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Full Name: Crono {{{Pronunciation}}}

Series: Chrono Trigger
Class: Swordsman
Threat Level: [[:Category:{{{Threat}}}|{{{Threat}}}]]
Alignment: Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 21
Birthdate: Unknown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 182 lbs.

Short Description: It's Crono. really. Do you honestly expect to not know what he looks like?

The red haired king of Guardia Kingdom, the man named Crono. Four years ago Crono and his friends traveled through time to stop the future destruction of the planet at the hands of the creature that came to be known as Lavos. Now, married to Queen Nadia, he has become the King. Reluctant to wear the traditional garb of the royal house, Crono is still wearing his long white bandanna tied around his head (when not wearing the crown) and more often than not wears the same green and brown clothes he has become most familar with being seen in. However, tradition demands that while in the castle he wear a red or some times white version of the same outfit. Like the castle staff is fond of reminding him, he's a king now. He should dress like one. When wearing his sword he always ties his lucky orange scarf around his neck. His luck got him this far, why brake it now?
Light Element Magic

Dying and making everyone cry
Time Travel





Yes... contrary to popular belief, the boy does talk. Remember all those choices you had to make? No, lets run away or Yes, I would like some nachoes! Well, those where Crono's limited lines from the game. ...and as I recall he had to do that quite a number of times. So, when he does talk, please don't stare...


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