2007-03-22 (PreU) Nny's New Roommate

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Nny's New Roommate

Summary: So, Squee comes to visit Nny while he sulks and reminds him (somehow) that he is supposed to try to resurrect Tabitha. Things never go the way anyone plans...

Who: Johnny_C, Squee, Tabitha
When: March 22nd, 2007
Where: Domain of the Lost: Basement - 1st floor(#2171R)

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Domain of the Lost: Basement - 1st floor(#2171R)

You decend the stairs down into the darkness below the house. You turn on the light ro reveal a make shift work room. Bloody tools cover the walls and bits of rotten meat lay strewn about the floor. In the center of the room is a large wooden table - like a butcher's block. Covered with blood and clearly used to cut meat, several blades are stuck into the top of the table. The gore on the floor seems to lead to a ladder leading further down. This area seems to be diffrent from the rest of the house, almost like someone had built the house atop some long forgotten industrial complex. Wires and tubes come out of the walls and follow the path down, assumingly giving water and power to this lower area. A large sign is mounted just above this entryway that reads: DOWN. TORTURE ROOM VACANCY --15--.

Laying atop a blood stained table, the form of the maniac stares at the celing. He's been like this since yesterday. The sounds in the bowels of the house have quieted, the blood has dried, and the random living pictures have ceased moving. Johnny's daggers are nowhere to be found, but his face has paled more than usual. There's a half empty glass of something brown beside him with ice in it, so apparently he did move at some point. You'd hardly be able to tell looking at the way he's slumped...

The sound of footsteps walking down the stairs breaks the tranquil silence of the Homicidal Maniac's home. "Shmee.. This place scares me..." The poor boy, venturing so deep into the lair of a maniac. He must be brave, or stupid. He slowly steps into the room, and gives a small "Eeee..." of fear, as he stares at Nny on his table.

Johnny rolls his eyes upwards at the sound of the voice while tilting his head towards the stairs. "Ahh. Squee. So how goes the life of the deranged figment? Mr Bear still moving on his own? You have to watch for that." Johnny turns his head back and stares at the celing again. Letting out a deep sigh he waits for a response. Not that it matters if there is one or not. He'll stay like this the rest of the day if nothing else is said...

"Oh dear dear Johnny.. Such a poor fool.. Todd has nothing to fear from me.." Shmee seems to turn his head, and give Nny a very devious grin, before going silent once more.

Squee trembles slightly at Shmee's outburst, before moving further into the room. "Are.. you okay?" The boy seems to show a genuine display of concern for Nny. "..My mom and dad.. You haven't seen them here.. Have you?" It seems he's also been quite busy, searching for some form of normality besides the deranged serial killer.

Johnny blinks at turns his head towards the boy again. "No? Not at all? Your better off without them, you know." He stares a moment then finally sits up. "That's right, figments don't come pre-programed with knowledge. Then again, maybe your not a figment. But since there's a figment in my head right now, I can't really say." He grins at his own words and pushes his feet over the edge of the table. "This is a diffrent world. A place they call Twisted. People and places just randomly show up. You'll like it here. Not all the nightmares are scary." He watches Squee carefully, but a trained eye would notice he's watching the bear more than the boy. "Y'know, I had toys that would talk to me. They made me do bad things. Mr Bear ever tell you to do bad things?"

Squee nods his head softly. "Shmee tells me its for the best though.." He stands right before Johnny, and stares up at him. "Shmee says the bad things help, and will protect me from all the bad things that always happen to me.."

Johnny obviously watches Shmee now. "Kiddo, your walking in my footsteps. Tread carefully. You don't wanna turn out like me do ya?" He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath seemingly annoyed by something. The moment passes apparently because when he opens them again he's smiling. "You want to see a neat trick? I can make someone appear out of thin air!" With a flick of his wrist a black-bladded dagger, concealed in his sleave, appears in his hand along with a slight metallic *click*. "I've picked up all sorts of fun tricks, and I need ta get this one over with quickly..." Under his breath he mutters, "...before she drives me fuckin' crazy."

Squee squees in surprise loudly, nearly dropping Shmee, obviously remembering what Nny and sharp objects can do. "You..you're not going to kill me are you? Shmee said that you would someday.. But I don't listen to him all the time. I think its Shmee just trying to be funny."

Johnny's smile vanishes and a long frown appears on his face. He sets his dagger on the tabletop and leans down to look Squee in the face. "Squee? There's enough monsters in this world already. Those monsters deserve to die. They deserve to be removed from the world so people like you don't have to be afraid of them anymore. I don't kill anything that doesn't deserve it. Last I checked you don't deserve to die. Maybe you should take my advice and get a new bear, huh?" Johnny stands and rubs his neck, watching Shmee carefully. "So, anyways... where were we?"

Squee shakes his head at Nny. "I don't want to get rid of Shmee.. I've always had him." The boy then gets a look of fear in his eyes, then looks to the ground. "You said you haven't seen my mom and dad.. Which means, Shmee and I have no home here." He then looks at Johnny once more. "You were doing tricks."

Johnny nods his head as he picks his dagger up again. "Hmm... there's a guest room upstairs. Has a big painting of eyes on the wall. Can't miss it. You can claim it if you need. Devi was using it, but she has an apartment now." With another *click* he draws the second Dread Dagger and twirls the two. "I also always have food in the fridge, and the UR is willing to feed anyone that walks in. There's a TV, a bathroom. Make yourself at home. But first..." Johnny's expression becomes serious as he readies his daggers. "I'll be honest, I'm not sure just what I'm doing. Last time I did this it didn't turn out well." He walks towards the nearest wall and stabs it with the two daggers. "Let's see... how'd I do this last time?"

Johnny leaves the daggers hanging in the wall while he slowly makes stabbing guestures with his empty hands. He barely seems to notice Squee running upstairs and continues with what he's doing. "Ok, so I just made it while concentrating. That part isn't hard since YOU WON'T SHUT UP!!" Is he talking to Squee? No, not this time. "...but we need a body more than a shape..." He frowns, his hands twitching as if they're anxious to do something. "Alright, I guess we can just see what happens." Closing his eyes he yanks the daggers from the wall and begins stabbing it repeatedly. The wall seems to bleed from the assault and soon a steady flow of blood is pooling up beneath his feet. The maniac doesn't stop, however. The attacks become faster and faster, his body turning black with darkness burning off his body in excess. Finally Johnny screams and thrusts himself into the wall, wincing as his shoulder connects violently. His head suddenly wobbles and he collapses falling into his own shadow and seemingly unconcious. Moments later, Tabitha reamerges dusting herself off. "Ok. Chalk that up as failed attempt one." The girl pauses looking at herself and rolling her eyes. "Fucking shit... this is going to be harder than I thought." Dropping to her knees she reaches into the shadow on the wall that Johnny'd fallen through. Somehow the shadow is still hanging on the wall without anyone standing there. She pulls his daggers out of the hole and shakes her head. Slowly a grin crosses her face. "Maaaaybe I'll get a drink first, though..." Chuckling she stands and walks upstairs. "HEY! SQUEE! STAY OUT OF THE BASEMENT!" Hopefully he'll hear her under the running water.

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