2004-03-21 From walks on the beach to combat in the kitchen

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From walks on the beach to combat in the kitchen


Who: Johnny_C, Eddie, Samantha, Nuku-Nuku
When: 2004-03-21
Where: Metropolis

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This information may not be used as In Character (IC) knowledge or in roleplay unless it has been learned in-game or permission has been granted by the parties involved.

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Gogyou Beach

Quiant, the prickly japanese crab-grass that lines the dunes ends abruptly at a slow slope of sand that dips into the waters. The sudden shift from greenery to sand marks the high water level that comes during high tide, making the beach non-existant during those hours. When the tides receed, a stretch of golden, fine grained sand is left for the masses to enjoy, the reef extended far into the sea to keep hte larger waves away and create a lagoon-like patch of clear water for swimmers to use.

Johnny stumbles out of nowhere cursing to himself. "I HATE THIS FREAKING ISLAND!!"

Johnny walking up to the edge of the water he kicks sand at it and growls. Giving up on whatever quest he had in mind today he drops down and sits stareing at the waves. "Why the hell did I want to come to JAPAN of all places...?"

Eddie jumps at Johnny's exclamation and relaxes as she sees the owner of the voice. She quirks a brow at him from where she sits on a dune, bare feet in the sand. "Beats me," She calls.

Johnny turns around suddenly, clearly he's very startled to hear another voice. Recognising Eddie he waves, "Oh hey... Sorry about that..." Standing and dusting himself off he walks over towards Eddie, "So, what're you up to?"

Eddie sighs. "Just thinking, I suppose...I think the ocean is good for that sort of thing."

Johnny turns and stare at the waves. "I hate the ocean. Makes you feel like your insignificant. Before I came here I used to sit atop this hill by my house and watch everyone scuttle around down below. Really put things in perspective, you know? All the people that deserved to be look down upon and all..."

Eddie reaches up to try and pull him down. "You're making me nervous."

Johnny lets himself be pulled and plops down beside her. "Hey, now? Come on... so how's the shop going? Any luck yet?"

Eddie grins at him. "We'll see how things go on the loan...in the meantime I've got myself a job so I can start putting away capital." She grimaces. "I really hope the loan goes through."

Eddie says, "And as to feeling insignificant... I think I like it. It makes your problems seem insignificant too, doesn't it?" As she stares back out to the ocean her voice is thoughtful.

Johnny leans back using his arms to support him. "Huh? Nah... My problems are a bit too vast for that. But, hey! A job huh? Where at?"

Eddie laughs softly. "A diner. Ah well...I've been down that road before and the tips can be quite good, with the regulars. What are these problems of yours that are so vast?"

Johnny shakes his head, sitting up and crossing his arms in his lap. "Nah... you don't wanna know. Trust me... That's why I came out here. I thought I could run away from my past but it keeps coming back to haunt me...."

Eddie grins. "Literally, I'd bet, you mass murderer you," She teases. Eddie really doesn't believe that he's killed anyone.

Johnny tenses up, startled. "Aww come on! I've been trying not to tell anyone about that!" Turning quickly towards her and glaring into her face he demands, "Who told you?"

Eddie looks taken aback. She frowns at him. "You need to learn to take a joke, sugar. Wait-" She draws back, shock on her face. "You don't mean..."

Eddie relaxes suddenly and laughs. "Oh, of course! You're kidding."

Eddie says, "Maybe *I* need to learn to take a joke."

Johnny leans away and rubs the back of his head. "Oh great... There I go again..." Putting his arm down he guestures peacfully and is about to say something, but hearing Eddie assume he was joking he shrugs and looks off at the water again...

Eddie looks sympathetic, reaching out in an instinctive gesture to rub the back of his neck. "Hey, you ok?"

Johnny jumps away to avoid contact. "Me? Yeah I'm fine... just got alot on my mind...."

Eddie curls her hand up and puts it back in her lap, looking a bit hurt for a moment. She masks it quickly with her usual ready grin.

Eddie stands abruptly, shaking sand from herself, and reaches for the snap on her jeans. "I'm going for a swim."

Johnny sighs leaning back again. Hearing her words he looks up confused, "Eh? Your kidding?"

Eddie sheds her jeans like an undesired layer of skin and grins, pulling her shirt over her head and leaving it on her jeans. Clad only in her cotton undergarments, she heads toward the surf. "Nope! Not kidding," She calls over her shoulder, breaking into a run. Hitting water, she wades in and shivers at the cold.

Johnny blinkblinks very confused. Sitting up he watches her for a moment before shaking his head. "Your insane... Do you know how much stuff is drifting around in that water? Just the thought of it makes my skin crawl..."

Eddie laughs at him. "There's bits of fecal matter and skin in the air you breathe, did you know that?" She shoots back cheerily before ducking under the water and swimming out a bit.

Johnny shudders at the thought and gets his gloves out and puts them on. They appear to be surgical gloves but they're jet black and long enough that ends are burried beneath his sleaves. Crossing his legs he watches her swim without saying a word...

Eddie emerges sometime later from the water and shivers up the beach and into her jeans. She lies back on the sand, heedless of its sticking to her back, and pillows her head on an arm.

Johnny silently stares at her as she lays back. He can't shake the feeling that somethings not right. "So... um... aren't you cold? Maybe we oughta go somewhere else..."

Sakura~ comes walking along, catching the last bit of light on the beach.

Eddie laughs, sitting up and wringing out her braid. "Well, sure, if you insist. I wouldn't object to a cup of coffee, I mean, if you were to buy it for me." She shrugs into her shirt.

Johnny thinks for a moment, and digs out his wallet. Opening it and glancing through all the blood stained money he'd collected over the years. Shrugging his shoulders he pockets the wallet again. "Sure! Name a place..."

Eddie smiles at him. "Why don't we check out the place where I'll be working."

Johnny stands and dusts himself off. "Alright, lead the way..."

Eddie waves to Sakura, one denizen of the beach to another, as they head off. "The water's great!" She calls out to her.

Eddie slips her feet into sandals and stands.

Sakura~ says, "Hmm? oh..thanks..."

Rose City Diner

A quiant, American diner, the kind you would expect to see in Happy Days or something equally 50s. A working Jukebox sits in the corner, playing actual vinyl records while the booths gleam with shiney plastic upholstry. The floors and walls are tiled in checkerboard black and white and the bus-boys and waitresses are dressed like the Good Humor Man complete with red bow ties or hair ribbons. A counter also offers seats to people, a skilled soda jerk waiting to take one's orders.

Eddie pushes open the door, Johnny behind her. "Hey there, Nuku-Nuku!" (OOC- whoops...did we interrupt something? n.n.)

Nuku-Nuku says, "Hmm? Oh. Hi Eddie-chan," she smiles, carrying a platter full of food on the way to a table. Funny how it's always so busy when she works.

Johnny walks in behind Eddie glancing around at this new place. Recognising Nuku-Nuku from the other night he chuckles to himself and waves at her.

Eddie plunks into a booth and calls over to Nuku-Nuku, "Hey sweetie- can I get a cup of coffee when you have time?"

Nuku-Nuku's brow twitches at Johnny; after the discussion last night, she's not terribly keen on him. o 0 (Nya..it's that crazy guy...)

Johnny shakes his head at Nuku-Nuku's expression and sits down accross from Eddie with a grin on his face. "I don't think I've ever been here..."

Eddie grins. "Well, I have to take my new employee to a quality establishment."

Nuku-Nuku says, "Hai, hai," to Eddie anda walks over with te coffee and two menus. She bows, 'Welcome to the Rose cafe, can I get you anything?""

Johnny glances at the menu briefly before grining at the waitress, "Can I get a cherry cola?"

Nuku-Nuku says, "hai.." and jots downt he order on her pad.

Eddie takes a greatful swallow of hot coffee and sighs happily. "Caffiene...thanks."

Nuku-Nuku goes to get the soda; returning a few moments later. 'One cherry cola,' she says, 'Please let me know if you need anything else." ^_^"

Eddie winks. "We will. Thanks."

Johnny nods in appreciation and takes a gulp of his drink.

Nuku-Nuku goes off to tend to her other customers...

Eddie drinks more coffee and leans in, her face animated. "So, I was thinking about earlier, we were joking around about murder- remember? Anyway, haven't you always wanted to know what serial killers were THINKING? I mean, it's always been fascinating to me."

Johnny sweatdrops at the question, "Um... I dunno... I'm usualy too busy trying not to think. I got enough voices in my head without wondering about someone else's..."

"Miss Nuku Nuku-san! Can I get more coffe please??" "HAI!" "Miss Nuku Nuku-san, can I get another hamburger?" "HAI! I'll be right there!" "Miss Nuku Nuku-san! Will you marry me??" "Hai..err...No! Nuku Nuku can't do that!"

Eddie laughs. "You are quite the kidder tonight!" She rests her chin on her hand and mous. "I wonder what happened to our dark-winged friend."

Johnny shakes his head, "I dunno.. probably off in the shadows somewhere trying to plot his next move. With all the trouble that guy tends to stir up I'm sure he's laying low for now..."

Nuku-Nuku o 0 (Nyya..I hope he doesn't come in here! Nuku Nuku doesn't like that guy at all!) She fills another coffee cup and goes to take down another order, bowing at the table to the delight of the table of guys behind her.

Eddie hmms. "I think he'd LIKE to stir up more trouble than he does."

Johnny leans back and grins, "Wouldn't we all?"

Nuku-Nuku o 0 (Not all of us...)

Eddie winks. "Honey, I stir up PLENTY of trouble. Hey Nuku-Nuku hon? More coffee, please?"

Nuku-Nuku says, "Haii...!" she arrives at the atble and fills the cup, then looks to Johnny, 'Do you need more soda?" she asks."

Johnny chuckles as he fidgits with his glass. Looking up at Nuku-Nuku he shrugs, "Nah... I'm ok I guess..."

Eddie stretches, unbraids her hair and spreads it out to dry a bit more quickly. "Don't forget to show me samples of your work, some time soon!"

Johnny looks up confused until he realises what she's asking, "Oooh... right... I shoulda brought my sketchbook..."

Eddie shakes her head and stands, smiling at him. "No hurry. I don't have a shop yet!"

Johnny sweatdrops as Eddie runs out suddenly. Shrugging his shoulders he flags down Nuku-Nuku and hands her an american $20 bill covered in dark red stains. "Well, I guess I'm outta here. Keep the change... Thanks alot!"

Nuku-Nuku says, "Arigato..please come again!" she says, always polite of course.

Johnny hums to himself as he steps out into the night...

Old Okinawa Apartments; Fourth Floor

Welcome to the fourth floor! Once again, the floors are tiled in a sparkling white, and the walls are painted white as well. There is a cheerful border along the moulding of the ceiling, adding a solid blue edge around the top of the room. The apartment doors are a heavy oak, each stained a gorgeous brown.

Johnny stumbles down the hall focusing on his destination. Spoting the correct door he marches up to it and bangs on it loudly...

Johnny begins to beat on the door with his fist. What's bothering him?

Samantha is standing at the centre of the living room when Johnny's knock comes, clad in her combat gear and with her blade held out in front of her, ki flickering down its length as the girl holds her left hand to the shining surface, concentrating completely. As the knock's urgency increases she is jerked from her meditative state, eyes widening and fixing on the door for a moment before she takes a deep breath and steps over, flicking the chain across and letting it jar open. "Who is it?"

Johnny stares blankly into the patialy opened doorway. "I need to see Sammy..."

Samantha's ears twitch and she relaxes, leaning up against the door for a second as she flips the chain down again and opens the door full way, standing framed in the dark of the room beyond as she sheathes her sword and looks out at Johnny. "That'd be-oh.." she forces a smile, "Hey, Johnny."

Johnny focuses on Samantha's eyes - ignoring everything else. "I need to fight. Right here, right now or I'm worried I'm gonna go do something really bad..."

Samantha frowns, tilting her head slightly to one side, "Yer not the only one.." she murmurs, reaching over to flick on the lights then.. hesitating, and letting her hand fall back to her side as she turns away, "Come in... what's up?" Her voice is pretty void of emotion, though clearly she's holding a lot in check.

Sun's Apartment - Living Room

A quaint little place; a couch is along the wall to the left, which is next to a rather nice looking Laz-Y Boy recliner/rocker; on a table is a modest sized television, complete with a PS2, VCR, and DVD player. A kitchen is set off to the right, large enough to make food, and have a table in the dining area. And then there's a window along the wall to let light in. Tidy, quaint...looks like the tennant rarely 'LIVES' here. A little hallway leads to the bedroom door to the left, and the bathroom across from that.

Johnny stomps in and stands just inside the doorway. Something in his personality is off - more so than usual. "I don't know anymore... I just..." His right hand twitches and moves closer to the hilt of his dagger. "You said if I ever needed to fight I could come to you. Well... here I am..."

Samantha walks most of the way across towards the back of the room and stops, looking over her shoulder and reaching back to adjust her ponytail, a few tendrils of blue ki flickering down her fingers and lacing through the mass of ebon strands as they fall into place across her back. "Yeah.. I said that... but NNY, I-.." she swallows and looks away with a sigh, "I'm not happy. I.. might not be able to hold back... not much."

Johnny glares at Samantha looking ready to scream, suddenly he closes his eyes like he was holding back tears and looks away. "I don't care! It doesn't matter!" Regaining a small portion of his sanity he turns back towards her with a strange look of focus in his eyes. "Either we fight or somethings gonna die... You, me, some stranger... it doesn't matter right now. Now will you please, just shut up and FIGHT ME?!"

Samantha peers back over her shoulder, her sapphire gaze, tained with steel, searching Johnny's eyes for a moment before she gives a curt nod and turns away again, chest rising and falling as she takes a deep breath. "Okay.. but I told you... let's go.." the last comes out in a bit of a gasp as she spins 180 degrees and whips her left hand forward, two kunai daggers flipping away from her out-stretched fingers and soaring off point-first towards Johnny, one aimed for his left shoulder, the other his heart. As the daggers fly, the girl pulls her blade clear again and spins it blade-over-hilt, half-turning as she catches it again and turns her body side-on to Johnny, leaning back on her right leg and glancing across at him.. just as the daggers would reach him were he not to move.

Johnny drops down with an unusal amount of speed. His movements leaving a black, nightmarish ghost as he moves. Ducking close to the floor to avoid the daggers he pulls out his own and dives accross the floor off to the side, but towards Samantha aiming to roll up almost behind her - weapons already lunging forward, should he succesfully accomplish this feet...

Samantha raises an eyebrow for the briefest moment before her body swings around, tail following her into a quick and deceptive spin that carries her, in a blur, to come around behind Johnny when he starts to rise. With a cold smirk, the blade in her right hand whips down, her left hand braced just above the top edge as the lower comes down and, if not dodged, stops the merest whisker from NNY's flesh.

Johnny barely has enough time to notice Sammy's movements before she vanishes from sight. His instinct doing the thinking he brings his right arm back hard hoping to elbow the girl in the chest as he turns his head to look over his shoulder.

Samantha shuffles back as Johnny's elbow comes in, barely stopping her blade from cutting a slice in his arm as it comes within the sword's path. She winces and shakes her head, "I said I wouldn't hold back right.." the last fades on the air as her form blurs and she flips off into a corner of the room, the corner to Johnny's left.. or was it the right? Either way you can't see much.. though a metallic whisper sounds from somewhere as the girl's mithril blade is sheathed, the sound echoing from the walls and masking her location. "Come get me..."

Johnny closes his eyes for a moment and chooses not to move. Sheathing his blades he digs into his backpack with both hands. (It's got a large strap accross the top to hold it closed. The bag opens from the front instead of the top so that things can be reached without taking the bag off) Smiling he pulls out a butcher knife and a large hammer. Stepping closer to the center of the room he opens his eyes and glances around looking for some sign of movement.

"KAGE BUNSHIN!" The faint sound of hands clasping is coupled by that cry, again echoing off the walls of the living room, and suddenly one corner (to NNY's right) is lit up with a flash of energy, revealing two identical nekogirls standing there. The first abruptly slides forward towards Johnny, crossing her arms before unfolding them in a wide arc to either side. The left, unfolding towards her opponent, leaves a searing trail of pale blue ki. "SATSUKEN!" As her bright clear voice rips through the air, the second Samantha spins along the wall and tucks into a roll to the opposite corner, again slipping into the shadows of the darkened room.

Johnny steps to the side, and out of the reach of the energy attack, as he swings the butcher knife around to catch the girl in the chest... The second girl already forgotten in the midst of his actions.

A strangled gasp comes from the girl as the knife slices into her flesh, arms tucking over her chest as her legs give way and she slips to the floor.. possibly drawing the knife with her.. her gaze locked on Johnny's almost imploringly, eyes wide and filled with a sense of betrayal.

Johnny doesn't think as his eyes glaze over into blackness. Seeing the girl drop - the knife with her - he swings the hammer around to catch her in the back of the head.

Samantha vanishes in a flash of blue ki as the hammer impacts, robbing Johnny of his moment of bloodlust. As this happens the second Samantha flips from the murky grey shadows, tail and ponytail whipping out around her as she stops a few feet from Johnny, spins, and swivels her body in another flip, kicking out one leg and bringing the heel crashing down towards his lower back, the other leg tucking in and then whipping out to the opposite side to catch her as she lands.. provided the kick is made cleanly then tucking in once more and propelling her into a spin up onto the sofa.

Johnny falls face forward onto the ground from the force of the blow, his weapons scattering with it. Pushing himself off the floor he pulls out his daggers as he spins around searching for his lost target. Spotting her on the sofa he screams as charges towards her, head down. As he moves he swings his daggers around - the left one aimed for just under her ribs - the right one aimed for her heart.

Samantha turns to face Johnny in a tense crouch as his charge begins, her eyes instantly widening. Her left hand flies forward, blazing with tendrils of blue energy, and grips for the blunted edge of the dagger aimed at her ribs, right hand gripping for purchase on the soft cushion and then pushing the girl free, rolling head over heels in a tucked-in ball, keeping her grip on the blade and then abruptly shifting it as she comes around... at the least trying for a disarm, at most Johnny will hang on and be hurled over her tucked left shoulder. There is another complication.. his right dagger found its mark, partially, and as the girl flips over the blade briefly catches between two of the sharp objects lodged in her body-warmer, finding flesh beyond but catching for long enough that this might further throw the Homicidal Maniac off balance.

Johnny nearly twirls backwards as one dagger is ripped out of his hand and the other is torn away. Cursing himself as he allows his momentum to carry him all the way around, he back into a crouch - one foot back ready to propell him forwards again. Seeming to cross his arms - his hands each go into the opposite sleave producing his set of claws. Kicking himself forward he throws both fists forwards aiming to impale the girl.

Samantha's eyes narrow this time, having got the measure of her opponent's true skills. A smile flickers on her lips as her hands snap up in front of her, seemingly blocking the incoming claws. Or not... they meet resistance of an unexpected kind, the back of a wooden chair that previously occupied the kitchen, appearing in the girl's place in a swirl of blue-white ki. "DENKOU HENSEN!" The voice starts from where it should be and then.. comes from where the chair once sat, the girl straightening up in the darkness of the kitchen and looking towards Johnny as she reaches into her body-warmer to arm herself.

Johnny blinks dumbfounded at the sudden sight of an impaled chair before him. Throwing the chair off to the side - the claws still in it - he reaches with one hand into his bag and produces a single brass knuckle with a long spike embeded into the center of it. With his other hand he reaches under his shirt for a tazer cliped onto his belt. Reading his weapons he charges into the kitchen before him. The spike held out infront of him and the tazor ready off to his side.

Samantha removes her hands, flourishing a kunai dagger in each before she curls her fingers around their circular hilts and springs towards Johnny.. waiting for an attack - or failing that, till she is a whisker away from knocking into the extended spike, and then firing off a burst of ki to her feet and flipping over his head, spinning on the other side to release a dagger at his then (hopefully) prone back.

Johnny rushes into the kitchen headfirst. Somewhere in the back of his mind his logic tells him it's a trap. Instead of just charging he throws himself off to the side and rolls under the table so he can look around and get a sence of where his opponent might before attacking.

Samantha fires off said burst of ki, tendrils flickering about her toes, as Johnny begins his charge.. the unexpected full force of his dash causing a misjudgement on the girl's part. There is a tearing noise as Johnny runs, and his spike is now clad in the bandages previously wrapped about Sammy's left foot. As the girl lands on the either side, she continues her intended attack path and launches a kunai dagger straight off behind the charging boy.. missing as he throws himself to the other side. The dagger embeds itself in the microwave, throwing up a large chunk of plastic from the front and then tinkling to the ground.

Johnny blinks in the darkness from under the table as sparks go flying. A bit bewildered on whatever just happened he decides that if it's ok to smash appliances then anything goes. Perhaps he watched a bit too much wrestling as a kid. Maybe he just thought it'd be cool. But, whatever the reason Johnny pockets his equipment and grabs ahold of the table, palms up, and as he raises up to his feet he uses his momentum to hurl the table at Samantha. As the table goes flying from his fingertips a smile finaly crosses his lips.

Samantha blinks, flipping the dagger in her right hand so that it's blade aligns with her wrist as she jumps up above the oncoming table, ducking low to avoid the ceiling. She lifts her right leg and neatly straddles the edge of the table, splaying her left hand out across its centre and riding it down towards the middle of the living room.. slipping off as it lands with a heavy thump. She leaves it tottering to regain balance behind her and springs forward, dagger ready to throw again and a another brace of similar weapons hanging from the index and middle fingers of her left hand.

Johnny rumages around the kitchen a bit - pocketing anything that might be used as a weapon. Walking casualy over to the kitchen doorway he puts one hand on each side of the door frame and leans forwards smiling manicly. "Are we having fun, yet?"

Samantha blinks as Johnny slips a few items into his pockets. She shrugs and raises an eyebrow at his question, "Should we be?" She flings her left hand up, ki licking between her fingers and gripping to the blades of the two kunai as they are flung off towards Johnny... one to his hand on the doorframe and the other towards his right hip. This done, the girl settles back a pace and snaps into her stance (OOC: doesn't think you need a desc?), kunai's blade once more held flat against her right wrist.

Johnny spots the incoming weapons and twirls around pushing his back up against the kitchen wall. Barely moving his hand from the frame by accident he glances up at it and sweatdrops. Digging into his replinished bag of tricks, he grabs ahold of two handfuls of silverwear and flings them through the air aimlessly at Samantha as makes a dash into the living room and over to the chair he'd flung to the side eairlier to reclaim his claws.

Seeing the oncoming metalwork, Samantha immediately drops her dagger and whips her right arm out, fist clenched and pointing at the various utsensils.. the left hand coming to brace against the forearm, fingers shifting around something before the girl goes into a ki-charged spin, "HARIJITEN!" And in all directions a flurry of bright blue sparks fly off, hurtling around the room.. taking out the threat to the nekogirl's person but also taking out rather large chunks of the furniture and probably of Johnny too. If he wasn't quick grabbing those claws he's going to be caught in a storm of powered needles.

Johnny grabs for his claws with both hands and is rather surprised when the chair comes up with it. Using the upturned chair as a shield he leaps towards Samantha with hopes that it might come disloged and count as a projectile. However, being that he was already lucky enough, it'll probably just pull him with it and into a wall or something...

Samantha slides out of her spin, releasing the bracer on her right arm and falling into a crouch, still spinning slowly. As her gaze takes in a momentary glimpse of Johnny once more oncoming, she slams a hand down and pushes herself hard off the ground, somersaulting upwards with a vicious kick aimed at the edge of the chair.. pulling the blow enough to allow her to continues the somersault.. stopping it completely when she meets resistance from the ceiling, but being ready for this she clings as best she can. She might only remain there for a few seconds but it should be enough.

Johnny stumbles from the force of the hit chair and goes into a tumble over it as he clumsily lands on his back. Surprised and stunned he sits up, pushing off the chair to free his claws as he quickly looks around for an expectant attack. (OOC - he's completly open at this point. Have fun!)

Samantha cranes her neck until she spots Johnny, then gracefully unfolds from the ceiling, landing on her feet and then springing up behind her opponent.. bracing one foot against his left shoulder. "Hmph." She leans down close to his ear and purrs out, "Seems I gotcha.. now... did I say somethin' about not goin' easy?" She clenches her right hand to a fist and lets it dangle loosely below her, ki flickering between the folded fingertips.

Johnny tries to look up from his forced crouch and smiles innocently. His mind tries weakly to formulate a plan but none spring to mind. "If it's any consolation I feel alot better now... 'cept for the foot in the back thing..."

Samantha nods slowly, leaning forward a bit more so she can glance sidelong into Johnny's eyes, "It's on y'shoulder, baka..." she murmurs softly, shifting the offending foot to make the point. "An' that's good.. I don't, but then... my problem's a little different."

Johnny nods his head as he tries to use his left hand to weakly push the foot away. "Realy? How so?" With his other hand he reaches into his pocket and grabs ahold of his tazor. Aiming for her thigh he hits the trigger sending a patheticly weak current into her leg. "...damn, forgot to recharge it again..."

Samantha giggles softly and just shoves her foot a little harder, giving a nasty jerk to twist Johnny's collarbone. "Never mind.." she says, wrinkling her nose, "It's not in-hey!" She looks down with a slight jolt as the tazer hits her, then snaps her gaze back to Johnny's face. "I was gonna letcha off to.." she murmurs a little sullenly, "Ah well.. are y'ready?"

Johnny sweatdrops as he tries again to weakly push her off of him. "Do I got a choice?"

Samantha shakes her head a little, closing her eyes, "No.. just playin' with ya." She pauses a moment then opens her eyes and grins, leaning back away from Johnny and drawing her fist back to her chest. Energy crackles around her fist as she starts a long cry, growing in intensity and volume, "POWERRRRRR...." As the cry becomes almost deafening, her voice an abyssal shriek, the girl slams her fist down into the ground just behind Johnny and finishes the attack.. "GEYSER!" voice coming in a strangled scream that dies to a gasp after the second syllable, when a slanting column of white-blue ki hammers up from the floor, going through Johnny on the way and hitting with no small amount of force, probably throwing him up -into- the ceiling as it pounds up against it, shaking the room and sending any piece of furniture still standing in a juddering dance before toppling to the floor.

Johnny weakly falls to the floor along with a good chunk of the celing, sheet rock and all. Landing on his back he nearly blacks out. After a few minutes he begins to laugh. "Ow... hell yeah!" He manages patheticly. He's enjoying himself, but clearly making no effort to get up...

Samantha keeps her gloved fist pressed to the floor, then flattens the palm and leans heavily into it, gasping for air as brick-dust lazily rains down upon her head. "G-gomen nasai...." she breathes out before her arm gives way and she flops to the ground with a gentle moan.

Johnny hears the thump of Samantha's collapse as he wipes the dust from his face. Sitting up speckled in dust and a few spots of blood, he glances over at her and chuckles. "Went a bit over-board on that one, huh?" Crawling over to her he turns her over on her back and collapses on the floor beside her, still laughing to himself.

Samantha grunts lightly as she is flipped over, and isntantly pushes herself up on her elbows, shaking her head.. her eyes are rather bloodshot. "Y-yeah.. sorry, but I -did- say I'd not hold back..." she winces and closes her eyes a moment, fighting down the throbbing in her skull. (I.. felt something then.... something powerful.)

Johnny coughs, "Not to hold back? NOT TO HOLD BACK? Damn! Tell that to your furniture..." Geusturing at the distruction he sets off on a new howl of laughter. "I ain't been this sore since... well... back in the day. This was GREAT! Can we do this again tomorow?"

Samantha opens her eyes and looks around the room, rubbing at her temples. She winces faintly and looks at Johnny, dropping one hand to rub at the back of her neck. "Heh.. yeah.... Sun-chan'll-oh.." she stops and hangs her head, sniffling a bit. "Forget it." She sighs and pushes herself up before offering a hand to the laughing Johnny, "Here. An' sure.. whenever y'want," she lowers her voice, looking away, "Provided I'm -alive- tomorrow..."

Johnny gratefully takes her hand and rises to his feet his dead weight probably pulling her down quite a bit. "Nah... that's the best part, you see. You are alive! Putting your life on the line is the only way to make yourself aware of your own existance..." Releasing her hand he stumbles backwards nearly falling down again. Looking quite drunk as he wobbles around, he goes off insearch of his tools and starts to pick them up. "...sorry 'bout your apartment..."

Samantha doesn't buckle much.. she's light, but strong and surprisingly resilient for the slender girl that she is.. but she does make a face briefly as she takes Johnny's weight. As he searches for his armoury she shrugs and adjusts her ponytail, "S'alright.. not like anyone's around to care..." she looks away again and sighs, "Still. Thanks... I needed ta practice a bit before I do.. what I gotta do."

Johnny blinks at her confused, but then shrugs it off. "Well, whatever. If you need any help, feel free to ask me..." Stumbling towards the door he reaches out for the wall to hold himself up.

Samantha looks over to Johnny and smiles, "I think I gotta do this alone..." she murmurs quietly, "But thank you. Y'okay to get home? Y'could always.. stay... here....." her eyes dwindle to the couch and she winces, "Right. Seeya later, NNY.."

Johnny chuckles to himself as he opens the door and glances around. "Hey doesn't Yoiko live near here?" Stumbling off down the corridor he vanishes from sight...

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