2005-08-09 (PreU) Glenn vs NNY continued. (The death of Vashtearnia???)

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Glenn vs NNY continued. (The death of Vashtearnia???)


Who: glenn, Johnny_C, Vashtearnia
When: August 9th, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Johnny doesn't give a damn about any tricks the retreating knight might have up, or around his sleaves. All he wants at this point is vengence. As the first chain embeds itself into the sea, it seems to fade into the air like smoke. The second comes a bit closer to it's target, but Johnny flings it to the side anyways. His hands free again, he skims over the water after Glenn - the water seeming to part as he comes accross it. As he raises his arms into the air, the shadows form a huge scythe which seems to become reflective against the shimmering water casting the reflection of the sky above. Slicing downwards in an attempt to remove the good Knight's head from his shoulders he screams..... "DIE!!!!!!!"

Unaware of Vashtearnia's new position, as well as Johnny's dangerous new location, Glenn continues his one handed swim towards the west. Human once more, his eyes are hardly the best underwater, and even the best human eyes have difficulty seeing above the water from underneath. However, none of this really matters nearly as much as the spherical blue particles swirling around his left hand, and this is quickly made apparent when they spiral together and merge. For the briefest of moments, they form one brilliant blue ball of magic, so bright that its light can be seen clearly, even from above the water. However, brief is the keyword, as Glenn shoves his left hand towards the maniac's position, casting the second level of water magic forth from his hand. What happens next can only be described as a crash, no other words truly capable of conveying the drastic-ness of the attack. As a near monumental torrent of water is suddenly summoned forth by Glenn, the ocean-water is forcibly shoved forward in a tidal surge that even his own frog form would have found all but impossible to resist. The immediate result? Well, let's just say that tectonic activity isn't the only thing that can cause 30 foot waves... And Glenn's right in the middle. Masochist.

Vashtearnia isn't beyond thirty feet from Glenn, she was about to move in for a final strike, and dig right into that glorious soft tasting flesh. Instead, she suddenly feels the water, riptide her backwards and then send her flung forwards. o O ( AHHHH!!! ) She screams inside of her head as she's hurled through the wave, she isn't a fool, and thankfully she won't be suddenly swallowing any water, so she doesn't panic. Her telekinesis helping to keep her from just getting tossed around like a ragdoll, but it doesn't allow her to break free either, so she goes careening forth, trying very hard to go unnoticed if possible by grabbing nearby seaweed and the like and twirling it around her body while doing circles. It's just a big piece of bleached driftwood with seaweed on it...that goes sailing off in the wave.

Johnny blinks in astonishment as his weapon disolves into the sudden onslaught of water unexpectantly rushing into him, sending him head over heals away from his target. Struggling for air, he gulps several lungfulls of fluids before finaly being thrown forceably onto the beach and smacked hard against some of the jagged rocks strewen about from the earlier destruction. The world turns grey in his eyes and soon all is lost to the water... Ceasing to breathe, the maniac lays at a sickly angle against the edge of the cliff remains until the water finaly calms around him. His head, twisted to both the side and downwards doesn't move as water slowly drains from his lungs... His daggers come to a halt in the sand, darkness burning into the air from them. Johnny however, doesn't seem to be as fortunite as his skin returns not only to it's normal appearance, but also pale and sickly in comparison. As the water drips from his clothes, the veins in his skin begin to take on a purple tint as if suddenly filling with decay... what could be happening?

The tremendous torrent abates almost as suddenly as it was created, but not before its effects are felt by all. Glenn is certainly a good swimmer, but such things hardly change the reality of his situation, as he slams directly into the beach. At first, the man is fortunate, slamming into what is mostly densely packed sand, but as the waves abate, it becomes clear that somewhere along the way, he managed to find a rock to soften his fall. His arms splayed out against the vertical surface of the rock, Glenn coughs out water and gasps for air with his eyes turned heavenward for a moment. It's not so much that he is an inexperienced swimmer, as it is that the water quite literally forced itself down his throat and nose without waiting for his permission. "Ah..... puh..." The sounds that come out of his lungs aren't words, but merely sputters as he slowly slides down the face of the rock, falling to his knees in the moist sand and mud mixture. "Guh...Buh...Hah..." Both his hands start glowing, extremely faint, almost imperceptive at first, a white and silent glow. "Hah....hi..." The glow slowly builds as water continues to sputter out of the knight's discolored lips, the oxygen in his blood grossly unsatisfactory for this task. After what, though being only a few seconds, seems like an eternity, Glenn manages to sputter out the word, as if merely speaking it would create enough of a focal point for him to complete his task. "Heal..." With that, the spell is cast, no moment for regret, no time for second thoughts, and the restorative spell has been released... on Johnny? That's right, Glenn just cast healing magic on the one he was fighting. Without taking the time to wait for the spell's effects, Glenn collapses into the sand, marshalling his strength to cast the spell on himself as well. But it won't come, at least, not right away. Wow... did he really do that?

Thwap, bam! Crack! Vashtearnia hits the sand and a few other logs as well, her body smacking and cracking here and there. o O ( There's a rib, that's my pinky...is that my foot...? ) She thinks to herself as she remains still for a few moments, she doesn't have an addiction to oxygen like the others here, which she's very glad of as water flows out of her nose and mouth, coming from her filled up lungs. It does taste rather vile however, but she manages not to throwup. No. She'll remain still, staring out, waiting for the seawater to blink away from her stinging eyes. There, she can see the beach, the cloudy sky...ah, yes, and Glenn. There he is, laying helpless. Her eyes play over his form, the roses rustling ever so faintly. Her eyes then cast upon Johnny, who seems more or less on the verge of dieing. o O ( I need to help him. No. No? No...drink first, we can bring him back from the dead later. Yes, the drink first. ) Her thoughts run through her mind, and she decides on action. Now is the time to strike, she floats into the air, the seaweed dangling off of her, and then she disappears, or at least, moves faster than a human eye could see, only to reappear above Glenn himself, her body arced and floating in the air, like some kind of beautiful yet horrific gargoyle. Her mouth opens up, revealing a pair of fangs that are far longer than she normally has, and she dives down, both of her clawed hands moving to try and pin Glenn's shoulders at the elbows into the sand and grip and dig into the flesh. Oh yes, she's not in front of him, but rather, floating above his head, knowing to avoid any hard kicks into the gut, she's had that problem before. "Hello precious!" She says, her eyes alight with desire. My goodness, she -is- strong.

Not that it has anything to do with the situation, but lightening crashes over head as it always seems to do in moments like these. Briefly the entire beach seems to go black aside from the dim glow of magic washing over the seemingly decaying maniac, then in the bright flash that seems to reflect in Vashtearnia's teeth making them even more menacing, the scene becomes awash in blinding white light. As the crashing boom echoes over the rocks a howl of laughter suddenly emits from the 'corpse'. With a sickening series of cracks and pops from the dislocated joints, he pushes himself up, his body so tightly wrapped in darkness that it almost absorbs the light around him. Tilting his head to the side, the daggers rise into the air and propell themselves towards Vashtearnia's head - coming to a halt one on each side, the tips just barely piercing her skin. As a smile forms accross black face a series of razor sharp teeth open in an insane grin, his voice echoing out from behind them seems to eminate from every shadow along the beach, "I'm not done with him yet..." It would seem his moment of weakness is cut short thanks to Glenn's obssesive kindness. If only he'd seen to protect himself first...

The waves all but gone now, Glenn finds himself suddenly and unexpectedly pinned to the ground, his only consolation that he had just barely managed to turn himself halfway around. As it turns out, this is quite a consolation, as he is now pinned facing Vashtearnia. His arms are all but submerged in the moist sand, the lady quite a bit stronger than he would have expected even knowing that she was more than meets the eye. It takes him a moment to process the information, during which time, he coughs up a genuine lungful of water from the impact. It would be a gracious coincidence that the water heads straight for Vashtearnia's eyes. One might almost think he'd aimed it. Almost. His lips seem to be returning to their normal color again, and he inhales deeply, letting his so recently cleared lungs restore oxygen to his body. Still not speaking at normal volume, Glenn's glassy eyes still have enough life in them to shine as he practically whispers. "This... explains.. a lot..." Wow, he's not even adding completely unnecessary words anymore, he must be tired. His eyes are in EXACTLY the right position to notice the twin daggers fly past Vashtearnia's head, and a smile finds its way onto his lips. "Good... he lives..." His arms twitch slightly under the mystic's pin, but he his hands don't so much as surface from their spot buried in the ground. His voice comes out a little clearer now, almost normal in tone, although not in volume. "You... may move..." His eyes have a certain clarity to them all of a sudden, is he already making plans? What could he possibly do with his arms pinned? There's no way he could so much as draw the masamune in this position...

Yes, yes, YES! The meal, the meal is finally hear. Vash has been craving human blood for sooo long now, so, so very long, there's only so much Mystic one can take before they get sick of it, and the nasty little animals running around aren't even worth the time it takes to drain them. So here it is, her first human meal since she came to this rotten town. o O ( This town full of humans, full of self important hero's. We don't like any of them, they're all so full of themselves. OH! Look at me, I have a sword, now I can do anything! Let me kill all those evil Mystics! They're not human afterall, they deserve to die! Ohhh, I'm SO sorry for being BORN! ) She yells insead of her head, to herself. She has many conversations this way, though the desire for blood helps to fuel her inner thoughts quite a bit more than they normally would. The water from Glenn's mouth spouts into her face and she closes her eyes, no matter, her hands do not relent, and she keeps her grip nice and strong. No, she can't see, but she can smell, and she takes in a deep breath of air, focusing on it all, sea, sand, Glenn, the blood pouring through his every throbbing vein! Threatening to simply just burst from his skin, and all she has to do is dive down a---it's then that the daggers come sailing over and pin themselves, just barely, on either side of her head, and the voice rumbles out from the shadows and Johnny along the beach. The vampire is caught, hanging in the air, her right foot bent a bit of the wrong way, seaweed dripping off of her, and her hair in a wad of tangles. Her mouth, with it's very long fangs, quivers at the voice of Johnny. She remembers when she first dive bombed him that one night, and how he knew that she was behind him, even though she knows she did not make a single sound, or give away her presence. The roses around her body rustle, and she opens her eyes, beginning to blink away the salty stinging water Glenn spat in them, "I'd rather not stop...he's so, tasty looking..." She says, her voice taking on a higher tone than it ever has before, almost as if it's close to someone else's voice alltogether, and it's very lovely sounding, so sweet and hypnotic, that you want to hear a bit more of it, well, if you succumb to such things. "...I really, just can't stop, drive your daggers in, my dearest sweet, it will not stop me from my kiss." She isn't so sure about this, in fact, she thinks she'd rather just toss Glenn towards Johnny and let him have at it, but it's so close, all of that blood, that warm crimson liquid, she can't just stop, she can't! The roses on her body rustle yet again, as if struggling to grow and move about her.

The red in Johnny's eyes darken at the response from Vashtearnia. He'd have probably laughed at Glenn had he seen it, but as such... His hands twitching slightly at his sides, the floating daggers begin to apply more preasure into her skull. Once again the shadows themselves echo along the beach as he speaks in a tone not unlike the one a parent uses towards his children. "I said I'm not done with him." Something about his posture... his very sense of being seems diffrent this time. Walking very slowly he marches towards her, his feet not even leaving footprints in the sand as he steps. His voice returning to it's more normal tone he growls, "Your one of the few cattle I'm not ready to see sent to the slaughterhouse, but I'm not fucking around here... DROP HIM OR DIE." Strange, it's more direct than even he would normaly use. Perhaps this isn't the 'child' Glenn kept reffering to after all.

As he hears the maniac's ultimatum to Vashtearnia, the realization dawns on Glenn that he needs to be in a better position. Now. However, his earlier look was not for nothing, and his arms twitch slightly once more, an almost imperceptible motion. Is his resistance getting weaker? Unfortunately for Vashtearnia, Glenn's movements are not the hint of a struggle for physical domination, but rather something else. Wasn't he preparing a healing spell just before the mystic had pinned him? And now with his hands buried in the sand... Glenn smiles. Now, really, why would he smile in such a situation? The smile only lasts a moment, however, before it turns into a genuine look of sorrow, and he whispers up to the mystic atop him. "Please... know that I don't hate you." With that, both his hands snap open underneath the sand, and his whisper is barely heard over the sand that sprays from the simple motion. "Cure..." Ordinarily, this spell would only have the affect of healing Glenn. But with Vashtearnia poised atop him, there is also a slightly different effect. The man keeps his eyes wide open as he casts the spell, not wishing to see what damage the spell could cause her, but not cowardly enough to look away from the face of someone as he harms them. His will is resolute, and this... is bad. For some.

Vashtearnia is so ready to dive down upon her helpless victim, she would of done so by now if not for those blasted, accursed daggers pushing themselves upon her temple. Truly, she knows she could survive them digging in through her brain, however, this would render her a tad immobile, or at least, distract her enough for her prey to get free. But, it's so, so hard to just...pull away! She twists her head slightly, though the daggers restrictive movement cause blood to dribble down either side of her head, mingling with the salt water that's still dripping from her soaked body and hair. Drip drip drop little April showers. Her lips pull back slightly at Johnny's approach.. o O ( Look at me, I can do what I want, I'm better than anyone else here. Well, you're not -hungry- like me, you're not driving yourself beyond starvation and eternal pain so you can try and get some peace and not devour every human, ahhhh! ) She screams in her mind inwardly, "..I must f---" Whatever she was about to say, it's cut off as Glenn speaks to her, and her eyes, now cleared away from the earlier salt water spit, look down towards her intended victim. When the spell hits, the grip is immediately removed from Glenn's arms and she goes shooting back in the air, undoubtedly drawing a pair of slices alongside of her face. Her clawed hands cover her face, which smokes beneath them as a scream echo's out across the beach, though it's not a scream from a woman, or a mystic for that matter, but the scream of a hundred petals across the plains, the scream of a thousand raindrops falling upon the glass, the scream of all the bells in the world cracking all together, the scream comes from the roses gathered about her bosom and waist, and it is deafening.

Johnny's attention immediatly changes track and Glenn would soon find the maniac standing overhead, his daggers summoned and in his grasp again. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!?!?" His blood boiling in rage once again, he turns towards the smoking heap standing off to the side and bites into his lip painfuly. "...if you need to feed so baddly, go kill those FUCKING people in the village! You shouldn't have gotten in our way." Wiping away the trickle of blood from his lip on the back of his hand he turns towards Glenn once more his eyes the same color as the blood running down the wounded vampire's face. Stomping a foot forwards, darkness runs out like an extended shadow, absorbing the sand beneath Glenn in a solid foundation of blackness. "You've ruined my plans... you've hurt my friends... YOU DARE TO CALL YOURSELF A FUCKING 'PROTECTOR' OF THIS USELESS KINGDOM?!? I swore I'd rip your guts accross this beach, but now I'm thinking that'd be too good for you." Throwing his hands into the air, four sets of hook/chains eminate from the darkness below Glenn each aiming for a limb to cling and tear into. Hopefully his speach has given him enough time to react or things could be getting ugly for the former frog fast...

Water falls from above abruptly as the grey-tainted clouds thunder loudly in dissaproval, almost with ancient issues that only they could comprehend, causing millions of ripples to thunder down in torrents across the ocean. The waves whip up as they are encouraged by the sudden biting winds, most likely lapping up silently against thier legs.

The pressing need to get up is not lost on Glenn, and he is already in a crouch by the time the maniac is upon him. It is not with any small amount of dismay that he notes the blackness engulfing the sand below him. If the situation were less serious, he might have afforded himself a concerned glance towards Vashtearnia, but he does not have that luxury, and his crouch is terminated by a powerful leap straight up. Any sand that might otherwise have been displaced by the jump is swallowed by the darkness, and as Glenn nears the apex of his jump, four hooks shoot up out of the darkness for him. In the air with no real way to chance his trajectory, Glenn does one of the few things he can do... He crouches into a ball, and flips backwards. As he does so, off comes the collar and cloak, and he flings the heavy combination downwards with such strength that, yes, yes, he does manage to fall backwards just a bit, but enough to no longer be falling straight down, spiraling backwards in a rather tight ball. Hopefully, the reduced body size and sheer height should enable him to avoid most or all of the chains. Meanwhile, the cloak for its part rockets down, flying like a rock. As it would so happen, Johnny happens to be right below that falling cloak and collar combo. How much does it weigh again? A ton? Only one way to find out...

Vashtearnia isn't even paying attention to the two fighters now, not with the stinging and searing pain that has suddenly decied to go all over her face. The screaming of the roses around her dulls and fades away almost as fast as it came, but assuredly the woman is in pain. ".nasty..little..." She hisses as she lowers her hands away from her still smoking face, which is a thing of nightmare, her left eye having sealed itself over in a black calloused scar, the rest of her face burned and deformed, not even recognizable as she was once before. She falls down to her hands and knees, the pain throbbing throughout her body. She has to channel her blood, get control, stop the pain, before...oh, it would seem it's too late. o O ( No..noo... ) She whines inside of her head as the vines wrapped around her suddenly spring forth and dart down into the sand, they resurface quickly a distance off, and then flood in again, begin to spread out in a large circle around the vampire. Petals fall from the red roses gathered about her, and a tear drips from the right eye that can still see. o O ( I'd just as soon not. No, it'd be better if it weren't, but what can one do. We can only let it run the course, let it run and run and run...I wanted to go to sleep anyway... ) Her right eye closes as the roses around her shudder and tremble, the petals that fell regrowing, pulling the blood from inside of her body. You boys, go about your fighting business, nothing to see over here except the beginnings of a thorny forest.

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