2003-12-07 A Beginning - Terry vs Johnny

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A Beginning: Terry Bogard vs. Johnny C

Summary: (Incomplete log!) A short discussion leads to an unorthodox spar on the slope of a strange mountain.

Who: Johnny_C, Terry_Bogard
When: December 7th, 2003

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Johnny laughs to himself, and charges with both hands over his head, ready to stab downwards onto Terry's back.

"Hmph." Terry waits for Johnny to near him before springing to one side and aiming a light kick at the boy's hip, enough to knock him down without really causing any damage.

Johnny falls looking almost tripped. Hitting the ground hard and rolling, he catches himself by digging the blades of the daggers into the ground. "What happened to going easy?" He then jumps up and charges again, one arm pulled back as if to punch, the other out before him, as if he intended to block with it.

Terry aims a deft backhand at Johnny's outstretched dagger, firing a small burst of golden Ki to deflect the blade away from his gloved hand. His other fist comes round in a relatively powerful haymaking punch, aiming for Johnny's chest.

Johnny feeling the full force of the punch, NNY is pushed backwards, but manages to keep himself from falling. Laughing he resheaths the daggers and, be means of a hidden switch, a set of metalic claws shoot out from beneath his sleeves.

Terry bounces on the balls of his feet, raising an eyebrow as the claws come out to play. "I hope you're not intending to hurt anyone. My fiancee might get cross." He tosses Johnny a quick wink and falls back into a fighting stance.. one leg at a slightly odd angle behind him.

Johnny chuckles at the comment, and goes into a mock stance of his own. "That's ok... I won't do anything permanent..." Charging with both sets of claws below him, as if to strike upwards, he aims for Terry's right side, using the left hand to distract by swiping it at his head.

Terry ignores Johnny's movements, keeping his gaze fixed on the boy's eyes.. seeing the intent within them, he barely inclines his head away from the distraction, then spins underneath the outstretched hand and brings his right elbow down on the back of NNY's, letting the claws slip behind him and twisting off the angled right leg into a backwards flip - left leg kicking out to propel his opponent backwards.

Johnny goes wide eyed in surprise, making a sound he'd learned from his neighbor that can only be described as "squee!"

Terry lands in a half-crouch a few feet away from Johnny, quickly glancing down at a tear in the sleeve of his jacket. "Damn.." he mutters, dropping a little lower into the crouch, "Okay. Let's see if you can't defend an attack from me.. you ready?"

Johnny struggles to regain his footing. "Um.. yah..." Looking about himself, he puts away the claws and prepares another trick, 'up his sleeve'.

Terry kicks off the ground, hopping into the air towards Johnny.. he twists his body at the last second, falling to the floor in a crouch next to Johnny and aiming a low sweep at his ankles.

Johnny, waiting for the attack, is given the advantage, he manages to just barely jump back in time, sending a long rope out of his left sleeve with a barbed hook attached to the end, aimed at restraining Terry's leg.

Terry feels the metal dig in, gasping as it contacts flesh. His hand whips out and yanks the hook out quickly, tearing a large gash in his jeans but avoiding too much damage to his body. He yanks on the rope whilst leaping to his feet, pulling a fist back to strike Johnny should he succeed in pulling him close.

Johnny is pulled straight towards Terry. At the last second a long hooked pole comes out of his right sleeve, managing to keep him from being pulled to close. Looking at the end of the rope still attached to his arm he says, "I never should have tied down the end of that..."

Terry suddenly releases the rope, springing forward and into the air in front of Johnny, aiming a nasty kick at the side of the boy's left shoulder.

Johnny seeing the kick coming and stuck waiting for the rope to retract, he simply looks up and "eep!"s...

As the kick connects, Terry pulls it just enough to avoid snapping bone and uses the excess strength to spin himself in the opposite direction. As he spins sideways past Johnny, he follows that last blow with another kick to his opponent's right hip - aiming to deaden the leg below.

Johnny collapses backwards from the combination of attacks and sits stunned on the ground waiting to catch his breath. "You're good for an amateur..."

Terry lands on one leg and promptly turns to face Johnny before lowering the other. "Heh. Well.. I was joking about that one. If you must know I was going very easy." He smiles and inspects the two tears in his clothing. Blood spatters the edge of the gash in his jeans, but he doesn't appear bothered by the injury. "Not bad. Does me some good to fight weapons.. I never was too hot at defending blades. Thanks, kid."

Johnny rubs a few of his new bruises. "Nah... thank you... That's the first time I've fought someone just for the sake of fighting...."

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