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Full Name: Glenn

Series: Chrono Trigger
Class: Knight

Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 30-ish

Short Description:

You see nothing special.
High level swordsmanship (*cough*Previous Masamune Wielder*cough*), Sword Maintenance, Mediation, Clear-thinking.

Extra - Sword Style: Because Glenn is no longer a frog, techniques like Slurp, Slurp Cut, and Frog Squash are no longer his forte.

Choosing to replace them with a sword style, I plan to play Glenn with a broadsworded version of a Wattoujutsu style. Originally designed for a combination chinese sword/katana the length of Sephiroth's version of the masamune (also known as a Watou or Wanbatou, depending on the language), the style is less intimidating with a broad sword, but still rather powerful. A dual handed style that emphasizes the user's flexibility and strength, Wattoujutsu culminates in the Kofu, a leaping twirling attack that utilizes the full upper torso as well as the legs to draw out the maximum amount of power from the user of the technique.

Flaws: Goody-two-shoes. Too good for his own good. Uncompromisingly on the side of right and justice.


While remembered most in his iconic Frog form, Glenn was granted his humanity back at the ending of Chrono Trigger. His moves and abilities remained the same with the exception of those dependent on his previous form. Glenn became a loyal knight protecting the King of Guardia - in any time period.

Best friend to Cyrus, Guardia's best knight, Glenn was transformed into the form of a humanoid frog by one Janus Zeal, aka Magus, immediately following Cyrus' death. After the events of Chrono Trigger, Glenn's form was restored, and he lived to serve the kingdom of Guardia.

Time line Explanation: A surprise birthday party ending in a broken Epoch left Glenn stranded in the present, unable to easily return home.


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