Utau Hoshina

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Utau Hoshina

NPC: Utau Hoshina (Shugo Chara)

Sister of Ikuto Tsukiyomi. Due to the distance Ikuto puts between them, she often misses him and seeks his company. Yukari Sanjou is her manager, and under the Easter Corporation she once used her Guardian Character Il to draw the heart's eggs from people en masse with her songs. This hasn't happened in Twisted yet... perhaps Easter hasn't gotten its footing yet.

Utau Hoshina
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  • Utau is one of the few people in Shugo Chara to have more than one Guardian Character. Her Characters are an angel and a devil, El and Il respectively.
"Il and her egg."
Il/Iru and her egg.
"El and her egg."
El/Eru and her egg.
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