2004-09-03 The Nightmare Begins... Again

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The Nightmare Begins... Again

Summary: Zim and GIR arrive on Metropolis

Who: Gir, Zim
When: September 3rd, 2004
Where: Metropolis

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Kouboku Street

This fairly quiet street is eerie even on the best of days. It is lined with trees, each breeze rustling the leaves endlessly. There are a few places to sit and relax, namely just around the entrance to the park, but otherwise, this street has the creepy feel of being watched by something unpleasant.

Out of the ether a distortion begins to grow. Ripping apart the street and setting off car alarms, a bluish whirpool opens up sending trash and debrie everywhere. With a bright flash of light out leaps Zim onto the sidewalk. Casting a glance around quickly he guestures for Gir to follow him before the portal closes, "Shhhhhh... we have to stay inconspicuous!"

GIR bolts out from the portal, into a rolling somersault. Dressed in it's puke-green dog suit, the little robot screams happily, "Look, it's a hat! Made of cheeeeeese!" Pointing to the big hunk of chedder strapped to it's head.

Zim sweatdrops at GIR before leaping into the air as the portal slams shut with a defening CRACK! Catching his breath he rolls his eyes at the dog suit. "WHY did you bring that germ infested piece of FILTH? GET RID OF IT!!!"

GIR flops around, doing a strange dance that looks distinctly like that of a drunken man. "Aww, but it's fun!" He falls onto the side and into a handstand on the sidewalk with the cheese hat holding him up. "It's for.." He squeaks out a scream, "NACHOOOS!"

Zim glares coldly at his non-obiedent servent as a communicator attached at the end of one of his PAK's long spider like legs deploys and bends over his head so he can speak in it. "Mission log... Mighty Tallest, we have arrived in this other Earth with seemingly no notice of our arrival." Down the street sounds of angered cussing can be heard as people are forced to come outside and deactivate their car alarms. "...we will now attempt to gather information about the natives here and deduce what appropriate disgueses will be needed to complete our goals." The communicator retracts and Zim glances at Gir once again, "GIR! Find us a place where we can spy on these pitiful natives..."

GIR amuses himself by spinning around on the cheese-hat, squealing happily. It sprays bits of cheese shards all over! Though he halts quickly, hopping up from the headstand and saluting Zim. "Okeedoke!" He takes a step to the side, then another. While standing only a few feet away, with nothing any different than the first spot, he announces.. "FOUND ONE! Weeeee-hehehe.."

Zim groans, "If I wanted to stand in the street all day I wouldn't have asked you to find us a location, now would I?? Use your naviagaion chip and find us a place of meeting, or a nutrition supplier or something..." Stops to look around while he scratches his head, stares at the door to the UR. "That guidence chip has bound to have updated itself already..."

GIR doo de doo's the entire time Zim's speaking as though he's not listening, and then drops onto the ground suddenly. "It's a pebble!" He holds onto the small rock happily before looking up at Zim with a completely blank expression. "Can't!"

Zim blinkblinks and glares, "You didn't bring a muffin along again, did you?"

GIR shakes his head, spraying bits of grated cheese all over again. He pops off the cheese hat, the compartment on his head flying open to reveal a festive bowl of tortilla chips. "Nachooooooooooos!"

Zim smacks himself in the head and screams, "YOU USELESS PIECE OF... of... OF USELESS NON-USEFULL THINGS!!! Can't you think about anything more than NACHOS!!!! You don't even need to EAT!"

GIR's eyes begin to overflow at the yelling, the little robot's head sagging down. A few moments pass. And then a few more. Finally he looks up, holding out his hand with the rock in it. "Pebble?"

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