2004-04-02b I Feel Sick

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I Feel Sick


Who: Samantha, Naruto, Johnny_C, Alex
When: 2004-04-02
Where: Rose City Diner

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Rose City Diner

A quiant, American diner, the kind you would expect to see in Happy Days or something equally 50s. A working Jukebox sits in the corner, playing actual vinyl records while the booths gleam with shiney plastic upholstry. The floors and walls are tiled in checkerboard black and white and the bus-boys and waitresses are dressed like the Good Humor Man complete with red bow ties or hair ribbons. A counter also offers seats to people, a skilled soda jerk waiting to take one's orders.

Samantha frowns and takes a step after Alex to wedge her foot in the door, keeping it open behind him. "Tired an' wanna talk.. or just tired? Coz.. I'm always here, y'know that..."

Naruto overtakes Samantha and Alex. "Nice shot, Alex-san! You musta played sports in school." ^_^ "Like... like..." He blinks. "..like sports that they have here." c.c;;

Johnny walks in looking very distant. His skin is completly pale, in his hand is a crumpled comic book of some kind. He walks in and heads straight up to the counter and sits down. When the waitress asks for his order he stares at her blankly before ordering a glass of water. When it arrives he stares at it like an alien object...

Alex doesn't pay any visible heed to Samantha or Naruto as he continues along, he probably won't stop unless someone actually tries to grab him.

Naruto watches Johnny go by. "..." He takes in a few things. Like... well, the comic book. He rubs his chin, then shrugs and follows the slimmed kid. "Hey. Johnny-san? I havn't seen you since we killed that huge toothy-clawed beast with Zel. Wassup?"

Johnny continues to stare at his water for a moment more. Finaly it reaches him that someone is talking to him. Looking up at Naruto he forces a grin, "Oh... hey... what's up?" His mind finaly on a diffrent subject he genuienly grins and adds, "Actualy it wasn't that long ago. I saw you at Sammy's while I was dead..."

Samantha blinks, head swivelling to follow Johnny as he enters.. but seeing Naruto deal with depressed person number two, she turns back to the door and darts out after Alex, grabbing his shoulder and jerking to try and spin him back around.. the gesture bordering on being rough, but qualifying more for 'firm'. "No you don't! Y'need to talk, I c'n tell that much.."

Naruto blinks. "You were dead?" He blinks again... "Like dead-dead?" He thinks about this... then points, "Ne... you're not a zombie are you?" o_o;

Johnny contimplates grabing the ninja's arm and biting it, but instead chuckles and shakes his head, "Nah... I'm just a guy that doesn't belong anywhere..."

Naruto says, "Oh. Well, hey. Glad to see that you're not dead. Aheh." He takes a step back. c.c "I uh... gotta go."

Johnny blinkblinks, "Eh? Um... alright then..." oO(Odd...)

Naruto runs out, "Bai Sammy! So long Alex! I'll see ya tommorrow!" . o O ( Wow! People come back from the DEAD here! *_* I gotta go find some explosives! )

Alex probably did indeed want to talk, but was too hardheaded to admit it. "I told you, I'll be fine Sammy..." he replies quietly to her.

Samantha lowers her hand and gives a stubborn shrug. She's a little too concerned to say goodbye to Naruto, lest Alex have time to bolt like a little frightened doe! But.. yeah. She says farewell -mentally-. Looking at Alex still she smirks, "You'll be -better- if ya talk."

Alex sighs softly, his shoulders slumping some at Sammy words. Couldn't look her in the eyes. Ah! There! An oddly shaped crack in the sidewalk shaped like nixon's head! That will suffice. "You're not going to let this drop, are you?" he mumbles softly.

Johnny lets out a sigh as he sees Naruto go and looks at the crumpled comic he'd picked up next door. "Stupid asshole.... Doesn't have issue two.. I gotta get back home..." The cover of the book is entitled 'I Feel Sick. A Book About a Girl. Issue 1'

Samantha nods, folding her arms across chest, "You're darn right... when a friend's unhappy I do somethin' about it!" Yeah, there's an obvious flaw here but.. can't be everywhere at once, so we're working on first come, first served right now. "So get back inside an' we'll talk..." she pauses and winks, "Or somewhere else if the decor doesn't suit, huh?"

Alex lets out another sigh as he mutters, "Somehow I don't think the people here would appeciate it much," he's still looking at that nixon crack in the sidewalk.

Samantha reaches up to poke Alex playfully in the ribs.. not that he'll appreciate the gesture, but.. still. She's trying not to be too heavy, "Okay! Then we'll go somewhere else... works fer me. Long as you're happy, I'm happy... though I guess ya -do- owe me a few days misery..."

Alex gacks as he's poked, squirming a fair bit at that. Looking to Sammy he smirks some and says softly, "You know that's not the way I look at it..."

Samantha giggles softly, "Yeah, well.. I was kiddin', baka. So where to?"

Johnny shoves the comic into his backpack and runs a hand accross his mostly bald head before taking a sip of his water. "Waitress? This tastes funny..."

Alex shakes hsi ehad a little and says, "I dunno....preferably someplace quiet an away from a crowd," he definitely wasn't a people person c_c

Johnny begins to become irrate as the waitress argues with with him. "Alright fine! You taste it then!" Shoving the glass back towards her he accidentaly splashes the woman, changing her into a small rodent. Staring down in complete confusion he quickly looks around to see if anyone was watching him and makes a run for the door, ignoring anyone who might be outside.

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