2005-12-22 (PreU) No solitude (pt2) The battle begins

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No solitude pt2. The battle begins


Who: Johnny_C, lucca, magus, vashtearnia
When: December 22nd, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Watcher's Cliff(#1616R)

Looking down over the remains of the Guardia Fairgrounds rests a naturally made cliff once home to a score of local legends about a pair of spirits that watched over the area and protected it. However, now things are a bit diffrent. Since the breakdown of time the side of the mountain seems to be covered with a slick black substance which no one can seem to remove. At certain times of the day the darkness shifts it's position like a living shadow clinging to this spot for some unknown reason. It's been said that standing on the cliff during one of these 'shifts' will distort the view of the countryside turning it to one of burning ruins. What could have caused this?

"Why do you not leave, then?" Magus asks, getting straight to the point. No more being jovial, in whatever mocking tone it might have been. "You have had your fun. People realize now that you can do as you please here. That we are just little toys in your box of sand with which you can do whatever you want. But... why? It sounds to me like you do not want that anymore. Why do you not become like one of the offworlders?" His term for folks that seemed to be pulled in from these other dimensions. "You could travel. See the stars, rule whatever planet you want but no, you choose this one. Who knows what sort of technology may be out there, what powers there are to discover, what people are out there to corrupt and bend to your will. Think about it... there is nothing left for you here. You have done everything you can."

Vashtearnia grows silent now as Magus speaks of NNY leaving and all. Cheh. Well, if she tries to leave without -her- then it'll be a problem. Otherwise, well, as long as it isn't some place with ten suns she doesn't mind leaving this world, it's never done much good for her anyway, well, no good really. She controls her giggle fit and looks at the vines trailing down her arms, narrowing her eyes slightly they begin to shrink back to their standard positions around her. o O ( Nice try. I know. )

Johnny growls at Magus's words, his fuming anger blocking out everything in the world around him as he begins to yell. "BECAUSE THAT CUNT-LICKING DUCHEBAG LOCKED ME ON THIS FUCKING ROCK AND I CAN'T GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT BASTARDS MORE POWERFUL THAN ME SHOWING UP TO BLOW EVERY FUCKING THING INTO OBLIVION!!" Wiping the spit from his mouth he instinctivly draws a dagger, but keeps it's blade pointed at himself as he points to Magus. "You think I'd still be here if I had a FUCKING CHOICE!?!?!? BEST I can do is escape for a few hours before some bitch starts raising the sirens. Not like I have anywhere to go anyways... I HAVE to wait for Sammy..." Woo. Touchy subject clearly. Nice going Magus...

Magus shakes his head back and forth. "Tsk tsk... such strong language. I am certain you did not learn such words from your mother." The mage smirks, turning to face Johnny once again. "What woman? My mother? She is dead. Surely she is not capable of something like this. But if not her, then who? Marle? She is but a novice... there is no one here that holds such power over you. Come now, stop your crying and get away from this place. There is nothing stopping you." The mage holds out his scythe towards Johnny, blade first. He makes sort of a cross motion in the air in front of the maniac, as if he is performing some sort of ritual. "There. You are no absolved," he says, pulling his scythe back. "You are free to go." ... As messed up in the head as Johnny is, he wonders if this might actually /work.

Vashtearnia watches Magus intently, though her eyes tend to dart over to admire...er, look at Johnny now and again. She continues floating above the emptyness of air just off the edge of the cliff behind Magus. Her left clawed hand flexes in and out gently, o O ( We should just slide right in, quicker than a blink. Magus' blood has to taste good afterall. Maybe just a nip... ) She floats about half an inch before stopping, o O ( Stop it. ) She places her right clawed hand upon her hip, tilting her head to the side, her cascade of white hair flooding out behind her as a wind blows over the cliff, she once again holds her tongue, not because she can't think of anything to say, but NNY's all angry and yelling, and he pulled out his dagger. Oh..that...lovely dagger, her body shivers slightly, remebering holding those weapons, such dark power in them. Well, she'll hold her ground, well, air, and her tongue, waiting for NNY to make the first move, wether it be fight or flee.

Johnny glares at Magus, "Don't fucking patranise me!! I'm talking about that bitch Cassandra! Look, you don't know shit about me. Rest assured I'll be out the fucking door first chance I get." Growling he pulls out his other dagger and twirls the two blades gunslinger-style. "What the fuck is your problem, Magus? Does the poor gothling dislike having something higher than him on the food chain? Your making me wish I'd have killed that fucking cat of yours back when it followed you around all the damn time..." Wow, an attack on Alfador AND use of the name Magus instead of Figment. He -is- pissed.

Magus glares right back at Johnny. "If you had killed Alfador, I would have killed you. Simple as that." The mage's grip gets tighter around his scythe. "And you speak of me? My problem? You are the one crying because some woman cursed you to this land. Boo hoo. So you have to drag the rest of us down with you, because you are too afraid to pay for your own sins. Your own transgressions. Alone, as you were meant to." Magus's eyes seem to flash a brilliant white for a moment. "Really, Johnny, your story may be heartbreaking to some, but you have no sympathy from me. The way you are acting now, I do not blame this 'Cassandra' for binding you to this place."

Vashtearnia pulls her hand away from her hip and instead brings both of her clawed hands into the air before her, each claw connecting with the other. *Clickclackclickclack* Her eyes stay focused on Magus however, now not even looking towards Johnny. Once again, unsure if a battle is about to take place, but if it is, she's ready for it. Still, she hasn't said anything in awhile, so she feels it's about time to say something, "Oh, look at me, I'm Magus, the lord of all the Mystics, I come to cliffs and disturb other mystics trying to be by themselves and then mock the one she loves. I'm going to vaguely threaten him with my scythe but try to get him to just leave by boreing him to death with talk!" She then shifts her pitch over to NNY, someone she hasn't mocked in awhile, but she's getting into the mood, "Ha! You'll never kill me, I am darkness and insanity! I'm from another world, I'll do what I want!" "Oh yeah?" "Yeah!" She lets out a light sigh of frustation, wanting the battle to start, or them to leave.

That did it. Without hearing a word from Vashtearnia he yells with a blind rage, "I WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE ALONE!" Charging forwards with an uninteligible scream he grips his daggers tightly and his body quickly becomes black as night. In a blinding speed he brings his daggers crossed towards Magus's throat attempting to behead him if not force him off the edge of the cliff. The darkness flowing so intensely from his body that it boils into the air around him leaving a dark trail behind him as he moves. His eyes burn not white, but a deep blood red. For most of his time on this world he was not known by the name Johnny, but the aptly named Spectral Wraith. This would be why. Regretibly he pays no mind to fact that Vashtearnia stands behind Magus. Hopefully she's paying attention...

A sharp CRACK, then another, then a third resonate over the canyon as the Wondershot's fire streaks across to slam towards Johnny with blinding speed. Lucca stands, the source of the noise, looking as if she'd been up all night and then some, "...Hi." She quips after a moment.

Magus smirks. "Right... right. Run right into a trap... come on!" The battle music starts as the theme of the dark mage blares, only this time it rocks out with thrashing guitars and pulse pounding drums. "The black wind shall consume you!" he declares loudly as he holds up his hand. An unseen wall of energy is placed right in front of him, designed to take the impact of Johnny's bull rush. And to hopefully cause some pain to the maniac in the process. After he places that barrier up is when he sees the brilliant flashes from Lucca's gun, which only causes him to grin more.

Vashtearnia inclines her head forward, a smile pulling over her features. Battle. Blood. They often go hand in hand, she can't wait for that sweet red delight to begin spilling from the bodies. Except for Johnny, he has some nasty black gunk inside of him. The claws she had clickclacked together slowly seperate from each other, and Magus will suddenly find ten different invisible telekinetic strings moving to enwrap around his body. One around his neck, one around each wrist, one around each ankle, one around his waist, and the other four moving to tie into those lines in order to keep him nice and still. They're also nice and thin, meaning they'll draw blood when they begin constricting, which they'll do so as soon as they find purchase. The vines and roses around her body shudder and rustle, a few of the roses wilting and dieing while fresh ones blossom immediately in their place. "Sing the song of death..." She sings, her voice quite, quite beautiful and very, very ear catching, just a subtle edge of hypnotic sireness in it.

Johnny's eyes flash white briefly as something unexpected occurs. Something hits him hard, in the chest. Before he can react it happens again. Glancing to the side he eyes catch the flash from Lucca's gun as a third strike hits him. Luckily the second blast stopped his movements and he jerks his head up to see Magus... not strike him in a moment of weakness? Instead he casts his little shield forcing a smirk to play accross Johnny's visible sharp teeth. Taking the opportunity he leaps backwards into the air and laughs down at Vashtearnia. "Feel like another blood bath?" Wait, he's refering to the beach isn't he? Uh oh. Throwing his arms to the sides he screams, plunging one dagger into the jagged cliff below. The dagger begins to burn off black energy much like his own body is currently doing. Slowly something starts to rise up from the 'wound'. Blood? Immediatly he drops back down and flicks his arm to the side. The dagger is once again in his grasp. From the hole the dagger had made, more and more blood begins to spill forth. This isn't good, is it?

Lucca's eyes flash red, and fire seems to surround her as she levels her free hand at Vash and Magus, "Can we sing a song of sixpence instead? Magus just loves that one." A cone of fire erupts from her fingertips, swirling around magus and leaving him unharmed as it zero's in on Vash, attempting to light all those lovely plants on fire! "You just sit tight while we deal with your... friend." She then turns to look at Johnny, "...Magus! Watch out for... whatever's coming out of him! It's not nice!"

Magus is transfixed by the power that Johnny is eminating. "Blood bath... Cle-- GHA!!!" The mage is shut up immediately as the string that Vashtearnia spun towards him starts to tighten around his neck. The fire didn't seem to faze it. "AHHH!" he yells, his hand gripping for his shadow bladed scythe, which he raises over his head. The blade quickly swings down across the strings behind his back before they can grip around his wrists and other areas. The mage falls to his knees, clutching at his neck to catch his breath. The life was nearly choked right out of him.

Vashtearnia starts to laugh wildly as Magus falls from the strings, watching him fall to his knees. She'll have to remember this for the rest of her existence, getting the drop on Magus from behind, few Mystics can claim such a deed. She was busy trying to make some more, but then the fire comes whirling through the air from Lucca towards her. She flies her body off and to the side, but not before the right half of her body engulfs itself in flame. "AhhhhhhHHHHH!" She screams, her voice raising to an ear shattering pitch which echo's across the area, normal eardrums will be set to bleeding. She twirls around in the air wildly, smacking at her arms and vines to put out the flame. It's then that her nose catches that smell, that sweet, delicious, seductive, enticing, overwhelmingly powerful smell of blood. It only takes her a few seconds to find the location, and she blinks out of sight, reappearing a moment later next to the wounded cliff, the fast air finally getting the fire out, but her right side is scorched and burned badly. The vines and roses around her body rustle and writhe about her, singing for the blood as the enfold around her left arm and leg. The one's on the right crickle and crackle, burnt from the fire and not able to grow, at least not yet. She leans forward and opens her mouth, floating underneath the stream of blood and letting it pour into her mouth. Well, she's out of the battle for the moment at least...?

Johnny grins widely at the sight of Magus upon his knees. "Not nice is right... I am the darkness you cast off. I am the nightmares in your meditation. I am the black wind which howls. Last chance, figment. Run while you can." As he speaks he places one arm accross his chest. Wait? Is he hurt? Hard to tell beneath the darkness burning off of him. His grin seems to widen as the shadow at his feet begins to spread outward. This just gets stranger and stranger...

Lucca shakes her head, rushing to Vash even as the mystic teleports, "I already know about the way blood revitalizes you. We won't be having any of that today." She grabs the Mystic bodily and lifts her away from the blood, draging Vash away from it as if the Mystic were a wounded comrade. As she does so, the wondershot's distinctive CRACKs sound off again as she unloads at Johnny,.

Well, at least Lucca seemed to be taking care of Vashtearnia. That was one less thing he had to worry about. He smirks, lifting one knee off of the ground. "So you call yourself the black wind? That would mean that you answer to me!" he exclaims, throwing his hand up into the air. A quick incantation is muttered before a swirling mass of energy begins to form behind the maniac. Fast it spins, inwardly. "You want to play with shadows? How about a BLACK HOLE!?" The energy behind Johnny expands immediately upon Magus's exclamation to at least twenty feet or more, in a perfect circle. The mass is as black as the deepest pit of Hell. Darker than even the night sky that is all around them. "PREPARE TO MEET THE VOID!" Magus declares, making his way back up to his feet. Both hands are held into the air to control the massive vacuum. Trees, rocks and other such things were all ready starting to get sucked into the vortex. It may not kill Johnny, but it will take him to someplace he does not want to be."

Vashtearnia's gulpings of blood are cut off and she floats down in the air as the fire comes and evaporates the blood pouring from the hole. Not that more won't come, but if the girl wants to stand there and pour fire onto it, fine. Her eyes narrow down, the blood that got into her, even though just a few quick gulps it's still enough to heal her burnt skin and vines. "Oh, little girl..." She says, licking her blood stained lips, "...it's been such a long time since I played with a human." She brings a clawed hand back and brushes her hair, which floods out behind her, each strand catching on the moonlight, each strand swaying in its own beautific pattern, each one catching the eye and entrancing it, at least, anyone without mental shielding against such things. If Lucca does, then she'll see Vashtearnia disappear, if she doesn't, then she'll see Vashtearnia stay right where she is, bringing her claws together *clickclackclickclack* Meanwhile, the real Vashtearnia appears in the air behind Lucca, bringing a clawed foot up to kick her right straight in the small of her back as hard as she can, and she has quite a lot of strength, it'd snap a normal humans spine in two, she's trying to knock her right off the cliff.

As the vortex grows behind him, Johnny glaces over his shoulder and laughs. "I'm not sure how good that's gonna do you, Maggy." The darkness below his feet continues to shift and he drops one leg into it as if it where simply a hole. Suddenly, the darkness fades away leaving Johnny's leg imbeded into the rock. A wince of pain mixed with a gleeful look of defience washes over his face as he begins to howl with laughter. True, it might keep him from being sucked in, but that leg's gonna take one hell of a long time to heal... "How long can you keep it up? I can stay here all day!!" Obviously he's trying hard not to show the pain he's in, but he has a point...

Something clanks against the ground both under Lucca and near Johnny as Lucca whirls to defend against Vash's sudden attack! Lucca's only partially sucessful, as the kick lands against her shoulder instead, sending the inventor sprawling across the disgusting clifftop. Lucca grins however, despite her pain, quipping, "Eight-ball, corner pocket." There was a moment of perfect silence. Then the grenades exploded. Rock is blasted away from Johnny's foot and the concussive force would throw most people into the air!. Vash's bomb goes off a milisecond later. According to Lucca's calculations, it SHOULD throw the mystic right into Johnny's now airborne form. Of course, these calculations were made in roughly 3 seconds, so she might be a little off!

Magus was about to call bull shit, but luckily Lucca had her head in the game enough to throw her bombs at the rock, in order to explode it. Many of the chips and fragments get pulled into the swirling vacuum of dark energy, and hopefully Johnny is not too far behind. Johnny AND his rock. "Lucca, get behind something BIG!" he yells out to the inventor as he keeps holding his hands up in the air, feeding the dark mass more and more energy. "You said you wanted to leave this place? Then leave! Here is your escape, maniac! I am giving you a way out!"

Vashtearnia smiles over towards Lucca as she floats her way to the edge of the cliff when her kick connects, the vines around her waist have writhed their way down in a twirling mass to her legs, along with the one's around her bosom down her arms. One thick strand from her right leg sprouts downwards in the air as the grenade explodes and she goes sailing off into the air, though off the edge of the cliif rather than over to where Johnny and the sucking hole are. She blinks out of sight, reappearing near the edge of the cliff again, the long tendril stabbing down into the hole in the cliff which still oozes blood. Roses begin to blossom and flood about her, chunks of rock embedded in her skin from the grenade explosion pop out and the wounds heal over. She looks over towards NNY getting tossed about like a mouse in the paws of a cat, and her eyes narrow down. o O ( Really? Truly? Yes, you play. But, leave him alone. Just like last time. Just like last time. ) Her pupils widen slowly as red roses blossom all along her vines. Invisible telekinetic strings form into existence around Lucca, attempting to wrap around the girl and hurl her over the edge of the cliif she's next too. Vashtearnia's claws clickety clacking against themselves. She giggles, a decidely little girls giggle at that.

Johnny's form shifts into that strange transparency he'd done the other day. His form litteraly bends with the light falling into the darkened vortex. It's as if he's become nothing but a living shadow. Assuming living has anything to do with it. His form passes briefly through the rock as it tumbles backwards, then Johnny begins to be sucked in as well. He solifies again, briefly, and barely manages to catch a dagger into the crumbling cliff as he continues to pulled within. At the top of his lungs he cackles, "Good job, dipshit. You'll never restore this planet without me! I've seen to that!!" Could he crawl, he might stand a chance, but all his strength is being forced into his hands as he tries to keep the blade locked into the remains of the cliff... At least he'll go laughing...

Even as she flies over the cliff, a single phrase stands out in Lucca's mind. The daggers. Separate him from the daggers. Fine. She seems almost graceful as she's being hurled, "Magus!" She yells, "Watch out for Weapons of the Blackbird!" Now, class, a simple way to separate someone from their weapons? Exploding weapons. She focuses her eyes on the hilt of the Dagger that Johnny's holding. Flame erupts from her, surrounding her in warmth, and a powerful explosion centering itself on that very dagger, and leaving it untouched. But hopefully sending Johnny flying in a random non-blackhole direction! She then plummets through the air, trusting in her next actions to save her from her own stupidity.

Probably the only thing that could stop Magus from letting Johnny get sucked into the dark mass were the words that Johnny just said. "..." He watches as the rocks around Johnny and Johnny himself begin to get sucked into the vortex... but alas, he can not take any chances. Bastard he may be, but he was not about to see this planet die. "I believe you," he mutters simply as his hands close, causing the black hole to close in an instant. Everything that was being sucked into the mass suspends for a moment then falls back down to the ground. Nonetheless, he isn't going to let Johnny off easy. "So tell me then how to restore this planet, and I will help you find a way off of this rock. We both get what we want," he says, stalking towards Johnny with his scythe in hand. He twirls it in front of his body.

The vine soaking in the blood that trails from Vashtearnia's leg expands out and cracks in through the earth, forming a writhing mass of thorny vines around the hole, not a speck of blood isn't getting soaked up into the vines now. Tear's face erupts into a sickening smile as her fangs lengthen and she lands herself down on the edge of the cliff. The vines around her body also smash down into the ground, sinking through the rock as if it were water. Rapidly, the ground begins to tremor as vine after vine breaks up through the rocky floor, sending shards of sharp rock every which a way. Red roses grow and blossom on every inch of the vines, causing a flurry of red petals to go soaring through the air and floating off the cliff, from a distance, it would seem the very cliff was awash in a torrent of a blood waterfall. Of course, vines as thick as a small tree break up underneath Magus, attempting to wrap around his body and dig their thornes into his flesh. There's also a few writhing in the air where Lucca flew off the cliff, as if awaiting her return with an expectant blood thirsty delight. "All along the roses grow, my heart for that boy is all aglow..." She begins to sing, her voice coming not only from her mouth, but from every rose sprouted upon the vines, a cacophony of beauty and richness.

Johnny screams as suddenly his dagger is overloaded by Lucca's intentions. There does appear to be an explosion, but not of the type she'd intended. The force of the blow is fed into his hands throwing him backwards -into- the portal instead of away from it. Luckily Magus shuts it down just in time. Crashing into the side of the mountain with only one dagger in hand he winces as breifly the world grows black. The absorbed engergies are fast acting and soon his eyes open as once again his mind is forced into the painful reality around him. He makes a move to force his dagger out of the rock and back into his hand when the ground seems to explode with ...vines? A single word escapes him as he struggles to move but finds himself too weakend to do so. "SHIT!" The dagger however is freed from the embrace of the rock and skitters accross the edge of the cliff. So much for that idea. Over the destruction and singing he tries to yell, "If we live through this we'll have to talk about that..."

Lucca continues plummeting through the air, unaware of the happenings above! She aims her wondershot at... nothing? Then fires! The resounding CRACK sounds again, and she is pushed just far enough! She digs her boots into the cliffwall, leaning into it with everything she has that's armored enough to take the punishment! Slowly, she begins to slow, then finally stops and begins climbing her way back up the wall.

Magus doesn't like this one bit. Just when he was finally getting somewhere with Johnny. "... Fuck," he mutters in a rare show of temporary confusion, but Johnny had been saying it all night, so it was okay. "... Johnny, I suggest you jump now!" Magus declares to the maniac as his mind deviates a plan. So the vines were encompassing everything? Fine, he can stop it. "I hope Lucca is out of the way," he mutters as he points his hands toward the ground. The energy around the ground gets progressively colder and colder until... "Blood feeds you? ... Then I guess I will just have to freeze the flow!" he exclaims as his emotional outbrust causes a hellacious stream of ice to expel from his hands. The ice grips the vines and seeps into the ground, following trails of both until it finds the source, the blood. The cold energy quickly begins to encase the flow of the red liquid and starts to freeze it, hoping that the ice will follow all the way to Vash and consume her. Unless she breaks the vines from herself.

Either way, her precious flow of blood will be halted.

Vashtearnia sits herself down on a massive writhing mass of green vines and red roses, or rather, just hovers above it. More and more of the vines have begun to spread, exploding out and consuming the cliff from every angle and position. As the ice from Magus travels down the vines, several of them expanding their thorns, cutting off the vines after it gets to the blood source. Tearnia giggles madly, more vines erupting from the ground around Magus, vine upon vine spreading out to try and wrap around him. Also, vines erupt where Lucca climbs up the cliff, attempting to grab around her and sink their thorns into her flesh, Johnny of course, is not left alone. However, the vines around him simply flood up underneath him, forming a cushion much like the one Tearnia floats on, though his is heart shaped with a ring of roses around it of course. "You're just making us more hungry, silly boy!" She says in a deciedly younger sounding voice than she normally uses.

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