2004-03-24b Johnny the Dead.

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Johnny the Dead.


Who: Samantha, Alex, Xue, Johnny_C, Adan, Amber
When: 2004-03-24
Where: Metropolis

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The Usual Restaurant (in ruins)

Samantha's body is warm, but very limp.. the girl obviously and understandably pretty weak.. actually she seems near weightless. As her head lolls against Alex, her mouth opens to murmur something but it is either lost in the rush of falling rubble or just never makes it out at all... however, her mind is sharp enough. (Baka.. this place... the bar was safe. You shouldn't have come back in...)

Xue Qian approaches the rubble *not sure where the pair of deadbeats are*, looking around "Anyone here? Or did Sabin and Cale let the termites fester too long?" <.< >.>

Alex doesn't stop runnign until he's cleared the doors of the usual, a cloud of dust and debris being sent out after him. Quickly moving off to one side he gently sets Sam down, cughing in an attempt to rid his lungs of the dust. (sorry,) he thinks irritably (If you hadn't noticed I haven't been left much room to think for the past while) As Xue walks up he casts a glance to her, not bothering to voice a reply at the moment, more intent on not letting the pain get to him.

Samantha shivers, hands clasping at her chest and then abruptly pulling away as she feels the gaping cavity, surrounded by blood clotted rapidly thanks to the brightly glowing purple gem embedded in her collarbone. "Unnnh..." she shivers again and fixes Alex with a heavily bloodshot, vacant gaze, "What.. is it....." she hiccups, and swallows hard as a trickle of mucus-streaked blood trickles from the corner of her mouth, "Is't over?"

Alex swallows hard his gaze slowly looking down to Sam's chest. HIs face nearly turns as white as Bush's favorite brand of cocaine beforer his gaze snaps up to Sam's face. Managing a weak smile he slips his Jacker off, draping it over Sam's upper body like a blanket. He gently tries to wipe some of the blood from the corner of her mouth sayign softly, "It's over Sam, it's over..." at least until he told Jack...

Xue Qian blinks, and rushes over to the sight, eyes wide as she examines Sam's wounds "By Develia... what DID that?!?" O.o; She does notice the gem, but decides to ask about that later. Shes more concerned with Sam at the moment, since Alex is still standing *a good sign*.

Samantha's teeth chatter, before she quickly clamps her mouth shut. Closing her eyes she shifts a little underneath Alex's jacket, then opens her mouth and speaks.. voice already a little louder and more coherent than it was earlier, as she looks to Xue and tries to offer a smile, though it comes across more like a pained grimace. "H-hey.. I.... I don't know..." she hiccups again, this time lifting a shaking hand to her mouth to catch the blood before it leaves, wiping it onto the ground beside her, "I don't know him..."

Alex cringes as Sam tries to speak. "Shh..Sam...don't try to talk right now," Alex was visibly trembling now, body drenched in sweat. Between the blast wave, the brief fight and what was going on with Sam he was barely able to keep himself coherant. Still he was there, doing his damndest to comfort her since that's about all he was good for.

Xue Qian nods "Save your strength....", then looks to Alex "How is she still ALIVE after this kind of unjury? Shouldn't we get her to some sort of healer?"

Samantha nods to Alex, "No.. I.... I can...." this time she doesn't hiccup, she wretches and coughs up a torrent of crimson blood, all streaked through with sticky yellow, that spatters out across her face and neck. She leans to the side immediately, letting some of the vile liquid drip off onto the floor. (Maybe you're right. I just... I don't know what to say. One minute I was talking to him, the next... you felt it? I know you did, gods I'm so sorry...)

Alex grimaces and quickly moves to steady Samantha, not feeling as ill at the simple sight of blood, but more at the sight of someone he cares about in agony, not to mention having to feel it himself. Snapping at Xue he says, "No shit! And I don't know how she's still alive!" looking back to Sam he manages a pained but reassuring smile. (hey, you don't need to worry about me...I'm tougher than I look..really...)

Ghost of NNY blinkblinks, standing... no wait... laying? That's not right. Somehow NNY exists. Decorated around him is the wrecked debris of the UR. Somehow things don't just seem quite right... Swirling around him are strange energies that seem to drift in and out of the smashed building around him. Standing? He raises up and looks around. What the hell happened?

Another shiver wracks the nekogirl's body and she holds up a hand, placing it on Alex's shoulder and lightly shifting him away. "S'alright..." she gasps out, then looks to Xue, smiling through the sticky mess around her face, "No.." she nods a bit, pausing to choke before getting her ability to speech back and finishing, "Just.. make sure... Sun-chan's.... ugh. Okay." She reaches up to smear some of the blood clotting her lips onto the back of her hand. (And I'm not? I can't believe I'm alive but.. there's something missing. Like I'm not whole....)

Xue Qian shakes her head "Well, let me try something... ". segins chanting, magical ice forming up and around her, and from there passing to Samantha, attempting to encase her in a 'sheath' of ice. not skintight or sealed, but a light encasing from the bottom of the feet to just below her shoulders. her intent is to decrease temperature, numb the body to reduce pain and swelling, as well as act as protection against outside forces to an extent. However, her medical knowledge doesn't fo far beyond that.

Ghost of NNY's conciousness floats around trying to get the hang of things. Below him he sees his friends, oO(Wait? What happened?) As he tries to get closer to them he begins to understand what happened... and it aint good...

As the ice starts to go around Sam, Alex immediately begins to shive as well as he blurts out, "Jesus that's cold!" Cringing at the thoughts he hears from Samantha he tries to formulate some kind of a response. The sudden added cold finally pushing his body well beyond what it should go, at least as far as what is being perceived. (Just...focus on restin for now...Sam...ugh...so...tired) his eyes start to close as Alex slips to the side and falls over onto the sidewalk, out like a light

Samantha shivers again, both from shock and.. cold as the ice encases her. She blinks her crimson-streaked eyes and stares at the interior of the sheath. "N-na?" She reaches out and lightly brushes the ice encasement with a couple of fingers, then looks through the pane at Xue. To Alex: (You should know, my gem.. it's...) She frowns and looks at the man as she is unable to make contact, and finds him down for the count. "Oh..."

Xue Qian looks over to Alex, now addressing what she can of HIS wounds *i have no idea what they are*, saying to Sam "The ice should protect you, as well as numb your body, so it'll hurt less. Least, that's what they told us back home..." ^_^;; she doesn't know NNY is or was present, however.

Samantha nods numbly, then gasps out, "NNY... is-wh... ugh. What happened to him?" She swallows, closing her eyes as a wave of nausea sweeps across her, the jacket around her glowing brightly as the light from her gem intensifies again.

Ghost of NNY turns and stares at Samantha. Tries to talk. Tries to wave his arms. Being dead sucks. In frustration he simply looks on helplessly...

Xue Qian continues to check Alex for wounds, currently casting a light ice spell that would cover the cut leg she's found with a thin layer of ice *like a cold compact, only better*, saying to Sam "N-Who? Only ones i've seen here so far are you two"

Samantha's teeth chatter, again before she closes her mouth and pulls herself together. She looks at Xue again, shoving back her blood-drenched hair and shaking her head, "No... no... there's a.. my friend..." she winces as another wave of nausea hammers her slender form, and shifts against the ground, "Check.. the building."

Xue Qian doesn't see currently sam's lack of digits, due to the ice surrounding her. Having done all she really can for what injury she can find on Alex, she nods, and stands, carefully stepping among the ruins of the UR, looking for... something

Samantha for the moment just lies in her shell.. drawing breath as constantly as she can manage, which is reasonably so given her lungs were luckily left unpunctured by Datenshi's reflexive assault.

Xue Qian continues searching, cautiously lifting debris to look underneath, from time to time

Ghost of NNY floats where he is and watches Samantha. He still doesn't know how he died, but he's getting the feeling it's his fault. Watching Xue search the wreckage, his nervousness grows...

Samantha suddenly gives an uncontrolled, body-wracking shiver, her back arching and a snarl parting her lips, "Agh..." she bites it down and lies back, closing her eyes tight. (I-I feel.. something.... someone....)

Ghost of NNY sighs. Not really, but the spectral equivalant. Glancing around he growls at himself. oO(Great... just great... now I gotta just sit here and wait! I CAN'T EVEN DIE RIGHT!)

Xue Qian lifts up some rubble, and finds quite a sight. It's NNY, all right... or was, i guess. From how the rubble hit him, all the fingers, aside from the thumb, on one hand were torn off, his other arm was more or less smashed to holy heck from elbow to wrist, with blood leaking through the holes where it's appearently burst through the skin like a bug with it's ass stepped on. One leg has snapped in half at the knee, as if it had tried bending the OTHER way too hard, with the obvious results. The other leg was removed from the torso by a sharp roof slate, and has various rats nibbeling at it already. The head was decapitated, and lies a short distence away, one eye squeezed from the socket, and lying on the ground, optic nerve still leading into the socket, lips torn off, resulting in a skeletal grin of the teeth, with the other eye rolled up into the forhead. Xue twitches "Ugh... what a way to go..." >.o;

Samantha groans, shifting again, before tentatively reaching out with her mind.. trying to find what she found with Alex, and what comes so easily with Sun.. the girl slipping into a silent, meditative state as she stretches her consciousness to its currebt limit. (You can't die right? Johnny? Are you there?)

Ghost of NNY turns, startled to stare at Samantha. Seeing her still imobile he thinks to himself, oO(What the hell? Great... dead and I still gotta hear voices in my head...)

A faint smile crosses the nekogirl's cracked lips. (I'd like'ta think this is one voice y'wouldn't mind hearing... it's me. I'm alive but.. are you? Did you.. did you die back there?) The mental voice quivers somewhat, sounding as close to being in tears as a reasonably calm, telepathically communicated voice can.

Ghost of NNY sweatdrops and looks up at the sky angrly, oO(Ok... that's it, shut up voice! I'm dead I don't hear you! Leave me alone! Just let me be dead in peace...)

Xue Qian leaves NNY's remains, shaking her head "such is the need for balance... yet another death", making her way to Sam, who she sees has her eyes closed (Must be asleep... hhmm... she said no medical treatment, but... this is more than i know i can handle) c_c

Samantha's smile actually widens a little, she's sad to know Johnny is dead but.. is he really? He doesn't seem to be taking it lying down. She does keep her eyes tightly closed still. (Calm down.. s'alright. Look, watch me and I'll raise my hand. Now!) She does, lifting a hand and brushing it along the inside of the ice cocoon, in as close to a wave as she manage right now. (I don't know where y'are but.. didja see that?)

Ghost of NNY turns and stares blankly. oO(Alright nice trick. The Doughboys tried that too. Wait... no that was the other way around. Sammy?)

Samantha nods, opening her eyes and looking over to Xue. (Yeah, it's me.. are you definitely dead? Come over here.. maybe we can see you? Where are you anyway?) She opens her mouth and starts to call over to Xue, then chokes, swallows and tries again, "NNY.. he's..." pause, choke, wretch, swallow. "He's out there.. but he's dead. He's a...." she coughs up a healthy streak of blood, turning her head in time to direct it to the ground this time then looking back to Xue, "He's a ghost!"

Ghost of NNY blinks. oO(Oooh.... nice one. Make them think your insane. He's a ghost! What the hell are you thinking? Anyways, i'm right here in front of you... See? HI!)

Xue Qian nods "That wouldn't suprise me... i found what's left of him... not a pretty sight, either" c_c; "Better to worry about the dead AFTER the living, as the living have a better chance of not joining the dead, if you get my meaning. Now, where am i taking you to get some kind of help?"

Xue Qian has no planer sight, so doesn't know NNY's location, nor hears him *and she has reasonable eyesight, since i KNOW NNY might make a pun on that one >=P*

Samantha blinks, staring around from inside the icy layer. (I don't see a thing.. look, can ya move around okay? Come with us.. no point staying out here. Maybe I can find a way.. to bring you back.) Yeah, she sounds real certain about that. -Real- certain. She looks to Xue with a soft sigh and shrugs her shoulders a bit, "Just home.. I-I'm gonna live, just.. ugh....hah..... gonna.. hurt fer a bit." She closes her eyes as.. cue wave of nausea! Then opens them again, blinking a couple of times, "Yeah, home.. this'll keep me okay..." she touches her left hand.. the one with just two fingers and a thumb, the ring and middle finger scabbed over stumps.. to the source of the glow on her chest.

Xue Qian holds her hands over Samantha, blue glows coming to her palms. A cold wind picks up under Sam, the ice covering, as well as her with it, lifts off the ground, floating at about xue's waist level "You'll have to direct me, but it's good enough... " she looks to the gem "what is that, anyway? wasn't there previously, to my recollection" c.c;

Adan slips into the rubble of the restaurant. He pushes a couple pieces of debris out of his way with his food, and surveys the area. Things aren't looking all that well! (Understatement of the year.) "Yo Xue! What the hell happened around here? Who's that you got?" He calmly goes to work, pushing around pieces of debris. Maybe there's someone else who could use some help. His lack of emotion is indicative of just how used he is to scenes like that.

Samantha nods, "Sure.. jus'... mmf." She swallows and then lifts the hand from her chest, "Down there... Old.. Okinawa." She touches the gem again, "It was.. from Sun-chan. Felixia, energy..." her eyelids flutter shut, a shiver wracking her body. "Only thing.. keeping me alive."

NNY's remains are in the middle of the URs remains, with the rubble over them cleared. All the fingers, aside from the thumb, on one hand were torn off, his other arm was more or less smashed to holy heck from elbow to wrist, with blood leaking through the holes where it's appearently burst through the skin like a bug with it's ass stepped on. One leg has snapped in half at the knee, as if it had tried bending the OTHER way too hard, with the obvious results. The other leg was removed from the torso by a sharp roof slate, and has various rats nibbeling at it already. The head was decapitated, and lies a short distence away, one eye squeezed from the socket, and lying on the ground, optic nerve still leading into the socket, lips torn off, resulting in a skeletal grin of the teeth, with the other eye rolled up into the forhead.

Ghost of NNY glances at Adan and laughs, oO(Hah! Looks like we traided places!)

Xue Qian looks to Adan "It's Sam. Shes hurt so badly, it's a wonder she's still alive...." She looks to the gem, but says nothing of it, just in case. "I need to take her home, by her own request"

Ghost of NNY glances at Samantha and sweatdrops, oO(Can you tell Adan to find my weapons? If I find a way outta this I'm gonna wanna keep them...)

Xue Qian looks down to Alex "he doesn't seem too badly injured. Someone will find him here sooner or later, and help him, although i did patch up the only real wound i could find." *that, and since alex is disced, i cant take him anywhere 'for help'*

Adan takes note of NNY's corpse, not much affected by it. . o O ("Not half as bad as my last case...") He doesn't seem to have much luck finding any other survivors. He walks/hops over to Xue and Sam, "...mm. Any thing I can do to help? I still have a couple healing spells I could use to curb the pain..."

Samantha looks to Adan blearily, peering at him with bloodshot eyes. "Ne.. you're... ugh." She tails off, apparently having a momentary lapse after relative coherency for a while, "Can y'find.. there's some weapons in there...." she waves a hand vaguely, coughing up some more mucus-streaked blood. (There.. though I dunno what you're gonna do.)

Ghost of NNY grins, oO(You sound like you think this is the first time I've been dead... Last time i got shot through the head, stomped, and I still came back. I lost all my hair though...)

Xue Qian is currently off to the side, with Samantha encased in a light covering of protective ice, and floating at Xue's waist level, with Adan next to Xue.

Adan is over with Xue and Sam, looking quite perfect. Like always. He closes his eyes and raises his palms, starting to wave them in opposing circles. Pale blue light starts to trace through the air, "...Xue, will my magic be able to get through that ice? It's just a small heal spell."

Amber enters the restaurant. It seemed busy last night, so she figures it might be the same again. Glancing around, her eyes widen slightly at the carnage inside, and she steps to the side, not wanting to become the next splat on the wall.

Xue Qian looks to Adan "Go check for the weapons. I'll stay here and keep the spell going. The ice should be numbing her pain receptors pretty well by now". At the question, she nods "Course. It's just normal ice. Have to keep focusing on it or itll start to melt"

Ghost of NNY floats around nonexistantly. Death sucks. Watching Samantha get cared for he sighs, oO(Well... you're in good hands it seems. Um... I don't get it. Why the hell am I still here? It wasn't like this last time...)

Adan continues with the spell again, the blue magic swirls start to flare as he chants the words of power, "In Mani..." The blue light around Adan fades, and then appears inside the icy life-support-coffin-thing.

Samantha glances at Adan, her ears twitching weakly, "N-nani?" She peers at the blue light that appears around her and shakes her head, swallowing back the next wave of blood. "No..not much.... you can... do...." she taps the source of the glow illuminating the jacket over her torso. "This is.. doin' the job..." (Good hands maybe, but something's.. missing... like I've lost something important.)

Ghost of NNY glances around and would shrug his shoulders if he could, oO(Um... Dunno.... alot of blood? Hang on...) Drifting into the UR he searches around for something... off... by passing his own remains he finds... oO(I found a finger! No wait... TWO of them!)

Xue Qian looks to Amber as she approaches "Careful. There's debris all over the place." LOOSE debris... my bad

Adan wishes his friend Sartris were here. That guy could help Johnny *and* Samantha at the same time without blinking an eye. Oh well. No one needs to hear him preach about how violence is wrong, either. Adan opens his eyes and pats the ice lightly with his right hand, "...well, I'm sorry I couldn't help more than that, Sammy. You'll be back in one piece before too long." He offers a smile, "And beautiful as ever, right?"

Amber nods to Xue "Thanks. Is everything alright here? I mean, do you need some help?"

Ghost of NNY blinks, oO(Wait... are these mine?)

A smirk touches the nekogirl's blood-smeared lips and she rolls her eyes.. though it's good natured, at least as good natured as she can -be- right now. "Sure.." she murmurs, swallowing again, but feeling less blood come up this time. She nods, closing her eyes briefly, "Thanks..."

Xue Qian raises an eyebrow "Can you cast any sort of healing spells, or perform advanced advanced first aid of some kind?"

Amber frowns a little "No, I'm sorry. I ..... well, has anyone called an ambulance?"

Ghost of NNY gives up and goes back to Samantha's side. If he can't do anything else, at least he stay with her....

Samantha, coz her player is dumb and forgot. (They.. might be mine. But it's okay - I can regrow them... I think.)

Adan could cast his own spell multiple times; after all, the effects are cumulative. If he cast it, maybe... three hundred times, it should work to get Samantha to stop bleeding. Not much he can do about the "no-heart" though. Adan glances over at Amber, and holds a hand up in greeting. He then walks away from Xue and Sam, looking back at Sam just once, "Go in virtue... you'll be okay, Sammy." With that, he commences the search for NNY's weapons. . o O ("I wonder if that winged man from last night was responsible for this... if so, I'm going to have to teach him a lesson...")

Xue Qian shakes her head "true to her feline heritage, Sam doesn't want to go to a hospital. I was about to take her home, at her own request" u_u;

Amber says, "Home? Uhm....are you sure thats a good idea? She looks like she needs....help. Lots of help."

Ghost of NNY grins, oO(You better regrow them... I still owe you for kicking my ass the other night...)

Xue Qian sighs "I couldn't agree more. But she said no... it's not my place to decide her path for her" c_c

Amber nods "Well, I dont know her, so I'll take your word for it. But it seems ludicrous to me."

Samantha nods faintly, keeping her eyes closed. "Ne... c-c'n we go..?"

Xue Qian sweatdrops "I couldnt agree more..." she looks to Sam "Yea... ". With that, she turns and heads towards old okinawa, with sam floating at her side in the ice barrier

Adan has picked up a small collection of knives and daggers, "...I think I got all of NNY's stuff. Is there anything else? If not, I'll go with you guys."

Sun's Apartment - Living Room

A quaint little place; a couch is along the wall to the left, which is next to a rather nice looking Laz-Y Boy recliner/rocker; on a table is a modest sized television, complete with a PS2, VCR, and DVD player. A kitchen is set off to the right, large enough to make food, and have a table in the dining area. And then there's a window along the wall to let light in. Tidy, quaint...looks like the tennant rarely 'LIVES' here. A little hallway leads to the bedroom door to the left, and the bathroom across from that.

Xue Qian enters, the ice 'container' floating over to the nearest couch, and making a landing, as Xue sits nearby, starting to look tired, but appearently not tired enough to say anything "Your here. Sorry for keeping that ice around you, but i'm not sure you want blood all over the place" ^_^; "the ice also freezes that over time, and slows your bleeding"

Ghost of NNY floats behind the group as the entery the apartment. Very annoyed he has to result to passing through the door when it gets shut in his face... Glancing around he sweatdrops. oO(How long did it take you to clean this mess up?)

Samantha smiles at Xue, "Thanks.. though... actually..." she taps the inside of the ice shield lately, "The wounds're pretty much.. clotted. It's safe off..." (Sun-chan did it. Took her about a half hour...)

Xue Qian nods, and closes her eyes, releasing her concentration, the ice encasment evaporating away into harmless vapor

Ghost of NNY floats around and looks the restored apartment over with much intrest. Even the celing has been fixed! Despite the fact that it's been nearly a week he still feels like it was the night before. oO(I don't feel so bad about your table now...)

Samantha starts to warm up a little as the ice falls away. She thinks about shifting Alex's jacket off then.. hesitates, winces and decides to leave it be. She sighs heavily, then smiles at Xue again, "Hey.. thanks.. I... dunno what I'd've done without ya." (The table wasn't too bad.. most of the worst damage was mine.)

Xue Qian shrugs "You probably would have lived. The ice would have just sped up what was already going on with that gem" ^_^;

Ghost of NNY stares at Xue for awhile and smiles, oO(You know... it's a shame movies don't reflect real life... I'd have alot of fun possessing people...)

Samantha rolls her eyes a bit, "No... I.. still had to get home right? Kinda hard to do that with.. an unconscious guy or..." she peers around the room vaguely, "A.. ghost..." (Where are you anyway? Go sit down on that Laz-Y Boy or something...)

Ghost of NNY shrugs and floats over to the said chair. oO(Um.... how?) He tries in vain several times to sit on it but can't shake the feeling he's sitting IN it. Giving up he just chooses to float beside the chair. oO(Yeah.. alright... I'm sitting...)

Samantha nods a couple of times, "Good.." she murmurs, taking a breath breath and concentrating on the chair. "Xue.." she directs to the half-elf girl, keeping her attention on where Johnny should be. "Xue, look at.. the recliner. See anythin'?"

Xue Qian blinks, and looks at the indicated piece of furnature *and unknowingly steals a line of Illidan's* "I see.... absolutely nothing..."

Ghost of NNY sweatdrops, oO(Come on? What'd you expect? Casper?)

Xue Qian hhmm's, and closes her eyes, sensing "I AM sensing a higher concentration of Essence there than anywhere else in the room, living beings aside, that is. However, it's not a large increase"

Ghost of NNY curious to see if she's noticing him or a lamp, he drifts to the other side of the room.

Samantha nods faintly, "Yeah.. y'mean it's more magical there? Well..." she leans forward a little, wincing as she does so.. and incidentally revealing the gem in her collarbone - glowing brightly - and the top of the gaping bloody hole in her chest. "That's where NNY should be... I think.. I see.... somethin'...." she keeps peering triumphantly even as NNY drifts away. "Definitely.."

Xue Qian's more refinsed ability to sense magical energy allows her to mostly confirm that. Her eyes are closed currently as she points to more or less the general location of NNY, although maybe not dead center at him "The pattern is moving... it's.. there" -.-

Ghost of NNY is impressed. With a grin he thinks, oO(She's got ESP. I think you've got ESPN, Sammy...)

Samantha blinkblinks, continuing to peer at the chair, "So you got him? Oh.." her shoulders droop, "I see. Not where I thought.. then, huh?" (She's looking at you? That's great... an' I've got what-now?!)

Xue Qian opens her eyes "Definately not enough of an Essence increase to warrent a physical apperition visable on the physical plane, but enough that you can detect it's presence if you know what to look for. It's slight, though. I'm not even getting the exact location, since the accumulation is fluxuating constantly"

Xue Qian may not know medical science, medical magic, or the mechanics of an internal combustion engine, but get her going on magic and its applications, and shes a wiz

Ghost of NNY wishes he could pick stuff up and move it around all creepy-like but oh well... oO(Um.. ESPN.... that's a sports network in the states...) Still intrested he goes up to Xue and stands still.

Samantha nods slowly, "Uh... huh." She's responding to Johnny, but her ears prick with interest at what Xue is saying.. her recent curiosity for magical things keeping up even through her hour of having-no-heart-ness.

Xue Qian blinks as the accumulation of Essence moves right in front of her, even though her eyes say nothing is in front of her "I MIGHT be able to devise a spell to focus more Essence into the anamomly, but that would take a few days"

Samantha nods, "Well.. that'd be great, far as I'm concerned..." she smiles and follows Xue's gaze, raising an eyebrow at the empty space, "Dependin' what NNY thinks?"

Ghost of NNY smiles at Xue's reaction, oO(Hey cool! This is kinda fun!) Overhearing his name spoken he turns around and stares at Sam, oO(Huh? Well hell... what'dya expect? I'm bored enough just being alive... this sucks...)

Xue Qian says, "it more than likely will make him visable to the naked eye. however, speech and such is beyond my. i'm no channeler"

Ghost of NNY sweatdrops, oO(Oh well that's just great... I guess it's a start right? Shit...)

Samantha giggles softly, breaking off into an awkward, strangled cough. "Gah.. ugh." She takes a couple of quick breaths then nods to Xue, "It's a start.. at least then I'll know what -I'm- talkin' to..."

Xue Qian nods "It'll take a few days to get perfected, but i'll let you know when it's done." she then gives a more serious look "You SURE your allright? Still think you should see a healer or something" c.c

Ghost of NNY would roll his eyes if he could, oO(She sure is buying into this fast. I don't know about you but my past experience says TRAP... she might be going to call the nut house as soon as she leaves...)

Samantha shakes her head, suddenly noticing the cavity in her chest and retching a bit, looking away and closing her eyes, "Agh..." she shivers, yanking the jacket back over herself before shaking her head again, "I-I'm fine. Just need.. time. Long as Sun-chan remains.. alright.... I'll heal up pretty quick. There's still somethin'.. missing, though."

Xue Qian wasn't there, so has no idea about 'something missing'. She shrugs "If you say so. It's your path to walk, not mine..." -_-;

Ghost of NNY growls, oO(Half your blood and a few bits and pieces... Why do you think something's missing?)

Samantha nods, "Thanks, Xue.. don't worry. I'll... I'll be fine..." (No, more than that.. like a piece of my soul is gone. Sounds stupid I guess... I just don't feel right. Now whole..)

Ghost of NNY insticivly tries to pat himself down. That not even being possible, he simply glares at Samantha, oO(Well... I don't have it. You know what it looks like? I mean, if half of your soul was missing you'd look like me, right?)

Samantha nods to the direction she assumes Johnny is still in. (Yeah.. yeah I would. Told ya it sounded stupid. You were the only other one there, so if you don't remember I guess no-one will. Maybe I'm just crazy...)

Ghost of NNY shrugs, oO(Nah... I'm the crazy one. But it is weird that your talking to a dead guy...) Grins, oO(What about Alex? He was there right? maybe he knows...)

Samantha nods again, before settling onto her back with a sigh and looking up at the ceiling. (Yeah, he was.. hope he's okay. I.. I put all I could into making sure.)

Xue Qian nods "Ooook. Ill get to work on that spell while im here, and the Essence pattern is still fresh in my mind, as well as present. That way, theres someone here to help if needed". She gives a smirk, then sits back, eyes closed, and begins to focus. Eerie purplish 'mist' begins to seep from her closed eyelids, and icy blue magical energy forms around her, making the area directly around her drop a good 30 dagrees or so, as she begins shaping Essence into a pattern compatible with the one moving around -_-

Samantha tips her blood-smattered head to one side, remaining laid on her back, and watches Xue work her magic quietly, curiosity burning in her bloodshot gaze. (But.. what happened to you? You were there but.. you weren't, it was strange. I can't really remember but, I know it was weird.... do you remember anything?)

Ghost of NNY drifts over to watch Xue a bit closer. oO(Huh? No not really. I remember asking about that weird mist on Datenshi's sword and you telling me to hold on a second. I put my head down on the bar and woke up dead... DAMNIT! I didn't even get to order a drink!)

Xue Qian continues her endevor, the world around her fazing out of her mind. For the moment, this is all she is doing

Samantha carries on watching Xue anyway, 'cause she's 'trested. (I'm sorry... gods, I'm sorry.... if I hadn't defended myself like I did, this would never have happened...)

Ghost of NNY shakes his 'head?' oO(What? Oh you mean me... heh... nah, if it happens it happens... Don't bug me none. I ain't never gone into something I regret. It's what happens at that moment that matters... not what coulda happened...)

Samantha swallows tightly, frowning.. but continues to watch Xue. (But.. I got you killed! Even if you can forgive me, you can't be so unbothered about it? You're dead, NNY.. you're dead and it's my fault...)

Ghost of NNY laughs, oO(Like I said, it wasn't the first time... I just hope that if I end up in Hell again I can find a way to keep that coat. Real nice one too! Long leather trench. Fit perfect! Stole it from a clothing shop. Did you know people in Hell use money? They don't need it but they use it anyways. Get's real annoying after awhile...)

Xue Qian stops channeling the spell, and falls asleep in the chair, appearently having used too much of her own Essence in the spellcrafting -.- ~zzzz

Ghost of NNY turns towards Xue and sweatdrops. oO(Well... um.... shit...)

Samantha blinks at Xue and smiles softly, "Thanks..." she murmurs to the sleeping girl, and then lies back again, starting to drift off a bit herself.. though she keeps her conversation with NNY going... actually he's cheering her up a fair bit. (They use money? Weird.. and only -you- would go to hell and be thinking about fashion. It's kinda cute but still...)

Ghost of NNY oO(Hell was pretty nice. It's really not so bad except for the big eyeball in the sky. It doesn't do a damn thing but everyone assumes it's watching them and gets all paranoid... There's some really weird people down there some of them wheren't too bad. It's a shame they kicked me out...)

Samantha blinks, eyes widening just as they've started to close. (Nani? Hell was -nice-?! What's that, the ultimate irony? Mind you.. not that I believed in hell 'till now. Hades perhaps... since my pop -did- take on Ares I can kinda concede that the Greek or Roman gods might exist, but wow. So Satan, God, both actually real?)

Ghost of NNY sighs... oO(Except for the fact that God is a fat little nome who sleeps all the time and the Devil perfers to be called Senior Satan... yep... I saw them...

Samantha giggles a bit, very quietly as her eyes close again. (A fat little gnome? Wow.. Christians really get a rough deal. Though I guess this -is- just your world, things're different I suppose...)

Ghost of NNY blinkblinks, oO(You know I never thought of it like that... that might be why I'm still here! Either than or I'm banned from going back and they're ignoring me until they need me....) Staring at Xue he grins again. oO(You know that whole possession thing just keeps getting more and more tempting to try....)

Samantha nods faintly. (Mm hm.. perhaps. We'll see... wait! Hey! You've died before and came back?! Is that even possible?)

Ghost of NNY get's that urdge to shrug his shoulders but alas, oO(Well... it happened. Heaven kicked me out. Mr Satan explained everything to me and then left me to roam around and then...) Remembering he shudders. oO(Then the devil showed up disguised as a cheerleader and kicked me out. I woke up with my head shaved and my clothes bloody, but othewise I was ok...)

Samantha nods even more faintly, and moans a little as she settles her shoulders to a more comfortable position. A smile is flickering on her lips now though. (I don't think I've heard many things this weird.. I'm tempted to not believed you - but it sounds.. well, pretty true. So then what? You were just back.. the same but with less hair?)

Ghost of NNY nods, oO(Yep. Well... there was a few changes. All the people that had been in the house where all dead. The two that had been trying to escape... the ones that provided the kicking I told you about... well, there where gone. And the voices where all replaced with one figure. Reverend Meat. He was this little fat figurine holding up a platic hamburger. )

Samantha tips her head a little. (Reverend Meat? What's with you and plastic figures with odd names... aren't these things supposed to be demonic or somethin'?)

Ghost of NNY grins, oO(Well... they all started off as things I'd found and changed. The Doughboys and their makeup for example. When ever I make something like that I name it. So they get some weird names. Did i ever tell you about Mr Quack-Head... Heh-heh-heh...)

Samantha's rather sleepy smile widens a bit. (No, but I could prob'ly hazard a guess. But.. ne... if these things are made from things you pick up and change, mebbe you should try not changing anything? Sounds stupid, but I don't mean -everything- just the kind of things that seem to be doing this...)

Ghost of NNY thinks for a moment. oO(It's just something I've always done... I personalise everything. Just 'cause I give something a name doesn't mean it's gonna talk... Quack-Head and Tweeters. They where both toys I made. Tweeters I gave to that little girl the other night...

Samantha starts to sit up but stops herself, mainly because she's found a position that's comfortable and doesn't want to lose it but.. even if that wasn't the case it would take something of an effort. (But.. that's.. not gonna do anything right? I mean... is it?)

Ghost of NNY chuckles, oO(Hell no... I just made it for the kid. Now Quack Head, that's diffrent. That was just something I made to hit Crux with... I never thought your Dad would let me do it either... shame it didn't work...)

Samantha relaxes a bit.. she can be pretty gullible. (You shot someone with it? Whaddya mean? And who's Crux? A friend of my pop's?)

Ghost of NNY smiles and pauses a moment. With a laugh he continues, oO(Heh... Yeah... he was this great guy that used to hang out all the time. Kept acting like he was asleep though... He couldn't have been! Not the way this guy avoid stuff... Anyways Crux was snoring at the table and we where getting tired of it. So I rigged up Mr Quack Head outta some stuff of mine that had broken and played with it awhile. It just looked like an ugly toy duck, right? Well I kept aiming it at Crux and when he'd get on my nerves I'd start to press the button. Well finaly your dad got fed up with it too and told me to go ahead.... Hee-hee-hee-hee... So this 3 inch spike shoots out at the guy.... AND HE CATCHES IT IN HIS TEETH! ...made me so mad...)

Samantha sweatdrops, opening an eye to peer at Johnny. (In his teeth?! Damn, I'm quick.. but I don't think I could do that even if I was awake. What was he, a martial artist, ninja master maybe?)

Ghost of NNY has gone over to Xue and started staring at her again. oO(I dunno... some kinda doctor I think. Helped your Dad out a few times and drank alot of water... I don't know what he was... ...it's just so tempting... Anyways, you feeling any better?

Samantha shakes her head a little. (You're makin' me feel a bit -happier-, but it'll be a few days 'til I stop wanting to throw up blood. I don't even wanna -see- my wounds, it's enough to know I can't feel 'em. I glimped something earlier that I really could do without looking at. I know I've lost a couple of fingers though.. they'll grow back. What's tempting?)

Ghost of NNY has gotten right up in Xue's face the temptation becoming a bit too much for him. oO(Well... I watch alot of tv... ghosts are supposed to be able to possess people and walk around in them and stuff... I just know if it worked something really bad would probably happen to me... but it's so damn tempting...)

Samantha clears her throat softly. (Yeah.. yeah, I think something bad would happen. An' besides, don't do it to Xue.. she's been really nice and she's gonna make you visible again. Feel free to try it on -someone- but it can't work out well, I'd guess.)

Ghost of NNY sighs, oO(Probably wouldn't but it's not like I can just walk next door and borrow someone...)

Samantha bites back a giggle. (Well you could, but I don't think they'd take too kindly.)

Ghost of NNY chuckles, oO(No... I don't think they would like that too much. I'd be pissed myself...)

Samantha shifts a little more against the back of the sofa, trying to keep any too-bloody areas away from the fabric... not that that's easy. (If you do.. and I know you will... be careful, ne? And don't hurt anyone...)

Ghost of NNY nearly chokes with laughter. It's all in his head, but what's the point? oO(Hah! I don't think I could just walk up and GRAB someone like that.... knowing my luck I'd get stuck or something...

Samantha shakes her head faintly. (Then don't do it... though I dunno why we're even discussin' this. You know you will, I know you will.... just, be careful.)

Ghost of NNY shakes his 'head?' and laughs, oO(We'll see... anyways... um... so tell me about yourself. So your Dad's Terry. He never talked about anything personal with me... What about your family and all that?)

Samantha opens one eye and blearily peers off towards the air around Xue. (Ne.. well... whaddya wanna know? I mean, I don't really -know- my real family. My mommy's never made it through, and nor has my brother Sai Faoh. I met my pop briefly back where I grew up.. but... after three days I ended up here.)

Ghost of NNY sweatdrops, oO(Where you grew up? You didn't grow up in Neo Tokyo?)

Samantha frowns a little. (Well, no.. 'course not, else I'd only be a few months old wouldn't I? I.. it's weird. I got teleported to my pop's world and grew up there, with his ex-girlfriend and all his old buddies. They taught me to fight and raised me to the way I am now.... I was raised on my father's legend, but I never met him until a few days before I came here.)

Ghost of NNY WOWs oO(That makes alot of sence... that also expalains why I never ran into you before... So, you didn't know your Dad? That sucks...

Samantha lets a soft sigh part her lips. (No, but.. I picked up a few of his techs from the start. I'm sure Mary.. she was my mom for my entire life, more or less.. she knew, somewhere... that's why she loved me so much. The others: that's Joe, who was a kickboxer.. he didn't teach me much but he was a good friend. Andy who was a Shiranui ninja and my major sensei really, I learned more from him than anyone.. and his girlfriend Mai, they got married a year before I left and I got to be bridesmaid. Anyway... I met my pop after Jack turned up to the final of the big tourney - King of Fighters, my pop must've mentioned it? Well, I was in the final with my team being Mary and this English guy Billy Kane. We didn't even come close to winning but I did well I think.. and Jack turned up at the end, right when the organiser showed to take us all out. I think without Jack I'd probably be dead along with everyone else... so he's closest I've got to a dad right now.)

Ghost of NNY ahhhs... oO(Huh... how odd... sounds like something out of a video game or something. Nah, he didn't tell me nothin' about himself really. I met him while trying to look for a fight and he ended up helping me out alot. He was cool... You'd be proud...

Samantha giggles a little. (I know.. I was brought up hearing all about him. When I met him it was.. it was so right... it makes me a little sad thinkin' about it. If I hadn't... well, let's just say it's my fault we're not together now, curiosity got the better of me. As for being a game... it actually is on this world. Found that out the other day.. all my senseis and a good number o' the people I fought with, they're all in there.)

Ghost of NNY chuckles, oO(That's kinda funny... Does that mean if they make another game you'll know if your Dad's alright?)

Samantha opens both eyes and blinks. (Well.. no... when I left 'home' it was 2013... a good nine years to go yet. Besides.. I know he's okay, I c'n.. weird but I c'n feel it.)

Ghost of NNY nods and queitly gives a sigh of relief, oO(That's good to hear. Probably in your blood or something... I hope he makes it back here. I don't mean to be mean or nothing but you look like your about to fall asleep or something... You ok?)

Samantha glances towards Xue's area again and nods. (Just.. tired... I couldn't be a lot more worn out than I am right now... y'know? If I hadn't been talkin' like this I'd have drifted off ages ago...)

Ghost of NNY grins, oO(Alright then... Get some rest... I'm gonna go drift around this building and see what I can get away with... BUT I'll make a point to come check on you. Anything funny happens and I'll jump in your friend here and wake you up! Heh...)

Samantha smiles. (No prob.. but, er.. if anything funny like blue energy around me or my gem starts glowing brighter, it's all good... that probably should be happening. Thanks for stayin' so long... I needed somethin' to cheer me up.)

Ghost of NNY grins, oO(I'd have done it even if I hadn't not had any other choice! Heh-heh-heh... just remember you owe me a re-match...

Samantha nods, grinning a bit. (You got it.. soon as I can, ne? Seeya... later.....) her eyes slip shut and she's asleep within about two seconds of the lids falling, a soft purr emanating from her throat another fix or six seconds after that.

Ghost of NNY stands watching her sleep for a few minutes before turning and drifitng off through a wall chuckling to himself... oO(This is gonna be fun...)

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