2010-01-08 (PreU) Caliga versus Datenshi: Round 2

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Caliga versus Datenshi: Round 2


Who: Blemish, Caliga, Datenshi
When: January 8th, 2010
Where: Shopping District


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Shopping District

The Shopping District. Suprisingly, one section of the City NOT in ruins. Full of, you guessed it, Shops. Food Marts, clothing stores, electronic stores. The only thing missing is the Weapons Shop. The streets are cracked, but over all in decent condition. The windows sparkle invitingly, and one or two of the locals have set up food vendors on the side walk. They'll call out to you if it's the daytime, offering snacks and treats to sustain you while you spend your hard earned cash.

The Shopping District, home to unique and interesting goods from all walks of life, which attracts intrest from many different beings. It doesn't take much to attract the intrest of some of the denizens of Twisted however, and one such resident is happily browsing the shops. "Hmm.. Have it.. Have it.. Have four of them... Only one in existence..." Caliga scratches the back of his head, trying to decide if there is an item of any worth in this entire area thats worth his time. So far, nothing really is calling out to him and screaming, "BUY ME!"

From the shadows of the shopping district, eyes appear scouring the populace of the busy street. They seem to move along the street like a flood, each shaped with three distinct tomoes looking in every which direction. Eventually, however, they find what they're looking for- as several sets of eyes seem to focus on to Caliga. And then, a voice echoes out from behind him- as a familiar figure steps out of a shadow as if stepping through an open door. His deep voice sounds amused, "... Going shopping for Concordance, Caliga?" A slight jab, as he stands there with his familiar weapon on his shoulder. His blood red eyes seem to be curious.

"Actually, for myself. I just can't seem to find my favorite brand of cigarettes here." Caliga grins as he turns to face Datenshi, his right hand extending towards the man with the index finger extended fully, pointing directly at him. "So what do I owe this pleasure to, Dark Angel? You've never gone out of your way to seek me out. Its always been the other way around." He reaches into his jacket with his left hand, and pulls out a lone cigarette which he then places between his lips. The tip of the cigarette suddenly starts to glow a bright red, as if it lit itself. "Want one?"

Datenshi looks at the cigarette and a memory washes back to him, and his eyes seem to flicker for a moment. It's such a pity that Arshiva had to die, she would have made a fine minion. "... No, I vye for the more direct way of killing humans." He waves his left clawed hand in a dismissive movement, keeping an eye on his fingers - but having little knowledge what that might represent. "Someone informed me that you were speaking with the Council. Let me put it bluntly; I feel like destroying them. And I want you to help me. It'll be fun." He adds the last part, since that seemed to work the best to convince most people so far to join him. Which he finds endlessly amusing, since he thought it would be fun - but he didn't expect other people to respond to that sort of argument. His opinion of Twisted's denizens has gone up a few notches... from nothing at all. He extends and retracts his wings, as they crackle with purple electricity.

The tip of Caliga's finger suddenly starts to glow a soft yellow as an orb of energy starts to build up on it. "I'll have to decline. I kind of want them to stick around for now. Considerin' I'm datin' the head of it and all. I'm enjoyin' myself far to much with it to throw it away for a cheap thrill." He reaches up and pulls the cigarette from his mouth with his left hand, and drops it on the ground. "Right now, I need them to stay alive. Its kind of important they stay that way."

Datenshi raises an eyebrow in mild amusement, as his body readies itself at the sight of a glowing finger. He supposes it's either chi energy, or electricity magic- both of which are incredibly fast. Perhaps that's the way of everyone connected to TASK and the Council? Satyrn seemed to be of the Saiyan race as well. In response, his left hand starts to become completely black- losing all detail - as whisps seem to appear around it. He raises it up to face Caliga. "Well, if you want them to stick around... I guess I have no choice but to use your head to taunt Concordance with. A pole should do nicely to draw her out, if she does have emotions for you." That should be interesting. His wings shift and crackle, as Masamune begins to glow and fizzle with white holy energy running up the silvery blade. "... It's been a -long- time since I've fought anyone worth speaking of." (( Suzumi, watch for flanking. If he's a Saiyan or Saiyan trained, they prefer to use teleport-like speed to their advantage. ))

Caliga grins slightly as he phases a few steps backwards only to leave faint images of himself for each step, trying to put a bit of space between him and Datenshi's sword. "Well.. She does have emotions. I really need her alive, and I'd prefer to not go this route.." The orb of energy on his finger suddenly flies foward, only to split apart as if it were trying to restrain Datenshi.

"Pfft, emotions." Datenshi waves a hand as his demon-red eyes become incredibly cold and sharp, as is his way when he gets into a fight. Using his spirit sight and normal sight, he waves his hand and disk-like shadows appear to attempt to swallow the orbs of energy that Caliga sends his way. They more or less appear just in front of them as they're moving and go to wrap around them and dissapear, like tiny shifting portals. He attempts to just send the orbs to shadow plane for now, watching to see what else Caliga has to offer.

"Then again." Caliga lowers his hand as the energy is swallowed by the discs, only to stare Datenshi straight in the eyes. "There's no reason we can't come to an agreement on the Council, right?" He leans down, and places his right hand against the ground, pulling it away as a katana slowly starts to take form. He grips the handle of the katana tightly, taking a rather loose stance with it. "We can either continue this... or you can save the real fun for when Concordance unleashes her big surprise. I will need help in stopping her then. But as I said, right now.. I really need them alive."

"Oh?" Now that's raised the Dark Angel's curiosity. He doesn't let down his hand though, as it's still writhing with black whispy energy... while Masamune seems to be burning with white hot fire that grows increasingly more intense. "... Let me guess, you're trying the whole `infiltration by romance' thing. Or is it something else? I'm curious." Still a big fan of the head on a pike idea, since he likes to rile people up. Causing the leader of the Council to get upset over her partner's head on a pole, well, that sounds immensely fun. But then Caliga's interesting him right now. And really, that's all Datenshi lives for- for things that are interesting, chaotic and unpredictable.

"Not really. Its easier to find out who Concordance answers to, and what she's planning to do with Guarlesia by removing her seals." Caliga suddenly takes a step forward, and vanishes, only to reappear infront of Datenshi, swinging the katana at the Masamune. "Besides. We both know that you and I are destined to find ourselves in this very same situation, enjoying ourselves to the fulliest..."

Datenshi seems to quirk an eyebrow, Concordance answers to... and Guarlesia's seals. He doesn't know that she was sealed, but it sounds important. Important enough to bother with? But as Caliga appears right in front of Datenshi, his shinigami style kicks in - and he blurs in an inhuman movement to Caliga's right side as the katana passes through where he was, swinging out with Masamune in a sweeping arc aimed towards his midsection. Well, if you could call it a swing- it's more like the blade is on one side of his body, then on the other- as it unleashes a blast of white holy explosive energy right at the same time. The arc flies out with the slash and unless stopped, will explode into all the structures on Caliga's left side. Nothing personal, Caliga just leapt into Datenshi's personal space.

Caliga brings the katana down to his side, allowing a massive wealth of energy to flood through it as he stops the Masamune mid-swipe, causing a few sparks to fly, and a thin crack to appear upon the blade. The energy however, seems to find itself channeled right into Caliga, who winces slightly and lifts his left hand up causing it to be expelled upwards into the sky. His entire flow of energy shifts with the re-direction, as if he were trying to mimic the holy energy instincively. "You're the second person to actually /hurt/ me. I'm almost hesitant to rethink my offer to you.."

Datenshi seems to leap back without even thinking as the blade impacts a surface, drawing back as the ancient silvery blade seems to be gathering the same white scorching energies even when it's being returned for another swing. Landing on his feet and tensing his wings in a move that suggests he was ready to move again before he even hit the ground- possibly because he was prepared for Caliga to teleport in and use a follow up - he realises that there's no follow up attack. Well, when you spend as much time fighting as Datenshi does- thinking is just as important as quick action. His eyes assess the situation as they narrow, glowing intensely with thier blood red hue. He took the holy energy and put it through himself... but it caused him pain. And now his body, for a split second, felt like holy energy. Not just any holy energy, but Akuushuan's holy energy. Interesting... He doesn't let down his guard, but does speak with a deep, amused tone. "... Swing a sword, and sometimes it will return to you. But I recall I made the offer first. So, what do you propose? It seems you have a plan in mind already." He took a swing from Masamune, that's a new one. That hasn't happened since... Arshiva, actually. That sure was a pain.

"You hold off on killing the council for now, and help me keep them alive. When the time comes, we will stop the council, together. I'd rather not kill them, but if it comes to it, then they die. Afterwords, you and I can do our thing if you wish." Caliga cracks his neck, and looks down at the blade of the katana. It glows a soft white for a moment, and the crack that was once upon the blade is no longer there. He spins the sword around, flipping it over in his hand as if he were giving it a large fang. He takes a step forward, and slams it down into the ground, leaning down upon its hilt. "How's that sound to you?"

Datenshi seems to return his signiture weapon to his shoulder and raises his black writing hand again, "... I'll need time to work my plans regardless, since I don't have just enough pieces yet to make a play. I still need to approach several others, as well." He seems more amused than anything, he's lined himself up a fight and another path to destroying the Council in a short meeting. How interesting. "But that sounds amecable. Should you need to contact me, visit the manor deep within the Twisted forest." In fact, he believes Caliga has a manor of sorts as well.

Blemish comes walking out of one of the antique shops, where she had been shopping. Well, shoplifting. In her left hand she's holding a small black sack, with bulky objects tied within. In her right hand she drags Oblivion's Blood behind her, as always. She still hasn't trained herself to carry it on her shoulder like her father does, even if it's not very heavy. Her eyes draw over to Caliga, but then quickly spot Datenshi, a part of her essence resonating from her fathers presence. That's new. She starts walking towards the dark angel, blade scoring the cement behind her as it's dragged.

"Glad you approve then." Caliga stands upright, and holds his right hand out towards Datenshi. "So we have an agreement then?" The katana slowly starts to sink into the ground, leaving only the hilt sticking up from the ground. He gives a quick glance towards the girl, and grins. "Looks like we have company." He leaves the hand extended towards Datenshi, regardless of the approaching child.

Datenshi seems to nod, not seeming to give much more affirmation than that. He's not much for shaking hands, and as he notices a familiar spirit approaching he turns around and glaces with his crimson red eyes. Oh, it's Rigwroth's child. His heir to darkness. It's been... probably about a year or two. Human time frames are so inept. But not even being a good father, he seems to smile wryly and step backwards... walking right into a shadow he makes behindhimself. To anyone side on, it would look as if Datenshi steps through an invisible door- for a moment it looks like he's cut in half- as he walks back into it and back to the manor. "... Well, I look forward to seeing your results." Hopefully there's something worth watching. And then he's gone. Wow, a textbook example of good parenting!

Blemish stops walking as Datenshi steps back into the shadows. She furrows her brow for a moment, then tilts her head to the side, as if listening to something that's not there. Well, it figures that her father would just disappear on her like that, it's not like he ever talks to her or helps her out. Except for the sword, the sword has been useful. Her eyes look down to the blade dragging behind her, and she turns away from the direction she was walking, moving at a slow walk back towards Twisted and wondering if she should try talking to the shadows someday herself.

Caliga gives a slight grin as he drops down, and draws the katana from the ground once more. The blade starts to glow a brilliant white, seeping with what appears to be holy energy. "Intersting toys that man has... Hope he doesn't mind." He taps the ground lightly with his right foot, as a sheath suddenly launches up from the ground, quickly sheathing the sword and closing with a slight *KTCH!* "I do hope he doesn't mind..."

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