2004-03-14 Into the sewers! Mr Eff returns...

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2004-03-14 Into the sewers! Mr Eff returns...


Who: Johnny_C, Samantha, Alex, Ryoga
When: 2004-03-14 Into the sewers! Mr Eff returns...
Where: Metropolis

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Metropolis Sewer System; Main Hub

Dank, Dark, dripping with moisture and stinking like... well... a sewer. You are in one of the main overflow/flood ways of Metropolis's underground waterway. A maze like system in almost any city this one is made worse by the mating of dicrete systems and waste managment philosophies from around the world. you never know WHAT is around the next bend.

Johnny stumbles down the sewers cursing at himself. Taking out his daggers he begins to run the blades along the walls as he goes - sending sparks accross the murkey water. "FUCKING BITCHES! What the fuck is the deal with this damn place!"

Johnny pauses underneath a drainage whole and stops. Someone is standing up there. "HEY! YOU THERE! Stupid sac of puss! What the hell is your fucking problem? You think you're just hot shit, huh? SCREW YOU ASSHOLE!"

The figure above screeches to a halt, waves of black hair rippling around the slender waist of a catgirl, who bends down and peers into the hole. "N-nani?"

Johnny looses his balance and falls backwards, his knees buckling. "SHIT!"

The figure vanishes and a few moments later a scraping noise is heard. Seconds after that a manhole cover turns and then falls down into the murky slush, Sammy lowering herself in behind it and hanging by one arm as she looks around the gloomy sewer pipe. "Got a problem?" She chimes sweetly, other hand reaching behind to finger the tanto across her lower back.

Johnny lays in the nasty water his conciousness coming and going. Seeing the pipe light up as the manhole is opened he strains to look up. "Huh? What...? I uh...." His eyes suddenly turn black again, "YEAH I WANT A PIEACE OF YOU BITCH!" Struggling to climb to his feet he shakes his head - his eyes returning to normal. "Sammy? That you?"

Samantha blinks a few times, "Oh.. uh. Heya, NNY." She giggles as she flips down onto one of the narrow ledges that run along the wall to either side of the sludge, landing in a nimble crouch and peering down at Johnny. "What's up?"

Johnny shakes off some of the crud that has stuck to him. "Ugh... I'm a.. damn, nah it's nothin'.... Do you know where I can get a burrito around here?"

Samantha shakes her head slowly, then looks directly at Johnny for a moment before tipping it to one side.. regarding him intently. "So.. who's the second person?" She asks quietly, a soft, concerned smile tickling at the edges of her mouth.

Johnny blinks, looking around the pipe for another person. "Who? What'dya mean?"

Samantha rolls her eyes and springs over Johnny's head suddenly, landing on the opposite side and leaning down, keeping only one leg and one hand against the stone ledge, peering directly into Johnny's eyes with her tail flicking slowly behind her. "Johnny.. I'm Felixian.. we c'n spot these things." She winks, "So who's joinin' the party? Anythin' I should be worried about?"

Johnny backs up, caught off guard by the bounding girl. Not looking where he's going he looses balance again and falls backwards into the grime again. "GYAH! Yech..." Quickly he jumps to his feet trying franticly to get as much of the muck off as possible. "Oh god... this is disgusting..." Getting most of it off he looks up at Samantha again, "Wait? What party? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Samantha winks again, then flips upward, tail following her into a rapid spin that takes her up to the top curve of the sewer. Coming out of the spin, she hangs by one arm for a few moments, "What party? Now, c'mon.. y'don't think I'm a little better than that?" She pouts a little before dropping down, going into another spin, coming to light right in front of Johnny once more, her bare toes just an inch from the sludgy surface, blue ki rippling over her bare flesh as she uses the energy to stay 'afloat'. "I know there's more than one of ya.." she murmurs, then spinning away from Johnny and turning to the side, scrambling back up onto the ledge and turning to face him, wagging a finger, "I only wanna help..."

Johnny closes his eyes, his head tilted as though he where looking at his feet. "I don't want your pitty, alright? I know I'm not okay. I know I'm not normal, I'm not right. You'd do best to just keep away. Alright? Just fuck off..." Opening his eyes he blinks, "I'm sorry... I just... nevermind..."

Samantha blinks too, and straightens up, leaning back against the cracked stone wall, thick with moss. "So y'don't want my help... coz I got an idea." She shrugs faintly, arms folding across her chest as the girl looks off to one side. "I wanna see the other side of you.. I wanna meet him. Right here, right now."

Johnny backs up, his face full of fear and confusion. "Wait-? Now what the hell is that supposed to mean??"

Samantha just smiles, turning her gaze back to Johnny.. her eyes blazing with confidence, steely resolve. "There's a side of you that thinks he should rule.. thinks he's 'Top Dog'.. right?" She raises an eyebrow, smile hardening to a smirk, "I wanna beat him down, release ya."

Johnny shakes his head, his eyes nearly tearing up from confusion, "What the hell are you babbling about? Why are you trying to do this to me? I thought you where diffrent from the rest, but your just trying to screw with me, aren't you? Please don't do this..."

Samantha frowns and unfolds her arms, dropping onto her haunches, hands braced on her thighs, "No.. no, I don't wanna screw with ya. I wanna help you." She shakes her head, spreading her hands to either side, "It's up to you.. but we're in the perfect place fer it, not many people up above.. it's perfect."

Johnny begins to shake from nervousness. His eyes tell that he really doesn't know whats going on. "Help me? By doing what? Your not making sence..."

Samantha reaches into her body-warmer with both hands, straightening up again as she pulls clear two kunai daggers, spinning one around each slender index finger. "Help you.. by beatin' the guy inside of ya." She winks, "I'll go easy. I don't wanna hurt -you-, see.. but whoever, whatever, is inside of you, needs ta be taught a lesson."

Johnny holds a hand to his head, his knees are begining to shake. With his free hand he grabs ahold of the curved wall and uses it to hold himself up. Tears begin to flow from his eyes, "...all my life I've had to deal with the voices of everything and everyone telling me how worthless I am. Is it any wonder I'm so screwed up? I've been walking down this road so much I don't even know where it started. I've done some horrible things, I've done unspeakable things with salad tongs, I even tried to kill a mime 'cause it wouldn't leave me alone. I've tried to change things, I've tried to do what's right..." Suddenly his stance changes, and he draws out both his weapons. "...but I'm fucking sick of people always trying to help in when they have no idea that they are the one who needs help." His eyes turn black and emotionless. He glares at Samantha and charges - the shadows in the tunnel all following with him.

Samantha inclines her head in a brief bow, expression solemn, before her form blurs as she hops from the ledge (about nine foot up, as a rough guideline)... speed illusion fading to reveal her form directly along the tunnel from the charging Johnny, toes an inch above the murky sludge, but ki flickering not only around her but around the daggers in her hands as she draws them back and hurls them off towards the boy.. "HYAH!" Both daggers soar off, aimed directly at his own at it happens, and just before they are due to hit the nekogirl's form blurs again, blue-white energy 'shadow' following her as she nips up to the ledge directly opposite the one she started from, hauling an iron fan from inside her body-warmer and flicking it open.

Johnny becomes as black as night as the shadows engulf his body. As the cat-girl's daggers reach their target something unexpected happens. They pass straight through him like he was made up of nothing but mist. The shadow Johnny pauses and looks around for the missing girl before turning and smiling at her over his shoulder. His eyes now red with some unseen energy. With a deep demonic voice he cackles, "Stupid bitch. There's nothing in this world that can release our hold on the boy. So why not give up now and avoid the pain and suffering I plan to envoke on thee..."

"Not on y'life, baka.." the nekogirl murmurs, a smirk on her lips, before she flips down from the ledge, landing a few feet from the demon and skidding into the sludge, dark goo spattering up over her leggings. The moment her feet find purchase, she whips her hand forward, ki trailing from the bladed edge of the tessen as she snaps it round and lets it fly at her opponent, "KA-CHOU-SEN!" Springing in directly behind the fan, she prepares to spin full circle and fling a powerful roundhouse kick for the Johnny-demon's head.

Alex drops down through a manhole that had apparently been open. The hapless pilot had been walking by when he'd heard the soudns of a scuffle going on. He lands in a crouch into the dank sewer waters, his right arm up slightly and gripping his desert eagle. Narrowing his eyes as they adjust to the dark tunnels lit with ki energy he tries to get a better idea of the situation before doign anything.

Johnny chuckles as his shadow like form allows the attacks to pass through him with hardly any resistance. (Yeah I know, he's not at a PL that he can do this sort of thing, but damnit I'm on a roll...) However the ki-aided attack results in a diffrent effect. The creature screams and is forced back several steps. As it regains it's situation it catches the blunt of the roundhouse and flyes into the wall with a sickening crunch. The shadow-beast takes a step towards Samantha and laughs, "So, bitch. Your gonna make this fun for me after all..." Charging forwards at a surprising speed he tries to grab her by the throat, his hand pullsating with a dark, cold, energy...

Samantha gives a strangled cry, not ready for this display of speed from Johnny.. she barely manages to raise a hand, fingers blazing with ki, to intercept his own. "Sh-Shouken.." she chokes out, a spear of pale blue energy tearing from the limply out-stretched palm as she staggers back, the move totally lacking its normal power and folding under the darker rival energies. (Dammit..) The hands make their way to her throat as she stumbles back, almost falling in the murky waters.

Johnny laughs, lifting her up by her throat and pulling her face up to meet his. "I've had quite a meal over the past few months. So much anger, so much destruction... Your soul will be a fine snack before this city joins the last..."

Alex just about does a double take when he sees what's going on. "N-no way," he mutters to himself, teeth gritting in anger as he gets to his feet fully. Alex levels his desert eagle at the shadow thing and shouts, "I don't know what the hell you are, but back the hell away from her!" Under most circumstances he'd give a chance to respond, but instead squeezes off a couple shots at the thing, trying to get it's attention more.

Samantha whimpers as she is grabbed.. turning her face away. Despite the pained, pathetic grimace on her face, her left hand, not raised to deflect Johnny's attack, is curled to a fist at her side and pulsing with energy. (If I can just get a distra-) She blinks, noticing Alex for a first time as the shots tear from his Desert Eagle. With a triumphant smirk she turns back to the demon and throws her palm up in a charged blow to his hip.. at about the same time the first bullet should converge.

Abomination turns it's head to glare at Alex as his shots pass through him. However, at the same time an intense pain rips through his side, his grip around her neck tightening momentarialy. Annoyed, he throws Samantha to the side forcefully and stalks towards Alex - his size seeming to increase with each step. "So... what do we have here? Another snack for the great beast? Another fool who doesn't know when to stay out of a fight?" He doesn't show any signs of attack yet, he only continues his display of power...

Samantha slams into the wall of the sewer, wincing as she rolls with the rebound, diving head over heels above the slush and coming down feet-first once again, behind the demon and just in view of Alex further along. "Alex! Get outta here.." she calls across, shaking her head, "This is dangerous!" As she calls the last she presses her right hand, palm flat, against the wall, then closes her eyes, gently biting down on her lower lip. (Do I dare to do this? If I do... I could destroy this whole sewer system....)

Alex's gaze flicks to Samantha as she's flung aside, rage bioling up inside him. If this thing had any sense for such things it would feel an undeniable power building insdie Alex. He looks up at the abomination, his own crimson eyes staring straight into its. "I know when to stay out of a fight," he smirks, "And this isn't the time," He holsters his gun, continuing to stare the thing down, waiting for it to make a move, there was he had to confirm. For a moment he lets his gaze flick to Samantha, "Don't worry Sam...I think...I think I got this covered," he looks back to the Abomination again, "Well are you going to just stand there, or are you gonna do soemthing?"

Abomination throws back his head and laughs. "Your not even worth my time! If you only knew what you where dealing with you'd know to stay the fuck out of my way. I can smell your blood. You'd do best to listen to the bitch and run..."

Samantha slips her hand from the wall and reaches around to her left side, straightening up as she pulls her sword clear, silvery mithril glimmering in the dim light. "Alex, y'don't get it.. this thing is pure energy. Only -energy- can harm it." She smirks, opening her eyes and placing her left hand to the sparkling blade. "Energy.. I c'n handle.." she lets blue tendrils work their way down her fingers, caressing each tip before slipping down onto the blade, thundering across it wildly. "Let's go.."

Alex smirks and takes a step towards the abomination. "If you're so confiden then stop me," he tilts his head curiously, "Or perhaps you're nothing but show?" . o O (Try and stay focued Alex..you can't let yourslef slip) For a moment it seems as if his deep crimson eyes started to glow with an odd light, but it fades as quickly as it came. (Keep yourself focused...it's starting...) For just a brief moment, some type of power spikes inside Alex, flaring up for just a milisecond as a faint blue and gold aura.

Abomination swirls into the air, spreading accross the celling of the tunnel blacking out all light. From behind Samantha a younger version of Johnny steps out of the mist and tries to grab ahold of her. His eyes lifeless and emotionless, but accross his face is a horrible smile.

Samantha's ears twitch and she spins, kicking up a wave of foul liquid as she comes around, shortsword blazing with power and coming down hard towards 'Johnny's neck. Before it is too late to stop the charged slash she registers the face and her eyes widen alarmingly, a lead weight coming down in her gut. (NO!)

Alex looks around as the thing swallows up the entire sewer in darkness. He closes his eyes (Okay what now genius...you can't blow it all on one go...) He opens his eyes (I guess there's only one thing to do..) He looks to where he can hear Samantha moving, focusing his mind on the person he's trying to help. Alex swallows the last bit of noticeable doubt along with a large lump in his throat (I only hope this is enough) Alex opens his mouth, but rather than make some other cocky taunt, he starts singing. That isn't even the strangest part, as he begins to sing, a blue and gold light seems to envelop him like an aura, piercing the darkness like burning magnesium.

The younger Johnny stops in mid stride as he is torn in half by the force of the sword's power. The boy chuckles as he vanishes into mist. Behind Alex another form appears this one a young woman with short hair and pigtails. The woman has one of Johnny's daggers in his hand as she tries to stab Alex with it...

Samantha curses, dropping to an alert crouch with the blade held at an angle in front of her. "Not real... you bastard...." she gasps through panicked, seething breaths, turning her gaze up to the swirling blackness. With another, louder curse, she spins and focuses on the girl behind Alex. "POWERRR... WAVE!" her left hand comes slamming down into the murk, throwing up blackened liquid as a ripple of energy shoots from her arm and coalesces into a pulsating two-foot high 'blade', kicking up more water as it soars off and slicing across at an angle that should cut through Devi but leave Alex unharmed...

Samantha curses, dropping to an alert crouch with the blade held at an angle in front of her. "Not real... you bastard...." she gasps through panicked, seething breaths, turning her gaze up to the swirling blackness. With another, louder curse, she spins and focuses on the girl behind Alex. "POWERRR... WAVE!" her left hand comes slamming down into the murk, throwing up blackened liquid as a ripple of energy shoots from her arm and coalesces into a pulsating two-foot high 'blade', kicking up more water as it soars off and slicing across at an angle that should cut through Devi but leave Alex unharmed... (re for Ryoga)

Alex and Samantha are surrounded by nothing but pure darkness in the sewer at the moment. There's a little girl with pigtails behind Alex trying to stab him with a dagger, meanwhile Alex himself is singing. Right now in this darkness he's the only point of light, surrounded by an aura of blue and gold energy that's shinging as bright as burning magnesium. As Devi makes a stab at Alex her dagger would simply seem to cease to be as it collides with Alex's aura. A total flip from earlier Alex isn't showing any signs of anger. Rather the light is formed of spiritia energy caused by pure liquid warm fuzzy good emotions. He doesn't stop singing, pouring his heart into it, his aura only seeming to get brighter and brighter, shining trough the darkness like a beacon. All around him now small bits of plantlife and hwatnot are coming up through the raw sewage surrounding his feet, being fed by the staggering amount of positive energy being given off.

And a few hundred feet down the sewers is heard a voice, crying out in near-dispair: "WHERE THE HELL AM I NOW?!"

The darkness begins to draw back away from Alex as he casts off his postitivly charged energy. The mindless Devi steps back as well only to be cut in two by the blade of energy from Samantha. Reforming between the two, the abomination resumes the form of Johnny and collapes in a heap in the middle of the room...

"Hah.. hah... hah.." Samantha takes a few quick breaths as she straightens up, giving her head a vigorous shake before letting her gaze focus on Johnny. "That all ya got?" She asks with a small smirk, spinning the shortsword blade over hilt before turning to one side and slamming it back into its scabbard. Then she slowly starts to head over to the crumpled NNY, remaining tense in case more fiends should spring from the darkness.

Alex watches Samantha carefully. He continues singing, just in case the thing was playing possum on them. Given how the abomination had been, he didn't want to give it one lousy inch. (Damn I feel awkward doing this...still...) His aura continues to grow in brightness, his typist doubting he has to say that anybody sensitive to ki and the like would be noticing one helluva buildup coming from him.

Johnny's eyes open revealing them to be as lifeless as the puppets from eairlier, as he looks around he begins to laugh. Suddenly the shadows envelope the tunnel again swirling around the walls of the room and the form of the new arrival - attempting to choke the life from his body...

Samantha curses and springs forward, covering the distance remaining between her and Johnny... focusing briefly as her glance flickers to Alex, attempting to bridge the gap between them and direct her voice to his mind. (Keep going.. keep it up...) Taking a stance beside NNY as the shadows converge on Ryoga, a deep breath rushes in past the girl's lips before she lunges forward, hurling her arm up in a powerful uppercut, ki-shrouded fist scything from the air. At the halfway point her lips part and her voice rips loud and clear from her throat, "SCREW! UPPPEEEERRRR!!!" And something tears up from the ground below her extended arm, a tightly concentrated tornado composed of energy but with all the attributes of the real thing, ripping up underneath Johnny and rapidly lengthening towards the ceiling.

Ryoga, as soon as the shadows start towards him, whips out his umbrella and attempts to use it as a shield. Not knowing the nature of the shadows, the player really can't say if this works or not.

As soon as Samantha gets her attack off, Alex extends a hand to tocuh the nekogirls arm, shaking his head as if to get the point across that attacking blindly wasn't going to work. As he contineus singing, Alex begins to slacken his grip on the energy building inside of him, having built it up to a point where he can let it out. As he can't control it fully, the energy pulses off of him in bursts, his aura ever expanding now to envelop both Ryoga and Sam. The sensation is a warm, relaxing feeling, eliminating any fatigue either one may have.

The Johnny puppet is shredded as the violent energy swirls around the room. As Alex's energy swells the darkness draws back again. The walls of the tunnel begin to glow with a mysterious blood-red energy. From behind the walls hands and faces begin to push through as if trying to enter this world. Meanwhile, the mist-like shadows engulf the lost boy's umbrella as he tries to force them away - but spread no further thanks to Alex's aura...

Ryoga, as the shadows envelope his umbrella, CLOSES the umbrella again and shoves it further into the light.

Samantha twirls away from the shredded puppet, the spirally cone of wind slowly falling back into the murk, letting the waters still after its violent stirring of their passage. The nekogirl gasps and looks towards Alex as her body is washed throughout with his energies, her eyes widening on the man, and her own energy responding.. small pale blue tentacles rippling across her pale flesh. Gathering her wits quickly, she again pulls her blade and gathers what she can from the force in the air, combining it with her own ki as she places her left hand to the shimmering metal surface and starts to charge it.. tendrils no longer running across her skin but into the weapon instead.

And of course, those uppy feelings Alex is spreading.... doesn't help Ryoga's fighting ability at all. in fact, it makes him considerably worse.

Alex has a funny way of dealing with things. He doesn't fight fire with fire. He uses flame retardant foam instead to put it out before you need to use explosives. He keeps his gaze locked on Samantha. he could have sworn he heard her speak to him before. His hand still lightly touching her arm he thinks to himself (Hate won't stop it...) Returning his focus to his singing he continues to let out more energy, the aura ever expanding, seemingly unhindered by the physical boundaries of the sewer walls as it expands through them and along the tunnel without causing damage. All around more and more plant life continues to grow, not to a point where it's causing problems however.

The forms behind the walls grow in power. The wall bends and seems to be about to giveway unleashing whatever has been imprisoned behind them. The shadows, having subsided, have drawn down into the merky depths of the water below. Suddenly, out of the water crawls the form of a small graffitied styrofoam dougboy. The creature flips off Alex with a hand guesture and begins to sing a horribly off key version of his song in an attempt to cancel out it's effects...

Samantha lifts her hand from the shortsword's blade, last flickers of energy clinging briefly before they are torn away. The blade itself is now writhing with blue ki, its surface like a wall of silver climbed by ivy of the purest sapphire. Looking up from the mithril weapon, Sammy's eyes find Alex's, a confident smile touching her lips and echoed in those ethereal globes as she speaks softly, "What I do.. I do out of love. How can that be hateful?" With that, she shrugs off Alex's hand and tosses her head back, hair whipping out around her body as she plunges forward through the murky waters towards the doughboy, blade held out in front, hilt braced with her left hand and tip angled for the creature's black heart.

Alex's hand flies out to try and snag Samantha as she lunges at the dougboy. Was he insane? Nope. There was a funny thing with the douboy's singign. Offkey as it was, it was helping rather than hidnering his efforts. The singing from the little creature only seems to make more energy like Alex's, causing the aura around the group to grow even more intense now, not like it wasn't growing enough with Alex's efforts.

Mr Eff blinks in surprise. All of the strangeness about the room fades. The doughboy crosses his arms and laughs. "What's it gonna take here? ...do out of love??? HAH! What kinda stupid crap is this? Let's see, we got us a collection of fools here, don't we? A human cat, a choir boy, and a guy with an umbrella! All this for what? Do you even know WHY your trying to fight the master? Good god, what the hell is wrong with you people...?" Mr Eff looks up at Sammy's approch and does nothing but grin.

Samantha's onward plunge is not stopped by Alex's desperate lunge, as her form blurs, flickers and.. appears in front of Eff with the tip of her blade a flicker from impaling him. The nekogirl's silken tresses settle around her as she fixes the doughboy with a bold glare. "I'm a Felixian, baka. Don'tcha forget it..." she flashes a grin and then kicks into a backflip, tail spinning around her. She lands back beside Alex, hammering the still-flickering blade back into its sheath and starting to join in with the pilot's song.. her voice not brilliant, but passionate, full of life and full of energy.

Mr Eff blinkblinks, looking down at the hole in his chest in amusement. His face twisting into a smile, he falls apart into dust. As the shadows beneath him begin to disolve, the unconcious form of Johnny is revealed lying half in the filty water...

As he watches the shadows dissipate and Johnny's form appear, Alex keeps singing. As before he didn't want to risk giving the thing an inch, whatever it had been. Sides, he was nearing the end of the song anyways. The aura having long since expanded to a point where it's edges have vansihed through the walls of the sewer, even looking down the tunnel it was hard to tell where it's end was.

Samantha stops singing along before the song is quite over, shoulders slumping as Eff fades away. She glances at Alex, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder briefly, smiling, before she turns and heads over to Johnny's crumpled form. "Hey.. you still with us?" She asks softly, bending down and gently shaking his form.

Johnny coughs as he conciousness begins to return to him. Peeking open his eyes he glances up at Samantha, "Hey? What...? Shit..." He then struggles to sit up and get out of the water, "...shit! Did I fall asleep? DAMNIT! I hate sleeping..." As he manages to stand glances around confused, "Why are we in the sewers?"

Ryoga says, "....Uhhh...."

Alex lets up singing finally. His brow furrows deeply as he concentrates on not letting the energy explode out of him, simply letting the excess dissipate harmlessly. Stumbling back a bit he sighs and leans against the edge of the sewer, not saying anything.

Samantha grins and hugs Johnny, ignoring the fetid liquid soaking him.. mainly because it is aready liberally spattered about her person. "Ha! Told ya I'd do it!" She pulls back again, winking, "Not that I did it by myself but still... job's good, huh?"

Johnny looks up towards the crowd that had formed and smiles, some of his memory returning to him, "Eh? This the party you where talking about?"

Alex casts a glance to Samantha and shakes his head a bit, "I don't think we quite pulled it off. Looked more like whatever the hell it was ran," he peers down at his feet and the sewage surrounding tem. Damn that thing had been creepy.

Samantha blinks, "Er.. well..." she blinks a couple more times then smiles kindly, "Sure!" She glances back over her shoulder, waving to Alex, "This is Alex, he's one o' the best guys I know an'... a good chunk of this is his doin'!" She starts to turn back to Johnny, but looks at Ryoga en route and blinks again, "Oh. Hey, Ryoga. Sorry.. kinda caught up... " she looks back to Alex as he speaks, "Huh? It.. it didn't work... seemed'ta go down pretty well....?"

Johnny glances around confused, "Wait? What went down? Did I miss soemthing...?"

Alex chuckles at Samantha and shakes his head, "Don't mind me, just being my pessemistic self again," he pulsl himself up and onto the 'dry' portion of the sewer. Well this was great, his one and only set of clothes besides his flighsuit was now drenched in raw sewage.

Samantha shrugs, smiles and looks back to Johnny. "Y'don't remember? Your.. other self.. came out, we fought... an' things got pretty serious." She tilts her chin up, revealing the red marks on her neck from the demon's hands, "See. It's okay now though.. either we won or..." she glances over her shoulder at the pilot. "Or it's not.. in you, at least. Hey, Alex.. you okay?"

Johnny blinkblinks, "Eh? My other self? What the hell are you talking about?"

Alex hehs softly at Samantha, "Yeah I'm fine," he chuckles, "Just a little sore in the throat and in dire need of a shower," he rests hsi arms on his thighs, leaning forwards to regard the other two as they speak, his gaze briefly flicking to Ryoga a moment.

Ryoga asks, ".....So where are we?"

Samantha nods, "C'n solve that pretty easily if y'want.." she looks back to Johnny and lifts an eyebrow, regarding him closely for a moment. When the moment is up she simply smiles and states, "Hold on to that thought.." before turning and springing up onto the ledge near Alex, leaning back to offer NNY a hand up.

Johnny takes Samantha's hand and climbs up, still confused, he glances at Ryoga and grins, "That's another great question!"

Alex chuckles and shakes his head a little, "Short answer is we're in the MU sewers," he points to the open manhole where moonlight is pouring in from, "And the way out is over there," oooh, simple mothodical thinking causing death and destruction to RP possibilities

Samantha grins, releasing Johnny's hands and nodding to Alex, "Short answers're good.. I need a shower as much as you do." She looks him over, tilting her head to one side.. then after a few seconds winks, "Almost." She springs off the ledge and hauls herself up out onto the street, leaning out and offering a hand to whoever comes up next.

Ryoga says, "Yes, a nice.... WARM shower..." He makes his way to the manhole lid. Yes, really! When he doesn't look away from something, he can get to it.

Ryoga has also managed to avoid getting into the sludge, himself. Otherwise he'd be a pig.

Alex waits down at the bottom for the others to get out, just in casesomebody had an accident or somesuch.

Johnny watches Ryoga and smiles, "Can we please, go with him... I think he's got the right idea..."

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