2003-12-19 Noodle Boy goes after Ryoga

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Noodle Boy goes after Ryoga


Who: Ryoga, Johnny_C
When: 2003-12-19
Where: Neo Tokyo

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Entrance to the Spaceport(#4173RL)

You are in a big hall. This is the NeoTokyo spaceport. It links the city of NeoTokyo to the rest of the planet and to space. There is a video screen in the center of the room announcing arrival and departure of ships, aircraft and spacecraft.

Noodle Boy grins at the lost boy. "Hello!"

Ryoga is lost. what else is new? "Hello. Where am I now?"

Noodle Boy carefully pulls out his lone dagger and waves it infront of his face, "Your at the end of your travles... Care to see what happens next?"

Ryoga has run across muggers before. He shrugs as if this were an everydray occurance and takes a stance. "I suppose I could use a quick workout."

Noodle Boy grins. A dark mist begins to spread, seeming to drift from the blackness in his clothing. Out of that mist shoots 4 long chains, each reaching for an available limb.

Ryoga jumps straight up into the air to avoid what is to Ryoga a typical Mousse tactic. While he didn't expect this skinny guy with tight clothes would be a master of hidden weapons, the first sight of the chains brought about an automatic responce Ryoga came up with in case Mousse ever forgot his glasses and confused him for Ranma. Still in mid-jump, he whips out four bandana's to knock away or possibly even cut through the chains, and while throwing the fourth with his left hand he grabs his umbrella with the left.

Noodle Boy giggles at Ryoga's response, and ducks down. The chains still hold tight in the air around him. They're barbed hooks latch into the ground due to their misdirection. A fifth chain flys out of the space above Noodle Boy's head. He leans back, rolling away from Ryoga and vanishing into the mist. Suddenly the four prior chains retract, tearing up the ground around them. Now only the mist and the fifth chain remain...

A fifth chain is exactly why Ryoga brought out his umbrella. As it doesn't head straight for him, at least not yet, Ryoga doesn't do much with the umbrella just yet as he comes to the ground, though he does hold it ready in a guard position.

The chain falls to Ryoga's feet, it's hook digging into the ground beneath him. Without warning it retracts, leaving what apears to be a small hole at his feet. Blood begins to rush up from the hole, as if the ground itself was bleeding. The mists fade, and Ryoga is alone with a pool of blood at his feet...

Ryoga does jump well away from the hole, figuring something may come up from the hole, though not before his legs get a spray of blood on them. "Hrm."

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