2004-05-15 NNY's Torment

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NNY's Torment

Summary: Johnny's mind attacks him while trapped inside one of his Dread Daggers.

Who: Johnny_C
When: May 15th, 2004
Where: Domain of the Lost

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The Domain of the Lost(#2801R)

Welcome to the vastness of the mind of Johnny the Homacidal Maniac... Left until his judgement is served, he exists in a world made up by his own thoughts. Untold horrors exist from every possible direction. The floor is drenched in blood and large chunks of unidentifiable meat. The world is made of darkness and from within that darkness the screams of every life lost to the boy can be heard. The air is thick with the scent of death and if one where to walk in any given direction, they'd soon find themselves seemingly not moving in an endless, unchanging room...

Johnny's essance stands alone in the darkness covered in blood, the sickle held tightly in both hands. "FUCK THIS SHIT! THIS IS WORSE THAN FUCKING SLEEPING!!!!! LET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!" All around him are the slaughtered remains of, upon closer inspection, hundreds and hundreds of duplicate Johnnys, all sliced into large chunks...

Johnny's essance screams like an insane mental patient at the darkness around him and takes off into a fast sprint. The strange world just goes by him endlessly for miles until the maniac finaly stops running. "THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT!!!! I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Closing his eyes for a moment the world starts to shake. Erupting from the ground appears Johnny's House. Running inside the door he finds standing in the center of Metropolis, all the people from the night he died standing there calmly watching him. Immediatly he begins to hack and slash at them. The bodies fall one after another, none of them lifting a finger to stop him. Finaly Johnny stops just before Samantha as his eyes begin to tear up. "Damn you.... why the fuck did you have to give a shit about me?" Shoving the lifeless body to the side he runs into a random building and into the gym of the UR. Terry stands in the center of the room along with Crux, both of them standing as emotionless as the ones he'd already cut apart. "FUCK YOU!!! THIS IS ALL YOUR FUCKING FAULT!!!!!!!!!"

Terry stands unmoving as Johnny charges towards him. First, shoving Crux to the ground, he raises up his sickle and goes to cut off Terry's head. As blood spreys up from the now headless Terry, Johnny kicks his body in the chest and screams, "GODDAMNIT!!!! THIS IS FUCKING STUPID!!!!" At once the room fills with dozens of Cale duplicates. Dispatching them in much the same way as the rest, Johnny runs into the door normaly leading into the UR and arrives in the black room he began in. "IS ANYONE FUCKING LISTENING TO ME??????????? HELLO??????????? FUCKING TALK TO ME, SOMEONE!!!!!!"

Johnny's essance lets out another scream of rage and leaps into the air, his clothes flowing despite the lack of air around him. Continuing upwards until the ground vanishes beneath him he twirls about in the darkness. "WHY THE FUCK WOULD ANYONE LEAVE ME IN THE GOD FORSAKEN PLACE???? THIS IS FUCKING HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Turning he charges towards the ground at a blinding speed, crashing though the ground and into a world consiting of a bright white light. His eyes turning black, he screams once more and slices the sickle around causing deep red gashes in the light. The world of light turns red and soon is nothing but an endless river of blood. Swiming up through the fluid, he comes back to the world of darkness and crawls out of the hole he's made in the ground. Spitting out a mouth full of blood he screams inchoerantly and stabs the ground with the sickle as he climbs to his feet. The hole in the ground and the world of blood vanishing in the blink of an eye...

From out of the darkness hundreds of barbed hooks fly out with chains attached to them. Latching into the boy's flesh the chains pull tight and instantly Johnny is painfully ripped to pieces in a massive spray of blood. Out of the ground dozens of wires and tubes emerge and knot together into something errily similar to the maniac. Growing in size the monster rips it's own heart out. It's body falls apart in huge chunks and from the heart, a set of hands rip there way free. Emerging from it as if from a coccon, Johnny appears once more. "SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dropping down to his knees the boy begins to cry and sob as the horrors around him vanish once more...

The black sky is suddenly filled with rainclouds as far as the eye can see. All at once rain begins to pour down drenching the sobbing boy. Johnny does nothing but continue to cry, feeling worthless and alone... "This isn't fair... what did I do to deserve this..." Johnny's essance sits up and looks around, his body now that as it was when he was just a small, innocent boy of 10. Now suddenly very frightened, the young boy begins to push himself back as the ground explodes with hundreds of pairs of hands - one set for every person the boy had ever killed, each one reaching to choke the life from the boy. Taking off in the opposite direction he runs for his life and finds a tall dead tree. Climbing up it quickly he perches onto one of the branches and sits watching as everything vanishes once more...

Samantha (OOC) baps you for being too imaginative at horrible times of day >.<

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