2004-09-04 An Unexpected House Call

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An Unexpected House Call

Summary: The Irken Invader goes to find a new base, only to find this one already occupied

Who: Rock, Gir, Zim
When: September 4th, 2004
Where: Metropolis

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Living Room

You stand in a living room that seems to belong to a well to do person. A TV entertainmet center is set up with on one wall and opposite of it is a sofa and a well worn recliner (seems it's seen a lot of use in the past) in front of the sofa is a coffee table and on the left side of the recliner is a end table with a book case on the bottom of it, while above them is a small plaque set-up with two swords, a long sword and a short sword, attached to it (Note: If you can sense magics the two blades are radiating it.). On the right side of the sofa is the entrance to the kitchen and on the opposite wall, to the right of the TV set up is the entrance to the hallway leading to the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The door slowly creaks open, a shadowy figure moving across the walls. Suddenly, the TV clicks on. The shadowy figure is now revealed to be a silly looking little robot. "It's on, IT'S ON!"

Rock is on the couch with an ice pack on his head and blinks, "WHAT THE HELL!?" he throws an empty beer can at the robot since it's one of the few items he has on hand at the moment.

GIR happily flips the channels to a strange show, "It's the Scary Monkey sho.." As he gets pelted with the beer can. The little robot's eyes suddenly glow red as he turns to Rock, screaming, "I'm gonna' make a WALRUS outta you!" Though instead of running up to him, GIR gets distracted by the TV. His eyes change back to a blue color as he plops down in front of the TV again.

Rock blinks and stands up, walks over to the robot and picks it up, "Sorry, no robots..." he begins carrying it to the door.

Zim kicks the door open and glares into the room, "GIR!! How long does it take to check to see if a room is occupied? We don't have alot of time on our hands before the the backup supply gives out!" Glances back and forth at Gir and Rock, "Oh great... uh..." Tries to think of something.. "BUILDING INSPECTORS!"

GIR's eyes tear up dramatically, crying, "SCARY MONKEY SHOW!" Though once Zim kicks open the door, he happily squeals, "It's my master! Salted nuts?" A compartment opens up ontop of the robot's head, filled with.. salted nuts.

Rock says, "....Riiiiight." he looks between the two, "Yeah uh..I have a headache, and even with that I know you're lying." he points at the door, "OUT!"

Zim glances around nervously, "Sorry, this will only take a minute.... we just need to uh... check the wiring, yeah!" Scans the room quickly, "We're new, yeah... just gotta check the wall over there. Could be dangerous if left unatended!"

Rock says, "I wanna see a permit first...." he looks Zim over...

GIR wiggles out of Rock's grasp, hopping down onto the floor. He runs in circles, squealing happily before sitting down in front of the TV. "It's mah' favorite show!"

Zim glares as his robotic insect legs suddenly spring forth from the PAK he wears on his back, "Your resistance will be noted." Rising up into the air, the green alien looks down upon Rock. "GIR! Use the emergency restraint system I installed in you! You can watch TV while I make the modifications!"

GIR hops up, a little hand saluting Zim. "Okeedoke, master!" A net is suddenly deployed from Gir's compartment. Instead of going to Rock, it seems GIR has aimed it at Zim. A big sprawling net and salted nuts flies at his master.

Zim's eyes widen in terror as the net comes wrapping around him, knocking him down and pining him to the floor. As a few of the salted nuts pelt down upon him, the alien begins to scream, "AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! THEY BURN!!!!!! OH HOW THEY BURN!!!!!!!!!"

Rock says, "....Well that's handy..." whinches at the screaming, his head pounding, "Resist urge to kill..."

GIR happily runs in circles around Rock afterwards, demanding of him. "Let's do the HOKEY POKEY!" High pitched squeal of a laughter.

Zim points up at Rock from beneath the net, "DAAAAMN YOU!!! HOW DARE YOU MAKE A MOCKERY OF ZIM?!!! You planned this didn't you? DIDN'T YOU!!! Once I get outta here.... YOU WILL FACE THE WRATH OF MY ANGER!!!!"

Rock says, "Everyone SHUT UP!" he yells and puts the ice back on his head, "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" he collapses onto the couch.

GIR hops up onto the couch, peering his little fact close to Rock's. "Awww, someone needs a hug!" He latches onto Rock's arm.

Zim begins using a lazor cutter to free himself from the net. Sweat beeding off his face he glances down at the watch-like readout on his arm. "GYAH!!! Almost out of time! Hurry Gir! I HAVE TO GET TO THE WALL!!!"

Rock twitches, "Get. Off. Me. Now."

GIR pulls a licked lollipop that was stuck to the back of his leg. He tries to shove it into Rock's mouth when he talks, "It's a present! I licked it mahself!" He hops down from the couch towards Zim. "Okeedokeeeee!"

Rock gets the thing shoved in his mouth and spits it out, "AGH! Gah!"

Zim manages to get completly free except for one of his legs. Trying to crawl towards the far wall he strains, "GIR! MY LEG!!! HURRY! THERE'S NOT MUCH TIME!!!"

GIR hops over to Zim, using his handy compartment to pull out... -a huge butcher knife!- "I got it, I got it!" He holds it up, aimed right at Zim's leg. Until Rock comes over (I think).

Rock gets up, walks over to Zim and picks him up by the back of his shirt, "Ahem!" he looks at RObot and carries Zim over to the door and drops him there, "OUT!"

Zim kicks his legs and claws towards the arm holding him until he's droped, "NO WAIT!!!! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!" Suddenly from upstairs something explodes loudly causing the lights to flicker. Letting out a sigh, Zim drops his eyes down and shakes his head. "Nevermind..." Looking up at Rock, Zim glares again, "You win this time... but next time.... NEXT TIME I WILL DESTROOOOOY YOU!!!! Come on Gir..."

Rock says, "Right uh huh. Watch as I tremble mentally."

GIR digs his little hand inside of his head compartment, shoving the knife back into there. He pulls out a huge roll of sliced hard salami - hence, the knife. "I got SALAMI!" He throws it to Rock, running out to meet Zim at the door. "Okeedoke!" He waves to Rock, "BYE!"

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