Talkie Toaster

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Talkie Toaster

NPC: Talkie Toaster®

Talkie Toaster®, your chirpy breakfast companion. Created by Crapola Inc for the low price of 19.99 this demented toaster has only one thing on it's mind - delicious hot, crispy toast. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Even if you don't have a mouth, your stomach has been removed, and the only way to take in nutrients is to surgically implant them into your skin - this toaster will demand you do so, even well into the afterlife.

Talkie Toaster-icon.png

Used as a weapon numerous times to annoy members of Twisted's Council and for a limited amount of time possessed by evil, this toaster has a way of constantly coming back - always when you least want it to.

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