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Harold "Coop" Cooplowski
Full Name: Harold "Coop" Cooplowski

Series: Megas XLR
Class: Hero?
Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 27
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 350 lbs.

Short Description: Harold "Coop" Cooplowski is the one and only pilot of the giant robot known as the M.E.G.A.S.

Harold "Coop" Cooplowski
What's there to say about this well defined hunk of a man in front of you? Well, let me just tell you then. 350 lbs of the strongest, well defined, stomach you've ever seen. Yeah, that's right. I've been on a long lasting special diet which I started myself at age 9 to be the best, and that's just what I am. Yep, that's me. Long blonde hair flowing in the wind, a manly red flannel shirt over a slimming white t-shirt. I'm all man, doll. The name's Coop, three time New Jersey "LORD OF THE LARGE PANTS" Hot Dog Eating Champion, and it's nice to meet'cha.

...and if that doesn't impress ya, wait until my robot car the MEGAS gets here.

Harold "Coop" Cooplowski
Aside from an impressive array of useless trophies such as three time 'Lord of the Large Pants' weenie eating contest winner, 'Best Grip' video game champion, 'Fite Club' Street Fighter competition winner, 'Scoop of Doom' ice cream eating contest winner, 'Weenie Burger Customer of the Year' for more burgers eaten nationally, 'Gold Lughnut' winner of Jersey Robot Wars, and numerous custom car show/drag racing trophies, Coop's area of expertise involves an insane amount of useless video game trivia - most of which is made up on the spot - but somehow he is never able to be proven wrong. It's as if reality bends to his rambling just so he can watch people's reactions to it.

His abilities with machinery are just as flawed, allowing him to build or repair pretty much anything to proper working order (as long as he breaks it, and rebuilds it from scratch with the intention of doing something else to it). Some noteworthy examples of this are the MEGAS, which he repaired with his car to impress women with (well, that was what Jamie wanted to do with it but it's a good enough excuse), and the inter-dimensional prison which he confused with a Atari video game cartridge and somehow was able to access by "upgrading" his 2600 console using a toaster, a game cube, a blender, and the sub woofer from his stereo. (On a related note, he let all of the inmates free afterwards.)

Coop managed to save his Jersey home many times with the aid of the MEGAS but considering it wouldn't have been targeted if he hadn't had the MEGAS this point might be moot. ...he's also done more damage to the town himself than any of galactic threat could have possibly done on a bad day.


Coop is a walking contradiction. He's competitive but he's fat. He's active but he's lazy. He's a slob, but he's an organized slob. Living out his life in his mother's basement, Coop has had his entire life to invest in his random endeavors - most of which involved playing video games and watching wrestling. He would have probably spent the rest of his life doing so with his best friend Jamie until the day he managed to find a battle robot from the future beneath a pile of junk in the local junkyard and purchase it for two dollars.

The robot, MEGAS, was mankind's last hope to defeat the evil Glorft, a race of aliens set on enslaving or destroying Earth and was lost when it's time drive failed to function properly. MEGAS gave Coop a new direction in life. Managing to repair it to "proper" working order using anything he could find, he succeeded in making it fully operable once again - with the exception that now only he can pilot it's bizarre backwards controls.

Activating the MEGAS also caused not only the robot's proper pilot Kiva to be pulled to the same era - but also a detachment of Glorft battle ships attempting to steal the MEGAS to use against the last of humanity in the future. Coop could probably save the future with the MEGAS, assuming the time drive was ever fixed, but for now he's too lazy to do so. Besides, that's in the future. He has too many things to not do in the present.

Dealing with how Coop would arrive on Twisted is simple. One of the many failed attempts of Kiva to get the time drive working despite the damage Coop had done to it caused another rip in space and time. Coop finds himself thrown out of a vortex in the middle of Nowhereto Park as a result, now unable to find his way back to Jersey and worse - with no way to retrieve the MEGAS.[1] For now he'll bide his time and see what happens. His mecha should arrive sooner or later, right? ...right?[2]

The M.E.G.A.S.


Actually, it turns out Coop has been storing the MEGAS beneath the 24*7 since re-acquiring it during "NNY and Caliga's Excellent Adventure"[3]. As for how he got the clerk to leave long enough:

"Turns out he just really likes magical girl anime. Luckily I'd just come from S-Mart with after finding 'Magical Rangers Lean X2' in the bargin bin for $4. I was gonna mail it to Jamie as a birthday gift."

Coop can only reach the MEGAS through a secret door in the ice cream freezer which takes him to it's underground bunker. Unfortunately the door is smaller than he is and the temptation of ice cream is strong. So far the MEGAS hasn't been seen on Twisted, but it's there. It exists. It's just a matter of time before it finally makes it's debut, probably with a lot of screaming and crashing.

Standing at over 80 feet tall, the MEGAS was designed to be the ultimate fighting robot. It was built with enough defenses to stop an armada from destroying the last of the human resistance in the far flung future. It's name is derived from, "Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System". (Un?)Fortunately most of it's original defensive have been ripped out and replaced with whatever crosses Coop's mind at the time.

He kept the Cool Giant Energy Sword Thing, because that thing was badass.

It should be noted that the version of the MEGAS is likely not the upgraded version discovered in the final episode, and even if it was that just leaves more room for Coop to "upgrade" it further. Maybe a snowcone maker in place of the EMP bombs? Maybe a shield that somehow forces carbonation into the fuel pump so the air conditioner can produce a steady flow of cola on a hot day? The possibilities are ENDLESS.

...and terrifying awful.


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