2004-03-26 Sammy's questionable decision

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Sammy's questionable decision


Who: Johnny_C, Samantha, Sun, Alex, Naruto
When: 2004-03-26

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Sun's Apartment - Living Room

A quaint little place; a couch is along the wall to the left, which is next to a rather nice looking Laz-Y Boy recliner/rocker; on a table is a modest sized television, complete with a PS2, VCR, and DVD player. A kitchen is set off to the right, large enough to make food, and have a table in the dining area. And then there's a window along the wall to let light in. Tidy, quaint...looks like the tennant rarely 'LIVES' here. A little hallway leads to the bedroom door to the left, and the bathroom across from that.

Ghost of NNY silently floats into the room and glances around. Deciding it best not to interupt anything he choosed to be silent and wait to see if he'd come at a bad time...

Samantha swallows, glancing at Sun as she speaks, and then slowly shakes her head. "But.. don't go... it's okay." She sighs, and reaches out to gently grab Alex's shoulder, squeezing softly, "Y-you know how I feel.. it's different.. Naruto can't feel this pain." She looks at the boy ninja and smiles softly, eyes still so full of that intense sorrow. "Even if I could tell you.. even if it would be right for me to tell you... there's nothin' you could do. But.. I know you care... I know that.."

Ghost of NNY sweatdrops, oO(What the hell did I stumble into this time?) Catching himself he panics, oO(SHIT! So much for being quiet...)

Naruto gets up without Alex's help, glaring at him with that special expression he saves for people who treat him like a kid. "..." He keeps the glare up while Sun talks. He's heard the 'It's not nice blah blah' talk from teachers, but it's a bit different hearing it from a friend. When Samantha addresses him, his eyes meet hers and he winces slightly. "Well.. I do. You guys are some of the best friends I've ever had.. even better than some of 'em back in Konoha.. even.." His mouth moves for a moment after he trails off, trying to form words but failing. He sighs and looks dismally into his soda.

Sun opens her eyes to stare at the ceiling. "I will tell you...but you promise that it doesn't leave this room." she murmurs in a quiet voice, before closing her eyes once more.

Alex cringes as Samantha touches his shoulder and restates the blatantly obvious to him. Ever been that kid who was always stuck on the bench while watching the other kids play? That's kinda how Alex felt right about now. His shoulders slumped and it felt like he could sink right through the floor.

Samantha nods at Naruto's words, smile warming a little, reflected in her eyes, though the pain is still horribly apparent. "I've not had many friends who weren't somethin' else... I'm glad for you... all of you." She looks to Alex, then glances to the door suddenly and blinks. (Hey Johnny.. you just stumbled into something... it's hard to summarise. I'm.. more than a little unhappy. But-) She breaks off as she hiccups softly, lifting the hand from Alex and placing it to her chest, looking at Sun with eyes wide. "Sun-chan..."

Naruto shakes his head. "You don't have to. Baka-san is pretty much.. well, he's right. You shouldn't hafta tell me nuthin' if you don't want me to... an' I don't wanna make you feel like you gotta." Man, watch him butcher the Grammar fairy. "I'm sorry that I upset you."

Sun offers a small smile. "I'm not doing this because I feel I have to. You are a friend...and I trust you as a friend. If you wish to know, I will tell you of my problems. I trust you...and maybe some support will make things look a little brighter." she murmurs, her smile turning to Naruto; her eyes full of so many emotions...fear, anger, confusion. "...Ne?"

Naruto rubs the back of his head. "Well... okay, I guess.. um..." He shrugs. "Sure. You can count on me for support. I'm full of support. Hell, I've got so much support they named a bridge after me back home." ^_^ (Yes, they DID name a bridge after him. And in fact, iRL there's an Uzumaki bridge as well.)

Alex doesn't say much of anything at this point, he simply stands there quietly, getting ready for yet another wave of unpleasantness, somehow he was starting to get the impression of how Nny must feel...

Ghost of NNY stares questioningly. oO(Sammy? What's up? Why the sudden silence? Forget what you where saying?)

Sun nods slowly, closing her eyes. "...Remember Kuroi?"

Naruto snaps his fingers. "Ghost-dude that hade you under his mojo." o.-

Samantha sighs and shifts over to Sun's side, kneeling on the floor beside her and smiling softly, the threat of tears now glimmering at the corners of her eyes, "If.. if you want them to know, then I do too... but I wouldn't've told anyone... not without you." (Listen.. if you want to know. This just hurts so much... I... I can't tell you. Listen...)

Ghost of NNY floats closer in and goes silent. Actualy he's very quietly humming to himself, but that's just to keep his mind silent enough to not interupt as he listens in...

Sun turns her gaze momentarily to Samantha, reaching for her hand with a small smile. "Close, mutual friends of ours can know...I don't want anybody else to know. Only those I can trust..." she whispers, before glancing to Naruto. "Yes...the mand who forced me into trying to kill you by controlling my body..." She closes her eyes. "When he had me in his ship...he...did things to me." a deep frown carves into her features, and she leans back a bit further.

Naruto rubs his arm. "Oh.." He grimaces, partly in confusion. Yeah, now he's starting to wish he didn't ask. He's not to comfy with the idea of torture, which really is the only way he knows how to interpret that statement. "..." In over his head here.

Samantha lets her hand be taken, squeezing Sun's gently and smiling back. As she gets to the difficult point, the nekogirl bites her lip and leans forward, lifting her other hand and stroking back Sun's hair a little. "Should I... should I carry on or...?" (Please don't talk if it's gonna hurt too much.. I could tell them if it is...)

Alex somehow doesn't seem all that surprised, himself. Stll he remains quiet, having nothing of relevance to add at the moment.

Sun closes her eyes. "...And..." she pauses. "...he..." she shakes her head, hugging herself with one arm. ( Please... )

Naruto remains silent. Respectfully.

Samantha nods and bends in to kiss Sun's cheek tenderly, fingers curling through her hair before she lets the hand fall to her beloved's shoulder and looks around at the two, closing her own eyes for a moment before opening them and giving a resigned sigh. "She... she's got." She looks off to one side with a pained wince. It's a few seconds before she turns back, pulling herself together.. though her lip begins to quiver. When she speaks her voice is quiet and distant. "She's pregnant with.. with Kuroi's child."

Naruto blinks. "..." He grimaces, then tilts his head. "So... she's gonna have a baby?" o_O

Rather abruptly there's the sound of the apartment door softly clicking shut and the room is suddenly vacant one person, Alex.

Ghost of NNY blinkblinks. oO(Shit.)

Sun closes her eyes, squeezing Sam's hand. . o O ( *private* What's wrong with me...? Why did I just nearly correct her with 'the child of the body Kuroi inhabited at the time'?! ) She nods slowly to Naruto, shuddering. "Unless..." She brings her knees to her chest, leaning her forehead against them.

Samantha looks at Naruto and shakes her head, "N-no.. of course not! But he.. well." She sighs heavily, looking to Sun, "The damage is done, I guess..." she whispers, then leans in, wrapping an arm around behind Sun and pulling her close. "I'm sorry.. I just had to come out with it... it hurts too much to drag out...."

Naruto blinks once, glancing over his shoulder at the door. His eyes narrow slightly. "..wait a minute." He steps closer to Sun, "So... you're gonna just assume that it's an evil baby?!" This little fact strikes him in a deeply personal fashion.

Sun cringes. "I..." she shakes her head, hugging her knees. "I can't get that thought that it won't be an evil baby out of my head!" she suddenly cries, and sobs into her knees. "I can't stop thinking...that...this kid won't be evil...it was...it wasn't Kuroi's body! It was the body of a Sennyo man...an innocent, I spoke to him...he was so scared, so worried for his family at home..."

Samantha frowns, eyes flashing for a moment.. her voice quivers as her breathing comes more ragged and torn, "Sun-chan! Evil or not.. it's not.. a child you asked for! What he did.. what -that body- did, is wrong... you can't have this, it's -wrong- for you to have to, it's wrong that this happened... whoever's body it was once was, the soul was evil.. the intent was evil. You can't even think like this!" The last is a desperate gasp, tears now trickling from her eyes.. she looks to Naruto, shaking her head, "Naruto-kun.. I'm... sorry you have to hear this...."

Ghost of NNY stares quietly, even the voices in his mind are speachless...

Naruto winces a little. "I..." He grimaces. This is VERY complicated stuff for him. "...I'm not evil." He takes a breath, and then continues. "I'm not evil, and I'm not wicked. But everyone in Konoha thought I was gonna be. Everyone except Iruka-sensei and The Third. They all thought I was going to be a monster."

Naruto shakes his head. "I know it's not the same thing... I don't know why they didn't just stop giving me food or leave me in a pit out in the woods somewhere. But... they could have." He sighs, shaking his head again. "I'm sorry I'm not much help.."

Ghost of NNY glances at Naruto and nods in aggrement, oO(Um... same goes for me here... You should've seen some of the stuff I've done with a pair of salad tongs... I've murdred people, tortured people, even a few that didn't diserve it. But I stopped. You even treat me like a friend... Hell, even I think I shouldn't have been born, but I don't wanna be dead. I may have screwed it up, but wasn't it my life to screw up?

Sun hugs herself. "It was created through a horrible circumstance...but..." she trails off for a moment. "But...I don't know if I have a right to deny it's life...and...I still can't keep the thought of it possibly being a wonderful, beautiful child..." she whispers. ( I'm so sorry, Sam...but I can't stop myself from thinking...feeling like this. ) she whispers.

Samantha shudders and suddenly stands up, pulling away from Sun and taking step back. Her gaze flashes to Naruto, eyes blazing, anger replacing the pain and fear in her voice, "And was your mommy raped? Did she pay with her dignity an'... an' everything she had so you could live! Did the one she loved have'ta see her suffer so you could exist?" (NNY. The same to you.. and just because you worked out fine, why should anything else?! This is..) She looks at Sun, tears streaming freely down her now brightly flushed cheeks. "No.. mebbe you can't... maybe you can't see! But this shouldn't've happened... why go ahead now, even with what you're saying, and end up with a monster! Now.. all that is..." she points a quivering finger to Sun's stomach, "All that is is a symbol of hurt... of hatred! And of the only thing I -hate- about life! Now.. it's nothing but that... and soon? A person I'll see and wanna..." she closes her eyes, swallowing tightly, "Wanna -kill-.." she spits that, eyes opening and teeth clenching for a moment, "Just because of how they were born!" She spins away with a half-sob, half-scream and takes a few steps away, "Gods.. I'm sorry! But this is... this is how I feel...." she stops, whole body shivering, her hands clenched tightly at her sides...

Ghost of NNY stares blankly a moment and then glares, oO(Now hold on a mother fucking minute. You wanna talk about people doing horrible things to you? Sure I don't know what happened to my parents. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO THEY WHERE! I've had something go inside my head and fuck me like a two bit whore, screwing up not only my body but my fucking mind! I went and took out my frustrations on every living thing that ever mocked me or pissed me off. I went and tortured people for the shear joy of it! I became the same as that thing that screwed me up! ...and you know what? Through all that crap I learned one thing about the festering waste called humanity. That's that they all start out ok. It's what happens later that fucks them up. You wanna sit here and condem someone that doesn't exist yet. God, your nothing like your father. He woulda given this kid a chance... your ready to kill it. Your no better than the person you blaim for it's conception. I'm outta here...) Fuming, Johnny's spirit runs from the room...

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