2007-07-23 (PreU) A deal with the devil

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A deal with the devil..

Summary: Well, Caliga finds Tsuki, and makes a bit of a deal with her...

Who: caliga, sun, tsuki
When: July 23rd, 2007
Where: Integra's Arms - Roof


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Integra's Arms - Roof

A simple rooftop without any noticable diffrences from the roofs of any other building. It's flat. It over looks the city ruins. It has scortch marks from some unseen battle. Wait, that last one is a bit diffrent, huh?

A glorious day. There's actually a few splotches of sunlight keeping the city well-lit. Tsuki is taking full advantage of this, sitting on the ledge atop the apartment building, her legs brought up to her chest as she stares out in comtemplation. She looks a hell of a lot like Sun, except her wings are black, and her hair is silver. She seems remarkably peaceful, staring at the city in contemplation like she is.

The elevator suddenly springs to life, as its indicator shows it going down to the ground floor. A few moments pass, and the elevator returns to the rooftop, the doors sliding open to reveal nothing within it. ~"Tell me.. Are you Tsuki?"~

The dragoness glances towards the elevators upon hearing the voice; noticing that there is nobody in the elevator and hearing the voice causes the woman to stand, her muscles a bit more tense than usual. "Yes. Why does it matter?" She hoods her eyes, arms crossing before her.

A finger is suddenly pressed against Tsuki's back, as Caliga suddenly appears directly behind her. "Tell me.. By what right did you make a small child cry like that? And forcing her to do things..." He tsk's at Tsuki for a few moments, before pressing his left index finger further in. Of course, he seems to be far weaker then what Tsuki would be at this moment.

Tsuki arches a brow as Caliga appears behind her, with his finger poking at her. "By what right? By the power that was unwillingly wrested from me to use in creating her. She's no child...my host, the dear Sun, has done things with her you would never believe. That child is as adult as I, merely transformed into a child by some...creature." She smirks. Suddenly, Caliga's index finger would feel...wet? And his hand goes right through her, like it would water. Looking closer, she seems to have become fairly transparent, the surface of her skin rippling like water with every movement she makes.

"Oh, I know all about Oblivion and his tinkering. I also know all about how our little Tabitha came into existence.. However.." Caliga's right hand suddenly rises above his head as small jolt of electricity suddenly arcs from it. "We can play this little game of cat and mouse, how you try to prove I can't really do much to you, but the last person who did that ended up dead without me having to break a sweat." He then leans forward, and whispers. "And he was one of the last four members of the council." He leans back, his finger pulling itself to where the tip only breaks the surface. "I've come to make you a deal, Dragon."

Tsuki turns, smiling a strange smile at Caliga. "Electricity doesn't frighten me, darling...neither do you. I didn't exist for millions of years before my sister's little stunt for nothing." She smirks, obviously quite unphased by Caliga's threat. She does nothing more than stand where she is, however, her hands on her hips. "What deal do you propose, boy?"

"My my my, you are a young one..." Wait, did he just call her young? "I'm hurt that you would underestimate me, Dragon. Sincerly hurt. But.. Here's what I want. I want you to never, ever force Tabitha to do anything again. As for what I offer you, I will offer you this. I have the memories of the Maniac.. Some of them are.. interesting. Especially for our little Sun."

Tsuki blinks, arching a brow. Never force Tabby to do anything...that works well enough in exchange for memories from the Maniac. "Really, now...that does seem like an intriguing bargain." She smirks, pulling back a bit to rub her chin thoughtfully. It's not as though she worries about losing Tabby...she can make her own little servant, should she desire to expend the power to do so. "Very well, then. In exchange for these fascinating memories you have mentioned, I will not force Tabby into doing anything against her will."

"Ahh, but there is one more thing I would like to add into it as well, and I could make the bargain a bit more acceptable for it as well. I want no harm to befall Tabitha. You are a wise one, so I know that you could easily get away from anything she may try to do to you." A green crystal suddenly appears in the air infront of Tsuki. "In exchange, I offer this. One of my most prized creations.." Caliga's finger is suddenly removed from Tsuki's back, as he suddenly appears on the otherside of the crystal. "Not every being I come in contact will get this honor." His hand reaches out to touch the crystal. "I offer you this. In exchange for no harm befalling Tabitha, and never forcing her against her will to act again, I offer you the Maniac's memories, and the power to make yourself /whole/ if you so choose."

Tsuki listens, her elf-like ears perked as an expression of interest crosses her face. She gazes at the crystal curiously, for the first time beginning to look actually impressed. "So...I don't force the child to do anything...and I don't harm her...in exchange for memories that might prove useful...and the ability to once again have my own body, no longer sharing a body with my sister..." She says this to make sure she's got the general picture. "Mmm...your bargain is difficult to refuse. I think..." She looks thoughtful, then smirks. "If I get my own body out of it, then I'd be more than willing to comply."

"That is the idea, yes. However, I must ask. What will ensure me that you will uphold your end of our bargain?" Caliga seems to think for a moment, before smiling. "I want you. If you fail to uphold your end of the bargain, you will become mine." He's leaving it pretty open ended on just what he means by that. "Do you agree to the terms of this contract, Tsuki?" The crystal suddenly starts to glow, as if it were a rainbow of colors.

Tsuki nods. "The fact that I am getting a body out of this is more than enough to ensure the safety of one insignificant being. However...if I force Tabitha to do anything against her will, or, if I harm her, then I will be yours, so long as my sister remains." She smirks. "You don't have to worry. I will ensure that, if it is Tabitha who attacks me on the field of battle, I will merely imprison her in the safety of a stone ball, until I can ensure that I'll be away from her. I am a dragon, and as one of the oldest of my kind, I will keep my word."

"Your sister will remain. Then place your hand to the crystal." A chain suddenly falls off Caliga's body, along with the entire suit of armor. His eyes suddenly start to glow a brilliant red, with three black rings around his iris. The black bodysuit on his body suddenly vanishes, and is replaced by clothing that looks exactly like this (http://dbnao.net/inf/ubra/east.jpg). "I, THE DAI KAIOSHIN, CALIGA SATANAS HERE BY SETFORTH THIS CONTRACT, WITH THE DRAGONESS TSUKI. THE TERMS HAVE BEEN STATED, AND AGREED TO BY BOTH PARTIES. THIS CRYSTAL SHALL BE THE MEDIATOR BETWEEN THE PARTIES. IS THIS UNDERSTOOD DRAGONESS?" Caliga's voice suddenly echoes out loudly, as his power suddenly skyrockets, creating an immense pressure that continues to grow with each and every moment that passes.

[!]An intense pressure of power suddenly springs up on the roof of the Integra's Arms Apartments.

Tsuki reaches out, ignoring the lovely show and the loud booming voice and the pressure grows, simply reaching out and placing her hand on the side of the crystal, eyes hooded. "This is understood." That is her only response...but on the inside, she's twittering. She's about to get her own body, all for just avoiding causing harm to one insignificant person. She can handle that...

"Then it shall be done." An intense force of energy suddenly flies through the crystal, and into Tsuki's hand, forcing her and Sun, to suddenly seperate, as Sun suddenly goes rolling backwards across the rooftop out of Tsuki's new body. "Now.. For the memories." A bag appears, and suddenly moves forward to Tsuki. "With your free hand, touch the bag. You will learn what it is, Sun wants to know about the Maniac most."

Tsuki wavers, shifting back on her heels a bit at the force separating her from Sun. Her eyes go wide, her hand remaining upon the crystal as the unconcious Sun rolls out of her body. She turns, staring at her sister...and then, a wide grin appears on her face. Nothing in the back of her mind, save for her inherant link with her sister that cannot be perged. She reaches out with her mind briefly, then sighs, seeming to relax a bit. Then, the bag appears, and Caliga gives his instructions. She nods slowly, reaching out with her free hand to do as Caliga asks...

"And it is done." The memories will replay, but only with the specific information Sun wanted, no more, no less. Caliga removes his hand from the crystal, which then vanishes from sight. "And it is done. You got what you wanted, and I have got what I wanted. Now everyone is all happy.. Isn't that right Dragonness?" He then gives a slight bow, as his Kaioshin clothing vanishes, and is once more replaced by the armor.

Tsuki closes her eyes, nodding to the memories with a smirk. "Ahhh, such interesting developments in my dear sister's life...she'll love this knowledge." Lowering her hand, she glances over at Sun, eyes hooded. "That is right...we all got what we wanted." She seems incredibally distracted, slowly and languidly pacing over to her sister's side, and placing a hand on her brow. Then, she smiles up at Caliga as she gently places her sibling's head in her lap, letting her sister recover there. "Thank you. I will hold up my end of the bargain...I will even do so to the extent of protecting Tabby, if need be." She smirks, running her fingers along Sun's brow. "You can't give up yet, darling sister...I still have a lot of fun things I need to do to make your life a living hell for what you did to me." She says this in a calm, almost angelic voice, her voice betraying the fact that she does love her sister...but the look on her face betrays the fact that her hatred for the redheaded dragoness runs deeper than her love.

Caliga stands up and merely smiles. "That is correct. Just remember, you must never hurt Tabitha in any way, or you will become mine." He starts walking towards the elevator, and grins. "It's a shame she really does love Sun, isn't it.. It would absolutely hurt our Tabitha's heart, if any harm came to your sister, wouldn't it?"

Tsuki frowns. "Nice loophole." She smirks. "No worries...I will not directly harm my sister...never would I do that, surely." She smiles. "No...others will harm Sun before I would." She smirks, brushing hair from her sister's face with a chuckle. . o O ( I will undo you, Sun...but only through others will I do so. Others can take the blame for your downfall... )

"I hope the two of you have a wonderful evening.. I also hope you enjoy your new body." And with that, Caliga boards the elevator.

Tsuki waves after Caliga, a cheerful smile upon her face. "Oh, we will, indeed! And I will DEFINATELY enjoy this body..." She smirks down at her sister once more, playing gently with the other girl's hair. They really DO look like siblings, especially when they're like this...

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