. The question is, do you wish to save him?"

Devi looks over at Caliga, her normal bitterness gone for a moment as she races to consider what this actually means. How far back will this set him, will it be far back enough to leave him as deranged and less convivcted as before? Ah, but this will eliminate Sun from her personal equastion, and give Devi leave to finish her off, in one form or another. But what about lee? No Nny means her wastelock is trapped the way it is, unless she wakes up. Johnny is a power house and Devi bares her teeth in frustration. Which to come first, the Man or to the timeline he will affect. Disgusted with her thoughts, she replys, "If it gets him out of this pain and eternal tomrent, yes, save him." Her nails bite into her palms as she speaks, her eyes never leaveing the black mass that is Johnny.

The King's eyes focus solely on Johnny, a slight sense of satisfaction coming from doing damage to the man who is responsible for the state his world is in at this moment. Crono slowly starts rise into the air, magical energy starting gather around him. One wildly thrashing tentacles suddenly strikes past Crono, causing his cheek to start dripping blood. He drops his arms, and a mass of lightining bolts suddenly hurtle towards The Abomination.

Johnny turns quickly towards the source of the attack and spies everyone standing beside each other. Inraged by the damage done, the Abomination takes control and all the tenticles whip around to attempt to devourer everyone where they stand. Johnny screams in a mix of rage and pain as the remainder of his most damaged arm explodes sending blood and chunks of meat everywhere. The tenticles snake accross the ground and are mere inches from slicing and dicing everyone with sawblades and teeth when electricity roars to life over the maniac's body. The tenticles quite literaly go everywhere in reaction to the chaos. Some cut themselves, some will likely cut the trio onlooking. Large trails of blood seem to be digging themselves from Johnny's flesh as if someone was simply cutting him with an invisible pizza cutter. Tears once more stream down his face as he looks to the sky and screams incoherently once again.

"Then take this chance to keep him distracted alongside the King." Caliga holds his hands out, and suddenly starts to chant as a group of bright pink crystals rocket start to rocket out of the rubble of the ruins, lining up infront of him. "Take one of these, and try to get it on him. Somewhere inside he trusts you, which makes you the most likely canidate to pull this off.." The crystals suddenly start to glow, as the tentacle crashes through them, striking him hard in the chest. He goes sliding backwards a few feet. The broken crystals suddenly start to move towards Caliga once more, lining up infront of him as he starts chanting once more.

Giving a questioning look at Caliga, Devi grimices and snags one of the crystals. Taking a deep breath, she gasps as one of the tentacles cut her bare arm, the blood slowly dripping down her arm. As the pain forces her gut to curl into a hot rock, she grins and jumps. Traveling through the air, she keeps her body higher then Nny's tentacles reach, letting them refoucus on the groupd below. Seeing that there is nothing to Johnny's sides, Devi relases her power and drops like a stone, blood racing up her arm to her extended hands, coating part of the crystal. As she lands on her knees, the ground beneth her cracks and she looks up to see Johnny about 3 feet away. Speaking loudly but kindly, she says, "Johnny, Nny, can you hear me? I'm here to help. I know you're mad at me, I'm sure you are, but I want to talk to you, you and not have to worry about getting killed by you. " As she speaks, she takes slow steps towards him, her hands at her sides, in the most non-agressive manner she can bear right now. she pays no attention to the Abomination, keeping her eyes firmly locked on Johnny.

The tentacle firmly strikes Crono, and sends him flying into one of the crumbling walls of the ruins. The wall collapses around him, and there is a brief silence from the Hero. The rubble suddenly shift, as Crono starts to drag himself from underneath it, obviously quite dazed and confused as to what just happened. "Well.. That one is a first.."

Johnny's eyes, if one could get close enough to see them, are glossed over thanks to the wealth of pain coursing through his body. His mouth simply hangs open, bottom jaw unhinged. There's no more screaming, just that awful sound of chewing coming from the various tenticles consuming whatever may come in contact with them. As Devi approaches, some of the smaller tenticled jaws by his feet snap in towards her, but beyond that he doesn't react to her at all. Basicly, the maniac is currently lost within the pain and within his own his own mind as memories continue to randomly come and go. The training with Benedict, his promise to Terry. Convincing himself he was dreaming to make the pain go away. The beast raging inside him, trying to eat it's way out of his wastelock does a good job of interferring with his mind as well. GIVE UP, it tells him, WE BELONG HERE. WITHIN US THERE IS NO PAIN. NO MORE SUFFERING. GIVE UP. GIVE IN. CONSUME... Johnny's remaining hand simply twitches...

The pink crystal in Devi's hand suddenly launches itself upwards, shattering into thousands of nearly sand-like shards, which start to rain down upon Johnny. The crystal's infront of Caliga all start to glow, as if each shard that would touch the maniac, he would find a memory gone, as if they were being sealed away. The long black hair upon Caliga's head starts shorten, as if someone were taking a pair of scissors to it and starting to cut it off. His eyes are focused on Devi, ready at a moments notice to stop what he's doing to pull her away from the Maniac.

Devi watches as the sand crystal showers across Johnny. She takes a step back, having good enough commen sense to know that people are violent when things like parts of their mind start taking vacation. She does nothing, just stands there bleeding, her whole body tensed to move away if he lashes out towards her. The courner of her eyes taint red, in just the faintest mesures as she waits.

There is no movement from Crono as he watches in amazement at the shower of sand raining down upon The Abomination. He winces slightly as he tries to stand up, and feels a sharp stabbing pain in his chest. Yep, he's got some broken ribs, and it's obvious he's starting to feel it. He starts limping away, trying to get out of sight before anyone really notices that he's fled deeper into Twisted.

The fog over Johnny's eyes seems to intensify as the shower of crystal shards rain down upon him. The damage already done to his mind begins to become worsened. The beast within him screams and despite his unhinged jaw, the two voices clearly scream out, "Not again...!!" Names, places, experiences all start to clear away from his thoughts leaving his heart feeling emptier with each passing moment. At first he doesn't even notice but as the tenticles suddenly draw back within him, his mind screams. So many people, so many places. The entire history of a world. All of it vanishing and leaving him drowning in darkness. His own body, despite healing from the vanishing abomination, seems to change. The darkness which has become so natural to those who know him retreats and vanishes. His eyes clear, but dull. It doesn't take long before he drops completly to his knees, reaching out to faces with names he already can't remember. Emi, Cale, Crux, Sun, Samantha, Terry... his friends. His...

He drops headfirst onto the ground and lies motionless for several moments. His eyes flutter. He's dreaming. Johnny gasps for breath as he finally wakes up and pushes his head up spitting out a mouthful of dirt. "...wha-?" He thinks back, going to heaven, going to hell. Loosing his hair and... checking into the asylum, then... a plane? Johnny looks around him in confusion. "...did we crash or somethin'?"

The crystals all suddenly start to fall to the ground, landing upon the ground with a soft *TINK!* Caliga drops to one knee as his hair suddenly starts to regrow to its proper length. He reaches into his armor, and pulls out a black bag with a white skull on it. He starts gathering the crystals up, and putting them inside the bag. His voice suddenly echoes into Devi's mind. 'These memories must not be regained, or else the creature will return.' He slowly stands up after collecting all the crystals. His armor seems to shift to that of a labcoat like that a doctor would wear. "There you are Johnny! We were so worried about you at The Institute! When you suddenly decided to drop out of the program and left.. I figured I would come make a follow-up call and check on you to see how you were doing!"

Squating down, Devi wraps her arms around her knees and looks at Nny, unsure what to do. Moral diliema's spring from every corner of her mind, plageing her with guilt and worry. Thankfully, no one else can see this internal chaos. Devi glances up at Caliga, noteing the mental intrusion, but understanding the need for it. Of course, she's not a dolt, so the warning wasn't really needed. But.. Ah well, the argument could go on and on. Thankfully, though, Caliga steps up and Devi will gladly let him explain exactly how Johnny got here. There's one thing that isn't on her guilt list. Deciding it's best not to open her mouth, Devi remains silent and immeditly decides that she needs to go and spend some time in the Cementary, and figure things out. There's feelings that no one has been made aware of that Devi needs to lock back in the recesses of her mind.

Johnny stares suspiciously at the man trying to get his attention. He looks around even more confused. "Wait, you wanted to check up on me and followed me to..." He pushes himself into a sitting position. "...where ever this is?" He glances over his shoulder and spots Devi and an even greater confusion leaps onto his skin. "D-DEVI?!?!?" He half leaps/half crawls away so he's facing her. His face is flushed as he stares at her. "You!? I? We??" Johnny grabs his head and moans. "Owwwww... did I DREAM I went to the airport then?" He stands and looks down where he'd been sitting moments before. His daggers are laying in the dirt. His daggers. The Dread Daggers. As he looks on he grips his head and closes his eyes again painfully. Something about them... When he opens his eyes only the hand-made Happy Noodle Daggers are there before him. Strange, because those really -where- the Dread Daggers seconds before. Johnny nervously walks towards them, nervous because that means walking towards Devi, and picks them up sheathing them at his... "Huh?" The two sheaths on his belt are missing? He holds the blades, looking at their hilts with his head turned sideways. "Ok, seriously. What the fuck is going on?"

"Well.. I have some really strange news for you Mr. C. After you went to the airport and boarded your plane, there was an accident. All we know is some idiot on a space station was firing off some sort of laser of doom, and the after affects seemed to drag your plane, and a few others off to another world. This young woman, another patient at the Institute named Todd Casil, and myself. There is reason to believe there are others here, as we cannot be the only ones." Caliga's voice comes out sincere, as if this were actually true.

Devi winces at Johnny's reaction to her, and offers a small wave. "Hi Nny. Um, are you ok? You look like you hit your head pretty hard there." Was he afraid of her or something? Well, last he remembers, she cussed him out and kicked his ass. Suddenly, she remembers a vital thing. Assuming Caliga can hear her thoughts, she names it. His diary, sitting at his house. He'll read that and possibly remember. What about the other people here who will willing blab the whole story to him. Hmm...

Johnny stares at Caliga with a growing blank gaze filling his face. "Oh bullshit. A laser? Come on. Next you'll be telling me about little green men who camped out in my basement and built a massive lab or something in it so they can take over the world..." Devi speaks and he stops, looking towards her suspiciously. "Um.... yeah, I guess so. My head still hurts, though." He looks down at his daggers and then to Devi again. "I like what you did to your hair, but uh.... I thought you wheren't talking to me? That's part of the reason I left. Look. I know I did some awful things and I'd explain it if I could, but I know you wouldn't believe it. I don't believe it. I'm sorry for the phone call, and I'm sorry about the whole... well... y'know." He stumbles over his words and stares down at the cracked ground again. He sighs heavily. "That's why I tried to get away from all this. I just wanted to get the fuck away and start over again. Go somewhere where I won't fuck everything up." He looks at Caliga, and rolls his eyes. "Doctor? Nice meetin' ya, but I'm getting out of here. Good luck with your death ray, or whatever the crap. I'm not sticking around to fuck up again. Shit, maybe I'll just find a cave to crawl in and die for the rest of my life...."

"You're the one who gave us very vivid accounts on dreams you had Mr. C. I wouldn't be so quick to jump the gun and start pointing the crazy finger." Caliga seems to smile at Johnny as he turns and starts to walk away. "I assure you Mr. C, you are no longer in the world you remember. You are in someplace far more insane, where anyone and anything can show up. Gods, robots, and yes, even the little green men. Welcome to Twisted Mr. C. We will be meeting again. I wouldn't even be surprised to see if you returned to your home, only to find you have a houseguest. Oh, and Mr. C?" Caliga stops and turns to look at Johnny over his shoulder. "You've been given a second chance for everything. Don't fuck it up." And with that, he is gone, wandering the Twisted streets.

Devi looks down, very suprized at Johnnym but not wanting it to show in her eyes. "N-no, it's ok Nny. I'm not holdin it against you." She wants to say that she forgives him, but the words stop in her throat as she keeps her gaze locked on the ground. He won't know about Sickness, nor her going through almost the same thing he did with the Doughboy's. Rising, she nervously sticks her hands in her pockets. "Uh, maybe I should leave too, I'm sure I've got somethin to do." She watches as Caliga walks away and takes suit, tossing a, "See ya around Nny. I'll be around, I guess." She says this with a faint tinge of remorse as she turns, heading towards her house to pick up her backpack, and spend some time at the cematary.

Johnny was starting to walk away when Caliga throws his two cents in. The manaic turns back and finishes hearing him out and then watches him walk off without having anything to say on the subject himself. His own silence makes Devi's comment sink in more than it should as his mouth drops open and she walks away too. He stands there watching her go trying to figure out the missing pieces to the puzzle then turns his attention to the daggers in his hands. As he watches the blades begin to change, turning black once again. He raises an eyebrow in confusion, especially at the cold way they seem to be resonating into his hands. Then, they return to normal. Johnny drops the daggers on the ground and stares in near horror as they plunge straight into the solid rock. "Where the fuck did I pick these up at?" Pulling them up effortlessly he hears something click and stares at his wrists. No wonder he couldn't find the sheaths for his daggers! Apparently he's built something to conceal his daggers in his sleaves, but when did he do that?

"Johnny... Hey, Johnny? Don'tcha think you got somethin' ya should be doin'?"

Johnny turns and looks behind him and sees a girl with cat ears and a tail looking back at him. He blinks, "What the fuck are you?"

The girl grins. "S'ok. I need ta talk to you about those daggers of yours. I got somethin' you need, and you've got somethin' I need."

Johnny titls his head and stares, "Who the fuck are you?"

The girl laughs, "Call me Tabitha. I've got one really fucked up story to tell ya..."

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