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Full Name: Vashtearnia

Series: Original

Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female
Species: Vampiric Mystic
Age: Heh

Short Description:

Ivory white skin with matching ivory hair. This woman is either a vampire or in dire need of some sunlight. Or, perhaps she's covered her entire body with white makeup. Either way, she stands at the heigth of five foot and nine inches and wears thorns and roses, literally. Wrapped around her bust and waist are thorns that weave in and out of red roses, covering her up in the proper places and leaving the rest of her body bare. Her eyes are a dull reddish green. Her cascading ivory hair flows down about her body, all the way to her waist. Pieces of it cut shorter than the others so they wisp out from the main flow, creating a nice dimensional effect to her hair. The girls body is slim and smooth, her skin perfect to the touch without a single blemish upon it. Black lipstick, or perhaps her lips are naturally that color, adorn her mouth. And light purple nail polish covers her finger and toenails.



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