2007-03-19 (PreU) Sun Devi Nny and Squee

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Sun Devi Nny and Squee

Summary: Logs logs logs wonderful logs logs logs! LOGS!

Who: devi, Johnny_C, squee, sun
When: March 19th, 2007

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Devi's apartment

Welcome to Devi's Living room. We'll start with the walls. They apper to be a dark tealish color, but what color they are is anyone's guess due to the lack of cleaning. A few pictures and posters hang, although they are all very odd. With a couch on the wall to your right, there sits a nice wooden coffee table, with only a few papers to decorate it. She has a comfortable looking chair in the far right hand courner, and the TV is on the left wall. A small table is next to the chair with nothing on it. The carpet is gray and there is transparent Alien head on a stand, with a floating brain in it, next to the kitchen which lacks a door. Against the northern most wall is a door.

The door of the tiny apartment swings open to show Devi, clad in a black tank top, and sweating. She steps into her house and kicks the door shut, habitually droping her shirt on the couch. Devi stops and looks down at her bare floor, then moving her gaze to the black mess of stuff that used to be her couch still looking like it's steaming. "Fuck." She bends over and picks up her shirt, balling it up and pretending to be a pitcher long enough to pitch her shirt into her favorite chair. She rolls her head, letting a sickining *POP* resound in her apartment. Making a face at the ball of crap Devi walks into the kitchen and pulls a coke from the fridge, popping the tab and taking a long sip.

Several minutes pass, and peace reigns in the apartment...until suddenly a sickening splintering sound comes from the door. Moments later, the door goes flying into the apartment, smashing and shattering against the wall opposite to the enterance. There stands a dark figure with glowing purple eyes, a sadistic expression upon her beautiful features. A few moments later, she enters, purple lightning bolts sparking around her form. "We knew you'd come home eventually." It's Sun, but it's most definately NOT her, at the same time. The dragoness' glowing purple eyes search the room...and land upon the sleeping form of Lee. No words are spoken, but an expression of obvious recognition flits briefly over her face, before those wicked eyes turn right back to Devi. "Are you ready?"

Devi jumps when she hears and sees her door shatter and break a window... "Goddamnit." She drains her coke can and crushes it, tossing it easily into the trash can. She eyes the Dragoness and lowers her head. "Ya wanna talk first? I really don't feel like dieing today. Oblivions got to much left to teach me. You want an apology? I'll give ya one. Ya want a coke? I'll give ya one of those too."

Sun narrows her eyes. "Apologies don't bring back friends, now do they? Apologies don't correct your idiotic actions." She smirks, revealing a set of gleaming fangs. "We already gave you a chance to avoid our wrath by offering for you to take your pent up agressions out on US, instead of someone who did not deserve it. We tried to bring your attention to us, but you ignored our offer for a peaceful interaction, and instead went ahead and destroyed Tabitha anyways." She lifts one arm, which is draconic from her elbow to the clawed fingertips. Purple energy sparks, then flares up over her arm, which clenches into a fist.

Scoffing, Devi leans back on the counter. "My apologys might bring back friends. You want Tabby? I'll talk to Nny. She was his creation. He can make another one and give her all the memories of the last. And you didn't offer me shit. You attacked me. You didn't offer anything but a fight." She crosses her arms and flexes her hands, the same sickining *POP* resounding in the kitchen. "You can kill me, then have Nny pissed at you and have him kill you. In which case you'll lose. You can leave me alone, I can talk to Nny and if I can't get him to bring back Tabby, then you can kill me and have Nny pissed and then he'll try and kill you. So." She opens the fridge and pulls out another soda, popping the tab and taking a long draw. "I'm offering you a choice. Let me live for a while longer, let me talk to Johnny. Or, kill me now, and lose that chance of getting her back. I can't be brought back from the dead. She can." Devi takes a long draw of her soda and gazes levely at the Dragoness, waiting to see which it will be.

Pearching outside the window like a gargoyle is Johnny. His feet and hands are clasping onto the window seal as he peers inside, watching the goings on intently. It didn't take as much effort as he thought to find the place. Devi was constantly coming from this direction. The apartment was referred to as hers and seemed much like the one portayed in the comic book. So, clearly after being here once all he had to do was follow the trail. There was only one big apartment building on this side of the city ruins, and it happened to be the one that he'd been avoiding because of Vashtearnia. He doesn't know what's going on, but he manages to figure out that this is about the clone. And... wow, isn't that the real deal on the floor? That's why he'd come looking anyways. He had to see what had set him off last time. Watching Sun lift her arm, he draws a dagger and clicks the tip of it against the glass. The shadows around the sleeping girl shift, ripple, and dart for the remains of the couch. Johnny twists the dagger's tip, still against the glass, and the couch seems to readjust itself. With a grin spreading accross his face a hand pulls itself out of the ruins of the couch. Then another. Then the two hands pull a decayed version of Tabitha out of the debre. It looks over at Sun and Devi with it's hollowed eye sockets and grins. In a wrath-like voice it calls out softly, "Suuuuuuuuun...." Johnny lifts the tip of his dagger off the glass and the zombied creature vanishes. That should keep them busy for a moment or two.

Sun narrows her eyes, a smirk forming across her face. "We don't want to kill you yet. Maybe break your legs, torment you for a while...and if you think Johnny, or anyone for that matter, can keep me dead for long, you're wrong." She aims her arm at Devi...but strangely doesn't do anything, hardly even reacting as Johnny's illusion makes itself known. "Nice to know you're here too, Johnny." Her eyes then trail back towards Lee, lingering this time...then turning right back to Devi. "Before we start having our fun...we must investigate something." She slowly makes her way over to the sleeping girl, bending down and placing a hand on the girl's shoulder...and suddenly, the energy flickers, and fades, her eyes becoming blue once more. "S...Sam..." Devi and Johnny's presences are completely tuned out as the dragoness becomes absorbed in the real deal, Samantha...HER Sam. She scoops the girl into her arms, cradling her protectively in silence as she buries her face in the nape of the sleeping girl's neck. ::What are you DOING, sister?! Have your reunions with the corpse later, I want some blood!:: . o O ( SILENCE. -I- am in control, and you do MY bidding. )

Devi takes this oppertunity to lean on the doorframe to the Living Room, curling her lip at Lee. "Now why did you think I killed Tabby? Samantha is here in my living room." Devi tilts her head and smirks at Nny's spider-man impression. Walking over to the window Devi pulls it open and crosses her arms. "Couldn't have come at a better time. Come on in." Devi plops down in her chair and crosses her legs. "I seem to remember you saying you would always go back to Sam. Here she is." Taking another drink of her soda, Devi tucks a piece of hair behind her ear as she looks on Sun.

Johnny frowns as no one seems to notice th illusion, of course he can't hear what they're saying. He's about to use the dagger and sneak in, when the window is opened sending him nearly falling down the side of the apartment to the ground. He catches himself by stabbing the wall of the building and stares in confusion as Devi walks away inviting him in. So much for staying unnoticed. Climbing in he spots Sun and instictivly cringes, "Uh... not good. Not good. Sun? Uh... you, um.. need to step away from her. It's not safe." There is actual noticeable fear in his voice as he speaks. Even his hand seems to be shaking. His eyes dart over to the reclining Devi and he stares a moment wide-eyed. "You invited her over after what just happened? What the fuck is wrong with you?"

The scales on Sun's tail bristle, standing up almost as a feline's would...except it has a much spikier, scary effect. She swings her tail in Devi's direction, before curling it around herself and Lee. "It doesn't mean I don't want Tabitha back...she is not Samantha, nor will she ever be Samantha...she is her own person. A dear, close friend to me. NOT a replacement for Sam. I realised that the moment I met her." She lifts her head, glaring at Devi. If looks could kill, Devi would be suffering an excruciatingly painful death right now. After a moment of giving Devi a death-glare, she turns a somewhat softer glower in Johnny's general direction. "She didn't invite me over, I let myself in. She would be dead already if it weren't for the fact that she's got Samantha in a coma on her floor." She gestures towards the shattered door with her tail, before turning her attention back to Lee, running a hand through the girl's hair.

Devi says, "Yeah, Johnny, I invited a Dragonness who wanted to see me dead over for coffee. While I was at it I invited Sickness and the doughboys too." She rolls her eyes and points to what is left of her door, splinters underneth the broken window on Nny's left. Devi doesn't glare back at Sun, rather gives a very blank and bored look, and almost says something sarcastic to her, but decides to shake her head and take another drink of her soda. "But you really should step away from that thing. Nny's right, you'll get hurt."

Johnny listens to the two with that scared and confused look still on his face. Yet, somehow, at Sun's words a voice in his mind clearly says "Awww" with all the intensity of someone standing behind him. He actually turns to look, but Devi's words catch him off guard and he turns franticly towards her with the word "WHAT?" on his lips before he rolls his eyes realising the stupidity of the statement. Finally he roll his eyes and looks at Sun again. "Look, I'm pretty sure Tabitha's not dead. Least not in the permanent sense. I can hear her in my head, so clearly we could probably do this again. Sammy there, could possibly be the means to do it, but uh... you need to step the fuck away from her. Somethings really not fucking right and after what happened last night in here, I really don't want to see that something happen to someone else, so c'mon. Please. Put the fucking girl down before something really bad happens..."

Sun smirks, running her finger along Lee's chin. "Then bring Tabitha back...and I will help, this time...give her a more solid body than what you can provide." As 'Nny warns her of Lee, she chuckles darkly. "I've died thousands of times...probably experienced death far more than our dear little psychotic maniac here. What can my long-lost lover do to me that is worse than that?" She can't seem to tear her eyes away from Lee. With a casual, nonchalant flick of her tail, she lifts a hand, pressing it gently to the girl's forehead. Slowly, she closes her eyes, focusing...then, a second later, Lee is uncerimoniously dropped to the ground, and Sun is actually perched on the wall on all fours, her eyes glowing purple once more. This action actually puts dents in the walls where her hands and feet are. For a long moment, she is silent...then, the purple glow fades, and her eyes are blue once more, though now tinged with purple. "Wh...what IS that thing?" Her voice doesn't exactly sound like her normal voice, but it seems she's in control for the most part. ::Hehehe...one more second of that, and I woulda had total control. Helped me anchor myself in...thank you, child, whoever the fuck you are.:: . o O ( Be silent, sister. This is still my body. )

Devi says, "For someone who has died 1000 times you seem a bit wary, Sun." Devi would go and mock Sun some more with Lee's body, but Devi REALLY doesn't wanna go near it. "Lee is beyond crazy. And quite frankly, I don't want her in my place. So, how's about I give her to you for protection." *I just really want that thing the fuck out of my living room* Devi thinks to herself, tucking a booted foot under her leg. "Cale and I brought her back from Crono. She doesn't know who she is, well, she doesn't know she's Sam."

Johnny tilts his head at Sun's request and starts to take a step closer, when... "Sun? What'ever your doing...?" He clutches his dagger tighter as she leaps, then bends his knees expecting to be attacked. Devi's words yank his focus away as he looks at her franticly, "NO! You want her out I'll take care of it! That's why I came here for!" oO(SHIT!) He turns back to Sun, nervously stepping just a little bit closer. "Get away from her! I'll take care of it. I'll make Tabitha, whatever!!" He starts to reach down for Lee's arm but hesitates as if simply touching her might be enough to set him off again. Looking up he tilts his head, "...just what did you just do?"

Sun remains on the wall, staring at Lee in silence. "I merely tried to look into her mind, see what's going on in there...and I felt..." She closes her eyes, flipping down to the ground and landing on her feet. "It wasn't good, whatever the hell I felt in there." She pops her neck. "And it didn't help the fact that my sister's psyche is back, and desparately wants control of my body." She stares silently at the comatose Lee, eyes hooded. "I'll keep watch on her, 'Nny. Considering how strange you were last night...I can protect myself from her far more easily than you can. I will keep her safe, from anyone else, and keep everyone else safe from her." She frowns, dusting bits of drywall from her hands. "I have many safety measures to keep her contained, and even keep her from waking up...isn't the first time I've had to do it." . o O ( Bring back memories, Tsuki? ) :: I remember well enough, bitch. :: Her eyes turn away from Lee, and she casts her gaze to 'Nny. "Until then, let's get Tabitha out of your mind and into a body of her own."

Devi sits in her chair drinking out a twisted straw, biting the sides of her tounge, blood filling her mouth and one solitary drop falling out of the courner of her mouth. *This is wrong. Lies upon lies, and whores coming out of the lightsockets, insanity reeks here, along with sweat sex and blood, I want out!* She starts screaming in her head, desisions fighting with each other. Devi stares at Lee, drawn into thought by something... So Devi sits there and zones out for a few minutes, eyeing Lee.

Johnny leaps towards Sammy's body, yanking it off the floor and over his shoulder. Wobbiling he nearly tumbles, but he steadies himself, walking towards the window. "NO! FUCK NO!" He takes a few steps back, more from loss of balance than intention, but it further moves him towards his goal. Waving his dagger franticly infront of him he grits his teeth, his form becoming black and the weight seeming to vanish from his shoulders. His dagger still trembles in his hand from nervousness. "I said I'd work on Tabitha, but no fucking WAY am I going to let you sneak off with her. I'LL take Samantha. I WAS THE ONE THAT PROMISED! Besides, if there's something going on, I'M the only one here with who knows jack shit about wastelocks. If -I- loose control, you can just kill me... but if someone else does, we're not going to have that option. So just BACK THE FUCK OFF!" He looks back to the window, eyeing the distance to the ground. walking *backwards* towards teh window.

Sun blinks, raising her hands. "'Nny...quit spazzing out, first of all." Her eyelids droop, to form a relaxed expression. "How about we work together on this? I can keep her under control. I know a variety of things that can be done to do that...I have the experience, there. I'm less likely to lose control...I was just there, in her mind, and I'm still sane." She doesn't move to follow 'Nny yet. "And if I lose control, I'm the same...you can kill me. I'll come back too. We'll work TOGETHER, 'Nny. Keep her at my apartment. Let me use my abilities to keep HER in check, and whatever it is she has in her. And YOU can do your thing with working on her mind and FIXING her. I just want to help, 'Nny." She closes her eyes...and suddenly, the window becomes like a mouth. And it promptly shuts, leaving 'Nny with a wall. Element control is fun.

Devi jolts out of her daze and looks around. Wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, she looks veyr suprized to see the red smear. She casualy wipes it on her pants and stands up, digging in her chair for her over shirt. "Well, I'm not letting you go alone Johnny, so, prepare for company." She slips her shirt on and looks at Sun, thrusting her hands into her pockets. "Do you fucking mind? Put my window back." Devi glares hatefully at the winged harlot.

Johnny seems to be having a panic attack. He gasps for breath, one eye seeming to be larger than the other with the cloak of darkness wrapped around his body. He draws the dagger up and slices the air between him and the two women. "FUCK OFF, SUN!" Hearing the window click behind him he growls and drops to his knees. Without hesitating he exits the same way he did last time - through the floor. Stabing the carpet, the shadows in the room lurch towards him and he and the sleeping bundle in his arms drop out of sight. Sun may control elements, but Nny can shadow-teleport. In the darkness he makes his way towards the hall using the few illuminated areas to escape. It'll only be a few seconds before he'll be out on the street and heading to his house... arguably the worst place to go in this scenerio.

Sun smirks. "You're in no position to make demands, Devi. I'm still angry at you. Don't worry, your window will be back, after 'Nny quits with the freaking out." Her expression darkens ever-so-slightly. "So sit down and shut the fuck up before I let Tsuki have her way with you. She really wants to taste your blood, y'know." As 'Nny drops through the floor, she snarls, hissing what sounds like a cussword, though in no tongue recognisable to those of Twisted. Instead of reinstating the window...well, the wall blows out, leaving a hole. "Don't worry. That's NOTHING compared to what I would've done earlier. Think of it as getting off easy." With that, she's out the hole in the wall and airborne, circling around the building and waiting to spot 'Nny. . o O ( He's gone nuts...guess I'll have to force some damned sense into him. If he's gonna get like this, I DEFINATELY don't want him holding on to Sam... ) :: I want some blood...can we taste his? :: . o O ( NO. He's a friend. )

Devi says, "You goddamned WHORE!" Devi screams as her wall is blown to bits. Devi stands on the edge and jumps, falling the 2 storys to land lightly on her feet. She sprints off super-human quickly towards the center of the ruins and south. "That's NOT A HEALTHY PLACE TO TAKE HER JOHNNY!" Devi screams at him, regardless of if he can hear her or not. Devi knows where he's going and Sun can stay behind and fuck tabby for what Devi cares. Wow, Sun has really pissed Devi off. Under her breath Devi mutters,"Sooner or later, when I'm strong enough Sun, I will see you dead."

House #777

You find yourself standing before an odd abandoned looking house. The walls are cracked and the paint is pealing. The windows are boarded up. There isn't even any grass growing here. Only one thing shows a sign that the place is lived in: A sign has been recently made which reads, "KEEP OFF THE LOOSE SOIL! It's impolite to walk on the dead..."

Johnny doesn't listen to anyone, but then how could he? He runs through the darkness guiding his way by what little appears in the negative world of shadows. Foolishly perhaps, he leaps out back into the normal world -before- making it inside his house so he can look back and see if he's being followed. Of course, he can travel much faster in shadows as the world seems to stop once he enters them but still he's hardly thinking clearly. Satisfied he kicks his door open and marches inside, tossing her down on the floor almost carelessly. Moving as quickly as he can he takes out both daggers and lays the cold blades against the exposed flesh on her arm. He's left his front door open out of carelessness, but that's hardly a priority. With the blades touching her the weapons explode to life again sending darkness cascading off of the girl and him and twisting the nightmares of the house even more than could have been imagined before. Everything in the house seems to come alive. Every drawing. Every sculpture. Somewhere in the bowels of the house the voices of the dead begin to howl. The sky over the house even seems to darken a few shades by the act. Something wicked this way comes...

Sun spots 'Nny from the sky above, and promptly dives down at high speeds, landing easily on the ground before the door. "JOHNNY!" She snarls, dashing into the house. . o O ( This is nuts... ) ::Even I'm not this creepy...:: With a snarl, she dashes forward, then begins to spin, her tail held out straight behind her. In this way, she attempts to pretty much knock 'Nny away from Lee, which will probably also give him a few nasty puncture wounds in the process, considering those spikes she has on her tail. Whether or not she succeeds, she promptly dives, reguardless of whether or not 'Nny's knives cut into her, and form a protective shield of herself over Lee. And all the while, she makes a strange rumbling sound, which has a calming effect to all whom may hear it, provided they have no mental protection from outside sources...

Devi charges to the front door right after Sun and sees her smack Nny. Devi growls and lets loose a wave of power upon her, using both her hands. Out flows her black stream, her eyes get red very quickly this time, due to her recent training and the house's affect on her. "How DARE you!" Devi screams furally at her, the blood pumping in her ears so hard she can't hear anything else. If the beam touches her in any way, (its a direct beam, btw) that potion will disinigrate instanly.

"Shmee.. I don't think this is where we live.. Though.. This is the neighbor mans house.." Squee, the ever lovable and adorable child seems to have found his way here. He walks towards the house, blissfully unaware of whats going on around it. "Shmee, what do you mean this is where we should be? You're acting pretty funny.." The door is open, and Squee seems to be moving towards it, as if he were going to enter it as well. Thats when he runs into the back of Devi, whose firing a blast at Sun. Poor Squee.

Johnny's guard is deffinitly not up enough to prevent being knocked away. Lee's body is unmarked, but as Johnny collides into his artdesk a three inch tall Happy Noodle Boy leaps off his head and goes cussing it's way out the front door beneath Todd's legs. Johnny's daggers go skittering around the living room, one even makes it's way into the hallway before he can even grasp what has happened. As the maniac wipes his eyes on the back of an arm, he looks towards Sun and manages to scream, "I WAS TRYING TO RESSURECT TABITHA, BITCH!" before Devi starts attacking. He manages to go for a ducked roll towards one dagger and franticly looks for the other before realising he can summon them. Just as he makes lifts his hand to make the guesture the blade comes at his head forcing him to jerk back and hit his head against the wall. From out of the hallway comes the two doughboys, a knife in the hand of Fuck, and one being pulled out of the head of Psycho. "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Looks like we got a homecoming, oh deedydo!" The voice comes the second the dagger is pulled out. Fuck, or Mr Eff for the sake of the children here, twists his kitchen knife as he stomps towards Johnny. "Oh yes. But starting over again is hardly fun. JOHNNY KILL THE WHORING CUNTS! After all these years of searching they're gonna-!" Johnny doesn't even want to bother with these two again. They wheren't his goal. His powers strengthened without the loss of control from causing the sleeping girl to bleed, his shadow stretches forth and vines with teeth and sawblades come up from the floor, ripping the two to shreads AGAIN. Johnny looks at Sun and twitches. "GET OFF HER!"

Sun snarls as Devi's beam hits her in the right wing, causing a large chunk of it to disintigrate. She turns a deathglare to Devi, and this time, it doesn't stop at the deathglare. In place of her wing comes a large aura of purple energy, which flies right towards the girl, in attempts of knocking her out and knocking her out of the house. The only drawback is that she might get a broken bone in the process. Then, her glare is turned to 'Nny. "Well when you FREAK OUT and start putting your daggers on her, I tend to FREAK OUT and think you're trying to do something WRONG. I TOLD you I would HELP YOU revive Tabitha, but NOT LIKE THIS. She doesn't need a clone of Sam's body, she needs her own damn body. And OBVIOUSLY WHEN YOU BRING THOSE FUCKING KNIVES NEAR HER, BAD THINGS HAPPEN." She flares what's left of her wings, still shielding Lee with her own body. "Seems that she has a worse effect on you than she does on me...I'm taking her to MY apartment, where NOTHING like this shit will happen."

Devi is knocked back, but nothing is broken. She flys right over poor Squee and slams her head against the sidewalk, sending her reeling, as her vision blues upon the darkend sky. Finally her brain gives up, sending her deep into the levels of unnatural sleep. If she were awake, she'd cuss, then admit to herself that she didn't expect that kind of response. But Alas, she's out cold. And after training for a day or so, her body is extremely tired and willing to take any excuse to rest, weather Devi likes it or not. And she most certianly does not.

Squee watches in amazement and abject fear as Devi goes flying over his head, and Noodle Boy between his legs "EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" is all that escapes the poor boys mouth as he drops to the ground, clutching Shmee for dear life. There is a *THUD!* as Devi hits the ground behind him, and he turns to give her a look. But that damned Shmee has other plans. "Are you sure she's okay? She doesn't look fine. Shmee.. I don't like this idea.." He turns around once more, and starts into the house, because Shmee said thats just what he should do.

Johnny's anger reaches it's peak. He lifts off the floor, the darkness on his body changing to blood. Blood which continuisly drips off of his body and onto the floor while it pulsates around him as if being pumped directly from his heart. His now black eyes glare at Sun and from every crack in the walls and floor still more blood begins to flow. Poor Squee he should have checked on Devi. In a deep voice that echoes from every corner of the house he screams, "PUT HER DOWN!!" His mind, aside from blind rage focuses on the promise he'd made to protect Samantha to Terry. From out of the pool of blood at his feet that was his shadow come those tenticled claws and sawblades which wind themselves around the maniac's arms and legs, each snapping and whirrling towards the dragoness. Obviously he means buisness this time...

Sun sneers. "No can do, nutso. If being around her makes you forget who your friends are...then you DEFINATELY can't have her." She suddenly pushes Lee down...and she dissapears beneath the blood and into the stone, seeming to sink into the ground itself. She then stands, soaked in blood, with one wing no more than a skeletal claw-looking thing, missing the thin membrane which actually lets her fly. "Now...if you want to fight me, I won't hold back. At all. If you want to get ahold of yourself, then I would prefer that to destroying your house and killing you." She bares her fangs, wings flared, the scales on her tail poofed up. She can play the intimidation game, too.

Poor Squee, all he ever gets is scared and traumatized. Some kids go on to be doctors and lawyers, but Squee, he gets to be scared shitless. "SQQQQQQUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" is all that can be heard from him after stepping into the house. In one corner, theres Nny with bloody/darkness tentacle thingies, and in the other, is the hermaphroditic dragon thingy, and both seem totally intent on killing the other. But lo, there is a voice. A new one at that. "I wouldn't suggest killing him you stupid bitch. He's needed more then a cheap dragoness whore." This of course, gets a really fearful look from poor Squee, as he seemingly drops Shmee.. Wait, Shmee actually talked?

A sickening grin spreads over Johnny's face as he hears her words. The smile hides his rage for removing Lee from his sight, but that hardly matters. The maniac has more than just power on his side. He drops down to the ground again, stepping towards Sun and avoiding the now-broken floor boards on the floor from her stunt. The vines continue to latch onto him and pull further and further from the bloody pool they originated from with no end in sight. Infact, more seem to come up from the pool and begin to absorb the walls of the room in the process. Leaning on one leg he holds his arms out in a mockery of a bow. "Fine. Kill me then, FIGMENT. But let's not forget the cost of such an act..." In response to his words Tabitha's form comes up from the pool of blood. She has no form, just a body of the red fluid. She cries out towards Sun before the vines drag her back down to which she came. Johnny's grin widens... ...and all action in the house stops with the speach from a teddy bear? Johnny turns his head towards the Trauma Sponge and sweatdrops. It takes him a good moment before he realises where it came from and looks up at Todd, tilting his head in the process. "Squee?? Did... uh, your parents get you that or something?" oO(Oh god. Not Squee... Don't let him be one of us too...)

Sun bares her fangs even further. "It is not my wish to kill you, Johnny. OR fight you. You're my FRIEND. And with Tabby...I can make her on my own, if I wish. Before she was destroyed, I made a copy of her for myself. I was merely hoping to collaborate with you on recreating her. A token of friendship, if you would." She taps her head. As Shmee speaks, her tail swishes in agitation, eyes still upon Johnny. "WHY does everyone call me a whore?! I'm the LEAST whorish person in Twisted! Yeah, so things happened with Tabby, but I was fucked up in the head!" She scowls. Doesn't take her eyes off 'Nny, though.

Squee seems to shake worse then he ever has in the past. Before, it was only him who could hear Shmee, and possibly Nny, but now, everyone can hear him, and it seems that he's said something really bad. "S..Shmee.. You really shouldn't say those things." "But I did Todd.. I'm your Trauma Sponge. I will never leave you. I'm only doing what's best for you.." Shmee doesn't move, but his voice still can be heard by all. "It will all be okay Todd. I'm here for you.. You trust me still, don't you?"

Johnny's ignoring Sun in favor of the nightmare playing out before him. An ironic way to put it given the horrors in the room already. This new flavor of nightmare strikes Johnny closest to home, though. "Uh... Squee? It might be time to get a new Mr Bear there... I'm not too sure you should be listening to it." Johnny looks up at Sun with a raised eyebrow as the last of her words hang in the air. He stands up straight and looks back towards the struggling form of Tabitha entangled in vains behind him. She blinks and flashes a guilty grin with a shrug of her shoulders. Johnny rolls his eyes at this silent conversation and turns back to Sun. "Anyways, your willing to cast her aside for yet another cheap imitation? Another clone for a girl that doesn't exist so you can leave this one locked within the horrors of MY skull? Sure. Tabby? No one likes you anymore." With a blood curddling scream all the vines and tenticles retract, dragging the blood-made girl back into oblivion. Once every trace of the event vanishes Johnny abruptly staggers, clutching his head as his thought fill with the moans of the tortured soul he'd created. "SHUT UP!!!" Stabbing himself in the leg he glares up at Sun, his body reverting to shadows once again. His face fueled by a new hatred. "Shallow bitch... I have to protect Sammy. I swore to Terry I would. She's not a dress up doll for your amusment. Leave her here or I swear to whatever fucking god you believe in that I'll lock you in a hell so deep nothing will be left of you..."

Sun narrows her eyes at 'Nny. "No. I DON'T want to cast her aside. I want the real her. She's a close friend to me..." She ignores Shmee, not really caring about the talking teddy bear right now. "She's not just a clone." As 'Nny assaults her with words, she smirks. "So kill me then. You're too obsessed with this shit. You forget...I LOVE Samantha. I'll protect her from anything and everything that may try to harm her...even herself. You, however...you seem to be getting addicted to the evil energies inside of her. You were putting your KNIVES on her...this isn't you, 'Nny. Whatever is inside of her has CHANGED you." She bares her teeth. "Go ahead. Kill me. I've already hidden her, AND taken measures to ensure that you won't be able to find her. She won't hurt me...if I can touch her mind without losing myself, then I can protect myself against her. The only thing touching her mind did to me was rooted my wicked sister's psyche deeper in my own mind." She slides back into a ready stance. "So go ahead and kill me."

Johnny glares coldly, "I've had about enough of this. Yeah, I 'put my knives on her' so what? They draw out negative energies. They draw them out and magnify them into the body of the weilder. Why d'ya think..." He pauses, smacking himself in the head. "Why DO YOU THINK I was trying not to stab her? I'm sure it was puncturing her that lead to the incident last night. Whatever is in her is dark, but that doesn't mean your suddenly some expert on the subject. I could get in her skull too but I have to wait until whatever Cale did to her fades enough for her to dream. Y'wanna run around thinking that..." He pauses showing clear irratation. "...that I'm some kind of loonatic? That friends don't matter? I have less friends than I do fingers and with good fucking reason. Terry and his daughter are the highest on that list. I MADE A PROMISE to them. I -can't- back down from that. If I broke promises you'd be dead already. I wouldn't be putting up with this BULLSHIT. I'd simply CUT the information out of you! I know more ways to torture someone than you could POSSIBLY imagine. Now BACK THE FUCK DOWN." Taking a deep breath he shakes his head and flexes his fingers one at a time. "I wanna get this woman out of my head anyways, I can't get her ta shut up..."

Sun remains in her defensive stance, smirking. "That doesn't mean I'm going to let you have her. You seem to forget the relationship I had with Samantha, Johnny...I loved her, and I still love her. I will keep her safe. But I can't trust you...you who were willing to attack me simply because I was getting in the way of you and your little energy boost. I won't attack." Suddenly, she relaxes. "I won't even defend. I WILL protect Samantha. I love that woman...I've had lovers die in the past, but none of them stuck with me like SHE did. I could have moved on...but I didn't. I spent two years looking for her. And this place is NOT the place for her to stay, when she is in her current state. You saw it. Happy Noodle Boy even came to life when she was in here. Believe me, I have nothing against you...but I fear for your safety more than I fear for hers, if she would be kept in here. If you wish to kill me for that, then please do." She closes her eyes. "I will help you create a new body for Tabitha. I admit, I was confused when you first created her...I wanted her to be a replacement for Sam. I'm done with that, now. I know more than anything, Tabby isn't Sam. Tabby is her own person...and someone who is dear and close to me as a friend." She opens her eyes, waiting to see what Johnny will do... Squee merely watches this unfold, still quite shocked at Shmee for actually speaking. He isn't sure as to how to handle this, and he does what he normally does in this situation. He picks up Shmee, and bolts, running away in utter fear.

Johnny twirls his daggers, that's what he does. Twirls them like a gunslinger. He does this as Squee bolts from the room. Catching the hilts he grips them tightly after a few seconds, pointing at the room with his weapons. "What you saw wasn't the fault of her being here. That was a side effect of me stealing some of that power and keeping myself from getting taken over by it again." He scowls at himself arguing the fact that he's wasting time with this conversation. "This house has a wall in the basement that once held another wastelock. Wastelocks are made to absorb negative energies and store them. Once they fill they explode letting whatever demons they've created loose in the world, and then the world is rebooted like a fucking cosmic plunger. Those are my demons. Those are what keep me up at night. That wall is empty because I've been draining it for years ever since it got the better of me and -I- was used to flush it out the first time. I brought her here because of that. Because I'm going to fucking feed whatever is in her to the wall and flush it out of her once I can work out how to do so without killing myself or unleashing something WORSE into this world. If you keep her locked away there's NOTHING to prevent that darkness from getting loose. Here, there are prisons for it. It might not be the fucking Holliday Inn, but it'll keep her alot safer than you could. That darkness might consume her soul. Ever think of that?"

Sun's eyes hood. "Considering the fact that it's been two years...considering what I saw when I touched her mind...if it was going to happen, it would've already. I'll let you do what you need to do...but I want to protect her, as well. So let's compromise. I will keep her, and I will contain her. Believe me...I have my means. I know what you mean by a wastelock...I was almost on an intimate level with THE wastelock of all wastelocks. And you...you can do whatever it is that you need to do. But I want to keep her with me." Her expression wavers. "Please...at least let me have this, 'Nny...let me play a part in this."

Johnny does what he does best, he screams. Not the normal intelligent screaming either. He screams in pain as the lone voice in his head, now the only voice not attached to a physical form thanks to his awakening the house, screams violently into his skull. His one fear, loosing control, seems to be coming true as she struggles against his conciousness. Johnny drops his daggers, clutching his head, and drops to his knees. With his head down and his hair covering his face, the maniac suddenly speaks softly. "Fine. If she's so much more important to ya, take her." Johnny screams again, grabbing his daggers off the floor and jerking to his feet. "SHUT UP!" Tripping over the remains of his desk he vanishes into the darker corners of his house letting loose a whole new series of screams from the revised monsters that lurk below...

Sun watches in silence...then, with a sigh, she turns. Lifting one hand, Devi is absorbed into the ground, and deposited neatly within the doorway of the house. At least she can protect the dumb girl from the elements. With that, she silently walks out, closing the door behind her.

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