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Commander Yoiko Hax
Full Name: Commander Yoiko Hax

Occupation: First Officer/Chief Engineer
Series: Original

Threat Level: Street Sweeper
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Species: Joined Trill

Short Description: The young looking First Officer and Chief Engineer of the USS Vesuvius, or was before ending up on Twisted.

Commander Yoiko Hax
Age: 33 Birthdate: May 18, 2234
Height: 5'7" Weight: Classified

Yoiko is a very slender woman, easily mistaken for someone younger than she is. Of course living with humans and their short life spans makes everyone seem too young or too old by comparison. Running down to the middle of her back when it's not tied back, the woman's long "lemon tea" blonde hair is usually pulled down to cover the two rows of easily visible spots running down the sides of her face and literally all the way down her body to her toes. It's not because she's ashamed of them as she's very proud of her heritage. She just doesn't like answer questions about them. Often the woman wears the red shirt and black pants uniform of the USS Vesuvius, even if she isn't on-board ship anymore, and you can bet if she's wearing something else it's likely gold colored. While easily covered by the short black jacket she tends to wear, her uniform bears the emblem of the ship stitched onto her left breast with the spiral insignia of the Engineering Department. Around her waist she tends to keep on a heavy duty tool belt - an old habit she's never kicked, or just tie her jacket around herself to have the feeling of the weight she's missing. Unlike most enlisted officers in Starfleet, Yoiko constantly wears a pair of rounded, slightly tinted, glasses due to an allergy that prevents her from taking corrective eyesight drugs like Retinax V.


  • Physical Ability: 5 - While she doesn't practice often, she does contain the memories of two other lifetimes. While not exactly 'muscle memory' she can definitely defend herself in a pinch - not to mention the mandatory Starfleet hand to hand training.
  • Knowledge: 6 - Combined Yoiko has almost a full lifetime of engineering experience as well as several decades worth of mining and classical music studies.
  • Magical Knowledge: 3 - Magic isn't real, it can be explained by Science. There's just a few things that haven't been studied enough yet.
  • Superhuman Ability: 0 - Without any natural psychic or extrasensory perception, Yoiko's just as superhuman as the next person. That statement obviously doesn't take Twisted into account.

  • Threat Level: 3.5 (Depreciated System)
Commander Yoiko Hax
Born on the planet Trillius Prime, often shortened to just Trill, Yoiko grew up in a small family and spent most of her time with her nose in a book reading about various technologies and propulsion systems. While she could have stayed on her home world and joined the esteemed Trill Science Academy, Yoiko had her sights set on exploring space and jumped at a possibility to sign up for Starfleet. For the next ten years she lived and breathed nothing but advanced warp theory until she worked her way into becoming the Chief Engineer of the USS Vesuvius.

Along with the ship's Captain, Jonathon Munster, the two created a working prototype for the warp engines that would one day replace the standard for interstellar flight. Unfortunately due to the strain caused by the ship's warp nacelles, the engine ripped the Vesuvius apart during its initial tests, setting back the project several years and costing them the life of the ship's doctor. The tests where conclusive enough to have the Vesuvius repaired and put back into semi-active status with a new version of the engine along for the ride. During the next two years of light service the USS Vesuvius took part in many off the record technology experiments and became a test bed for projects the public was not supposed to know about.

Eventually a successful test of an upgraded ship's sensors discovered a planetoid inside a black hole that supported life. An away party was immediately sent to investigate consisting of Yoiko, the Captain, and the ship's Chief Helmsman, Lieutenant Mark Galpin. Yoiko did the calculations herself making her feel all the more guilty when the effects of the black hole caused her to materialize on Twisted alone with no hope of getting back...[1]

Before the shattering of the Twisted Street, Yoiko was often seen doing odd jobs while conducting experiments to learn more information about the nature of the world she's found herself in. Given the nature of Twisted she's ignored the Prime Directive, freely giving technology from her time period to the people of Twisted. Among other things she was responsible for the transporter network used by TASK members for getting around the cities. [2] During this time she was credited as discovering that the myriad alternate connected worlds where more shattered layers of one another than the traditional connected worlds theory. Something about this discovery caused her to withdraw into her apartment and fade out of view over some project she began working on privately.

After the destruction of Twisted the displaced Engineer has been occasionally spotted sneaking around taking rock samples from different locations across Mabase City. How this relates to her private projects has yet to be seen.


Note Note: These generally reflect her time before Twisted and was only recently added because of the changes in the character profile template. This text will be removed if/when this section is properly updated.

General Overview: Yoiko was originally a very quiet and reserved woman, at least until she had the memories of two other Trill added into her mind. Now there's a fire in her eyes that wasn't there before. She's quick to make sarcastic comments and has been actively trying to relearn to bite her tongue once this was pointed out to her.

Strengths & Weaknesses: The young woman is fiercely loyal to her friends and colleagues. She also has an almost fanatical obsession for learning alien technologies. However, being brought up in a society that enforces secrecy, she's generally very hesitant to divulge any information about herself or how she does things. In short she's a fantastic engineer - but a horrible teacher.

Ambitions: Spending most of her life trying to become the Chief Engineer of a starship has been a goal for her as long as she can remember. Actually being one makes her more overprotective of her ship than a mother lion, and she always strives to make it better - part of the reason she's so excited about the new warp core she's helping develop.

Hobbies & Interests: While Yoiko spends most of her time dwelling on warp engines and new technologies, she also enjoys listening to ancient Earth music (specifically blues and rock & roll). She won't admit to it, but she's also fond of shopping and frequently sneaks off ship while she's docked to browse around local markets - assuming there isn't something in Engineering that needs her attention first.


  1. Beaming Down
  2. Drones and Tamales and Robots, oh my!
Commander Yoiko Hax
Aside from over a decade of engineering, warp propulsion, and warp physics studies, Yoiko is highly skilled at mental calculations and problem solving. She has a knack for being able to learn new technologies extremely quickly and repair almost any device she comes in contact with if allowed to spend enough time studying it. Being a member of the Trill race she also is quick to heal from light wounds, has a natural immunity to toxins and a heightened degree of radiation resistance than her human counterparts - not to mention a longer general life span.

In 2264 Yoiko was joined to the Hax Symbiont.
Trill Symbiont.png
This slug-like creature lives inside of her body and cannot be removed by any means without killing the host body. The Trill race have a large amount of secrecy regarding the Symbionts, and are extremely hesitant mentioning their existence to outsiders. Regardless, it is considered to be a great honor to be chosen to be a host. The selection process can take years before a Trill is chosen to become one and even longer before a suitable pairing is decided. The Symbionts carry on the memories of each host they've bonded with and since joining with Hax, Yoiko can now recall the lives of the two previous hosts as though she'd lived them herself. Those hosts being Daemon - a Dilithium miner and Linda - a practiced cellist.

A side effect of those new lifetimes, Yoiko has become highly sarcastic and outspoken. A direct contrast to the shy, quiet girl she once was. Randomly she will pick up other habits of those previous hosts unconsciously as well, especially if she's speaking about them at the time. These can range from minor things like chewing her nails to more obvious things like being quick to jump at the chance to drink - even though she has very little tolerance to alcohol...

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