2007-06-10 (PreU) Housekeeping?

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Summary: So.. RECON MISSON! Devi goes off to reclaim the comatose Lee.

Who: Devi, Samantha, Sun, Tabitha
When: June 10th, 2007
Where: Sun's Apartment: Living Room


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Sun's Apartment: Living Room

A quaint little place; a couch is along the wall to the left, which is next to a rather nice looking Laz-Y Boy recliner/rocker; on a table is a modest sized television, complete with a PS2, VCR, and DVD player. A kitchen is set off to the right, large enough to make food, and have a table in the dining area. And then there's a window along the wall to let light in. Tidy, quaint...looks like the tennant rarely 'LIVES' here. A little hallway leads to the master bedroom door to the left, and the bathroom across from that, and between those lies the door to a spare bedroom.

Aaah, a peaceful day in Sun's abode! The dragoness is lounging on the couch, tail wrapped around her leg, watching Alpha Dogs on DVD. "Mmm, that Justin Timberlake is too handsome for a human. Maybe I should find him and eat him." She chuckles, tucking her arms behind her head and lounging, some more. Sure, she talks alot about eating humans nowadays, but at least she doesn't follow through with it.

The quiet hallway of Integra Arm's Hotel is somewhat serene to a normal person, but for the people that call this place home, Serene is the last thing that would come to mind. Devi D steps out from her own apartment, a twisted and crazed grin on her face. Flexing her slender, paint-covered hands, she cackles and skips down to apartment 2E. Suddenly, Devi is now wearing a standard uniform for the Girl Scouts of America(tm), and holding a box of cookies. She composes herself, and puts on the cutest face she can, readjusting her sunglasses every few minutes. Lifting a curled fist, she knocks politly on the door, and holds the box of cookies up to the peephole, covering it's total view.

Sun blinks at the knock, hopping up. She sniffs a bit, and stalks towards the door, peering through the peephole...and spotting cookies. "I don't WANT any cookies!!! Didn't I tell you stupid little fucks that if you came to my door one more time, I was going to EAT YOU? Go away before I decide to make good on that threat!" She screams this through the door, not opening it. "Stupid girl scouts. Only thing they're good for is eating." She grumbles this under her breath, tail lashing behind her as she waits for the stupid girlscout to leave. ._.;

Tabitha lounges in the recliner and had finally, for the first time on Twisted, started dozing off. She was almost completly asleep when she hears Sun screaming. Instinct makes her open her eyes, hand reaching for a weapon that she doesn't have on her. She stares at the door, confused. Then her eyes start to droop again. "Huh? Wha?? Eating...? Who's at the door Sun-chan?"

Devi grins, and very painfully supresses a giggle. Taking a deep breath, she replaces the look of innocence and ignores Sun's screaming, choosing insead to knock on her door again, this time louder. *HOUSEKEEPING!!*

Sun scowls, her tail still lashing behind her. "Another stupid girl scout. This is the fourth time this month!" She glares at the door as another knock sounds. "Okay, kid, you asked for it! I gave you a warning, now I'm not responsible for what happens!" She rears back, and aims a punch at the door! Luckily, the door doesn't break, her arm instead sliding smoothly through the wood...and right out the other side, aimed either at Devi's throat or her boobs. Whichever comes first. c_c "When I say go away, I mean go away! I'm trying to enjoy some time with my girl, and I don't need stupid children interrupting that!" >_<

Tabitha sweatdrops heavily as Sun attacks the door. She makes herself stand up, walking towards the door with her head turned sideways. "Um, Sun? Don't go killing kids. It's not their fault they're annoyin'." The girl then slumps against the wall nearby, still not fully awake yet. She tries to figure out if she needs to go get her stuff from the other room, but at the same time her mind's trying to superimpose a dream of going and doing just that making things even more confusing for her.

With a resounding, crazy giggle that echos throughout this level of the building, there is an auidible POP. If Sun were to peek again out her peephole, she'd still see the box of cookies. The knock comes again, though this time from Sun's bathroom door. The bolt lock on Sun's door soundlessly starts turning, slowly so as not to be noticed. Devi thinks to herself *This is most awesome.*

Sun snorts. "Not gonna kill 'em. Just gonna knock them around a bit." Then, the giggles sound, and Sun pulls her arm back through the door, blinking a bit. "...Okay, guess it's not one of the girl scouts. Damn, I was hoping to have a nice meal..." She frowns, her tail suddenly snaking its tip into the ground, and her eyes closing...and suddenly, the apartment seems to be a lot more alive, the walls practically breathing...

Tabitha starts to doze again when the wall moves. Startled she pushes off of it and looks around, more confused. She barely has time to realise what's going on when everything seems to be moving and she hears giggling from... somewhere. The girl's ears twitch as she looks around franticly. "Wha' tha hell is going on??" Yes, well, she's awake now even if her mind is convinced otherwise.

Nothing out of the ordinary! Sun will feel her apartment as it always has been, as she knows it. The only thing she might notice is the door bolt. Other then that... Nothing. But this time though, the door bolt has fully unlocked. The crazed giggle sounds off again, this time, more locally, inside the apartment. "HousssseKeeping." The voice is deep, obviously male, and the S is drawn out, much like a snake sound. All of the door seem to have someone knocking on the other side, just out of sight and in Sun's case, feel.

Sun blinks, pulling her tail from the ground and glaring at the door. "...I have a feeling I'm going to need to remodel after today. At least, I think that's what the hell is going on...go get your sword, Tabby." With a scowl, she reaches down, swinging the door open...

Tabitha franticly looks back at Sun, unsure of what to do. Wow, but Sun's never used that voice before either. Leaping and rolling when she lands she dodges into the bedroom, grabbing her katana and rushing back into the living room with it drawn. "So? Sun? We piss someone off lately?" Then of course, that influence from the maniac HAS to show itself an a most inapropriate time. "You did pay tha 'lectric bill this month, right?" She grins, but it comes off more manic than sarcastic, probably because of the unusual focus coming from her eyes...

As Sun swings the door open, her bedroom door is shut simultaniously and she's greeting by... a box of cookies, hovering in front of her peephole and nothing else. Every other door in the place opens if it was closed, and closes if it was opened. The TV sparks on, sounds of static blare out, though the screen itself stays dark. The voice calls out again, "I hope you've had fun... You have something that was entrusted to me." The giggle echos out above the sound of the TV.

Sun blinks. Her tail snakes into the ground once more...and in the spare bedroom, where Lee is (the door was luckily closed), the ground pretty much reaches out, swallowing Lee and the bed she sleeps on. "I don't think I pissed anyone off...just paid all of the bills." She frowns. "Stupid crazy people attacking me...hope you've been practicing, Tabby." She holds her hand over her jeweled bracer, pulling a rather long, deadly-looking katana out of it and glaring around.

Tabitha nods her head as she holds the dagger out ahead of her and ready. Even her tail stands still as she waits for whatever this is to show itself. "Well, it's not Nny. I c'n tell ya that much." Her eyes dart back and forth as she stands impatiently. "Does kinda feel like it though. WHO ARE YA?? Why're you hidin'?" ... A cheesy WOOSH comes from the corner of the room, where a figure appers. Dressed in a cowled white kimono, hands neatly folded, the figure is very demure. She says, "I come with a message. Of Love... and Peace..." Throwing her head back, the cowl falls back reveling Devi. Her purple hair is down, sunglasses glinting in the soft light of the apartment, and a twisted smile on her lips. The TV still roars static, but Devi's voice seems to be heard even over it, through she wasn't shouting at all.

Sun blinks as Devi makes her enterance, her eyelids drooping. "Haven't you learned your lesson YET, bitch?" She frowns, pointing the tip of the long katana at the girl. "Out of my apartment, before I have to kill you." She scowls, her entire body relaxing into a loose fighting stance.

Tabitha was expecting alot of things, but Devi coming in completly throws her expectations out the window. She stammers, "D-Devi?? How'd you pick up a..." She doesn't get any farther as Sun makes her threat. Tabitha lowers her weapon slightly as she looks on. She still wants to consider the apparently insane girl a friend, even despite everything that happened. Then again, that could also be more of someone's left over influence...

Raising her hand in mock fright to her mouth, Devi gasps. "Oh no! Kill me? Oh my, but what have I done wrong?" Her face twitches as she fails to hold her rouse, she grabs her stomach as she starts cackeling. "Oh my indeed. Kill me... mmm." If her eyes were visable, they'd narrow and glint, but once the gales of laughter fades away, her face is left with a self satisfied smirk. " I don't think so. At anyrate. HOUSEKEEPING!!" With this, she vanishes and re-appers by the bathroom door, dressed in a frenchmaid's outfit. "You've got a big ball of nasty stuff around here, and I'm here to help you get rid of it. Isn't that nice of me?" ^_^ Her tone is oddly super happy, right out of some weird anime with little highschool girls or something.

Sun arches a brow. "Too late, Devi. I already cleaned it up." She narrows her eyes. "'Nny can get at Sam any time he wants, but I'm watching her. Not you, y'crazy bitch. Who knows what you'd do with her." She turns the sword towards the girl as she seemingly teleports over to the bathroom door, keeping on the ready. "No need for housekeeping when you can do it yourself. So please, do leave."

Tabitha continues to hesitate. Something in her mind is urging her to find out exactly what's going on before acting. She weighs the options of waiting and then tries weakly to convince herself that waiting isn't that bad of an option. oO(Sun-chan can defend herself after all...) Her sword lowers just a little bit more as she looks on. Nasty stuff? Sam? With each sentence she gets a little more confused as to which side she needs to stand on. Damn these moral delimas.

Devi smirks, and suddenly is back in her pants, boots, and tanktop. Walking lazily towards Sun, she grins. "Johnny can't get Sam anytime he wants. The Johnny you know is no longer here. SO!" Devi bares her teeth in something resembling a grin and continues. "I am here to collect her." Waving her hand dismissivly at Sun, Devi turns towards the tv and turns it off. "At any rate, Sweetheart, you can't wake her up. I can. That spell that was used, is beyond your ability to break. Other wize you would have broken it, yes? I mean, whats the point of having a girlfriend, if you can't have a small harem of then? Nevermind, retorical question." Devi crosses her arms and waits for Sun to do something then run her mouth and flex her muscles.

Sun narrows her eyes, sword still stretched out towards Devi. "Like I said. Sam isn't here. And I don't think you'll be able to find her. She's hidden." She tenses further. "I haven't broken it due to the mental state that she's in. It doesn't exactly appear to be safe for the population of this world for me to set her loose."

Tabitha nervously blinks and steps forwards, interrupting the conversation. "Wait. What's this about Johnny?? He ain't dead or somethin' is he?" Strange, Sun's being threatened and she's more concerned about Johnny. Then again, there is that whole confidence about Sun defending herself to contend with. Tabitha seems genuienly concerned, but at least she's not stupid enough to put her weapon away yet.

Devi says, "No no, not dead..... To some it would be like death, I suppose... but no, he hasn't stopped functioning." Looking back at Sun, Devi continues her proding. "You see, I'm giving you a choice. Give me Lee, or I go and take Lee. And trust me.." Devi leans in, insanity filling what can be seen of her face. "I'll have no problem locating her. That much darkness and evil? Easy as pie."

Sun narrows her eyes, her relaxed fighting stance snapping into a much more tense one. A smirk appears on her face, as her eyes begin to fade from blue to purple. "Nah...you won't find her. You're talking to a dragon...and an old one. You'll have to kill me before you can find 'er." She chuckles, a strange darkness coming over her voice. "You don't want to fuck with me today, Devi...Tsuki hasn't tasted blood in a while."

Tabitha was about to try to talk Sun into cooperating when the threats start fighting again. Tabitha sweatdrops heavily. "Hey, maybe we should all settle down, huh? If Devi here can really wake me... her up, shouldn't we let her? What's the point of fightin' over this? Aint it more cruel to let 'er keep sleepin'?"

Devi says, "Oh... tsk tsk.. You think I am just a tiny hu-man girl now, oh old as fuck one? You are severly mistaken. And where might Tsuki be? She and I didn't get properly introduced and I'd hate to miss out on meeting a friend." Devi idly wonders if Momo would enjoy helping her. But the tiny priest is probably having her own fun, so Devi need'nt share. Outside, random bricks start to wedge themselves out of the wall in front of Sun's apartment, and stack themselves neatly on the sidewalk below. Meanwhile, upstairs.... "Plus, I don't think I'm the only one who's ready to see you free of Samantha. After all, it must be hard to live with someone who has your double in the next room, don't you think Tabitha? After all, knowing that her love is split between you, well you and Sam, you and...your.....whatever."

Sun narrows her eyes at Devi, sword still at the ready...but she DOES listen to Tabby. "If...IF I let you have Sam...you have to promise me that you won't harm her, at all...and if she wakes up and goes postal, you HAVE to let me know so I can get her back under." She sneers.

Tabitha puts her hand on Sun's shoulder approvingly, although yes... her sword is still drawn. Why is that? Is she expecting something bad? Maybe just the general vibe in the air is telling her to remain on guard. It's not like she can FEEL it. She's not a wastelock too... is she?

The bricks stop, and slowly start going into reverse, one after the other set back in it's rightful place on the wall. "If you were to let me have Sam, these are things I would indeed promise. No harm, and you'd be first on my list of notify if she wakes up." Devi's tone swtiches from mocking to serious at this statement. Not slimy, like a car salesmen or anything. Just Serious. "If you wanted me to swear my words upon, oh, my only link to my homeworld, I would." She stops, waiting for Sun's decison.

Sun watches Devi quietly for a long moment, eyes still narrowed...then, she lowers her sword (though she doesn't put it away yet), holding out one hand. "Shake on it. And swear on it, as well." She still looks slightly unconvinced, but willing to try. "I don't want one hair on Sam's head hurt..." She gently wraps her tail around Tabby's leg, in a loving gesture, though only briefly, in case something happens...

Tabitha relaxes slightly at Sun's touch and suggests, "Look, I've got no problem goin' along for the ride y'know. I could watch over... um... Samantha if nothin' else. Not like I sleep much anyways." oO(Although I was SO close >.<) She tries to look into Devi's face to see her reaction. "That way everyone could just relax an' be done with it, yeah? I need ta explain myself to 'er anyways..."

Devi nods solemly and extends her hand to shake while saying,"I, Devi, do swear on Johnny, Tenna and my..life.. that no harm shall come to the persons in question, and that, upon her awakening, Sun and Tabitha shall be of the first informed." Thankfully, there is no joking, mocking, or sarcastic tones, proving that she is not playing aroud when giving her word. "Does that satisfy the reqiurments?" Devi's face says nothing to Tabitha, nor would the reflection off her sunglasses either.

Sun grasps Devi's hand, shaking it and nodding slowly. . o O ( Sorry, Tsuki. I had to make a deal, for Tabby... ) *Bitch...I was looking forward to tasting some blood.* While her hand is grasping Devi's, she does a quick mental search, to ensure that Devi does not intend upon decieving her...

Tabitha frowns as her suggestion seems to go upon deaf ears. She has a right to be in this conversation, damnit. She puts her sword away seeing Sun reach out to shake hands, and crosses her arms in frustration a second later. oO(I'm gonin' along anyways. Jus' try 'n' stop me...)

The mind is a difficult thing to navigate, considering the drastic change in this one. But Sun does find the answer she's looking for. Devi will hold true to her word, and will keep Sam safe. Letting go of Sun's hand, Devi steps back and says,"So, where is she?"

Sun nods slowly. "Tabby, you can go along, if you wish...though I would rather have you by my side in this time. I also worry...I don't want you getting hurt again." She frowns at Devi, before closing her eyes...and suddenly, an entire bed surfaces from the apartment floor. On that bed is Lee, with plenty of wards placed around her. Looks as though it'll be difficult to touch the girl through those. Sun frowns, reaching out with her tail and beginning to rip each ward from it's spot on the sheets and on the girl's sleeping form...

Tabitha nods at Sun's words, not that they have any bearing on what she'd already decided. As the bed materialises she turns and stares at it nervously. It's always unsettling to stare at.. it. At her. The fact that for some reason she seems completly human makes it more unsettling. Her hand grips the hilt of her weapon tighter.

Devi camly waits until Sun finishes removing all the wards and walks over to look at Lee, nodding, she picks Lee up carefully as if to pointedly show Sun that she will indeed take care of her. "Lovley doin busniess with ya." The Front door remains open as Devi heads out into the hall way and towards her own apartment, a smile on her face as she pads away.

Sun watches silently, her eyes narrowed. "Take care of her!!!" . o O ( I wish I could keep her...but I can't help her without letting Tsuki take over...and if she gets full control, there's going to be trouble... ) She frowns a bit, and glances to Tabitha. "Go with her if you wish, love..." She reaches out, wrapping one arm gently around the girl's shoulders, planting a kiss on her forehead. "If anything happens, you find me and tell me...okay?"

Tabitha nods at Sun and bolts out the door silently before Devi can fully vanish into her apartment. Something about all this is starting to not sit right with her. Something feels... off. But, that's yet to be seen hasn't it?

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