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Emiya Shirou
Full Name: Emiya Shirou

Occupation: sword fighter, archer, and subpar magus
Series: Fate/Stay Night

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: idiotic good
Gender: male
Species: human magus

Short Description: A mundane looking guy with red hair and ember eyes, generally wearing a raglan shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Emiya Shirou
Age: 24 Birthdate:
Height: 5'10" Weight: 170lbs


This is a List of any notable tracings Shirou currently has access to as much as his player doesn't imagine them seeing much use.

-EXCALIBUR - The ultimate weapon of fantasy forged by the planet from humanity's collective dreams of glory, Excalibur is the blade to end all blades and also called The Sword of Promised Victory. Shirou's copy of the unmatched legendary weapon ranks A+ among Noble Phantasms. Unlike the original, while its holy edge does not dull, it will eventually break. Its main ability converts Shirou's mana into divine light to enhance his strikes. When its powers are fully unleashed by calling out its name, Excalibur can launch a titanic wave of holy light so immense that it's known for carving through armies, obliterating fortresses, and vaporizing everything else caught in its wake. However Excalibur is RARELY USED due to the large amount of mana it would require from Shirou. He is also incapable of using it to Saber's level so his attacks wouldn't be as destructive.

-AVALON - Excalibur's true strength comes not from the blade, but from its scabbard, ranked EX among Noble Phantasms. Avalon's holder enjoys immortality and speedy regeneration and can fend off and reflect even the fiercest energy attacks. Activating it by name dissolves the scabbard into energy particles that immerse the owner in a 'mobile utopia' which safeguards from any and all harm, even metaphysical— at least, originally. Its defensive powers lessened post-Unification, but harming Shirou's still no easy feat with Avalon activated. (When this was represented codewise elsewhere, activating Avalon was represented by completely halting any enemy's missed attack, shifting to fully defense-oriented stats, or with a consented armor-shift to top level defense stats and epic defense buff to himself before shifting back to his normal stats at the end of the turn round. Foes were allowed to make highest level attacks in turn without asking consent.) It is due to the fact that the sheath has been stored within Shirou's body since he was 7 that he has an intimate understanding and flawless memory of it. Thus Avalon is the only item he can forge a perfect copy of.

-CALIBURN - Saber's sword from the stone. The original of this sword is only a step below the original of Excalibur. However, since Shirou's copies are another step down, that leaves his copy of Caliburn at an A rating. This sword is basically like a weaker version of Excalibur.

-KANSHOU AND BAKUYA - Twin swords created by the future Shirou, Archer. Shirou's copies rank at a D-. With these yinyang designed swords equipped, one gains improved magical and physical resistance. These swords are claimed to return back to their owner no matter how they are lost as well.

-CALADBLOG II - This is a Noble Phantasm that was used by Gilgamesh. Shirou eventually Traced and improved upon it. The original was the demonic sword possessed by the hero of Ireland, Fergus mac Roich. The improved copy is used as a Broken Phantasm, which Shirou shoots as an explosive arrow rather than using as a sword. Upon being fired, Shirou's copy ranks as a B.

-THE COW KING's COW BELL - The original of this weapon can output sound waves powerful enough to cause disruptions in the Earth on an epic scale. However, very few can wield the cow bell as well as the king, and like all other weapons Shirou traces, it's a step below the original. As such, using this weapon, Shirou can use a sound based area attack, causing small very local earth quake like reactions.

-JEWELED SWORD OF ZELRETCH - An artifact created by Zelretch. The original of this sword, although its size is far closer to a knife or dagger than a sword, was actually hand-made by Rin herself following the plans of the original. When activated, the jeweled center of the blade uses extremely powerful Kaleidoscope magic to pull mana from other dimensions and planes and store it inside the weapon for the wielder's use, providing a supply of mana that is in theory infinite. Although it can be unleashed as a blast not unlike Saber's Excalibur, the mana can also serve almost any other purpose (making spellcasting a breeze) and can even be transfered into someone else, giving a temporary boost in power. This is another weapon that will see EXTREMELY RARE use as using it in mutliversal areas has at times proven to have extremely unpredictable results.

-RULE BREAKER - This is a tracing of the dagger that had belonged to Caster. However, Shirou only actually traced it after being given a copy of it by Emiya. It is an iridescent and jagged dagger without any special offensive abilities. It does, however, possess the ability of dispelling any sorcery that's been cast on a pierced target. The knife reduces enchantments, sorcerous contracts, and spiritual bodies to their component materials. Rule Breaker is ineffective against other Noble Phantasms and Shirou's tracing is reduced to a D ranking.

-RHO AIAS - The rank of this support type tracing is unknown. It is originally an extremely powerful spiritual aegis. It is a defensive Noble Phantasm that had been a huge, bronze shield coated with seven layers of tanned ox hide. What it became as a Noble Phantasm is the materialization of seven energy constructs that appear like the petals of a flower. Each petal emulates the protective strength of a fortress. It is most known for having great, unsurpassed resistance against spears. It used to be the property of Telamonian Ajax, a hero from the Iliad that matched Hector of Troy in battle.

-UNKNOWN KNIFE - A knife given no name that was used by Gilgamesh. Its rank is unknown. The original had a strong ice enchantment on it that allowed its user to do things like cause literally freezing gusts of wind with a slash through the air.

-GAE BOLG - This trace ranks at a B ranking and is an anti-fort weapon. Cu Chulainn's legendary spear was used as Lancer's noble phantasm. And it stabbed Shirou in the heart on two separate occasions. The cursed spear is sharply tipped, but would more oft' be used for it's mythical abilities. There are two notable attacks the Gae Bolg can perform with enough mana. 1) By invoking the name of the spear, the weapon responds by releasing mana. If the hit is successful, the pierce of the tip of the spear, most usually into the heart of the opponent is felt before Lancer initiates his strike. When the strike comes, the weapon will go for the heart, even if it has to change its form to do so. However, due to multi-versal balancing and the fact Shirou's weapons are a step down in quality, the traced Gae Bolg is not so likely to hit the mark as the original, leaving it to strike else where or fail to leave the damage it really should. 2) Shirou can use reinforcemtn to leap high into the air above his opponent. Mana is charged through the spear and it's hurled downward, in this state it can break through as much as buildings as it hones in on its target's position. This causes the weapon to impact the ground much like a comet. The curse upon Gae Bolg is ineffective in the case of Shirou's trace.

-VERWICKELNETZE KETTE - Originally this was a kusarigama (chain + sickle) gifted to Krezentia by Field Marshal Alice Maestra for her efforts during the betrayal of Victor Von Doom during Shirou's time in one of the other multiverses. The Verwickelnetze Kette, literally Entangling Chain, has the unique property to adjust its chain's length as the user desires and automatically try to wrap around its victims when swung, making it very accurate even if its user is not skilled with such a weapon. Finely crafted and enchanted, it is hard to break even by Elite standards. Of course Shirou's version is easier to break.

-NINE LIVES BLADE WORKS - Originally the swords of Hercules in the berserker form that Shirou'd seen him in. This ability is an ABSOLUTE LAST RESORT, more so than his reality marble, unlimited blade works, is treated as one. This ability requires so much mana that it's rather dangerous for Shirou to use /without/ having done any other mana use. With these giant axe swords, Shirou is capable of slashing the enemy 9 times in one attack. Given the power behind each separate swing by Shirou's version alone is enough to kill Berserker Hercules once, this is a much more dangerous ability than it might sound.


non-traced items Shirou owns thus far

-Magical Cell Phone - Shirou got this for Christmas years ago due to the combined efforts of Black Mage and Tohsaka Rin. This item is only made to look like an old cell phone, it does not actually function as one. Instead it uses a specific set of clothing and some magical rubies that have outfits saved within them. The rubies to into the phone and the cell phone will morph the clothing into which ever available outfit he has chosen. This way he can transform into his battle outfit or his Kaleido Garnet outfit, among other useful clothing sets, rather than having to ruin his normal clothing in unexpected fights…when most his battles tend to be unexpected ones.

-Judgement Scythe - Shirou has a non traced scythe that was once used by Magus (yes, amusingly THAT Magus, given this place's past) and given to him as a gift of parting. It has has the chance to paralyze enemies with the stop status effect.

-Holy Empire Sword - A non traced sword of the holy empire, it has no known special properties. This was given to Shirou by a friend in the past named Iris Sepperin.

-Obscure Prophecy - A rather metal-y sword given to Shirou by Eddie Riggs. This also has no known special properties, but it looks awesome anyway.

-Ember Accord - A pair of elvish swords enchanted with magic that allows them to lock together and form a bow, as well as being toughened against physical blows made to them and resistant to flames. This was given to him by his boss Frey when he lived in Metropolis Universals.

Emiya Shirou
The beginning of Shirou's life was completely mundane and normal. However, when he was seven years old, a horrible fire happened due to the events of the fourth version of something called a Holy Grail War. The section of the city he'd lived in had been completely destroyed and everyone but himself died. The fire was bad enough the children outside of that part of the city had even lost parents and gotten injured. As a result of this fire Shirou's sense of self broke and he figuratively died for a time.

Having come face to face with death and loss and accepting it at such a young age, Shirou's well being became something Shirou was not so concerned about. After being saved by the magus Kiritsugu, and more so after hearing Kiritsugu's final words upon his death 5 years later, Shirou had put the well being of others above himself. As such, when the 5th Holy Grail War came to pass he involved himself for the sake of keeping another incident like that fire from happening. The grail wars being battles fought between 7 magi called masters, each with a summoned spirit that is generally a being of history, mythology, or literature and called Servants for the sake of winning a wish granting grail. He'd become a Master, as he had some small amount of magic after Kiritsugu hesitantly taught him. However, the 5th Holy Grail War was a highly difficult struggle because Shirou was a highly inexperienced Magus at the time.

Due to Kiritsugu's death Shirou had been being cared for by his neighbor and English teacher Taiga Fujimaura. She became like his big sister, but between her usual irresponsible, scatterbrained sort of attitude and the fact that Kiritsugu was gone a lot when he was alive, Shirou had become very used to doing things like cleaning and cooking for himself. Also, a year before the fifth Holy Grail War, his friend's sister, Sakura started coming over to his house to help him, due to an injury he'd sustained. It became habit and she simply kept coming.

Durring the Holy Grail War Shirou became close friends with his class mate, Tohsaka Rin. However, he'd also fallen in love with his Servant, known as Saber. Saber, who had been King Authur in life, was summoned as Shirou's Servant by a sort of accident. Kiritsugu had somehow put Saber's sheath, Avalon, into Shirou's body. This caused Saber to appear before him without specific attempts to summon her. Yes, in this case, King Authur was a her. She'd hidden her identity as a woman in her actual life.

When the Holy Grail War ended, Saber and Shirou were victorious. However, Saber was forced to return to her own time and, from what Shirou had thought, finally died for good, no longer to become a servant. However, three years after this Shirou found himself in some alternate reality that was stuck in a large war between two large factions known as the union and the confederacy. Here Rin and Sakura greeted him, having arrived not long before him. Over time he eventually found himself master of Saber once again and fought in yet another grail war, causing him to form relationships with Rin and Sakura over time on top of the relationship he already had with Saber. This grail war also caused him to learn that Archer Emiya was his future self, and has made him a little torn and confused about if his approach to everything really IS the right one or not. On top of those things it lead Shirou to have an awkward meeting with Mordred, who became like a hesitant step daughter to the respected love interest of her disliked mother/father figure. While Archer and Shirou hate eachother's guts, and Saber and Mordred were usually at each other's throats too, Mordred and Shirou got along better than most people in their awkward position could ever be expected to.

The grail war was long and chaotic this time, with several twists and turns, but eventually it was finished much like the one before, with Shirou and others destroying the grail to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. After this Shirou got another several year break from Grail Wars, but kept finding himself caught in other incidents due to the unending war between the Union and Confederacy. He'd almost immediately made himself an ally of the union since, for all appearances they were definitely the good guys. Doing that put him into a few fights with members of the confederate army, as well as giving him even more room to go out of his way to help people...and making even more people worry over his penchant for putting himself at risk.

Most notably in his time with the union Shirou played part in defending a place called the Holy Empire from invasion, went to help a repair team for a space mining expedition (only for it to turn out horribly wrong as this lead them to the necromorph riddled ship called the Ishimura, from the game series Dead Space), helped with resistance against the organization known as Shocker, went to the grand opening of a space hotel only to temporarily become mutated by the force of some corrupted fake philosopher's stones, and just generally end up in battles and unexpected situations that got him all breed of friends and enemies.

Eventually, after spending years involved with that war, Shirou found himself in a strange land yet again. This time things were vastly more peaceful, even though things STILL happened. Yet another grail war occurred and ended in a like manner again. Aside from that, however, most of Shirou's new life in this new location consisted of being able to peacefully work as an employee at a magic shop when he wasn't doing the odd repair jobs here and there in town. The only other real adventures he had in this new land after the grail war were generally misadventures involving the shop somehow. In all, it's now been 7 years since Shirou finished his original encounter with the Grail War.


Emiya Shirou
Archery and Swordsmanship: Shirou is skilled at both of these basic fighting abilities due to having been one of the most prolific members of the Archery team when he was in highschool, as well as the woman who takes care of him training with him often in the dojo using kendo. On top of those things, he was then even more formally trained at swordsmanship and the battle field in general by his summoned version of King Arthur.

Engineering and Domestics: Oddly enough for being a sword swinging, super hero wanna be, magi (when magi typically abhor technology) Shirou is both skilled in the art of using and fixing all sorts of technology, often repairing and even at least once building things like motorcycles. He's also very good with things like sewing and cooking.

Reinforcement: A very basic ability that most magi can perform. It's used to heighten the attributes of a specific item for a very limited time. This can do things like allow a magi to improve strength in their legs for a burst of speed or making an inhumanly high leap. Another example would be making a telescope have a longer range of view, The ability is extremely short lived, so it's not the easiest thing to abuse despite how useful it may sound.

Alteration: This is even more rarely used than reinforcement and tends to be used along side of it. This allows a mage totake an existing object and alter it to something related to it. For instance, a stick can become a mop, a lump of steal can become a sword.

Tracing: -Projection:Another very basic magi skill, and one that most magi ignore for it's general uselessness. This allows a magi to create a copy of an object. However, this object's ability to exist for any notable amount of time depends on the combination of the creator's understanding of it's components and their strength of imagination. Items made subparly will very quickly disperse into mana particles, having been crushed by the weight of reality. Magi can use projection to see a blue print of an object they understand as it's supposed to be. This allows Shirou to do things like instantly see what's broken on a physically busted computer so he knows what parts to replace.

-Why This Ability Gets Subfields: Shirou is skilled specifically at projection, when it's a skill most magi ignore. On top of it being where his practice and skills lie, he has further help from things like a time paradox, another ability of his strengthening this one, and his selfless disposition causing him to offer something most magi won't. (more clarity on those in other fields). Due to all of these things, Shirou uses projection at a much higher level with much different attributes than other magi and he refers to it as 'Tracing'.

-Extended Time: While projection for most magi leads to a VERY short lasting object, Shirou has been noted to have objects he's traced last for a long time, even without him paying any real concentration to them. This has lead to rather useless objects like cored out seeming refrigerators that hang in his tool shed. In the much more useful sense it leads to weapons that can take a strong amount of damage before shattering.

-Swords: Shirou has the unique element of sword rather than something most magi have like fire, wind, water, ect. Due to this Shirou has an especially strong ability with bladed weapons and other things closely related to them. This allows him to make copies of weapons that are slightly inferior to their real version. However, his understanding and experience with an item also strengthens or weakens the quality of his copy. As such, with an item he's dealt with prolongedly over many years, his trace is practically perfect, but an item he's barely even seen is going to be lower quality than his usual work.

-Imagination: Due to Shirou's strength of imagination he can also customize weapons he's traced into something brand new. This generally leads to something known as a 'broken phantasm' meaning he can use a weapon's ability, but tweak it to do something else, or basically brute force his way into doing a weaker version of something that takes too much mana for him to be able to do.

-Sacrifice: One of Shirou's unexpected advantages over other magi are how he handles the 'equivalent exchange' (aka the thing most magic users follow of having to give something to get something). By all the usual reasoning of how magi function, Shirou is on the bottom of the food chain. However, unlike most magi, Shirou gives part of himself instead of sacrificing something else every time he uses mana, due to this the return he gets is much greater than a magi typically gets. It allows him to go a lot farther with what should be extremely uselessly lacking mana reserves and magical circuits. This all isn't to say he's some super powered unstopable force. In fact, he's still hampered by several short falls and set backs due to his crappy circuits and mana, but it allows him to be a force to be reckoned with when he should be /far/ below anyone's notice.

-Computer Like Memory: Due to another ability, Shirou can literally pull up blue print memory of any weapon he's encountered closely enough to understand, giving him a deep well of weapons he can chose between at a moment's notice, though he can only use so much of the possibilities available to him, thanks to his limitations.

-Reading History: In tracing a weapon Shirou can also read it's past, thus learning some of what's happened to it over time and ultimately gaining the knowledge of how to use it.

-Limitations: Shirou can only trace weapons that are made of materials he can comprehend. Weapons made from things not found on earth aren't possible. Shirou also, aside from RARE occasions, has to have at least gotten a good , close view of a weapon (Which usually happens in the form of it being used ON him) before he can make a worthwhile tracing of it. Due to damaged magical circuits that supply the flow of magical energies he can use and the amount of multi tasking he can do with it, his amount of mana is small compared to most and it reduces the amount of abilities he can use to their full extent drastically, as well as making it so he can do a lot less things before he's out of mana than a typical magi.

Reality Marble: The other ability that effects Shirou's tracing and causes the 'Computer Like Memory' effect of tracing. This ability is a rare one in Shirou's reality that gives a magi the ability to replace the local area of reality with a place existing in their mind. This isn't a place they make up on the fly, but something that somehow symbolizes their being. When this is enacted, the magi has some level of control of their surrounding and is entirely unhampered by their mana reserves. HOWEVER, it takes a GREAT amount of mana to even bring into effect in the first place, so this is far from a simple cheat on getting around mana supply. Not only is it a high end spell, but it is typically too high end for Shirou to perform at all without some form of boost in his mana reserves. Even without ability to call it forward, however, it rests somewhere in his brain, giving Shirou access to all those weapons he's dealt with. This specific marble is usually called by Unlimited Blade Works and is to be a RARELY USED ability due to the amount of mana it requires.

Avalon: Due to his adoptive father having put the magical scabbard Avalon inside of Shirou as a young boy, he has gained some level of unnatural healing. When he has King Arthur as a summoned servant, he can do things like heal from nearly being ripped in half just over night. Normally, the healing is MUCH less effective, however. Without King Arthur functioning as his servant, he still heals at an odd rate, but not so heavily that it's alarmingly obvious.



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