2004-03-24d (News) More details of the UR explosion

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UR rubble this week

Early Wednesday morning the residence of Kouboku Street awoke with a start as the UR exploded into a massive shock wave shattering windows and scattering tables up to 30 feet away. The disaster was rumored to have been the result of an early morning encounter with the dark angel Datenshi. So far reports are sketchy but it is believed there has only been one casualty thus far. Until the details are released we can't get an accurate depiction of what caused this tragedy. Witnesses left long before the calls for help where placed. However, as soon as we have more information you'll read it here first! Currently among the dead is local resident Johnny C. who was found with his limbs severed and skin charred. Oddly enough the body vanished around 6:45pm that evening just before an autopsies could be performed on the remains.

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