2007-07-31 (PreU) Premonitions

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Summary: Sun has a bad dream and opts to take it as a sign of things to come. Tabitha decides breakfast is more important. Good times.

Who: Sun, Tabitha
When: July 31st, 2007
Where: Sun's Apartment - Bedroom


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Sun's Apartment - Bedroom

A quaint little bedroom; a queen-sized bed rests to the left of the door, done up in rather nicely decorated blue sheets. Next to this is a night stand with a lamp, and alarm clock, and a few other little trinkets. Across from the bed is a simple dresser, which has a few cosmetic items on top, as well as a mirror above it. And, next to that (with space for the closet full of girl's clothing) is a desk with a lamp and a pencil holder on it. Simple, not very decorated, but nice all the same. Across the hallway is the bathroom, which is small but functional.

A lazy day, it is. The dragoness can be found curled up in bed, her wings currently not present, though her tail is curled around her like a cat's would; she sleeps fitfully, her head shaking a bit, an occasional moan or implied protest escaping her throat, and she seems to be soaked in a cold sweat. Seems she's having a nightmare.

Tabitha is awake, like always. She's in the living room with the daggers drawn. Her body is black and the girl is hovering in the air in much the same way bricks don't. The TV is on, mostly to cover her noise as she thrashes around stabbing invisible things in her mind. No, she's not hallucinating. She's training for lack of a better term. Finally she pauses and flings a dagger at the television. The dagger stops just before hitting the screen and floats a second before the girl yanks her hand back, bringing back the weapon with it somehow. Dropping back to the floor she smiles and turns her attention to Sun's door wondering how much longer she'll be sleeping. Padding barefooted accross the carpet, Tabitha creeks open the door and glances around. The sound of the dragoness moaning catches her attention and the girl pushes the door open the rest of the way. "Sun-chan? You alive in 'ere?"

Sun suddenly sits up straight in bed, gasping a bit. She pants for a moment, staring at Tabby as though she's...frightened. Then, she shakes her head, closing her eyes. Her wings reappear upon her back, drooping slightly. "Yeah...I'm alive, I guess." She mumbles, lifting a hand and wiping her forehead with the back of it. "Just a nightmare..."

Tabitha jumps a bit when Sun bolts upright. The look on her face reminding the girl to put away her daggers, the darkness surrounding her vanishing. She relaxes a bit when Sun does the same, but her words force her to raise an eyebrow. "A bad dream, huh? Ya wanna talk about it? Might make ya feel better..."

Sun shivers for a moment, looking down at the bedspread, for a moment. "...It's not like any dream I've had before..." She looks up at Tabby silently, thoughtfully, for a moment. "I...think something bad might happen. Soon." She closes her eyes for a moment, before hopping out of bed, running a hand through her hair.

Tabitha takes a step further into the room unconciously, but hesitates once feet hit the floor. Her words don't exactly fill the girl with confidence. Taking a deep breath she leans against the wall beside the door. Suddenly a smirk crosses her features, "Well yea, like we told th' monkey boy... th' world's gonna end soon. We knew that much already!" Her smirk is shortlived though, for once she stops talking seriousness resumes and the girl stares at the floor unsure of what to say or do.

Sun smirks half-heartedly, opening her eyes to stare at the ground. "I didn't take that completely seriously...but I'm pretty sure it's going to happen, now." She sighs. "I don't know for sure...but I think I have more than one force out to get me right now...and I think it's more than I can handle, any more." She smirks. "Maybe..." . o O ( Maybe I'll finally get to rest... )

Tabitha looks up again as Sun speaks. The seriousness continuing to remain on the girl's face. She's still at a loss for the most part so she decides to do the most logical thing she can. Change the subject. "...maybe we should wake up an' get some breakfast, huh? Ya shouldn't dwell on it. Probably just a dream anyways. This place is weird enough as it is without dreams makin' it weirder..."

Sun smiles softly, nodding. "Hai...let's just...forget about it for now." She nods slowly, and stands, stretching. "Nnn...where you wanna go for breakfast, kiddo?"

Tabitha tilts her head to the side and stares. "Wow... ya make it sound like we actually have choices." Grinning again finally, the girl shrugs. "I don't care. I've just been gettin' bored bein' th' only one awake. I'll say that about livin' at Devi's... it's never boring. People where always comin' an' goin'..."

Sun runs her fingers through her hair, chuckling softly. "Usual, I take it? Not like there's much else to eat 'round here." Her ears twitch a bit, and she strides over to the mirror, picking up the hairbrush and running through her hair. "I don't force you to stay here, you know..."

Tabitha lets out a bit of a sigh as her head drops again. "Yeah... I know..." She remains silent as she tries to put her thoughts in order. "I... uh... really didn't have anywhere ta go. I don't know if I'm even welcome at Devi's place. You an' her are the only people I really know around 'ere." The girl blushes a little bit. "Plus... I mean, I d-don't know if it's just from havin' a diffrent perspective or what, but... ya don't seem as bad as ya did before. I c'n remember ya bein' all selfish an' mean an' all... but since that first night on th' roof it seems like ya changed somehow..." She lets out a heavy sigh wondering if she's said too much. "I-I'm sorry. Maybe I shoulda left after all..."

Sun smiles sadly, listening to Tabby in silence as she prepares to go out, adjusting her hair and clothes. "It's okay...but...I think someone may have messed with your memories." She sighs a bit. "I don't think I've ever been cruel to you...I have never tried to control you." She chuckles a bit. "Anyhow...shall we go get food?"

Tabitha headtilts again wondering how someone could take the subject so lightly. "Maybe..." The chuckle takes her completly off guard, and with an eyebrow raised once more she shrugs, "Um.. yeah. I guess so if ya still want to." She turns to grab her stuff from the living room, and returns shortly there after. "Umm.... Sun? C'n I ask ya somethin'? Would you rather I just stick ta callin' ya Sun? I-I know I keep callin' ya Sun-chan fer some reason an' after all our jokin' about... " Her face reddens and the girl shakes her head quickly. "Wait, nevermind. I'm bein' stupid. Let's just go."

Sun chuckles. "Don't worry about it, aiji." She smiles, offering the girl her hand. Something's different about her...she seems much more weary, much more drained. She appears healthy, but the way she acts, the quiet tone she speaks in, says differently.

Tabitha nods her head, blushing again at the laugher. She does notice that something seems off almost as if it where something tugging on the back of her mind, part of the reason she felt such a question important. It's almost as if she where unconciously trying to tie off loose ends. With a deep breath she takes Sun's offered hand and tilts her head. "So, how're ya gonna go about it today? Seems like ya always got some new way of gettin' us there."

Sun grins. "Well...we've done earth and air...how about water?" She grins, and walks the girl...into the bathroom, where she turns on the faucet for the bathtub, starting to fill it with water. "This will be fun..."

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