2020-05-13 - Meanwhile In Space

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Meanwhile In Space...

Summary: A collection of personal logs and... How'd that get in there?

Who: Yoiko Hax
When: May 13th 2020.
Where: Category:USS Vesuvius

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The information contained within this log is to be considered information gained Out of Character (OOC).
This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

Questions should be directed to staff.

"Personal Log of Chief Engineer Yoiko Hax. Number four hundred and thirty seven. Stardate 4874.72. You may notice a bit of discrepancy here. Two hundred extra logs and only a month has gone by. I've finally merged my personal logs from Twisted with the database on the Vesuvius. While I've made a formal report on the subject, I haven't explained in my own personal logs what has transpired. Jon thinks it might be good for me to have a record of everything, especially in light of the Vesuvius's current assignment. This might be a bit of a long one..."

Yoiko Hax stares down at the monitor on her desk letting out a sigh as she tries to consider where she should start. How much of this information should really be public, after all? It's not uncommon for a major event to transpire that requires investigation into personal logs. Then there's the whole secrecy on behalf of her Trill anatomy to consider...

"As stated in my previous logs, I was stranded in a divergent reality which I incorrectly assumed was another layer of reality. From my perspective I'd beamed down from the Vesuvius and due to the gravimetric distortion of the SEH-01 was thrown into another "dimension" - to use the old inaccurate Earth-term." She can't help but grin at that. A shame no one will realize that was supposed to be funny. Her hand briefly hovers over the delete key but she decides to press on.

"My personal perspective was compromised due to an issue with my species' biology. Doctor Rebane's medical observations will be presented to the Science Council on Trillius Prime following his return to the Vesuvius." Heavily redacted, but they will be presented. "Anyways, I..."

She stares a moment at the text readout of her words displayed on the screen to make reviewing easier. "...why am I being so formal?" She shakes her head. The Engineer has been having a lot of issues finding her own view of normal ever since leaving the influence of Twisted, but spending a year effectively drunk does tend to leave a few lasting impressions.

"Sorry. So anyways it turned out that my time on the Twisted Planetoid was largely due to time dilation. The Vesuvius was partially in a state of slowed time." She pauses to reflect on that statement before amending, "...parts of her anyways, while meanwhile the rest of the galaxy carried on at its normal pace. It took me the better part of six months of time to get the rest of her systems synced up enough to-"

The monitor on her desk flickers violently before shifting into static and fading to black. With a heavy sigh Yoiko reaches out and smacks the side of it. "I swear, every time I try to explain this another piece of equipment shorts out. I really should have done a full sweep of the less important systems before I called it a night..."


"Yoiko Hax. Personal log. Numbers, numbers, yeah yeah..." A loud crash can be heard as the young woman throws down her tools next to her recently replaced computer monitor. The computer bleeps cheerfully in response as it tries to remove the sound effect automatically. "Most of the minor systems on Deck 7 have been compromised. Turns out my personal computer was only one of many. Apparently software doesn't like to run on hardware locked into three distinct overlapping timelines. Who knew?"

With a sigh she drops into her chair, throwing her feet up on the desk unceremoniously. "At least we're only a month or so out from the next Starbase where we'll be relieving most of the crew. I'll have an inventory of all the still working systems by then." Leaning back, her chair hits the corner of the personal safe installed into the dividing wall that separates her office from her bed. The unlocked hatch clanks off the side, tumbling to the padded floor. "Dammit!"

Text Box.png
Redmagetiny.png Huh? Who's there?

Reaching forwards she presses a red button on her keypad. "Computer? Omit that from the recording." It doesn't. "COMPUTER." She pauses expecting a response that doesn't come. "...nevermind." With another sigh she stands up, picking up the safe's hatch and is about to put it back when she pauses at the weird tuning fork Liyara gave her which she'd kept in the safe since she got back on board. The Engineer smirks at the memory as she picks it up, turning it over in her hands after replacing the door.

Text Box.png
Redmagetiny.png Oh, hey, it's Starfleet! We're saved everyone, Starfleet is here.

"Okay, so... the plan from Starfleet Command going forwards is to have the Vesuvius exchange it's active crew for a team of engineers which I'll be overseeing as we go out to the old decommissioned Outpost 17 and attempt to put her back together again. Meanwhile the remaining science officers are going to be working out how to get the station towed to the Hideki Sector. Command is really excited to study this phenomena now that we've managed to transverse the barrier of SEH-01 safely."

Text Box.png
Redmagetiny.png That's a terrible idea! Hey, why'd Liyara give you a fork? I had to steal hers. Wait. Is this the same fork? Time is confusing.

Yoiko taps the fork against the side of her desk, listening to the vibrations resonating out of the instrument. It really did make a pretty sound, even if it made her head hurt. What was the point of this gift after all?

Text Box.png
Redmagetiny.png The short version is you're sailing a friendship. The S.S. Get Along. You just don't know how to steer. Or brake. ...You'll probably be fine.

"Yeah. So things will be busy. I'll probably stop trying to leave logs again until I remember to stop and breath again. At least Jonathon's excited about this. He's going to be promoted to running the station." She frowns briefly as she taps the fork again with her nail. "I don't like the idea of the Vesuvius being run as a skeleton, though. She's better than that." The woman lets out a sigh again, looking up at the ceiling as if somehow seeing the entire ship in her mind. "Being Captain couldn't be that hard..."


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