Yuu Nikaidou

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Yuu Nikaidou

NPC: Yuu Nikaidou (Shugo Chara)

A researcher from the Easter Corporation, he is one of those who seek the Embryo for Kazuomi Hoshina. A tall, thin man with messy orange hair. Depending on when one meets him, he may come off as a clumsy, adorkable goofball... or a dark, sinister man with designs of world domination!
"Yuu Nikaidou's other side."
Yuu Nikaidou's other side.
Yuu Nikaidou
Yuu Nikaidou-icon.gif



  • Yuu Nikaidou and Yukari Sanjou were in a relationship at one time.
  • Yuu Nikaidou did have a Guardian Character as a young man. As of yet unnamed, it was born when Yuu decided to be a robot programmer. But when his father insisted that it was pointless, Yuu became angry and swatted a robot off his desk, accidentally breaking the egg.
  • In his own world, Yuu had no hope of regaining his heart's egg, due to his age. Even if the egg is repaired, his age and his having given up on his dream of becoming a robot programmer would prohibit it. However, if the egg is repaired here in Twisted, there is a very good chance that his Guardian Character will not depart.
"Yuu Nikaidou's heart's egg."
Yuu Nikaidou's heart's egg.
"Yuu Nikaidou's unnamed Guardian Chara."
Yuu Nikaidou's unnamed Guardian Chara.
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