2007-01-19 (PreU) Fun on Twisted Street

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Fun on Twisted Street.....

Summary: MORE FUN RP!!! YAY!!!! Amusing towards the end, if nothing else. Enjoy!

Who: Arshiva, Cassie, Crux, Lalorien, Xue
When: January 19th, 2007
Where: The Usual Restaurant


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Xue steps out of the UR, casually looking around at the odd nightmarish terrain. After a moment, she frowns, cold blue eyes seaching for some sign of that idiot, Johnny. She'll beat Sam's location out of him one way or another if she has to..... if she could just FIND the him again. With how odd the place looks, however, this task is probably going to be harder than simply looking around.... particularly if he doesn't want to be found

Cassie floats out behind Xue, rubbing the sleep away from her eyes as she straitens herself out. Seeming a little confused Cassie, smothes down her long black hair as she tries to figure out why she passed out and what Carla did to her. Looking around she finds a bench to sit in, waiting for the memory to return to her, perhaps.

Xue looks back at the patron who exited behind her, taking an interrogative tone "Scuse me. Have you seen a weird guy, about this tall.." she indicates with one hand the height ".. real skinny, real pale, wears all black, and carries a dagger? The idiot answers to the name 'Johnny', if that rings any bells"

Looking up, Cassie offers a smiles. Her pupiless eyes start swirling as she begins talking. "No, I'm afraid not. I'm sorry. I havn't met to many people but I'm sure I've never met anyone like that." Casting a glance around, she rubs her arms. "While were on the subject, do you know someone named.. uh.... Dragoness... Carla? She was supposed to do a scan on me and I blacked out and I'm not sure what came of it." Rubbing her temples, Cassie's purple eyes fall still as she falls silent, looking back up at Xue.

Xue raises an eyebrow as she notices Cassies eyes... unnerving and rare, but not unheard of where she comes from. "Cale? She's likely around somewhere. Always comes back here, so if you stick around, im sure she'll show up. As for when, i couldn't say. What kind of scan, if i may ask?"

Cassie says, "Um, I'm not sure, I don't know to much about these things. She was.. uh.. trying to help me with something and offered to do a scan, and I blacked out. I'm not sure." Fidgeting with a her hair, she unties it and starts braiding it to keep her hands busy.

Xue hhmm's "I might be able to do it, if our willing to give me more details.

Cassie gives a flush..." I have no memory. I know my name and thats it. Nothing else. I think she was trying to see if there was anything in the way, thus the reason for the scan." Finishes the braid and stands, the braid falling to an end at the back of her knees. She tucks a stray hair behind her ear as she floats.

Xue nods, thinking "Sit still for a moment. I'll see if i can divine anything". She makes several odd gestures, and begins checking for any kind of magickal effects or problems upon Cassie, afterwards checking for any nonmagickal ones that can be detected

Cassie becomes nervous after what happened the last time, she clenches her eyes shut. Xue may find only what Cale will find upon examining the scan she did of Cassiea few days ago. Virtual miles and miles of magical locks, only unlocked by an event that Cassie experience. Only 1 Lock is unlocked, the one that Cale's scan opened, awakening the power of Cassies eyes. Unbenonced to Cassie, that power can be emotionaly painful for others.

Xue dispels the scanning magick "I see what is going on, reletively. The question is, are you SURE you want to know, or do you want to leave it unknown. In either case, i'm reasonably sure your memory will return eventually."

Cassie says, "Um, thats good to know, I guess. And I do want to know. I suppose I should know anyways, otherwize what I may -or- may not remember will be without meaning....." Lowering her eyes, as the purple void falters and stops swirling, as she considers what may come of her, and when her memory will come back to her. Is it bad? Is she a freak of some kind, perhaps this is why most people avoid her and contact with her eyes.

"She's saying you're locked up tight and she's too lazy to find the key." The voice comes out of the usual, where a figure that is unlikely to be familiar to Xue steps out from. The silver-haired man rubs his eyes and looks a bit tired. "Or that's my interpretation of it, anyways." Crux yawns and scratches the back of his head, his brown jacket waving in the turbulence that is Twisted.

Xue has no problem looking Cassie in the eyes. Odd, they are. Intimidated or scared, she is not. She's about to answer when Crux makes his statement, and she glares sideways at him "I ask because sometimes it's best for one NOT to interfere with another persons problems, hence why i like to make SURE the individual doesn't mind my interloping. As for being 'lazy', i was checking to see WHAT was wrong, not HOW to fix it, again because it's not my place to presume as much. Besides, someone having their memories locked away usually have them as such for a reason....". She looks back to Cassie "You have several mental 'locks', likely of memories and or abilities."

Cassie looks at the unusal man in this highly unusal place, then back at Xue considering her statement. Being able to only utter one kind of reply in light of the news. "Perhaps." Not Doubting Xue and her observation, Cassie wonders what exactly is trapped behind her mind and it's locks and what it will take for them to open, allowing her mind to return.

Crux shakes his head and closes in on the pair with a slow and rather undignified sprawl of a walk. He glances at Xue for a moment, shaking his head after a second as if clearing away a bad dream. "Mmm. Memory loss is fun." He stretches his arms a little, then lapses into a more normal walking style, with his hands falling into his jacket pockets. "Enjoy it while you can. You usually wake up a different person if you get the memories back." Sounds like he speaks from experience. He stops about 10 feet away from the pair and just gives them a polite smile, though his continual staring and interrupting is anything but polite.

Xue glances from Crux to Cassie "Name's Xue. You two are.... ?". Blunt. That sums her up at the moment.

Cassie says, "Cassie. Nice to meet you Xue." Looking to the man, she awaits his answer, rubbing the top of her bare left foot against the arch of her left. Pulling the end of her braid to her waist, she twists it.

Arshiva comes walking down the Twisted street, one foot in front of the other, purposefully, cautiously. A long large purple chain is held in both of her hands, which flows down into the hem of her garment, seeming to just meld into it. Her eyes play across every direction, including behind her now and again, constantly noting her location and the proximity of other things. Upon seeing the small gathering of humanoids in the distance, her pace quickens, and she'll soon be within speaking range. Or attacking range, who knows, this is Twisted afterall.

75 feet away, a strange creature with green skin, bloodshot eyes, and loooong fingers walks down the street, rubbing its long fingers on a small brownish metal object of some kind, saying to itself "I like rusty spoons, heh, i like to touch them..."

Crux glances at the two of them, not offering his name. It's hard to tell if he's deliberately with-holding his name, or just doesn't think to offer it, all he has is that same smile on his face. "Nice to meet meet you, Xue and Cassie." Wait a minute, Cassie didn't give him her name, did she? That's odd... "... Hmm, looks like we have company." Convenient change of subject, there. Or inconvenient, depending on your perspective.

Xue glances sideways at the person coming, then looks back at the guy she doesn't know long enough to ask "Gonna introduce yourself or not?", before looking back.

Cassie looking at the two, Cassie turns towards the girl comeing down the road, and looks at her and the creature as well. "Hm, I wonder who that is. What is your name if you don't mind my asking?" Cassie lowers to her feet as she waits for things to happen.

The green creature looks at everyone, gets a sudden nervous look, and breaks into a run, disappearing into a shadowy building

Arshiva comes to a stop a short distance from the three people, and her eyes cooly look over all of them, weighing them over in her mind, counting her chances against them, and how fast they can run. It's hard to tell though, since they're all humanoids...the one has weapons..hm. "Hello, I'm Arshiva." She pauses a moment, fingering the chain between her fingers, she knows she interrupted whatever conversation they were having, but she has a very good reason for doing so, "Do any of you have any cigarette's, and have any of you seen a winged man carrying a long blade that's called Datenshi?"

Crux is all smiles, glancing towards Arshiva as he responds to Xue and Cassie. "Sorry about that, I'm not big on introductions." It looks like he's about to give them his name, but then Arshiva mentions Datenshi, and he quiets rather quickly, wearing that same perfectly sincere looking smile. Maybe too sincere. Noone's that polite. There's no transition. The very instant after Arshiva drops the name, Crux is in a slightly different position, his left hand lowered across his waist towards the long black cylinder that hangs there in a 'not too subtle' implication. "Crux Caedon..." His hazel eyes and polite gaze fall upon Arshiva. "... And you are?" It looks like that name has some significance to Crux. Significant enough that his focus on Xue and Cassie appears to have dwindled considerably.

Xue glances from Cassie, to Arshiva, to Crux, who now gives his name, and sighs in annoyance "Don't know anyone named Datenshi, nor do i care. If anyone sees Johnny, tell him i'm looking for him. Tata!". She turns, and walks off. She does notice Crux' reaction to the newcomer, and while shes no slouch in combat, she doesnt want to be involved in ANOTHER fight that isn't her buisness, just in case.

Cassie watches as Xue walks off and while her choice to not interfere may have been a smarter one. Cassie, however, is curious to a fault and says nothing as she watches these people, and notes Crux change, however sutble he may be at it. She knows nothing of Datenshi, but she feels no need to open her mouth just yet. She wants to know what's up with this Lady and Crux, along with that weird creepy thing....

Arshiva nods once at Xue's abruptness, but she seems to be human, and humans are rude murdering pigs, so she doesn't blame her, she expects it. She turns to look at Crux, the wings on her back shifting some, then growing still. The chain clankclanks in her hands as she shifts her grips around it, watching his posture change, "Arshiva, I said. And neither of you have cigarettes, and no one's speaking up about Datenshi. Hm." She peels her eyes from Crux to look around the general area of Twisted, probably seeking other humanoids to ask for cigs.

"I beg your pardon." Crux is speaking to Arshiva again. An annoying habit those humans have... "Perhaps I was unclear. I did not ask for your name." His eyes widen ever so slightly, adding a very subtle amount of emphasis to his words even as his smile remains. "I asked who you are. I am sure anyone looking for Datenshi is capable of making this distinction." He glances over at Cassie and smiles, noting Xue's departure. He whispers under his breath to the curious one. "Maybe it'll be safer in the Usual, Cassie." He turns his attention back to Arshiva. "Safer, but not nearly as entertaining."

Cassie smiles kindly at Crux. "Thank You, but I think I'll stay, I'd like to see something other then the wind blow and wonder about what I can do. Besides, who knows, this may unlock something for me. Your a dear ya know." A strange accent drawls in as she talks, her eyes swirling once more. Her toes stopping an inch from the ground, she floats, overrun with calmness and patience. Directing her attention to Arshiva, she watches, highly amused a small smirk resting on her full pink lips as she waits. Clearly there is something here, she can smell it. It's just a matter of time.

Arshiva makes an O shape with her lips at Crux's response to her. "I'm from New World, he owes me two packs of cigarrette's. If I don't find any soon, I'm going to go back to the doorway. Is that what you wanted to know?" She says, tilting her head to the side, the wings on her head twitching once. She tries to decide if this person knows Crux, he sure seems to act like it, or else he's a suspicious bloodthirsty murdering human...works either way at the moment.

Crux tilts his head to the side, his smile looking a little more like a smirk with the new angle. "How informative." He would glance at Cassie again, but decides his gaze rests better on Arshiva for now, and so makes no movement to indicate any apprehension of Cassie's ... changes. "You say you're looking for Datenshi, or some cigarettes. When I ask you to clarify, you tell me you're from New World, and he owes you some cigarettes, basically the same thing." ... Astonishing, he can state what was just said. You'd think he was listening or something. "Curious. If I asked a third time, would you find another way to repeat yourself, or would you actually answer my question?" That doesn't SOUND like a happy person. But he's still smiling. One might suppose that the smile is for show. Still, it's a damn convincing one, for someone who puts no effort into otherwise disguising his feelings. "Smoking is bad, incidentally."

Cassie watches the two interact, logging everything mentally as she goes. This may be important, it may not, either way, it needs to be kept in the back. Incidentally, Cassie has a cigarette on her, but doesn't smoke and again, has no idea on why exactly she does have it. Still saying nothing, Cassie lowers and her feet make no sound as she stands there, waiting.

Arshiva looks off to the side and wears a 'geez, whatever' look on her face, twirling her purple chain lightly, but not in a threatening way, well, except the chain looks like it's made for the anchor of large ship, but hey. "Look, if you're picking a fight with me, I don't care, let's fight and get that over with, if you have an actual question, say it. If it's my species you're curious about, tell me. If you want to know my measurements, say that. Just, whatever you want, stop blubbering and say it outright instead of little human gibberish." She looks back to Crux, giving a 'so, what ya gonna do about those words' look towards him, all in all, somewhat punky.

At Arshiva's words, Crux nods his head, keeping an even tone. "Your intentions interest me, your race does not. Your abilities interest me, your measurements do not." Normal people would probably trail off there, because frankly most guys would be lying, but Crux at the very least doesn't appear to be lying. "If you want cigarettes, you've certainly come a long way for them. Are you addicted to some extra-dimensional brand you can't find anywhere else? Are you lying in a spectacularly poor fashion with some other motive to find Datenshi? Do you really care about Datenshi at all as long as someone gives you what you want? Skip the appetizers and get straight to the meat, if you will." He cricks his neck for a moment and then turns his back to Arshiva dismissively, turning to face Cassie again, sighing. "Why am I always the one that noone understands? Why do I always have to elaborate? Why DOES toast land butter-side down, anyways?" He's really talking to himself at this point, but it wouldn't surprise or bother him if Cassie had any answers for him.

Cassie giving a harsh laugh, odd for a girl of her apperence. "Perhaps they are stupid, or just assume to much. It comes and goes, I'd imagine." Pulling out her one cigarette, she hands it towards Crux. "Give her this, maybe, she'll be a bit less rude." Not knowing what else to do, she folds her hands behind her back and starts playing with her long braid, her eyes swirling as she speaks.

Arshiva nods once as Crux finally lays it all out, he should of done that in the first place. She glances over to the building next to them. She blinks once, oh, there's that restaurant Aquariu talks about sometimes...hm. She turns her eyes on Crux again, "My intentions are to find as many packs of cigarette's I can before going back to the portal to New World and watching it. My abilities aren't any of your business. I have come a long way, and as far as I know cigarette's are cigarette's, I didn't know there were brandings. I really don't care about Datenshi, though I do honor and respect him for his service to Damon The Overlord, and his diservice to Him I hate him for." She nods her head, and drops the chain from her right hand, watching the cigarette exchange, oh, good.

Crux blinks at Arshiva's answers, and takes Cassie's proferred cigarette with a grateful nod before turning to face Arshiva again. "... I think I understand." He holds the cigarette up, not quite towards Arshiva, but so that it's clearly in her view. "A tried and true 'individual is less than the whole', 'serve the overlord because it's the thing to do', indifferent type. Funny. Not what I would have imagined from your appearance, but such is life." He flicks the cigarette around between his hands nimbly, as if he thinks it's some kind of special trick to be able to use one's fingers to move an object. "And you're hooked on nicotine. How amusing." He extends his arm out towards Arshiva, offering the cigarette. "It'll be the death of you, you know."

Cassie shivers as her hair begins to wiggle, not liking the braiding, wanting to be out of this. Folding her arms, she watches, silent as ever. not having much of anything to contribute.

out and takes the cigarette, then looks around for something that's on fire. Hm...she twirls it back and forth in her hands, where's Aquariu when she wants some chaos magic to turn the entire enviroment into different elements? After looking around a bit more, she gives up and just holds the cigarette in her hand. "Thanks, both of you." She says, "And this cigarette won't kill me, my pursuit of them might." ... Crux nods his head, but doesn't really take her point. "An academic distinction, really, if you still die." He turns to walk back towards Cassie, calling out behind him. "If you bother Datenshi over cigarettes, he might kill you. So you know." He smiles at Cassie politely again. ... Cassie returns Crux's smile as she studys the woman, forming opinon after opinon, then trashing them all. Flexing her hand to get rid of this tingly feeling it's aquired, she tilts her head, as though asking a unsaid question. Wondering how interesting this Datenshi person is to have so many drool over his bath water for some reason or another, she unbinds her hair, the dark mass uncoils it's self and waves out behind her on a whim, as though it were streaching it's legs, if it had any.

Arshiva nods her head at Crux, "I know, but I think he fears me, perhaps. Either way, we made a deal and he owes me them." She twists the cigarette back in forth in her fingers, trying to decide if she should keep searching for more, or just take what she has and go back home. Maybe she should see if Aquariu's inside the restaurant. She walks over to a window of it, and peers inside, her other hand clinking her chain against itself. ... Crux blinks at Arshiva's comments, and shakes his head, but decides to let the addict go, instead choosing to watch Cassie for a moment. "I think right now you're the envy of every hair stylist within 20 dimensional shifts, Cassie." Wow, that was almost as funny as ... ... no, actually that just wasn't funny. He lowers his hand from the cylinder now, looking less worried than previously. ... Cassie grins at Crux. "I'm sorry, when I start feeling antsy it acts up. I can't help it. I feel the need to do something and I don't know what." Still flexing her hand she looks down, relizing that she's floating agian....... Hmm, when did that happen?

Arshiva turns away from the window of the Usual, not seeing her in there, she looks to Crux and Cassie, eyeing the floating girl. She exhales, then wishes she had smoke in her lungs so it would of made a cloud. Well, whatever, she'll go find one back in New World, she starts walking off, "Goodbye, thanks again to you both." She says, holding the cigarrette up, since she doesn't have anything else to thank them for. ... Crux holds a hand up to wave at Arshiva dismissively. "Safe travel, Majin-yo." He eyes Cassie up and down, but thankfully not in the debasing way one might expect a strange or weird person to. His hazel eyes brighten for a second, becoming more gold than hazel. It's brief, and they calm down after a moment. "So, you're special then, Cassie. Must be interesting to wake up and not know why you can do what you can do." In the back of his mind, he's thinking about Arshiva a little bit. Wondering what's with all the New World and related entities showing up lately. If he cared a half an ounce about the stability of Twisted, he'd probably go track down the portal and see about sealing it, but... well... that's a mighty big if.

Cassie says, "Entertaining to say the least, yes, but highly annoying at time like this." Gives a half hearted wave to the girl, for some reason, silently hopeing she finds Datenshi and he slides a blade through her shoulder or something. Thats not nice, but Cassie's a little high strung tonight and...well.... nevermind.

Arshiva heads off into the distance!

Crux blinks and smiles at Cassie. "Your personality changes too, doesn't it?" He tilts his head to the side. "Your memory locks are probably designed to open under certain stimulus. Interesting indeed." His smile becomes more of a look of sympathy for a moment. "As a doctor, I'd love to help you, but that's an area that's too dangerous for me to tread upon." He makes a point of openly noticing her floating, and continues. "On the bright side, it looks like you'll be able to take care of yourself if it comes down to it." He extends a hand towards Cassie, an offer to shake hands. He's found this to be the most prevalent sign of peace in his inter-dimensional travels. Then again, he tends to stick around humans, so that's really not saying all that much.

Cassie takes Crux's offer and shakes his hand. "Yes, well, I'll get used to it I suppose. Adventure is fun and I'll learn about myself in drastic mesures along with opening to use my knowledge, asuming I have something more then how to walk, and talk. I guess my personality does change. Yes, I'd imagine it does. Oh well, as long as I don't start randomly killing people and drinking their blood...... You're a doctor? You look a bit obscure to be one, no offence intended, but seeing how as people base thoughts on apperence. I think you're just fine and very nice, you don't do labotomys do you?" Her hair settles down as more energy is spent as her eyes swirl dangrously with her speech, the purple, pupiless voids trance like. Hopefully Crux does avoid looking deep into her eyes.

Lalorien comes walking down Twisted Street, coming from the direction of the upside down tower like structure the Council supposedly hangs out in. She eyes Crux in the distance, but doesn't narrow her eyes, despite finding the person more than a little irritating. A new person with him, time to give the greeting. She walks over to them both and nods towards Cassie, ignoring her odd appearance, she's used to strange creatures here, "Welcome, I am Lalorien of The Council of Twisted, would you please tell me which dimension you hail from?" She asks, smiling softly and kindly, radiating either kindness or arrogance, probably both.

Crux blinks at Cassie's comments, particularly the ones about killing people and drinking their blood, and decides it'd be better if he didn't proffer his thoughts on her potential identities at this point after all, remaining thoughtfully silent for a moment. He's saved from looking into Cassie's eyes when he glances over to see Lalorien. Fighting back a scowl with an admirable amount of success, instead managing a very weak smile. "And suddenly it became cold and frigid..."

Cassie falters at Lalorien's formality and chalks it up to custom. Bowing respectfully, even though she has NO idea what the council is, Cassie straitens and smiles, trying to keep herself feeling friendly, she replies, " I am Cassie of Unknown, from Unknown, and I am pleased to meet you, Lalorien."

Lalorien shifts her gaze over at Crux at the frigid comment, but chooses to ignore it for now, in favor of continuing to speak to Cassie. Her reply is a bit odd, and she wonders if she's being mocked in some way, but people name their worlds strange things, and it's possible that she did come from such places, "Well, Cassie, I'm glad you've found your way to Twisted, however, I must inform you of the laws of this place. There are many dimensions linked to this world, and most of them have been untouched by other dimensional beings. In your journey's, you may find portals to other dimensions, those marked with blue have not been traversed by anyone but their own dimensions, so please, do not journey through them. Those marked red are already contaminated, so feel free to journey into them. Those unmarked, please leave alone because a member of The Council has not flagged them one way or the other yet." She smiles, "Do you understand?" ... Crux coughs, supressing what would otherwise have surely been a disapproving comment, but instead manages to appear only like he has something to say, without revealing what that is. He walks around slowly behind Lalorien, nodding to Cassie with a wide open mouth as if to say 'Just nod your head and smile'. You can tell he's really respectful of Lalorien. Really. ... Cassie keeping her face still, Cassie nods solemly. Noteing Crux's advice, she nods again and gives a smile that would melt a slab of thousand year old ice, filled with simple cuteness and stining venom all at the same time. "Of course I will respect the boundrys, I thank you for telling me so that I might not wander into a red portal. Wait, no, blue bad, red good. I think I've got it now."

Crux shakes his head silently with a not-really-but-almost amused smile, and idly wonders if he could derive any pleasure, sardonic or otherwise, out of dealing with Lalorien today. He watches her buy Cassie's look, which he would probably have bought himself if he were paying as little attention as Lalorien does, and waits for a moment. When Lalorien giggles to herself, as if she finds her own words amusing, Crux jabs his four fingertips from each hand against Lalorien's upper back just below her shoulders, making a loud and hopefully startling noise. How childish and totally unlike him. Lalorien just brings out the best in people, it seems.

Cassie flushes slight and lifts her head. " I apoligize, Lalorien, but I do not know my homeworld, nor how I got here, because I lack a memory therfore I can not answer your question. I am sorry that my lapse will give you more work though, for I am sure you are a very busy woman of great importance for many things." Bows again, trying to make herself sound as serious as possible. Though she can't remember anything, she's having way to much fun with the formalitys and the need to be overly sarcastic is appaling...... to most people...

Lalorien smiles even more at Cassie's formality and respect! Now, you see? Why can't all people who come to Twisted be like this? It would make things so much simpler for her and the rest of The Council! Ahh, so glorious. "That's quite all right, if you should stumble upon it, please let me know so I can mark it for you, until th--" She stops as she's suddenly jabbed in the back, she screams and leaps forward, turning around quickly and bringing both of her hands up, which sparkle with blue magic...sparkles. She then narrows her eyes as she see's who it is, of course, she keeps her hands where they are, but looks much, much more hesitant to make any rapid movements. She knows she's not as strong as this one, it'd be like going up against Cale when he wasn't distracted by five other people fighting him.

At Lalorien's reaction, Crux can't help but smile impishly, waving at the surprised elf as if nothing happened. "You alright? Seem a little tense. I have a cure for that, you know." Like hell he does. Probably more bad one-liners coupled with some local anasthesia. Ah well, just because he's being childish doesn't mean people have to deal with him. But gosh, he does so love the look on Lalorien's face. "Ah, if only I had a camera." ... As soon as Lalorien spins around, Cassie folds over, holding her stomach, silently laughing, at Lalorien, and at Crux for making her jump. "Crux is going to be fun!", Cassie thinks to herself as she views the exchange. The urge to blow a rasberry at the woman is growing. Lalorien seems to be the kind of person that people find hilarious to deal with.

Lalorien slowly lowers her hands down, the magical sparkles popping away in more little sparkles. She glares at Crux, "I would be all right if rude Mal-Travelers weren't jabbing me in the back with their fingers." She intones in an uppity voice, because Crux is just so beneath her. Now she's off her game, she hates dealing with people like this, at least she can avoid Cale in the hopes of someday finding him, but he's been casting a lot of deceiving tracking spells lately, she straightens, "I don't suppose you have seen Cale about, Crux?"

Crux stops laughing for a moment, frozen in mid smile. He leans forward slowly, and in a conspiratorial whisper, he conveys his words to Lalorien. "Actually... now that you mention it..." He motions for Lalorien to come closer, as if not wanting others to hear what he has to say.

Cassie sneaks up and gently wedges the courner of Laloriens robe into a crack in the ground, wedging a rock in as hard as she can. Floating back to her original postion, she slowly braids her hair again, a childish smile lighting up her face. She would say she hasn't had this much fun in years but.... well, she can say she's never had so much fun in the past few days anyway.

Lalorien raises an eyebrow at Crux's words, her eyes being somewhat suspicious, but she can't pass up the chance to find information on the whereabouts of Cale, she really, really wants to get him under chains again, she just knows he's mal traveling right now on her. So, she takes a step to get closer to Crux, and not at all expecting her robe to be caught on anything, it yanks her and sends her off balance, triptripstumble, actually, right into Crux, unless he decides to dodge her and let her go hitting the ground, which is a terribly ungraceful thing for an elf to be doing!

Crux blinks and smiles at Cassie's actions, secretly delighted to have a partner in crime to torment Lalorien with, but decides to step in and take the blame before Cassie gets branded a mal-traveler over a childish prank. As Lalorien trips towards him, Crux's eyes narrow slightly, and then he's gone. There's no fading in and out, no rush of wind, nothing of the sort, just one minute he was there and the next he's not. Fortunately (or unfortunately for Lalorien) he IS now right behind her, and he catches her by the robe, keeping her from falling all the way to the ground, but very much making it look like he was the one who caused her... er... wardrobe malfunction. He leans down low, his mouth uncomfortably close to Lalorien's neck as he whispers into her ear. "... No." He then lets go of the robe, assuming that the elf had enough time to prepare herself for the rest of the fall, but secretly hoping she fails. He turns and gives Cassie an approving wink.

Cassie grins happily at Crux, though more then willing to take the blame, though she has no clue what a Mal-travaler is. the Elf however, should remain professinal when dealing with the people in this world and squarly deserves what she gets. Being uppity is one step closer to having a arrow sticking out the middle of your head, Cassie belives.

Lalorien gets -caught- by Crux, and her head pulls slightly away from him, but not so far away, her ears twitching at the closeness, and then frowning at the answer, she has managed to get her balance back as Crux lets her go, and she gracefully turns around to face towards Crux, looking over at Cassie only briefly, "Well, Crux Caedon, if you would please continue to keep an eye out for him, The Council would be most grateful towards you." She straightens her hair and then her robe, then nods towards Cassie, "It was a pleasure to meet you, journey safely." She then turns to move away, not wanting to be any closer to Crux than she absolutely has too. Maybe a soul eater will pop out and consume him soon, that'd be nice.

Crux grins at Lalorien's words, calling out after her. "I'll keep my eyes open, but you'll have to work on your dancing if you want to get anything out of me, Lalorien." That's ... really not funny either. Crux seems to enjoy it though, and his grin remains for several seconds. Then he walks over and pats Cassie on the shoulder. "It was nice meeting you, Cassie. Perhaps I shall see you around again some other time. But for now, I must sleep." Sleep? It's not like he did anything tiring... "Stay close to the Usual, and you'll have plenty of fun. Sayonara."

Cassie smiles warmly at Crux. " Nice meeting you too, Crux, I hope to see you soon. Be Well." Watching the elf walk off, fills Cassie with ease as she walks back towards the Usual to see if there is an open booth she can borrow for a bit more time.

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