2009-05-22 (PreU) A typical day in TWISTED

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A typical day in TWISTED.

Summary: Just a typical day in Twisted.

Who: Jason_Talben, Raven, Prinnies
When: May 22nd, 2009
Where: The UR

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Jason is in the UR drinking tea as he is going over a number of newspapers reading what information he can find out on Twisted as he is trying to keep up on current events as best he can. The jedi master also has his senses open to be aware ofhis surroundings.

The UR prinnies in the rafters SSTTAARREE menacingly at Talben, just to be creepy. They DO have a reputation to uphold, after all!

All is quiet, Talben looking over his paper, the prinnies staring at him, the bartender wiping down the bar. When suddenly, theres a cry of "OHSHIIIIT!". Mere seconds later, something smashes right through the room, bounces off a roofbeam painfully *don't worry. their fall was broken by a poor prinny*, and lands on a table, which breaks under their fall. Dust and debris clatters in their wake, as the poor girl groans from beneath it all "That... sucked..... ow".

The UR Prinnies stare of doom have no effect on Jedi master. He has seen worse. If they become annoying he will teach them what it means to be annoyed. Nah not really, he'd not be that mean. The sudden disturbance does catch him, as he instantly bolts up and when the chaos settles he instantly starts to come over to the young lady and asks, "Are you alright?" he asks softly extending his hand in an offer of help.

Raven takes the offered hand, although Talben has to pull her out of the wreckage, as shes still stunned. Shes in surprisingly good shape. No bleeding whatsoever, and only an occasional splinter here or there sticking out of her clothes. There are a few nasty cuts on the outside of her forearms, apparently where the initial impact occurred, but they seem to have already stopped bleeding. Raven does manage to say "Imokimok!", although its clear she is rather dazed.

Jason will pull the young lady out of the wreckage as he looks through the hole she made? and he will start to hold onto her to steady her until she can get her wits about her. "Well you know what they say, and landing you can walk away from is a good one." and he looks down at the poor prinny to make sure it is alright as well.

he prinny in question has been knocked cold, but it wont die. It is, after all, not alive to begin with. x\/x

Raven holds on to a table to get her bearings, her eyes still unfocused even if her balance has returned "The problem was I didn't even plan on taking a flight.... ugh."

Jason looking down he says, "Then your lucky you are not hurt at all it seems." and he will help steady Raven as he gets her a glass of water if she needs some to help focus on something. He knows the prinny is not alive, but still caring for all is part of his nature. Even if they are as annoying as Jar Jar Binks.

Raven sits on the table, sipping water "Thanks....". She DEFINITELY doesn't seem comfortable being 'helped', but she doesn't say anything. "Just lucky, i guess..... although i STILL dunno how i got up that high to begin with!"

Jason nods as he will respect her desires as he moves off some and will look around to the damage, "You step through a portal or something?" he asks and has seen weirder things happen in twisted, all part of a normal day.

Raven shrugs "Something like that. I was running down an alley when a glowing circle appeared on the ground under me, and i fell through it, and landed here. No warning, no one was around i could see. This place is SO screwy...."

Jason nods, "Tell me about it, I have had plenty of screwy adventures myself." and he looks around he says, "At least you are alright." and he gets down to try and help the PRinny back to his buddies at least. The idea to fix them to be less annoying also crosses his mind. Well at least they are not the Chibi-horde.

Several prinnies in little aprons and with nurse hats on run out with a stretcher, put the wounded one on it, and run off with it, in classic marx brothers style.

Raven glances at the prinny (Woulda been hurt a lil worse if i hadnt landed on THAT thing....) "I just got lucky....". She relaxes a bit more, glancing now at Jason "You are... ?"

Jason smiles as he says, "I don't really believe in luck, it's there, but one needs to make their own luck so to speak." he says and just watches at the Prinny as they march off, "Oh Jason Talben. Pleasure to make your acquaintance." He says. Jason identifies himself as a person first, A Jedi second. Helps make relations better her thinks when you are referring to an almost none existent order in this place.

Raven nods "I'm Raven". She looks around, the gears clearly turning "Is it just me, or does everything always seem to link back to here... ? To this place..."

Jason does a look at Raven when she speaks his name, for a moment he thought she has said Revan. Jason smiles and says, "Yeah I think your right. Place seems to be sort of an attraction. I have heard tales of people who claimed to have gotten lost only to end up back here sooner or later. Must be something to do with the Nature of Twisted it's self."

Raven nods "Coupled with this being the safest place in Twisted.... figuratively, anyway. When ya dont count those lil bastards..." she glances at the prinnies, who collectively biidah her in response.

Jason nods, "Well at least they are not the Chibi-Horde." he says and comes back to his table to sit down, "So Mind if I ask where were you trying to run to so rapidly Raven?" he asks and he does try to read what Raven puts off. He has no intent to probe her with his senses actively. Just curiosity on his part.

Raven shrugs "On the run from monsters, as always". She doesnt add it was cause she stole something valuable from them, and almost got caught, despite their natural hostility. Unfortunately for her, the gems were dropped where she fell in the portal, and none ended up coming through with her.

Jason nods and he sits down "Ah there are plenty around here who warrant that title. You are fortunate to have gotten away." As he listens to her he wonders if perhaps she is telling the full truth, if not he doesn't comment on it. "So are you hungry? if So I could buy you something here." he offers her trying to make conversation.

Raven gives the empty glass to the bartender "Nah. Got a stash of food back home waiting for me. Also gotta meet someone shortly". "Thanks for the help, though!" she says, reaching into her pocket. She tosses a small amethyst at him, fully expecting him to catch it, during which time she disappears.

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