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Full Name: Blemish

Series: Chronicles Of Thorne

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Species: Half Dragon, Half Dark Angel
Age: 14

Short Description: A young girl with large black wings. Pretty. The daughter of Rigwroth and Datenshi.

Blemish is a girl of roughly sixteenish years of age from the looks of her. She's definaetly not normal, however, as you notice two massive black wings sprouting out from her back, with large smooth seamless grouping of feathers that makes it look more like a long coat of fur rather than individual feathers at first glance. The girls hair is relatively short and black, though with a girls cut, the right side of the hair being parted and arching up and out in a downward multi-spike tip in a typical Anime style. The back is short, with jagged spikes of hair hanging down to just below her neck. Her clothing is simple as well, consisting of a greyish black top with a ruffle neck. The shirt is almost a tunic in that it hangs down well below the waist in an arc, it also lacks any sleeves for the girls arms. Wrapped around her waist is a solid grey cloth, wrapped around her waist four times and then tied in the back by a rough knot. Her pants are black, matching her wings and hair, and tuck into a pair of solid looking short boots with buckles going up the outside and a zipper going up the inside. A white cloth hangs down from her shoulders, the right side having no length to it, while the left drapes all the way down and tends to drag upon the floor. Finally, wrapped around the girls hands are black gloves that trail about about three inches past her wrist. All in all, her looks border more on beautiful than pretty, with a bit of solemn regalness she doesn't show very much in her actions.



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