2008-01-31 (PreU) Checking out...

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Checking out...

Summary: Many things happen at the same time... For instance, while Caliga was being resurrected, someone else was busy escorting someone through the nightmares and dreams that made up his thoughts. Unlucky, some might say... because Caliga's awakening awakened him too...

Who: Johnny_C, Tabitha
When: January 31st, 2008
Where: Somwhere on Twisted...

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Johnny awakens, his eyes far gone and distant. He scans the area around him, trying to grasp where he's found himself. Thinking back over things he remembers that horrible dream. Something about the fallen queen of Zeal.... why would he be dreaming about...? Then it hits him. The full force of everything hits him. So overwhelmed he nearly looses conciousness. So many emotions raging through him at one time that he feels his head is going to explode. Panting for breath he holds his head with one hand, steadying himself with the other. His life has been filled with decet and lies, asumptions and conspiracies, murder, death, and loss. He'd been used. Again. He'd been made a tool, again. As he begins to fill with rage he reaches for his dagger, only to find the Dread Daggers have been replaced with copies of some of his earlier home made blades. In disgust he nearly throws them away, but soon realises he might need these. Resheathing them he stands, dusting himself off, and runs down the streets of Twisted. It's time to finish things...

In the middle of Nowhereto Park, Tabitha finds herself in a similar situation. She awakens beside the lake, her head throbbing. "Oi... what was with that dream?" Pulling herself to her feet she shakes her head to clear her thoughts and then kneals on one knee to take a drink form the water. That's when she sees the reflection. "Eh? Johnny?" The girl stands, spinning around quickly. "I've been lookin' for ya! Caliga-!"

Johnny cuts her off. "I know about Caliga."

Tabitha blinks, "Is somethin' wrong, Nny?"

Before she can react Johnny is upon her, grabbing her and holding the Nekojin-clone in the air by her throat. His skin has an udead quality to it, made worse by something underneath. It looks like his blood vains are writhing below the surface, each with a mind of their own. "My daggers. Give them to me..."

Tabitha strains in the maniac's grasp, fumbling to draw one to hand to him from the bag on her back while holding onto his arm with her other hand. "Y-ya coulda just asked." Finally finding one she hands it to him, her hand shaking.

Johnny yanks the dagger away and throws the small girl to the side like a piece of trash. He turns and slashes at the air before him, cutting a wide slice out of it somehow. Darkness begins to spread from within like a living shadow. "Your getting out of here, now. If you stay... I'll kill you."

Tumbling to avoid the damage from the impact, Tabitha comes to a stop in a crouch. The Dread Dagger's pair clutched tightly in her hands. "What th' heck is this about, Nny? I just wanted ta help ya! What's gotten inta ya?"

With the aid of the dagger's power, the maniac turns and glares at her behind white pupils and a solid black body. "You did what you where made to do. Now before I brake another promise I'm getting you the fuck out of here. Your a cheap fucking copy, but I helped make you. Your a part of me as much as you are of Sun, and you should know by now how much I disgust me let alone that dragon bitch. Everyone used me, you too in your own right. Now... get the fuck out of here. NOW."

Tabitha stares, confused. Her eyes sting from some of his words and begin to water. At the same time her anger begins to boil. "Ya stupid, selfish, emo, bastard. Too fucking busy ta let anyone tell ya what's goin' on. Too fucking proud ta let anyone help ya. Yer as bad as those fucks you killed 'daddy'." The last word dripping with sarcasm.

Johnny is on her again in a flash, reaching for her throat to hold her in the air again. "SHUT UP!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!"

Tabitha manages to duck from his opened hand, leaping to the side and coming to a stop behind him. "Can't handle th' truth, can ya Nny? Can't handle th' fact that ya can't always be in control. Can't handle th' fact that yer always gonna be used by SOMEONE. It's called life ya fucker. Get over it..."

Johnny screams again, turning and jumping towards her again, this time his dagger is angled to slice at her throat, anything to shut her up. "YOU FUCKING LITTLE CUNT! HOW -DARE- YOU TALK BACK TO ME!!!" The maniac skids to a stop at her side, his blade weilding arm already making the motion to cut as he yanks his arm up into the air. "JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!"

Tabitha manages to avoid his attack again, taking a step back. However, the tip of the blade gashes her cheek sending a trickle of blood to the ground. "It's not gonna end like yer precious girlfriend, y'know. Yer not gonna have me giving up an' lying in the street ta bleed ta death without yer help."

Johnny actually backhands the girl across the face in rage sending her sprawling onto the ground. "DON'T SPEAK THAT WAY ABOUT HER!!! Samantha's not... she's not..."

Tabitha tumbles, but keeps her eyes locked onto him as she catches herself. "Not what? Not alive? Yeah, that's right. Tha bitch is dead. All that's left of her, an' all that's left of you is inside me." Her eyes suddenly widen. "...that's what this is about, ain't it?"

Taking the opportunity, Johnny rushes at her again before she can raise back to her feet trying to knock her back into the black portal he's opened. "JUST GO AWAY!!!!" Afterwards falling to his knees, his eyes begining to water.

Literally on the edge of the portal, Tabitha manages to stop her momentum, but only just barely. She looks down at Johnny as he tumbles to the ground himself, watching the tears begining to fall from his eyes with a slight bit of awe. "Alright, Nny... if it's that important, I'll go... just... promise me somethin'. If ya manage to do whatever it is yer about ta do... come find me an' let me know what happened? Okay?" Without waiting for a reaction, she takes a step back and vanishes.

It's a good thing the park is empty today, save for an ageless maniac lost to the sounds of his own screams...

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