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Raven Lughaidh
Full Name: Raven Lughaidh

Series: Original

Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Female
Species: half dragon
Age: 17

Short Description:

Raven Lughaidh
You see nothing special.
Raven Lughaidh
Raven is just beginning to find her abilities. Currently, she can teleport short distances within her field of vision, produce shields of force, and encase her fingers in 'claws' of force energy. She also possess some above-average ability in reflex, strength, and other basic qualities, putting her just above the average 'normal' healthy human.


Most of Raven's history was unknown, even to herself. Only with her recently being found by her father, who had come looking for her, did she find out the truth.

Her given birth name is is Luna Amnariss. She is the daughter of Sun Amnariss and Bran Lughaidh. She was lost to a dimensional portal while young, and Bran has been dimension-hopping ever since searching for her. She grew up in a medieval world containing magic, and being parentless there, grew up on the streets as a thief and cutpurse. While breaking into a mages tower to steal whatever she could find, thinking he was away for the evening, she was caught off-guard by his presence. He threw her into a portal he opened to be rid of her, which dropped her into Twisted, and ultimately into proximity of her parents. While her mother was already deceased by this point, Bran managed to track her down, and they bonded rather quickly. For the first time, she had some basis of her origins and a family.

She has been sad since finding out about the death of her mother at Devi's hands, and near-inconsolable since the death of her father to the same person in persuit of her mothers soul. Only time will tell how her story turns out.


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