2007-07-21 (PreU) Embracing the darkness...

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Embracing the darkness...

Summary: Sun and Tabitha not only find each other, but drive each other far over the edge. Only dark things can come from this, and one of those dark things is named Tsuki...

Who: Momo, Sun, Tabitha, Tsuki
When: July 21st, 2007
Where: Integra's Arms - Roof


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Integra's Arms - Roof

A simple rooftop without any noticable diffrences from the roofs of any other building. It's flat. It over looks the city ruins. It has scortch marks from some unseen battle. Wait, that last one is a bit diffrent, huh?

For once, there's a bit of a sunset on Twisted. A rare occasion, indeed, for this strange world. On the rooftop sits Sun, gazing at the strange beauty of a super cloudy sunset, looking deep in thought. Nowadays, her eyes are heavily tinged purple, with the normal blue beginning to fade out more and more, and her hair, which once had black streaks in it, now has chunks of silvery-white mixed in. Her wings are larger than normal, and the blue seems to have darkened a bit, as well. . o O ( All alone again...and still no word on Sam... ) * You have me now, sister... * . o O ( I do have you, as little a comfort as that is...at least I can talk to someone. Most people would call me crazy. ) * But we both know you're not. *

The elevator doors are pushed open and a pair of bright eyes peer out. Apparently they find what they where looking for as Tabitha steps out onto the roof. Her eyes the familar red that comes after a fierce flow of tears. With a little bit of fear in her voice she calls out, "...Sun-chan?" As if to accent her new age, a small doll is cradled in her arms tightly like the problems of the world could be solved just by holding it close. The girl's knuckles are white from the sheer force she grips her new toy with, and her hands and legs are visibly shaking. "...S-sun?" She nearly runs to the dragoness, but stops a few feet short nervously. Strange...

The dragoness blinks as she hears a child-like voice, as though coming from a trance. She scans the horizon with her purple-tinged eyes, before her eyes find the child. For a moment, she merely stares, as though she's looking through to the child's very soul. Then, she blinks, and smiles a small, weak smile. "Hey there, Tabby...what's wrong?" She shifts, her wings folding tighter behind her, tail wrapping around an ankle. She looks strange. Even her skin seems paler than normal. She looks so much more different than normal...

Tabitha has seen so many weird things in the past day or so that she barely questions Sun's changes. She just holds the doll tighter and tries to force her eyes from blinking as they begin to water once again. "I... I think I'm loosin' my mind. I-It's like the stuff that was wrong with Johnny's head is takin' over or somethin'... I went into th' UR an' there where all these monsters, like zombies or somethin', an' they where trying ta kill me..." Her battle with her eyes turns out to be a failure as tears begin to flow down her cheeks. "T-then I tried to run, b-but th' alley I went into started changin', an' then there was this park an' it kept growing as we stood there..." Raising her hand, she wipes her eyes on the back of her arm and then returns to holding Momo tightly. "I.... I don't know what's goin' on anymore..."

Sun blinks, and suddenly, she's kneeling down, her wings stretched protectively around Tabitha. . o O ( Took her so long to come back...feels like people only want me around when they want me to take care of things... ) * Isn't that how it's always been, sister? People only like having us around when they need us...if they don't need us, we're nothing but a nuisance... * "I...I might be able to help..." She frowns, reaching out in hopes that Tabby will come for an embrace. . o O ( Why not fulfill my purpose in life and let another person use me? )

Tabitha's face softens as Sun reaches out to her. She releases the doll with one hand and starts to try to reach out to her... Momo's hair however shifts unaturaly, and the grin on her face seems to widen slightly. Tabitha's eyes grow wide with panic as the woman kneeling before her's face splits open revealing the bleeding skull beneath the skin. Sun's wings become nightmarish insects clinging to the bones that make up the shape of them. With a histerical scream she clutches the doll tighter and stumbles backwards onto the roof top, which opens up to swallow her sending her tumbling into the darkness below. Of course, Sun will see none of this, only a reach turned to frantic waving and the girl seeming to fall backwards and thrash histericly. Should Sun come to her side she'll open her eyes and scream even louder as the false winged Sun beast will be all she sees...

Sun blinks. Indeed, she moves to the child's side, reaching out to gently place a hand on Tabby's forehead...even without the contact, however, she reaches into the girl's mind with her own, casting up a few barriers to block outside influence. Sun's gentle, soothing voice sounds inside Tabby's head. ( Be calm, child...be calm. It is okay... ) Suddenly, an icy voice sounds, as if in response. * Typical. They reach out for help, then they become repulsed. None of them understand us... * ( Silence, Tsuki! ) Interesting...while Sun attempts to protect Tabby from Momo's influence, the girl gets a first-hand insight into the dragoness' mind, including the strange second mind within...

Tabitha's insight only drives the hallucinations further as the nightmare beast speaks with Tsuki's voice. The creature pushes it's clawed hand into the girl's skull and she spasms as intense cold floods into her temples. She reaches up, grabbing Sun's hand and jerking it off of her with all of the strength of her adult form. Standing over the beast's shoulders is the form of Samantha, laughing at her. "Oh come on, girl. Ya think ANYONE's gonna care about you? Ya shoulda known better than ta come 'ere. Sun loves ME, not you. You think she cares about ya? You think she loves you, even as some kinda mother? HAH! Johnny was right ta try an' kill ya. Yer a mistake! A cheap fake!" The Nekojin puts her hand on the shoulder of the Sun beast. "Just sit back an' let us unmake ya. You won't feel a thing when ya don't exist..." Tabitha's grip on Sun's arm will tighten as her free hand goes for one of the black bladed daggers, slicing the gripped arm if given a chance. "GET AWAY ME YOU MONSTER!!!! I HATE YOU!!! I HATE YOU AND ALL YER LIES!!!"

The dragoness blinks as the child grabs her arm, staring hard at her. Then, she offers a yelp, jerking her arm away as the girl slashes at her, pulling back. . o O ( Hate...she hates me. Just like always...I lose everyone I love without even trying... ) She frowns...and suddenly, the purple in her eyes creeps over the blues, leaving no trace of her original eye color...then, her hair loses all pigment, becoming a sparkling silvery color...then, quicker than most can blink, she's changed completely, from the gentle, motherly creature she seemed to be, albeit enstranged from the world...to a wicked-looking creature who appears to be the type who would sooner kill you than shake your hand...

Tabitha's illusion stops abruptly at that, leaving her holding the doll to her chest in one hand, and the dagger in the other. With Sun's change the dagger's blade begins to radiate black smoke which boils off into the air. The girl pants for breath as she kicks herself back from this waking nightmare. Her eyes are wide and tear stained as she looks around franticly. She looks up at the Sun's bleeding arm and then down to the blade in her hand and her hand begins to violently shake. "O-oh my god.. Oh my god! Sun!? I... I didn't..." The girl finally gets a good look at Sun's new form as she looks on and a whole new wave of fear washes over her. "...what happened? What did I do??"

Tsuki seems to completely ignore Tabitha for a long moment, lifting her arm gingerly and peeling the sleeve away from the gash in her arm. She smirks, flexing her fingers. Then, she moves her arm to her mouth, licking the blood once. "Hmm...that won't do..." That same cold, emotionless voice Tabby heard in her mind seconds ago. With the crackle of mending flesh, the gash closes, blood absorbing back into the woman's skin. She smirks, pulling her sleeve back down and arranging it carefully with her purple claw-like fingernails. Only then does she turn her frightening gaze towards Tabby, staring long and hard at the child. Then, a grin cracks her face, showing wicked sharp teeth where normal teeth would be. "What'd you do? You attacked my dear ol' sister when she was just trying to protect you from your delusions." She smirks, leaning down so she's eye-to-eye with Tabby, the piercings upon her wings jingling with the movement. "You finally did it! Finally gave her the push to pull away! You're lucky, though. Yer lucky she likes you so much, otherwise I would kill you right now. Your feeble attempts at wielding our millinia-old magics couldn't hope to stop me. But...Sun would be angry, so I'll go easy on you." She snickers, straightening up and crossing her arms.

At the sound of Tsuki's voice Tabitha's eyes manage to widen more, her jaw hanging loosely a moment. She seems rather content to just sit there and listen as her mind tries in vain to come to terms with exactly what is going on around her... until that 'go easy on you' comment sends her shoving herself up to her feet, holding that dagger protectively before her. The darkness pouring off the blade starts to stick to her hand and as she stands it begins to wrap itself around her arm, climbing ever higher with each passing second. "Your.... Your sister? Sun's yer sister? Wait, then that makes you...?" She's heard stories and knows fragments of conversations about her from various people, but not enough to recall her name. Not that it matters much as she's looming over her.

Tsuki smirks, her delicate features barely concealing her disdain for the child. Behind her, her tail whips about...at one point, it lashes at the stones on the rooftop, sending rock crumbling. "Tsuki. Sun's sister, and the last TRUE Black Dragon in existance. Granted, I'm somewhat limited by my sister's blue dragon blood...but that shouldn't be a problem, soon enough." She smirks, running the clawed fingernails of one hand beneath her own chin, looking the child up and down. "Don't expect to defy me. I'm just as much your mommy as Sun is. She used just as much of MY energy as she did her own." She chuckles merrily, casting her gaze over the city briefly. "How good it is to be free again...to no longer have Sun's controlling influence over me." She smirks over to Tabby, one hand on her hip. "Guess there's another reason to keep you alive. You're the one who enabled me to take over..."

Tabitha's body has grown competly black with the dagger's influence, only her now pupiless eyes and teeth are visible much like the maniac before her. She shakes her head slowly as her mind fights to keep her from going over the edge. "I... NO! I didn't want this... Bring her back! BRING HER BACK! I-I didn't mean to... I... she... She's all I have... all I have left..." The darkness seems to be reacting all on it's own as the girl lifts slightly into the air, the heels of her feet no longer touching the roof. Even with the changes to her, her eyes are still visibly watering, and tears seem to flow down her blackend cheeks.

And suddenly, the black blade of Tsuki's tail tip is pressed gently against Tabby's neck, enough for the child to be acutely aware of how sharp the blade is, but not firm enough to cause pain. "No...I don't think I will. You do understand...it's been centuries since I've been in control of my own organic body." She smirks. "Don't worry...this will all be temporary. As soon as I establish my own energies separate from Sun's...I will be out and on my own again." She smirks. "That could take weeks, months, even YEARS though...I reccomend you simply stand down for now. Your opinions matter not. I could easily kill you, but I loathe to see how angry my sister would be. She can get crazy when she's mad, you know..."

Tabitha's body stiffens up as the tail comes up against her. Her eyes seem to tremble at Tsuki's words. When she finishes talking Tabitha's eyes somehow dull and her body goes limp. Even though the dagger weilding hand drops to her side, the doll and the dagger continue to be held tightly. It only takes a moment, but the darkness starts to flare up burning like flames into the sky. The growing shadows around the two of them shift and begin to gather at Tabby's feet. Somehow the matching dagger appears in her other hand despite it's clutching of Momo and the girl's eyes go wide, her jaw dropping completly open. Even with Tsuki's tail pressed against her neck, she raises up a little higher into the air. The gathering shadows below her seem to grow and as they do the color begins to fade from the rooftop...

Tsuki sneers, pulling her tail away from the child's throat. The shadows, the girl's reaction, they seem to mean nothing to her. She shifts her wings, the piercings jingling a bit, and proceeds to primp, adjusting her outfit properly. After a moment of this, she finally turns her gaze towards Tabitha...and suddenly, she'd feel a horrible pain, like a cramp, running through her entire body. "Didn't I say..." The twinge of pain comes again, almost mind-numbing. "...Not..." Again it comes, like electricity. "...To FUCK with me?" She takes a step closer, her eyes gleaming with nearly murderous intent.

Tabitha screams as the pain intensifies. Her eyes seem to reclaim what it had lost to that dullness, but her body fails to respond. She shakes her head, striving to keep concious as she looks into those horrible eyes glaring back at her. The girl looks down at herself and with a face full of confusion she pleeds, "But.. I'm not! I sear! I... I'm..." The dagger in her free hand seems to move on it's own, dragging her hand behind it. The one holding Momo begins to shake violently but doesn't move. Tabitha begins to cry again as she shakes her head more franticly. "I DON'T UNDERSTAND! WHAT'S HAPPENING!?!?" The dagger shakes as well as her will tries to fight it's actions. Suddenly the shadows disapate from beneath her and the girl drops painfully onto the roof again, tumbling onto her hands and knees. The darkness doesn't fade from her body however, and as she lands the daggers seem to vanish. Convienent how that works, isn't it?

Tsuki smirks, sweeping towards the edge of the roof, her wings jingling as she moves. "By not fucking with me, I even mean making the floors turn black." She smirks, tail swishing behind her. "What's happening is, I'm in charge now, and I do things differently than Sun. And while Sun may tolerate your attitude and your running around on her..." She remains silent for a moment, before turning her gaze towards Tabby. "I won't. You were made with the old slave magic...and that's just what I intend to do." She chuckles, pacing lazily back towards the child. "You're just lucky you weren't made specifically from my power, or you would be nothing more than a puppet..."

Tabitha doesn't respond as she clutches herself tightly, tears streaming down her face from the pain and confusion running through her. Somehow the doll is still being held despite all this and infact, if she was aware enough to be asked, she doesn't even realise she's holding it anymore. Tsuki's words ring through her head almost as painfully as what she inflicted physicly moments before. oO(...a puppet...? That's what Johnny said...) Her mouth seems to try to form words but no sound comes out, instead she lets her head rest onto the rooftop and sobs.

Tsuki smirks. "I won't tolerate your idiotic actions any longer. I don't love much, if anything in this world, but I do love my sister. While I'm happy to say that I'm in control now...I'm sad to say that Sun has retreated into her mind of her own will, knowing fully that she was leaving me control again. It is truly an unfortunate event that you had to be the one to allow me this opportunity. I almost hoped it would be Sam...but it was you."

Tabitha simply continues to listen silently, wishing for her mind to fall back into unconciousness just to push it all away a little while longer...

Tsuki smirks silently, approaching the girl. "That said...I expect loyalty. I know you're working with alternate forces wanting to destroy my sister. If you ever do anything to purposely hurt her...I will kill you." She smirks. "That said...I have some exploring to do. Think on what I have told you." She sneers...and with a jingle and a heavy gust of wind, the dragoness is gone. To where, nobody knows...

As Tsuki vanishes, Tabitha's blissful unconciousness finally claims her. Nothing goes through her mind at all as the girl lays silently and alone with no one but Momo even caring about the state she's in. The doll's motivations for caring are anyone's guess, but they certainly aren't driven by any good intentions...

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