2004-01-04 Johnny's promise and a spar with Terry

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Johnny's promise and a spar with Terry


Who: Johnny_C, Terry_Bogard, Crux,
When: 2004-01-04
Where: Neo Tokyo

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The Arena

The air about is grey and still, brownstone walls rising up silently about you. The area you are standing in is surrounded on all sides by the silent walls, dark doors and empty windows gaping in them like mouths of some long dead ravenous beast. The ground is solid, stone, packed with sand. On the sand there are marks of combat, scuffs here and there, and spots of old dried blood. The entire atmosphere is gloomy, and reeks of old death and decay. A strange vibration in the air fills you with unease. Anyone directing any sort of attack at the arena itself will notice that the attack seems absorbed somehow, but to where is unknown.

Johnny enters with wide eyes. "I thought this was where this was..." He spots Terry and waves. "Hey! What's up?"

Terry is standing in the centre of the arena, arms held out before him. His chest rises and falls slowly, his eyes veiled but not completely shut as he concentrates. Golden energy flickers about his shoulders.. though this quickly dissipates as Johnny calls out. The fighter's eyes widen instantly and he looks over with a small smile. "Oh, hey. Just working out again."

Johnny slowly walks down the ramp leading from the doors to the center of the Arena. He scratches the back of his head with one hand and half-laughs at Terry. "Yeah... I see that... So where you been? I haven't seen you around in a while..."

Terry lifts his arms behind his head, curving his back as he stretches before relaxing again. He shrugs in Johnny's general direction, "I've been around. Looking after my kids mostly.."

Johnny "Ahh..."s at Terry, and pulls out an old looking rusted dagger. Casualy he tosses it to Terry. "Here, check this out... look familar?"

Terry closes his hand around the hilt of the airborne dagger and raises an eyebrow as he looks at it closely. "Familiar from where, sorry?"

Johnny puts both his hands behind his head and streatches. "That's the one that Nailbunny droped. Every day that thing looks a bit more ragged. Last night I ran into him. He looked half dead. He tried to get me to fight him..." Casualy, he drops his hands and puts them in his pockets. "...when I refused he screamed and dissapereared..."

Terry blinks, turning to look at Johnny directly. "O-kay.... so Nailbunny ran away? I'd never have got that if you hadn't told me.. what happened?" He waves the dagger vaguely in the air, searching for the right words... "Ugh... you two... seemed so happy together, y'know?"

Johnny crosses his arms and stares dumbfounded at Terry, "You have been gone awhile haven't you? The Doughboy's took him. He has all my memories. All of the one's I've forgotten, at least. They somehow used that to turn him into me. Well... a younger version of me. He's been obeying them trying to feed that thing in the wall..."

Terry clears his throat softly, looking at the dagger for a moment and then back to Johnny. He doesn't look a great deal more enlightened... "So, lemme get this straight. The bunny he-er, Nailbunny has been kidnapped by.. Doughboys?" He blinks again, "Doughboys? The ones that follow you around and keep appearing on tables...?"

Johnny nods his head. "Yep. They vanished after that day Emi.... um.. The vanished one day, a week later they took Nailbunny... I don't know where they are or what they're doing... The quiet is kinda nice, but I'm worried. Nailbunny was the closest thing to a friend I had for most of my life. I don't want to fight him..."

Terry smiles kindly, walking over to Johnny and offering him the dagger back. "Hey, don't worry about it. I'm sure he'll come back to you one day, and he might've meant a friendly match anyway. It'll be okay."

Johnny grabs the dagger by the hilt. "I don't think so... check this out. "He turns over his free hand, palm up, and begins to cut it with the rusted blade...

Johnny winces from the slight pain, after a second or two he holds the blade up. Every part of it that had touched his skin looks brand new. Slowly the rest of the weapon follows. "Neat trick, huh? That's how that thing in the wall is. I bet that's why Nailbunny looked so weak..."

"Hey!" Terry reacts belatedly, hand whipping out to grab Johnny's and prevent him cutting... he stops dead with the hand still held out in front of him. His eyes widen in surprise, gaze flicking from the knife to Johnny's hand and then to his face. "What the hell is that?!? That can't be right...."

Johnny puts away the dagger, and pulls out his own. "I don't know what to think, just that I'm gonna have to fight that thing... I figured if there's anyone who can help me fight, it'd be you. Can you help me?"

Terry blinks a few times before Johnny's words finally register. Quickly he lowers his hand and nods, giving a light shrug and the best grin he can manage. "Sure thing. But, er... what are we dealing with here? A wall?"

Johnny suddenly drops his shoulders, looking almost weak. "Well... from what I remember. That thing in the wall isn't just a bunch of crap. Remember the waste-lock thing? There's something else in there. Like a demon or something, it feeds on all that shit that people shed off. When it got strong enough it broke free. It's this big scary looking thing, like a living ball of snot with bits of people's faces and limbs traped in it... That's the thing that controls the Doughboys, and now Nailbunny..."

Terry shakes his head disbelievingly, "You're serious, aren't ya? No offence, but I thought you were just crazy... but there's something to this." He sighs, taking a step back and adjusting his gloves as he speaks. "Look.. I've fought a lot of crazy stuff, but if you're dealing with anything too out there I can't help you. Not easily.. not without -years- of training. Hell, in this city I'm not exactly hot stuff as it is - I don't wanna know how powerful something like a demon can get. Again, no offence, but by the sound of it I wouldn't give you a snowball's chance."

Johnny shrugs. "Gotta try, right? I can kill, but not anything stronger than me. The toughest fight I ever fought was Devi, this girl that used to work at the bookstore I used to go to all the time. I dated her once. The Doughboys convinced me to kill her. I got my ass kicked that night..."

Terry frowns and gives a deep sigh, folding his arms across his chest. "Look.. if I'm gonna do what I can to help you then I want you to promise me something."

Johnny puts away his daggers, but keeps his hands on their hilts. "What's that?" Terry looks at Johnny seriously. "All this killing and hatred. It's not something I'm into... I fight, and I fight a lot, but for every battle I've fought I've never -wanted- to kill. Never. Not even against the man who murdered my father." He lifts a hand, looking away from Johnny, "Anyway.. if I help you with whatever problem you've got, I want your promise you'll try to be a better person. Less hatred, and no killing as long as you can avoid it..." he looks back, raising an eyebrow, "That okay with you?"

Johnny smiles at Terry, not saying anything. Suddenly a chuckle escapes him, "heh... Believe me, I'm trying already..."

Terry smiles too, dropping his arms from his chest and hooking his hands through his belt. "I hope so, I really do... the way you were going, it was only gonna end up tearing you to pieces. If you're really willing to try to beat whatever's got a hold of you, then I'm willing to help you out." His smile widens slightly, and on impulse he lifts a hand towards Johnny. "Friends, huh?"

Johnny grabs Terry's hand and shakes it. "Yep!"

Terry grins and withdraws his hand, joining it at the chest with his other.. cracking the knuckles together. "Good. So you ready to take a beating?"

Johnny says, "..."

Johnny lowers his head and begins to laugh, "Hell yeah...."

Terry looks at Johnny for a moment before suddenly springing forward, aiming a rather nasty kick at the boy's chest. Actually he's going to pull the blow, but Johnny won't know that...

Johnny jumps, very shaken by the unexpected attack. He foolishly holds both his arms up to his face. After seeing the hit not connect, he smacks himself in the head. "Sorry... I should have expected that..." He then pulls out his weapons and goes into a defensive pose.

Terry chuckles, dropping back into a very loose stance. His hands hang almost idly by his side, fingers curled but not clenched into fists. His legs are a little apart, one ever so slightly forward from the other. "Might wanna think about working on that defence..." he says, tossing Johnny a wink, "Not the best way to do it."

The colonial viper lands on one side of the arena, moments before Crux Caedon hops out of the hatch. "...Wow, I did it."

Johnny looks down at himself, with his feet spread a little too far apart, and his arms barely able to block anything. "Hmm... suggestions?"

Johnny glances over at Crux. "What the hell is that?"

Crux Caedon blinks and looks over at Terry and Johnny with a grin before the hatch closes. "Thaaaaat would be my ship."

Johnny looks down to the ground and shakes his head. "...nevermind..."

Terry grins, "Well.. you're not a-" he pauses and glances across as the fighter lands, raising an eyebrow as Crux emerges.. "No kidding. Wondered when I'd see you and about in that."

Crux Caedon chuckles a bit. "I messed around with the sensors and got them keyed to living beings, so it noticed two people in the Arena. Thought I'd pop in. You guys aren't going to kill each other I trust."

Johnny waves his hands in the air. "UH! Well! Not now.... heh"

Terry sends a sidelong glance towards Johnny, smirking a bit before he looks back to Crux with a shrug. "Likewise. Not much point trying with you around.. you'd bring him back from the dead soon as I got a killing blow in, right?"

Crux Caedon laughs a bit, looking red. "I don't think I can pull that off."

Johnny eyes Terry. "Wait.... when you got a killing blow???"

Crux Caedon laughs again.

Terry kicks into a sudden backwards somersault, spinning down behind Johnny and instantly snapping off a low powered kick at his back - augmenting the puny blow with just enough ki to send the boy stumbling forward a few paces, should it hit...

Crux Caedon tut tuts as he watches. "Such violence."

Johnny watches Terry perform his somersault, but isn't quite fast enough to do much, except turn around and feel the kick hit him in the chest. Staggering back several spaces, he wipes his mouth with this arm. "Oh.. so you wanna do it that way..."

Johnny spreads his legs apart into a decent stance, and turns his shoulders so that one arm is infront of him, and the other is to his side. Twirling his daggers about he charges at Terry, attempting to slice his hands, should he block.

Terry smiles and drops into a half-crouch, fingers on his right hand barely brushing the ground as he beckons Johnny on with the left. "You wanna learn, right? C'mon..." And apparently Johnny does so... Terry's smile broadens to a grin as he slides onto his back and kicks up with both knees towards NNY's stomach.

Johnny stops dead in his tracks upon hearing Terry's words, just in time to avoid the knees to his stomach. He drops down to a crouch, and tries to do a poor attempt at a spin kick, hoping to catch Terry in the side.

Terry is caught in the side, and poor attempt or not this throws him off balance as he attempts to follow his kick through into a backwards roll. He manages the roll, but comes up to one side of Johnny rather than some way in front of him. Quickly getting to his feet, he prepares to hammer a punch towards the boy but may be too late...

Crux Caedon watches with a slight smile on his face.

Johnny swings up his arm in an attempt to deflect the attack, but only manages to absorb some of the force as his arm whips back and hits him in the side of the head. Johnny sways a bit as he clears the stars from his eyes. "Ow... I don't know how they do that in those movies..." After a moment he rubs the side of his head and offers Terry a thumbs up. "Nice one...." As he does so, he flicks out his left wrist, mimicking spider man. Out of his sleave shoots a small barbed chain aimed at Terry's arm.

Terry curses as his left hand comes across to grab the barbed chain, fingers closing around it just before it reaches his arm. He cocks an eyebrow at Johnny, "Nice try..." he murmurs before tugging hard on the chain.. causing the leather of his glove to tear open and probably getting through to the palm. Let's hope it's worth it.

Johnny gets tuged forward by the yanked chain, spliting his left sleave and revealing tons of small devices straped on with leather bands. The back end of the chain supports rips free just as Johnny reaches up to grab his arm. The combination of movements sends him headfirst onto the ground, cursing under his breath.

Crux Caedon laughs to himself. "You two having fun over there?"

Johnny spits some dirt out of his mouth as he tries to pick himself up. "Fun? Oh yeah... you should join us..."

Terry releases the chain with a gasp as it cuts through his flesh, and looks down at Johnny. With a laugh, he lifts a heavily booted foot and places it on the back of NNY's head, not hard but hard enough. "I will be soon. You and your goddamn toys.."

Crux Caedon smiles as the viper turns slightly, it's two blaster cannons taking a precise aim at the star on Terry's back. "I really don't think you want me to join in, but the comment is not unappreciated."

Johnny reaches up for the boot and kicks his feet like a child throwing a tantrum. "Great..." He mutters against the floor. "Now I know how Mr Samsa feels..."

Johnny pulls his knees up under him, and uses the leverage to shove the foot off his head. "That wasn't funny, Terry..."

Terry sets his foot down and folds his arms, glancing over his shoulder at Crux. "Well, hey, Johnny wants to learn to fight so the more the merrier. Just, er.." he glances at the Viper, "Play fair, huh?" He looks back to Johnny, shaking his head with a grin. "Oh, sure it was. But feel free to get angry.. you're good when you're angry."

A dark pool of blood begins to gather by the nearest door. From the pool reaches a long gloved hand. It grabs ahold of the edge of the floor like a man crawling out of the water. Then another hand appears. The pool begins to grow larger. A skull appears in the center of the pool. As you watch the bits and peaces of it's flesh begin to crawl up it's neck and form together into a man's head. It's mouth grins at you. The thing pulls itself up and steps out of the bloody mess.

Johnny jumps to his feet and glares at Terry. "I'm what?"

Terry blinks at Johnny, then shrugs. "Good. You get a lot stronger, I think. As long as you control it, it can be a good thing. There's a guy walking 'round called Ryoga.. he runs off anger and anger alone. It can be pretty powerful. Anyway..." he steps back and runs a hand through his hair before dropping into his typical stance.

Noodle Boy appears in the back, submerged in shadows. He leans against a nearby wall and watches.

Crux Caedon twitches slightly, his eyes glowing golden, but doesn't say a word, his lips smiling slightly.

Johnny shakes his head and concentrates on being angry. He looks at Terry with look of pure hatred. Then he suddenly laughs. "I can't do it. You'd have to call me names or something..."

Johnny crosses his arms and thinks for a moment. "The one that used to really get under my skin... the one that always pissed me off more than anything. The kids back in school always called me Noodle Boy..." Thinking of the name he suddenly is filled with images of people laughing at him and kicking him. He closes his eyes and shakes his head. When he opens them again he stares at Terry with a look that would cause a statue to look away. Then he charges at him, his hands drawn back like he was ready to take on anything... With a scream, he lunges for Terry's throat, both daggers drawn forward.

Noodle Boy smiles.

Crux Caedon looks off behind him slightly, as if more curious about something in the back of the arena than the main goings on. He does seem aware of said goings on in spite of his viewpoint however.

Terry rolls his eyes amusedly, "Somehow I don't think.. that'll... shit." His eyes widen before, acting on instinct, he drops into a crouch and brings his fist towards the ground. "GEYSER!" Muscles bulge in his arm and with a sizeable burst of ki a huge slanting column of flaming red-gold energy explodes from the end of his fist, right in Johnny's path as he leaps. The floor quakes as power explodes around the two.

Johnny is thrown backwords, landing hard on his back, causing him to pass out...

Noodle Boy laughs aloud as shadows begin to overtake the room, sucking all light from it.

Crux Caedon leans to the left, his outline remaining as he fades from view. The outline fades shortly thereafter. A moment later, he fades back into visibility on the opposite side of the viper, crouching on the side of the ship as if ignoring gravity entirely. Blocked from Terry and Johnny's general viewing area, he looks towards Noodle boy. "Having fun?" As if on cue, a rather large bottle of water crashes to the ground next to Johnny, making wonderful sloshing sounds.

Terry lifts his hand from the ground after a moment, the last traces of ki energy swallowed up by blackness as Noodle Boy's darkness descends... "..what the?" He looks towards where Johnny flew, then down at his tensed fist, and winces. "Oh, crap. Sorry, NNY." Not that Johnny can hear him just now, but apologies are good. He blinks into the darkness. "So what's this about? Crux, any ideas?"

Johnny crosses his arms as his skin turns as black as the darkness surrounding him. Slowly he makes his way to the floor of the arena, still laughing. "Well... the man was right... Waiting a day was better than blood..."

Noodle Boy crosses his arms as his skin turns as black as the darkness surrounding him. Slowly he makes his way to the floor of the arena, still laughing. "Well... the man was right... Waiting a day was better than blood..."

Crux Caedon smiles a little bit, as his crouching form slides along underneath the viper in the same physical position, now crouching upside down under the viper and looking at Noodle boy again. "I don't lie, but I can't say I approve of your timing." Crux's voice rings out simeultaneously from near Johnny, despite his lack of physical presence there. "Terry, the water is there for a purpose."

Noodle Boy chuckles at Crux. "So the little traitor couldn't take it? Aww... and to think he was doing so good! Stupid imposter..."

Terry's eyes narrow at the sound of.. Johnny's voice? He looks toward the boy's unconscious form, nodding as Crux speaks and heading through the darkness to Johnny's side. He picks the water bottle up and dribbles some onto Johnny's face, slapping his cheek gently. "Hey.. NNY. Wake up, man... you okay?"

Crux Caedon shrugs with a light-hearted sigh. "I'd like to see you take a power geyser to the face and remain conscious." He looks over towards Terry. "I'll have to ask you to refrain from getting your fix in such a manner though. I have plenty of medical blood with me."

Johnny stirs, half choking on water. "You tryin' to drown me?" nail :shakes his head and glances up at Crux, "No.. no... the master is very satisfied tonight. He had himself a 3 course meal of violence, hatred, and fear... Plus enough discarded power to clean me up a bit. My vocabulary is back as well..." He winks at Johnny, "Should have killed me when you had the chance... Noodle Boy... heh!" With that he vanishes into the darkness.

Noodle Boy shakes his head and glances up at Crux, "No.. no... the master is very satisfied tonight. He had himself a 3 course meal of violence, hatred, and fear... Plus enough discarded power to clean me up a bit. My vocabulary is back as well..." He winks at Johnny, "Should have killed me when you had the chance... Noodle Boy... heh!" With that he vanishes into the darkness.

Johnny shakes his head. "Um... did I miss something, again?"

Crux Caedon smiles a little bit. (Vanishes into the darkness through the iron doors ;P)

Terry grins and sets the bottle down, attempting to get NNY into a sitting position. His gaze flickers to Noodle Boy, then back to Johnny. "I was -watching- and I missed it.. perhaps Crux can explain?"

Crux Caedon smiles a bit and flicks his left hand towards the Lucern, drawing and sheathing it in the blink of an eye, a radiant light washing away the remaining darkness. "Nothing worth worrying about." His smile looks genial as usual, but with a hint of cunning in it that is somewhat frightening.

Johnny sits up with Terry's help and rubs the back of his head. Once enough of his memorise resurface to remember what Terry did to him, he reaches over and smacks him in the back of the head. "Jerk..."

Terry winces, more from embarassment than the smack. "Hey! You were one who came at me with killing intent.. I reacted instinctively. Still.." he shrugs and offers Johnny the water bottle. "Sorry. Kinda easy to forget who you're dealing with when they suddenly turn into a wild animal, y'know?"

Johnny nods and takes a drink of the water.

Terry pats Johnny on the shoulder and stands up. "Well.. you're gonna want to lie down I guess, and I guess I need to get home." He frowns, thinking of something. "You -do- have a place to stay right?"

Johnny rolls his eyes and replys nervously, "Um.... I have an apartment. It was... abandoned..."

Terry nods slowly, "Uh.. huh. Okay, I'm not gonna ask and just trust there's a good reason for that. Whatever.. here." He digs in his jacket, producing a bit of paper - actually it's a receipt for some mundane item, but paper is paper - and a pencil stub. He quickly scribbles down a phone number and hands the piece of paper to Johnny. "Phone number. Ring me if you wanna train sometime, or if you're just plain bored. I'm usually free."

Johnny takes the paper and shoves it in his pocket. "Alright, thanks!"

Terry smiles, "That's cool. Catch ya later, okay?" He lifts a hand in a casual wave before heading for the gates, throwing a similar wave towards Crux. "Seeya, Crux. Sleep well.."

Crux Caedon chuckles. "Do I ever not?"

Crux Caedon smiles and fades forward, slowly fading in next to Johnny with a bit of motion. "Noodle boy, huh?"

Crux Caedon shrugs a bit. "I get the feeling you'll be hearing it again for some reason." Crux pats Johnny on the shoulder in a friendly manner. "However, I don't think you have to worry anymore."

Johnny stares at Crux, confused. "Huh? Why do you say that?"

Crux Caedon gives a happy smile. "Well, I've already solved your problem." He taps his forehead slightly. "I'm a thinker. But fear not, I'm sure you'll have a chance to set things right yourself. I'm too soft."

Johnny cocks his head to the side and raises an eyebrow. "Wha-? What are you talking about?"

Crux Caedon laughs a bit. ".. Nothing, nevermind. Just... remember to relax from time to time."

Johnny shakes his head, now totaly lost and confused. "I must have gotten hit in the head harder than I thought..."

Crux Caedon smiles. "Actually it was a blast to the face, but don't feel bad, Terry has that effect on people."

Johnny wobbles from complete confusion. "Ok, that's it. Either you start making sence or I'm gonna have to go lay down for a few days..."

Crux Caedon laughs yet again. "I don't ever make sense, that's why I fit in so well around here."

Johnny grins at Crux. "That's true..."

Crux Caedon smiles. "Need a lift?"

Johnny shakes his head. Nah, I think I'm gonna walk... I need the air...

Johnny dusts himself off. "Alright... see ya, I guess..."

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