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Vash Kobayashi
Full Name: Vash Kobayashi

Series: Original
Class: Warrior
Threat Level: Planet Breaker
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 24
Birthdate: July 7th
Height: 5'7
Weight: 140 lbs.

Short Description: A young man garbed in an orange gi, with messy blonde hair.

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Vash Kobayashi
You see nothing special.
Characters with this notice have been brought to Twisted as per our affiliate program.
Vash Kobayashi
== Known Abilities ==

Mastery of the Kamesennin school style: Vash is the current master of this style, having surpassed its founder in proficiency and ability.

Mastery of the Kamehameha Wave technique: Vash is capable of launching this technique from not only his hands, but feet with ease. Rumor has it he could even fire it from other places as well..

Genki Dama: This technique is one that requires a significant amount of time to gather energy for, and is one that is not used without proper backup.

Mastery of the Kaioken: Vash has mastered the Kaioken technique, and has even managed to make it into something more..

Shin Kaioken: This technique allows Vash for a short time to stand toe to toe with even a mighty Super Saiya-jin, however the time spent in this form leaves him unable to move or even react for however long he has spent in it. Once that time has passed, he is then limited to only half of his ability for the same amount of time he spent in this form. For each level he takes this technique, these detriments double in strength. At times 3 strength, this is enough to outright kill him as his heart will stop, and will require immediate medical attention to keep his heart beating.

Bukujutsu: Like so many from his world, Vash has learned the secrets of Flight, and with his own power is able sore through the air like a bird.

Dodon-pa: Taught to him by a former friend, Vash also keeps this ability in reserves when opponents think he is a one trick pony.

Bankoku Bikkuri Sho: An attack that surrounds the opponents in electricity, constantly electrocuting them until they either submit, or possibly die. This is something Vash does not use lightly, and forcing him into unleashing means he is willing to kill his opponent for the greater good of the world.

Zanzoken: The Afterimage Technique. Vash moves faster then most anyone from his own dimension, managing to leave behind multiple images of himself that are capable of not only distracting an opponent, but also confusing them to allow Vash to attack for greater damage.

Rogafufuken: Combined with the Zanzoken, Vash moves with great speed to launch a devastating volley of punches and kicks at an opponent, like a wolf moving in for the kill on its prey.

Kienzan: Using his mastery of Ki, Vash creates a solid disc of energy that is capable of cutting through most things with ease.

Taiyoken: While not something that is originally of his school, Vash has learned how to harness the power of the sun and unleash a powerful blast of light to blind and disorient foes.

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Characters with this notice have been brought to Twisted as per our affiliate program.
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Vash was born to unnamed parents, who had taken over control of Capsule Corporation centuries after the fall of the Briefs family. Instead of the company being allowed to fall into ruin, an undisclosed benefactor stepped in to keep the company afloat, allowing for proper leadership of the company to continue for years to come. Unfortunately, certain undisclosed benefactors get extremely distracted by certain programs on the Television, and certain magazines that are released once a month, so every so often there is a power shift, and things tend to get crazy.

Unfortunately for Vash, this was the case. At the age of two years old, his biological parents had vanished, leaving him as the sole heir to the company at the time. One of the companies largest stock holders, having been given a great tip by a famed fortune teller decided to take the child in, and at least give him a place to live in relative peace until the child was old enough to decide on his path for himself. Thus began the life of the final master of the Kamesennin school of Martial Arts.

Vash's childhood was very different from other children, growing up with only martial arts and academics as his lasting companions. While he did have friends who were also students of other styles, the only constant in his life was the perverted grandfather figure who was more keen to find a pichi pichi gal then actually give the child outward affection. While Roshi did care for Vash, it was obvious that Vash was to be the final true student of his school. Immortality causes one to forget things, and while he had already celebrated his twelve hundred fourty second birthday, there were things he was starting to forget.

So everything was poured into Vash, and by the time the boy had reached the age of twelve, he had become the most powerful man on Earth, Champion of the Tenkaichi Budokai. While the accolades of that are something most martial artists strive for their entire lives, many became bitter that a child of such a young age actually managed to do it with ease. Some claimed it was rigged, others stated that it's to be expected because of his master. It didn't matter to Vash in any way. He wanted something more. A better challange. Something that would truly push him further then anyone who ever studied his style had gone before.

Then came the Saiya-jin.

Relics of the past slowly started to rise up, bringing forth carnage not seen in centuries. The revival of the army of the Icers. The return of the long forgotten Red Ribbon Army and their vicious androids. All of these battles started after the arrival of one man, a lone Saiya-jin by the name of Kaldrath. His coming ushered in a new age of conflict for the world, and it was there that Vash finally found a purpose. He worked harder then anyone, and perfected the Kamesennin style moreso then any before him. He had truly surpassed Muten Roshi in every way, and truly become the last master of the Kamesennin School of Martial Arts.

Yet, he could never keep up with the astounding growth of those creatures of the warrior race.

It was at the urging of Kaldrath that Vash finally went to seek out the new Northern Kaio, for King Kai had already stepped down and passed the mantle on to a Konatsu named Seroni Saka. It was then that Vash was tought the mightest techniques the Northern Kaio can bestow, and it was here that Vash once again found a clue to return to equal footing with the mighty Saiya-jin Kaldrath.

The Kaioken is an ability that pushes ones body beyond its normal limits, and the more you increase upon it, the further the strain until eventually the user would either explode violently, or die from sheer exhaustion and strain. The knowledge of this was something that Vash never took lightly, and it was something that he was just unable to take beyond its normal limits. Until Kaldrath decided to train him fully.

It would take another two years of pure training and work to unlock the first part of the truth of the Kaioken, and with this, for a short time he could stand toe to toe with a Super Saiya-jin. This new ability was dubbed Shin Kaioken, and after much discussion it was agreed that it was something that only a true human would be able to perform. Humans represent the ever changing nature of the universe. They adapt and overcome against all odds. However, this ability has its drawbacks, and unless one is sure they will win... Death is certain and will come swiftly and without mercy.

Vash emerged from the training changed, and there were few who could stand against him when he put his mind to it. However, it was for this reason alone that once the battles finally came to an end, no more did he fight. He kept his mind in shape, as well as his body, but no more would he do battle. A child forced into battle, yet once he became a true adult he chose to walk away. Those who fought alongside him understood, yet one of those whom he came to call his closest friend through it all did not, and it was there that they parted ways...


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