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Ikuto Tsukiyomi
Full Name: Ikuto Tsukiyomi

Series: Shugo Chara!
Class: Cat
Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: "Catte"
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 17
Birthdate: December 1
Height: 5'11" (180cm)
Weight: 140 lbs (64kg)

Short Description: Tall & slim, with blue hair and blue eyes

Ikuto Tsukiyomi
A young man with short, shaggy blue hair and blue eyes. He wears all black -- a button-down shirt with tiny metal crosses hanging from the corners of the turn-down lapels (no popped collars here, no sir!), black pants that fit snugly with straps asymmetrically wrapped around his legs, and a pair of black boots with a rounded toe and a low heel.

He also sometimes has with him a tiny little catboy about the size of a human hand who otherwise looks exactly like him, aside from a few features. There's a silver cross on the tiny catboy's shirt, his hands and feet are hand- and foot-paws, and his eyes are yellow and slit-pupiled.

Ikuto Tsukiyomi
Character Change: (Click for picture.) By channeling part of Yoru's power, Ikuto gains the proportionate strength and agility of a feline. He is able to leap over roofs with little trouble, and run about three times faster than normal. His senses also grow about three times sharper. He is able to utilize "Phantom Claw", phantasms of large blue cat's paws over his hands. The phantom paws are able to extend up to six feet from his hands.

Character Transformation: (Click for picture.) By merging Yoru's egg (with Yoru in it) with himself, Ikuto is able to take the form of "Black Lynx". In this form his strength and agility increase to insane levels, about twice as great as the former ability. Additionally he also becomes more aggressive and instinctual-- stalking and pouncing becomes his main method of attack; he waits for enemies in, and attacks from, a crouch, much like an animal. In this form he is able to utilize "Slash Claw", waves of cutting energy that he can fire from the metal claw on his wrist. These waves of energy can either be utilized at melee range or from a distance.

Yoru: (Click for picture; not an SD caricature.) Ikuto's Guardian Character, Yoru was born of Ikuto's desire to be "free as an alley cat". Yoru is not an NPC, but rather a manifested part of Ikuto's soul. He appears as a mischievous little superderformed catboy. Normal, non-powered individuals are generally unable to see him, though this is less because they don't possess the capability and more because they've blinded themselves to the supernatural. The average person doesn't WANT to know about magic. Most PCs will be able to see him. On his own, Yoru can fly, as can all Guardian Characters; he also possesses the ability to both communicate with and command alley cats. This is an impressive ability in and of itself-- Yoru can quite literally herd cats, and do so successfully. It's unknown whether this extends to all feline creatures, or whether it's just domestic cats.

Violin: Ikuto is a skilled violinist, having inherited this from his father. He is able to play on the level of a professional violinist, enough that he could actually make a living at it apart from Easter if he chose. Generally there's nothing magical about his playing aside from his great skill at it, but if he pairs this with his Character Change he is able to draw a single child's heart's egg from them, corrupting it into an "X-Egg", an egg full of despair at never being able to attain the dream the egg represents.


Ikuto Tsukiyomi was born to Alto and Souko Tsukiyomi, along with his younger sister Utau. Alto (or Aruto, depending on who you ask) was a renowned and prominent violinist in Japan. Souko was the heir to a large corporation called Easter. Their marriage was only allowed because Aruto agreed to give up his musical career and take over for Souko's father, the chairman of Easter.

However, two things happened to change this. One, the chairman died. And two, Alto Tsukiyomi disappeared. At this point Kazuomi Hoshina-- who had always seen Alto as unfit and unsuitable for leading Easter-- leaped upon the opportunity. He took Souko as his wife (even though she had not-- and WOULD not-- divorce Aruto officially) and succeeded as the Director of Easter. He placed his grandson Hikaru, who was seven years old at the time, as the chairman, setting him up as the enigmatic "Gozen", the true leading figure of Easter. He intended to force Ikuto and Utau to work for him, but Ikuto mysterisouly disappeared too.

In truth, Tsukasa Yamakawa, the uncle of Tadase Hotori (who Ikuto and Utau lived with for a short time after Alto disappeared) had taken Ikuto to Europe to search for his father. He found a few clues, but nothing tha tpointed ot his father's whereabouts. Unfortunately he wasn't given much time to continue looking; one day while Tsukasa was out shopping, Easter tracked him to the place they were staying and took him back to Kazuomi. Then he was told he would work for Easter.

What was his job? Simple. All children of their world held an egg in their hearts-- an egg made of their deepest hopes and dreams. Sometimes this egg was born, and would hatch into a small "Guardian Character" that represented that child's fondest wish for what kind of person they wanted to be as an adult. All children HAD them, but very few were actually born as physical beings. Both Utau's and Ikuto's heart's eggs had hatched and they were Character Bearers, as the people who possess Guardian Characters are referred to. With these Guardian Characters, Ikuto and Utau could interact with the Guardian Characters and heart's eggs of others.

Ikuto's egg had been born and hatched in Europe-- it was a black-and-white egg with cat silhouettes on it, one that hatched into a tiny catboy, Yoru, representing his desire to be free as an alley cat. His sister Utau had two-- El the angel, representing her desire to do the right thing, and Il the devil, representing her desire to do the horrible things Easter wished of her, for her brother's sake.

But one of these heart's eggs was different. It was much more powerful than the rest, a heart's egg that had the power to grant any wish asked of it. This egg was called the Embryo. And this egg is what the Director sought. Not for himself, mind. For Hikaru-- for "Gozen". Kazuomi had set up his grandson Hiarku, about eight at the time, to be the leader of Easter, thinking this would make him happy. But it did not. Hikaru began to think of friendship and caring for others as worthless. In doing this, he threw away his heart's egg, and began to collect gems and pretty rocks to try to fill the void. His wish was for a one-of-a-kind jewel. Thus why Easter seeks the Embryo, for Hikaru.

Life as Easter's puppet was not easy for Ikuto. He couldn't just leave his job at work because Kazuomi, the Director, was his stepfather. Besides that, Kazuomi saw Ikuto as competition for his grandson's position. Having already disliked Ikuto's father, and in addition seeing Ikuto as competition, Kazuomi mistreated and abused Ikuto, so far as to force him to work cruel hours and lock him in closets when he couldn't or didn't. Never was his wish to be as free as an alley cat more important... it was all that kept him sane. Perhaps he'll get that wish in Twisted City...



  • His World
  • Utau Hoshina: His sister, though he avoids her for a number of reasons. Not the least of which is because he doesn't want Easter to use her against him. Or use him against her.
  • Kazuomi Hoshina: His and Utau's stepfather, Kazuomi holds a particularly strong dislike for Ikuto. This is due to Ikuto's father Alto being a rival for both the affections of Souko, Ikuto's mother, and for leadership of the Easter Corporation. Of course, to Kazuomi, the latter was the greater prize. His dislike of Ikuto is mutual, due to how badly Kazuomi treats him.
  • Yuu Nikaidou: Something of a handler, the way his sister has a manager. Nikaidou's supposed to be keeping Ikuto in line, but that's not working super well.
  • Yukari Sanjou: Utau's manager; Ikuto doesn't know her very well. Then again he really doesn't want to.
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