2005-08-25 (PreU) Glenn vs NNY pt 5

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Glenn vs NNY pt 5

Summary: Does this scene ever end!?

Who: Glenn, Johnny_C, Vashtearnia
When: August 25th, 2005
Where: Chronos

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North End of the Beach(#1476R)

Standing upon the shores of Truce you can see the vast expanse of water stretching off into the horizon. Over head gulls call out as they fly around at random. Clearly this is a favorite spot of the local children as a small, crudely made shack has been built here surrounded by weather worn toys and painted in smiling stick figures...

It is not the first time in the last few moments that Glenn has frowned, and at this rate, it won't be the last, as the Knight snaps his right hand forward and to the side, a gesture to 'cut the crap' in the parlance of the land. "We doth not have the time! Release us at once! Innocent people are being injured!" Does he really think that kind of thing will matter to someone who for all intents and purposes, is a flowery demonic creature? The creature continues to sit upon the throne, his eyes moving from one occupant of the black space to the other. After close to half a minute of silence passes, her unlaces his left hand, and makes a twirling gesture with his index finger, indicating you should obviously get on with it. He then laces his fingers before him once again, awaiting and seeming not to care about your demands and refusals.

Johnny stares dumbfounded at the guesture. Under normal circumstances he'd draw his daggers at such an expression of arrogance. ...but this is hardly normal is it? Deciding to play along for the time being he shrugs and glances over at Glenn. Almost emotionlessly he states, "Well. You heard the thing. Get to singing. I'd like to hear something a little upbeat if you don't mind." Yes he seems to be, wait. He is serious. "Don't just stand there! I know you got a good set of lungs on ya. Start singing or we're never going home..."

In this darkness, there is nothing to see, nothing to hear, nothing to save, and nothing to protect. His right arm still splayed to the side, the lone knight's frown increases greatly, and he drops his head a half an inch. "To make light of such things..." Glenn's gloved fist clenches tight for a moment, just a moment, before it relaxes and he gives a sigh of resignation. Someone has to play the straight man, and it's definately not going to be Johnny. "Very well. What would you hear from me, to warrant a speedy end to this desolace?" ... Great, now he's taking requests.

The creature sitting upon the rose thorn casts his eyes from Johnny to Glenn, awaiting his song. And it doesn't come yet again, but he does answer Glenn's question, "I have given you the way to leave this place, provide it at your leisure." And with that he leans back against the rose throne, the vines and such all shuffling and shifting about with a mighty rustle, enjoying his presence it would seem.

Johnny is in the least bit concerned it would seem. But when one's been around as long as him, it's possible he really doesn't care at all... What he does seem to care about is watching Glenn squirm, as that's the best source of entertainment at the moment. Taking out one of his daggers and twirling it at his side a slow smirk crosses his lips. "Hey, how about you sing 'I'm a little tea-pot'? I haven't heard that in AGES..."

Glenn lowers his right hand to grip the Masamune again, the splendid hilt fairing well against the strength with which the knight clenches his hand around it. Any other man would have a plethora of other, more violent, alternatives to spell out for Johnny, but Glenn cricks his neck slightly, and inhales deeply, his chest puffing out just a little bit more than should seem possible with the armor he wears. It seems like everything he does has that slight hint of the frog he once was, even now that he's regained his humanity. However, frogs' songs are mostly gutteral sounds coming from air escaping the pockets in their throats and mouths. As long as he doesn't still sing that way too... "I'm stuck inside... alone inside mine heart..." Oh no... "A place I doth think too much.... A place that none dare touch..." God, no, not a song about his feelings! How revolting! "And though I doth not pray enough... I long to..." For what little consolation may go to the poor listeners, Glenn's voice is quite a striking resemblance to Sinatra, smooth, perfect, and old-school. But then, that's not much of a consolation when you're hemmorhaging...

The creature in the throne grows still as Glenn begins to sing, staring towards the ex-frog. It's hard to tell if he's impressed or not, since you can't see his face, but he isn't telling the Knight to stop either, which you can take as you will. Other than that, he just sits there, completly silent, not much else to say about tht.

Johnny tries hard not to, but quickly he begins to snicker... turning to full blown laughter the second Glenn sings the word 'heart'. It's not neccesarily what he's singing, or the way he's singing... just the fact that he's singing alone is enough to do it. Dropping to a sitting position he chuckles away through the song, finaly bitting his hand to silence enough to let the knight finish... Songs of loneliness from a frog, what chaos will next be wraught upon this world? For the moment, it is bad enough that the knight is actually singing such a thing, but he seems to be good at singing shlock. "I... want to thank you for the tears I've cried..." Oh, wait, he's not done yet! Joy! "The love you gave to me..." It would be appropriate for the knight to sound Scottish right now, but his perfectly tuned voice continues with the song that should not be, eluding all hope that perhaps he would just... well... stop.

The creature brings a hand forth with his palm flat, "Stop." He intones, before standing up, the throne beneath him writhing around, the vines spreading out into long tendrils that grip around the creatures body and then begin to writh their way around them in an endless struggle for dominance against itself, creating a writhing red and green movement around his figure, "Your song is pathetic. I have heard it many times in different shapes and forms. No wonder you're here." He then turns his gaze upon Johnny, "Your turn, and you'd best have a better idea of what a song truly is." Johnny leaps to his feet and howls with laughter, "Oh, that's a good one. You want -me- to sing!?!?" Shaking his head he tries to stop snickering, "I don't sing. There's nothing in my life that would have been any better if I'd have sang. Infact, I'm in the least bit nervous about all this because I -know- one way or another I can get out of here..." Regaining a bit of seriousness he stares blankly at the creature and states, "...how much longer is this going to go on anyways? The singing knight was amusing, but this is getting dull."

Glenn stops singing without any real delay, blinking at the creature's words. He decides that such is the last time he will take Lucca's advice again. He remembers clearly, the words she spoke to him, when he had mistakenly let his feelings for Queen Leene slip, one evening. .o"Just sing from your heart Glenn, and she'll fall madly in love with you..."o. Glenn had looked doubtful at that, and so she had quickly added on another statement to allay his doubts. .o"Or you could just sing about how miserable and pathetic you are... everyone's bound to love that kind of thing."o. Glenn shakes his head slowly, keeping his grip on the masamune's hilt, nice and firm. Now's not the time for such things, he should be readying himself, should conflict arise. Such a simple man.

The creature stares towards Johnny, his eyes narrowing down, "You don't understand the power a voice can have. It can bend a soul to your will, it can force the sun to stop its shining, it can bring down the strongest tower, and all it takes is a simple song." His lips show themselves, somehow coming to light out of the rest of the darkness that flows about his form, a large smirk resting on them, "I can make a child turn against its mother, with a single song. And neither of you can even begin a proper verse. I find it hard to believe she has any interest in you, and when I am truly here, and not some abstract representation, I shall test you again." "No, you find my words to be scoffed at, scoff at them as the fools scoff at the wise, if you have not come into your wisdom by my coming, to be predictable as all of my kind are in the end, you'll receive a most unhappy ending." And with that, his body melts into a red puddle, which floods back and forth on the ground, before a loud sucking sound, like someone trying to get the last bit of water out of the bottom of a glass, echos in the darkness, and light floods your senses. And there you are, back where you were, vines a rithing around the both of you, the blood from Tearnia burning on your skin. Tearnia herself has her hands on either side of her head, and is emitting a very loud scream, which is supported by every rose in the area, which creates an utter cacophony of ear bleeding sound.

Johnny stands silently with an eyebrow raised as, again, the world melts around him. Glancing at Glenn in confusion he starts to comment as the ear piercing scream echoes into his skull. Trying in vain to sheild his hears he begins to drop to the ground, but finaly his own frustrations get the better of him and he stands up straight again, his eyes narrowed as he tries to ignore the sound. Not that anyone can hear him, he annouces, "Alright. Enough of this..." Taking a deep breath his body becomes black again and he rises slightly into the air letting his feet dangle limply beneath him. Drawing his daggers, the shadows beneath the vines and roses abruptly shift position and bend towards him as if the light was no longer over head, but all around them. Using the darkness to amplify his voice he states one word, "ENOUGH." Could he really be ignoring the fact that his body is so baddly wounded? No. But then, that's what the daggers are for after all...

Once more, Glenn finds himself within the grasp of the crimson blooming vines. Elsewhere, his frog has ceased to be nearby. Whether it fled or was consumed is not information the knight is privy to, but he would assume the former. The idea of such a thing being eaten is far beyond anything Glenn believes Vashtearnia's plants to be capable of, despite his ever increasing opinion of her abilities. "Grand Slash!" The words are out of his mouth, and the vines are assaulted with a wave of concussive holy energy, the ground before Glenn scarring as the force alone digs craters in it. The man is not even focusing on the vines much anymore, as he seems to almost be dismissingly them entirely. His first thought is to look towards the village, but that is before the shattering screams register upon his still muddled mind... and he drops to his knees. "By the light!"

Tearnia stops screaming after a few moments, and so do the roses, thankfully, and she turns to look towards Johnny. She giggles like a child and -sits- back on the vines all around her, "That wasn't very nice, no, no, no, not at all, I know she did that on purpose too, what a nasty thing to do to poor me." She says, the vines around Glenn begin to settle down as he slashes them, and the one's about the town also seem to be growing sluggish or stopping alltogether. Tearnia tilts her head to look towards the outwardly vines and makes a little whineing sound, "Nooo..nooo..that's not fair, I'm not done yet!" She -must- be talking to herself.

Johnny ignores most of everything in his blind rage and rips forwards at a blinding speed towards Vashtearnia. His daggers go for her shoulder blades aiming to cause serious damage... but not killing. Strange that someone who's decided he didn't care about -anyone- would not go for a killing blow. Regardless, if the weapons hit their mark they'd begin draining any darkness or negativity within the girl with an icy coldness. Even if they don't make it, the pull should be apparent as the maniac's rage is driving his actions, not his own physical strength. As he attacks he screams, "I DON'T FUCKING CARE ABOUT THIS SHIT ANYMORE!!! WHY CAN'T YOU JUST SHUT UP!?!?!?"

Glenn stands to his feet as the screams cease, and he turns quickly, albeit unsteadily, towards the village. As his mind clears, the former frog finds himself dashing towards the village with the intention to destroy the last of the vines. He's not sure why they've calmed down, but in his mind, he's already finishing up and thundering towards the beach once more. Slashes aim out across what straggling vines remain, the knight pulling his jumpy maneuvers once more as he speeds around the village. "I wonder how Sir Johnny is faring..." Completely ignorant, isn't he?

The ex-frog makes quick work of the vines, which seem to be losing their energy, or maybe they're running out of fuel as it were. Either way, cutting the vines this time does not give way to more, but causes them to shrink back, or just wither alltogether and die, which will leave a nice cleanup for the people of Truce, but either way, they're not ripping through houses and sucking the blood out of people anymore. ... Crimson splurts from the two daggers that slide through Tearnia's flesh with ease, she was horribly distracted by the lack of her vines finding enough blood to keep themselves and her sustained afterall! Her hands reach up and try to grab onto Johnny's wrists, to try and pull the daggers out, but then the draining begins and she loses a whole lot of her edge. "Oh, well, you just suck!" She says with an almost blonde girl preppy type sounding tone, eegh. Her eyes then close and her body slumps back, blood still pouring from the wounds. The vines all along the beach, forest, and Truce suddenly grow still, and the one's connected to Vashtearnia herself detatch, leaving her with only the vines and roses she's always had, wrapped around her bosom and waist and trailing slightly down either of her arms. This of course will cause her to fall down to the vine covered beach, and possibly slide off of Johnny's daggers if he doesn't do something about it, but who knows.

Johnny watches her drop to the ground. He himself holding his daggers still in the same position as if she hadn't moved. His eyes, red and full of hatred, suddenly dull and along with his own darkness NNY drops to the ground beside her, weak and powerless. Despite the fact that his daggers are still pulling in energies from the general area, and his body's own defenses are dealing with his wounds, his spirit is just too weak to go on. Landing almost face first in the sand he lets go of his weapons and blacks out for the second time today...

Sliding up the wall of one of Truce's more intact buildings, Glenn glances around quickly for any remaining villagers. Determining that all of them have gotten out, or at least all the ones that could have been saved, his attention turns towards the beach before he can manage any mourning over lives lost. As gravity slows him to a stop at the apex of his ascent, Glenn gives another of his leaps towards the beach. With that cloak off, he really does make good range on those jumps, and it's just off of another rooftop before he's sailing in an arc that should take him right onto the edge of the cliff. Of course, the masamune is prepared this time, ready to slam into the remaining vines on the cliff with the same force as he sliced open their compatriots in the village. Intent on stopping upon the cliff and observing the situation for a moment, Glenn rears back with the masamune in mid-air, in case a full force swing may be required to protect him from the dying vines. It's not likely, but Glenn isn't the kind to come to that conclusion so quickly. Danger is danger, after all. Strange though, that he's looking towards where he last saw Vashtearnia, rather than towards the vines. It's not that he's not concerned with the plants, but he'd be loathe to let more harm come to either of his opponents than was necessary. After all, he'd already made that choice once before... repeating it is not something he's quick to do...

Vashtearnia lays down upon the viney beach as all the red roses upon the vines begin to wilt and die. Glenn isn't attacked by any of the vines, it seems they've all died now, just laying there and taking up space and looking, well, rather like a scar on the landscape without all of those roses on them. The vampires shoulder wounds, once the daggers are slid out of them at least, begin to slowly slide themselves close, the bloodflow stopping. The vampire herself however, doesn't wake up, and just lays there next to the unconcious Johnny, unconcious herself, or else asleep, which can sometimes amount to the same thing depending.

Looking past the cliff with his sword still readied for a massive swing, Glenn slams onto the cliff with a bit of a dust cloud being kicked up again. The man has been cut, bruised, and for all intents and purposes, unpresentable. He has healing spells that help to stave off exhaustion and the like, but at the moment, he's more concerned with the two he sees unmoving down below. "... No... they can't be..." The knight's naivete and brilliantly stupid sense of kindness has him once more leaping through the air, slamming down towards the pair with force that can mean nothing but a very large sand cloud. Again. Even as he falls, the man is already checking the pair in his mind's eye, considering all the options available to him. Of especial concern to him is Vashternia, as his healing magic seems counter-productive in her case...

Suddenly finding himself blanketed in falling sand as the knight's overpowered leap brings him down beside the two semi-unconcious forms, Johnny begins to hack and cough. His half turned face and open mouth suddenly full of gritty dry sand. Coughing and spitting out what he can, he pushes himself up onto his elbows and shakes his head trying to get some of the dirt out of his face. "...guck... damnit... what the hell are you doing?" Almost retching on the spot from his violent hacking he pushes himself up on his knees and glances around for Vashtearnia's form beneath the falling sand. Seeing her still breathing is enough for him at the moment and weakly he reaches over for his daggers, a practice he rarely needs to do these days. Resheathing them he falls back onto his back and coughs again at the sand and reddish muck he's found himself pushing up in the process...

Glenn walks towards Johnny and Vashtearnia with a slightly dazed look on his face. It probably wasn't good to land so hard... it might have been safer for the pair if he'd just taken the longer route and run. He IS pretty good at that after all. Ah, but too late now, and the knight isn't quite sure how to fix that particularly mistake, instead offering a gloved hand down towards Johnny as he keeps an eye on the apparently unconscious Vashtearnia. The sand falls around him still, getting in his hair, and caking to some of his less superficial cuts. "Do you require assistance, Sir Johnny?" Damn him and his ever helpful disposition. Damn him straight to heaven.

Johnny blinks in confusion at Glenn's offered hand and stares at it blankly. "If your wanting to help so baddly, go help her. She needs it more than I do." Forcing himself up again he shakes his head at the girl, deciding for the moment she's well enough to take care of herself. At least, with Glenn standing over her that is. Looking up towards the destroyed cliff at the end of the beach he lets out a long sigh and starts walking away slowly. Although it might look like he's just taking his time, he's infact in alot of pain right now... more than he'll ever admit to. Guardia's favored knight kneels down slowly, intending to reach down underneath Vashtearnia and lift her up in both arms. A dangerous thing, the concept of leaving the masamune at his side again, but that's the way Glenn is. "My healing magic can only harm her. If anyone can benefit from it, it would be you..." And Glenn could use some too, how much blood has he lost now? A lot less than he could have, but it's not a small amount. "... I hath been thinking about your tower, Sir Johnny." ... He's been what now?

Johnny stops dead in his tracks and turns towards the hero of the moment his expression a mix of confusion and irratation. "Yeah? What about it?" Most of his body is covered with a cast-like darkness that makes him look as if he where tightly wrapped in black bandages. He doesn't bother placing his hands on his daggers, or even pushing his muddy bangs out of his eyes. He stares at Glenn like a zombie, waiting for a response...

His words stopping for a moment as he notices just how odd Johnny looks, satisfying himself with a momentary silence while he lifts up Vashtearnia's unconscious form gingerly, like he might a fragile porcelain doll. Well, a fragile porcelain doll that was lifesize, anyways. It takes him a moment to let his composure return to him, and then he continues. "I hath been wondering... wouldst thou be opposed to our help in building a tower through more conventional means?" He gives a slight nod up past the cliff, intent on drawing Johnny's attention to the forest, as if the dead trees explain it all. "In this solution, you doth receive what it is that you want, and no further death is necessary to keep it that way."

Johnny follows Glenn's guesture and shakes his head. With a heavy sigh he replies, "...it's something I have to do. Just like I had to help you and your friends back in the Kingdom of Zeal." Already anticipating a look of confusion he smirks, "Like I said, I've been around longer than you'd think. I'll do what I have to do. ...and I'm sure you'll do what you must do. I'm looking fowards to next time, Glenn." Chuckling slightly he turns away and waves as he marches off towards the woods to the North...

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