2006-08-04 (PreU) An Unexpected Reunion

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An Unexpected Reunion

Summary: FINALY I get to RP something again! ...and NNY gets reuninted with a very long lost friend. Good times. If nothing else I feel there's some awsome quotes to be taken from this one.

Who: crux, Johnny_C, vashtearnia
When: August 4th, 2006
Where: City Ruins - North(#2013R)

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City Ruins - North(#2013R)

As in all cities, some live better than others. Here amidst the city ruins you find a large residential area with several streets that run further into the distance. Either the damage done here was less than the rest of the area, or some repair work has been done in and around here as the buildings here are in much better condition than the damaged ruins to the South. Infact, only the occasional shell of a burned out vehicle seem to remind you that this isn't a healthy metropolis teaming with life. Well, that and the overall lack of people.

What passes for night has come around fully in the chaotic realm of Twisted. People come and go randomly, and sometimes literaly as the world fluxuates around them. Rushing at full speed down the mostly empty streets comes the maniac known as Johnny. For once a determination appears in his eyes and a grin plays over his face. Enjoying himself he leaps over the cracks in the street and comes to a skid infront of the Integra's Arms Hotel where he and Vashtearnia claimed an abaonded room after arriving here. Kicking up a little gravel as he comes to a stop he glances around and lunges for the door, swinging it open with a vengence...

Vashtearnia is standing in the doorway as it's swing open so violently. She was doing anything anyway, and when you can hear so well, even if it is sometimes people screaming in agony as their bodies get sucked through dimensions, it's hard not to tell when someone comes running up to the hotel. "Welcome home, NNY." She says with a teasing smile, her fangs showing purposefully, she knows it'll irritate Johnny, but she still likes saying it, it's pleasing for her. And one of these days NNY is going to actually accept her as his girlfriend. And then she'll get to sing...maybe.

Johnny screams as he grabs the door frame to prevent himself from colliding face-first with Vashtearnia's unexpected appearence. His momentum re-directed he falls backwards into a sitting position and winces. "...quit doing that!!" His grin forcing itself out again he pushes himself up and dusts off his clothes. "Come on! I need to grab my stuff! We need to hurry!!" Well, he'd intended on explaining himself and asking her along, but he's gotten himself just a little too excited about the plan as he ran here. Infact, it's made further obvious by the fogged up goggles currently resting on his forehead. Leaning back and forth he stares at Vash seeming to contimplate charging past her, "C'mon! We're waisting time!!"

Vashtearnia raises an eyebrow at NNY's enthusasim, she wonders if he's found someone he wants to kill, or power he wants to taste, or...well, it could be anything, but she can't remember him being this excited since he got free from her world. She floats up into the air and to the side, allowing NNY access to the house, the vines around her rustling, "Where are we going and how are we wasting time?" She's not even sure Twisted understands the concept of time herself. But, hey, there's a whole lot of blood fodder around here at least.

Johnny dashes into the lobby in an uncharacteristic show of speed and yells over his shoulder as he leaps the front desk where he's been hiding his 'equipment' lately. Throwing a backpack on the counter he starts producing hand-made blades and assorted blunt objects which are quickly stuffed inside. "Where going back to Chronos with Mina! We're gonna get my dagger back!" Cackling to himself he assumes he's said all he needs to and resumes his task. Strange that he wouldn't leave everything upstairs in the room they'd claimed, but then abanonded buildings don't really demand you only live in your appointed areas.

Vashtearnia floats over to Johnny as he begins to pack his bags. She doesn't have any material possessions herself, it's not like she can wear normal clothes, and there's no need for food. So, in the end, what does one have to own. She visibly shivers as NNY mentions going back to Chrono and she looks over to the side, frowning momentairly. To get his dagger back, that's good and all, but she knows that means going after Magus, she can't -beat- Magus, she might last a few seconds before she's dead. She...thinks Johnny might of been able to take him, but without the dagger? She has doubts. Still, she likes Johnny, a lot, so she looks back to him, "Oh yes, quickly, let's hurry to our deaths at the hands of someone who can squish me like a worm under his feet!" She says in a mocking tone of her own voice.

Johnny pauses in mid-motion and raises an eyebrow at Vashtearnia. "Not like a worm... like a squishy plant-thing." Sticking out his tounge he smirks and resumes packing. Satisified he ties the bag shut and throws it over his shoulder. "Look, there's no fun unless someone gets hurt. Yeah, dying hurts, but we move on. Life goes on. You've lived long enough, you should know that by now!" Wow... those where some shallow words of encouragement. "Besides, what could Janus of all people really do that'd be so terrible? Sure he's got minions and a big castle, but he didn't draw Happy Noodle Boy, did he?"

Vashtearnia stays silent a bit as she considers Johnny's words, preparing to follow him anyway of course, because she's not going to let him go off into danger without her, that's for sure. "I've lived this long by knowing my limits and to keep out of sight most of the time." She says, lacing her fingers in front of herself, her fangs gleaming, "But, how can I resist such a compassionate speech, my dearest? Let's go kill things." She might as well enjoy it if it's gonna happen. Maybe she'll get a chance to take a drink out of Magus on the way.

Johnny nods his head happily at the news and leaps over the counter again. Why can't he just walk around it? Checking his remaining dagger at his side and it's look-alike he made, he pauses and tilts his head, "Wait... you're being sarcastic. What's the deal? We're on to 'bigger and better things'. There's this big awsome sword that Mina wants to go find. I said I'd help if she'd help me storm Chronos and grab the dagger. Between the three of us you'll be fine. We're supposed to meet her at the UR. You'll see..."

Vashtearnia follows NNY with her eyes, tapping her fingers together and then turning to head outside with him. "I'm always sarcastic, I just used to never say it out loud, NNY." She says, moving over to get nice and close to him, moving one arm to try and wrap it around his own, she's sure she'll be scorned, but sometimes when he gets distracted like this, he doesn't pay as much attention to her attentions as normal. So, it's worth a try.

As the two converse amongst themselves, the lighting in the hotel gets a shade or two brighter. Nothing terribly noticeable, the same effect as when a thin cloud stops covering the sun, and you have to ask yourself if the room just got lighter, or if it was just your imagination. Still, it happens as Johnny and Vashtearnia converse, and right they are to talk amongst themselves. After all, there's noone else there to join the conversation, right? ... Come now, of course it's not that simple. "A homicidal maniac, the object of a vampire's affection. Hmm, makes sense to me." The voice might be all too familiar to Johnny, though for the maniac, it has been a VERY long time since he heard it. Almost an eternity, it must seem. "It's good to find you happy, Johnny." While not as particularly confusing as the way his voice sounds when stepping in and out Twisted, the silver-haired man's voice echoes down from the ceiling above, likely creating a strange sense of locational awareness.

Johnny doesn't really notice Vashtearnia until contact with his arm is made, then he stuggles free. With a shudder he drops his head and sighs, "Your never gonna give that up, are ya?" Rubbing his arm he blinks as the light plays tricks on him then an unassigned voice echoes out. Spinning around he scans the room for it's source and begins to rub his head, "Dangit, now ya done it. See! I told you not to do that! Now I'm hearing things again." Clutching his weapons and screams at the room, "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! I'VE BURRIED MY DEMONS, DAMNIT! JUST LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!" In the back of his mind something tingles at the familiarity of the voice. What if it wasn't another voice in his head?

Vashtearnia folds her arms over her stomach as Johnny pulls away from her as he usually does, "Can't, I'm in love." She says to NNY, then looks up to the ceiling as a voice begins to speak, there's a lot of things on Twisted that speak out of nothing, and she's used to Johnny spazzing out about them like that. So, she goes still, staring at the ceiling, though her fingernails slowly elongate, forming with her hands to become long nasty looking talons with edges that seem to thin into infinity.

From his place lying on the ceiling, Crux gives a patronizing smile, waving courteously. The wave is more for Vashtearnia's sake than Johnny's at this point, though. "Ah, Well, I could leave if you really want me to, I didn't know I was interrupting..." Undernea--er... above him, a glowing portal slowly closes, its job done. A color darker than black lies behind the portal, if such a thing were possible. It's a bit of a contrast with Crux, who seems to exude just a little bit more light into the room somehow. A strange effect to be sure. "Maybe I could get a raincheck?"

Johnny finaly looks up and drops his weapons sending them stabbing into the floor, well... one of them anyways. The copy skids off to the side, but yeah... inferior. Johnny's mind seems to snap and even a small trickle of drool escapes his open jaw. Finaly coming to grips with what he's seeing he wipes his mouth and mutters silently, "...but you don't exist. None of that did... it couldn't have... Y-you can't be real..." So, this is how he delt with everyone's absence?

Vashtearnia's talons waver back and forth slightly, tremoring at Crux's words, a smile flowing over her face, "What can I say? He's just completly alluring to me." Her ears keep tabs on where Crux is, even if it's distorting in here. Of course, she can see through darkness, so it's not that hard for her to pick him out in the darker blackness.

Crux continues to smile his patronizing smile, though it becomes a bit more genuine, and as such, a bit less amused looking. "You know, you wouldn't BELIEVE how often I get that." He stands to his feet, an act that is not commonly witnessed from directly above... er.... below... someone's head. He used to try to comfort people, explain the reality to them, rationalize his presence... At this point, though, he's just really stopped trying, and moved on to letting them deal with it in their own unique way. It's usually faster, sad to say. "Though I will admit, someone with all of your experiences is the last person I'd expect to be surprised." A fair comment, if Crux has even an inkling of what Johnny's been through. He glances at Vashtearnia when she speaks, giving a real smile this time. "As he should be. He's my friend, after all." Aww, how ... ... ... nice? ... touching? ... *arrogant* perhaps?

Johnny's mind just can't seem to recover from the initial shock. Sort of like what a room full of church go-ers would do if suddenly Jesus just walked into the room, announced who he was, and asked to the money for the cab that dropped him off. Nothing around him seems to exist for a few moments as he tries in vain to accept what he's looking at. Surprisingly his form seems to blur slightly in the process as if he where trying to fade away. With a violent shake of his head he seems to return to normal again, or at least normal for him. "C.... Crux? It's really you? Wait, if it was really you shouldn't you be asleep or something?"

Vashtearnia stops talking at this point, after Johnny recognizes Crux completly. Her hands shift back to normal and she floats over to the desk, sitting down, since NNY's sudden rush to that restaurant has been halted. It's not the first time he's run into somebody he knows and she doesn't, and she's always preferred to fade into the background in most situations anyway.

The silver-haired man from Johnny's past coughs at Johnny's words, and his smile fades, his lips turning downward slightly. "Don't tempt fate, Johnny. The last thing you need right now is me falling on top of you. I weigh more than I look, you know." That said, Crux hops up, or down as the case may be, into the air at an odd angle, and inverts himself halfway through the jump... and he lands down behind the desk, and thus, behind Vashtearnia, quite pointedly not letting her escape the conversation. Poor girl. "So, I've got her nature pegged, I'm sure, but shouldn't you introduce me to your lovely fiance?" They never said any such thing... Crux's poking fun at them. Can't he be a little nicer, or at least move a little slower, instead of letting everything hit Johnny all at once? Nah. He's nice, but he's also less patient than he used to be. Well, at least HE seems amused. Not that that's any consolation.

Johnny smirks slightly at Crux's words until he ends up behind Vashtearnia. Then at his next question Nny's smirk fades and his eyes narrow. "I saved her from Chronos. Her name's Vashtearnia." With introductions out of the way, "Where the hell have you been all this time??? I haven't seen you since..." Trailing off he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, "Well, in a really long time." Shaking away an expression of distaste he resumes his lost smirk. "I tried to find you, you know. Your not an easy person to track down..."

Vashtearnia blinks out of human sight, reappearing behind Johnny, though of course these two might see faster than normal humans, but either way, she moves really fast. Her hands move to lace themselves from behind Johnny and around his neck, her head leaning over towards his ear, and she speaks in that hypnotic voice of hers, that just makes the ear ache to hear more, "NNY, I love you. Can we have the wedding soon? Please? I truly want to sing for you." The vines on her body shift and rustle, a few of the petals falling off the red roses that adorn them. Well, it's not like Johnny denied they were finacee's, and that is MORE than enough grounds for Vashtearnia to take it as fact.

Crux blinks at Johnny's words, trying not to laugh. "Yes, because I'm sure it's quite easy to track down *other* people across dimensional barriers..." He has a point. But Crux's never been one to rest on his points, so he continues. "I've been a bit busy, I'm afraid. You wouldn't BELIEVE the job I got conned into taking...But hey, I didn't stop by to talk about work..." He stops in mid-speech as he watches Vashtearnia move behind Johnny, and whistles appreciatively. He continues speaking, as if he too were accepting his own words as reality. "Picked yourself a good wife there, Johnny. Nice moves and a nice voice. I didn't get an invitation though, you think maybe I can crash the reception at least?"

Johnny flails his arms and screams, "WE'RE NOT GETTING MARRIED!!!!" He could just pry her loose, but maybe he's growing soft in his old age. Funny though, he looks the same age as he always does. "Getoffmegetoffmegetoffmegetoffme," he chants in a near-endless loop until she lets go. For someone who used to paint walls in blood he sure doesn't like physical contact...

Vashtearnia stays attatched through the screaming and waits for the fiftyith getoffme before she finally lets go and floats backwards, "You know, it does hurt my heart NNY." She says with a wink at the back of his head, a smile pulling over her face, her fangs gleaming in the light again. She looks over to Crux, thinking she likes this creature, then back towards NNY, floating over to be beside him at least. Her voice has lost its allure for the moment, by the way, but, it was still quite pleasant when it came out. She speaks to Crux, "You see how he just ignores my charms? It's part of why I find him so intoxicating. That, and he's quite insane."

The silver-haired man just observes the scene with an amused smile on his face, tilting his head to the side a bit. "Such a shame, weddings always have the best food." He walks over towards Johnny and extends a hand. "Crux Caedon." He speaks his name with a bit of a smirk, and waits expectantly for Johnny to shake his hand. "Doctor, Swordsman, Pilot, and interdimensional Janitor, at your service." Interdimensional what now? What a crock.

Crux smiles once more at Johnny's words, shaking his head. "You do yourself too little credit, Johnny. After all, I don't think anyone else has ever added 'former' to any of those titles." Damn if he doesn't have a point there. He turns to face Vashtearnia, smiling. "As good a reason as any to hate a world, I suppose." He leans back with his arms crossed and smiles. "So, weren't you two in a hurry a moment ago? Don't let me keep you..."

Johnny blinkblinks remembering what he was doing before being united with his friend. A slow but wide grins plays over his features, "We where on our way to meet a new aquaintence of mine. I think you might enjoy the location. Ever hear of a place called the Usual Restaurant? The crowd there isn't what it used to be, but your starting to make me think that might be changing."

Vashtearnia doesn't have anything more to say at this point, but hey, Johnny hasn't shrugged her off of his shoulder, so she continues to lean and be close, even if it's all one sided, it's still nice to pretend. Her hand dangles down near his own, swaying this way and that before her fingers arc back and try to lace up with Johnny's. "Oh yes, we're in such a big hurry, I know all about what's going on."

Crux chuckles at the mention of the UR, and gives a smile. "Another new friend? You're just an icon of popularity, aren't you? What's her name?" Wait, did Johnny say anything about it being a her? What's Crux playing at here? "And what's she doing waiting at the Usual in a place like this?"

Johnny nearly facefaults at the statement. "No. She's some warrior or something. Wants to help me reclaim my lost dagger in exchange for helping her look for some legendary ultimate sword thingy. Seemed like it could be fun, 'sides..." Drawing his sole black-bladed weapon he twirls it and presents it towards his friend, "It's kinda a matched set. Got 'em for helping Benedict. Something tells me leaving the other one behind was a bad move..."

Vashtearnia's eyes snap over towards the dagger as it comes out. Oh, that dagger...it's so...so beautiful, so powerful...so perfect. Her hands twitch in rememberance of holding that thing, of making the wall bleed, of gathering the darkness from within it. So pretty. o O ( Oh yes, aren't you the perfect symbol of darkness. You can't even live without yourself. ) She thinks to herself. Successfully intertwining Johnny's fingers with her own, she decides that's as good as she's gonna get without him freaking out, so just leaves any more closeness be, eyes watching the dagger closely.

Nodding, Crux glances at the dagger. "Shiny. What's it do?" Asking a loaded question there, he is. Vashtearnia's fixation on the dagger is not lost on the man. "Control time? Cut reality? Make julienne fries, at least?" His sarcasm seems to imply that he's completely clueless about the weapon. Probably not for long, though.

Johnny smirks, "It magnifies negative engeries and has the ability to kill both gods and demons..." Briefly he pauses and raises an eyebrow, "And poison some people for some odd reason." Shrugging the comment off he resumes, "Anyways, real bad stuff. Turns my waste lock into a massive battery. It's been, what... several BILLION years since we crossed paths? It's the only explanation I've got for still being here." Truthfully he's right. From his perspective he's lived the entire lifespan of Chronos from two points of view. "Alots happened since Neo Tokyo. Anyways, shall we head to the UR for old times sake?"

Vashtearnia breaks her eyes away from the dagger to look over at Crux, but she doesn't have anything to say to either of them at this point. She just listens to the people converse, pondering how...sad it'll be to go back home, if you can even call it that. o O ( Let's feel sorry for yourself now, especially since you got out. Oh yes, please do! Don't let the heartache end anytime soon! Shut up. ) The vines and roses around her body rustle softly, and she runs her tongue along one of her fangs.

Crux tilts his head left, then right, and raises an eyebrow. "A sharp stick of anti-good." He smiles again, leaning his head back. "It suits you, of course." He stretches his left arm out to the side, and smiles. "So, it's been billions of years for you, has it? What'd you do, build your own timeline? In the overall time stream, it's only averaged a 4-5 year movement since the destruction of Neo Tokyo." ... Which means what, exactly?

Johnny blinks, "No.... got stuck in Metropolis for several years, met up with Terry's daughter, ended up being banished by the Goddess Cassandra after I failed to kill the bitch. Ended up on a world that me an' Emi took care of, met up with an alternate version of myself after an eternity which the daggers absorbed along with his memories, and now I'm here..." Blinking he thinks his words over and then looks at Vashtearnia, "Wow that is really fucked up, ain't it?"

Vashtearnia looks over at Johnny and gives one, single, purposeful, nod. "Yes my NNY, and still here you are, as great as ever." She winks at him and blows a kiss, she follows most of what they say, it all sounds quite amazing. Far more than what she's ever experienced in her life. Now though, now she's hanging around these people, which means this kind of stuff will happen to her. She's not sure if she's happy or sad about that. ...well, as long as she's with NNY, it's all fine in her opinion. The roses rustle on her bosom once more, "Let's go, NNY, I want to grab a snack on the way."

"Wow, it sounds like you've got MY decade beat, Johnny..." Crux laughs and smiles. "You seem to have come out of it surprisingly sane, for a crazy guy." Crux seems a lot more up front these days too. "Your bride-to-be is right though, your friend is probably waiting impatiently for us... Though..." With a quick motion, Crux pulls out his stereotypical iv-drip bag of blood. "I still prefer willingly donated blood to forcefully taken, if the lady can stomach it." Where does he GET that blood, anyways?

Johnny wobbles and takes a step back, it takes a few moments before he can really understand what's going on. Remembering isn't quite the right word. "You... um... yeah, um... ok?" Time not to think about it. "So are we off to the UR then?"

Vashtearnia floats backwads with Johnny, since she has managed to lace her fingers around his, she's not about to break that contact. Her eyes trail over to the bag of blood, evaluating it over, breathing in softly, which she does everytime she wants to talk, well, talk without making people hang on her every syllable anyway, that takes other things than air to do. "Oh, please, don't kill innocent creatures, here, take this blood that was safely extracted from a donor!" She says, in a mocking imitation of Crux's voice, whcih she imiates quite well. Nevertheless, she holds her hand out towards Crux for it, she won't refuse free blood. It's always tasty. The vines around her body writh some at the anticipation of the meal, and the fangs in her mouth elongate ever so slightly.

Crux nods to Johnny. "Indeed, it would seem that we are." Upon hearing Vashtearnia's impression of him, he laughs and gives a wide smile. "Honesty is a good quality in a woman." He hands the bag to Vashtearnia with a polite smile on his face, not in the slight bit put off by her attitude. It actually seems quite the opposite. "Now, forgive me Johnny, but did you say Terry's DAUGHTER? I have so much catching up to do." Funny, he seemed to be pretty well caught up already earlier... oh well. It will probably make much more sense after large quantities of alcohol are consumed. Or at least, that's the theory.

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