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Summary: Invader Zim begins another attempt to take over the world, but doesn't count on Starfire appearing and mistaking him for a Trick or Treater

Who: Zim, Starfire, Renamon
When: October 28th, 2004
Where: Metropolis Rooftops

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Zim scrambles along the edge of a building with a tiny purple chibi-moose floating at his side. Currently the alien is disguised in an ugly brown coat and white wig while the moose... is still a moose...

MiniMoose exclaims, "Meep!"

Zim nods as he glances around, "Your right, the place seems deserted..."

Starfire is not a deserter, though she has a desert. Well, an ice cream cone actually. And she's thoroughly enjoying it about two hundred feet in the air! No, don't mind her. She's just a hungry alien, not a superhero on some kind of vigil. Still, is she easy to spot? Mmm, odds aren't so bad if one were to look up.

Zim grabs ahold of the floating moose and uses it as a pair of binoculors. It's eyes flash red as Zim glances around the street, "Excelent... the place is just as empty as the monitors led us to believe. Now, with everyone gone and Gir disracted..." Releasing the purple bot it turns and hovers before him awaiting instuctions, "I need you, MiniMoose, to go up onto one of the roofs here and plant the comunications relay I need should we get the Voot Crusier operational. Soon I'll have every area of this city covered and under my watch... then we shall DESTROY!!!! AH-HAH-HAH-HAH!! Now go, -hurry-, before someone comes..."

MiniMoose exclaims, "Meep!"

MiniMoose hovers straight up into the air, it's eyes locked onto an available roof, oblivious to anyone or anything else in the sky.

Starfire look from her treat to see... a tiny purple stuffed animal moose thing!? She gasps aloud at the sight of such a ridiculously adorable thing and so floats down to speak to it! "Greetings, tiny stuffed toy that flies of it's own power!" All smiles! How... weird. "I did not know of such a wonderous thing as yourself, oooh..." She gobbles her ice cream. Then starts to float closer, "What is your name? Where are you from? What are you made of?"

MiniMoose smiles happily and exclaims matter-of-factly, "Meep!"

Zim continues to glance back and forth down the street looking for anyone who might pose a threat to his current plans.

Starfire might not be a threat, though she -is- going to serve as an effective distraction to the adorable stuffed-moose thing. At it's matter-of-fact statement of Meep, she surmises that this must be it's name. And that it is too shy to answer her questions! So, she merely giggles and attempts to throw her arms around it! "It is very wonderful to encounter such a creature!" Cheekrub. Then, pause. "Why are you alone in this city? It can be very dangerous and unsuitable for one such as yourself."

MiniMoose smiles it's one toothed smile and guestures down towards Zim lurking in the shadows down below with a nod of it's head. Then it looks up past Starfire towards the roof and exclaims, "MEEP!"

Zim stands up straight at the sound and blinks, "Huh? What about me?" Looking up, finaly, Zim notices Starfire and screams, "MINIMOOSE! GET AWAY FROM HERRRRR!!! Likely she's some sort of thorn in my plans! HURRY! PLANT THE DEVICE BEFORE SHE REVEALS OUR SECRET!!!" MiniMoose looks down at Zim and smiles, "Meep!" But otherwise does nothing.

Starfire looks down at the funny creature that is Zim... then she scratches her nose and offers a smile and a little wave, then she calls down, "Greetings, strange spindly-limbed creature!" She then looks back and forth. Plant a device? "What is this device? Is it some form of practice for the celebration of the Halloween?" She said it right!

Zim looks up and glares, "WHAT?? The festival of the blood candy harvest?? IS IT HERE ALREADY??? AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!! NOOOO!! My information was WRONG!!!!" Waisting no time he throws off his disguise in a single guesture and instantly the insect-like legs of his pack extend and he scrambles up the wall after MiniMoose.

Starfire looks... somewhat taken aback by the screaming, so she puts her hands up and shakes her head! "I... do not think it is yet. There are... technically three days untill it is the time for this celebration of the horrible and scary things." She lays eyes upon the little stuffed-moose thing and squints. "Does this device dispense candy? Would it not be best if placed closer to the ground?"

Zim climbs up to face the duo and clings to the wall spider-like from his extended legs. Reaching out and snatching MiniMoose from the girl he exclaims, "NOO!!! And get the hands of FILTHY Earth-children clawing at him?? HE HOLDS A SECRET BETTER THAN CAAANDYYY!!! And you... can't... have him. HE'S MIIIIIIINE!"

Starfire giggles at the small alien-thing that she simply mistakes for some manner of effectively costumed earthling. Or maybe, another of the very well equipped denizens of this realm! Blink. Hmm... "You... The children of Earth are not filthy! Perhaps... they could be dirty from play but they are typically not so bad." She thinks, then ohs! Another giggle. Maybe she'll humor the little 'costumed' terror. "I see, strangely-dressed boy, what is this secret that is better than the candy? And of course he is yours! Though you may wish to not allow him so far from your sight. This city is sometimes dangerous!" Nod. She knows!

Zim continues to scurry up the building towards the roof, MiniMoose in hand, "You know NOTHING floaty-ice cream girl! Children are DISGUSTING GERM INFESTED... MEAT..... THINGS!" Reaching the roof he tosses MiniMoose to the side where it hovers beside him as he looks down at the girl. "As for what dangerous secret my pet here holds..... that is none of your concern. NOW MINIMOOOSE!!!!"

MiniMoose nodnods, "Meep!" as a compartment opens on it's stomach and a small sattelite dish looking device drops down, mounting onto the roof. Then it smiles and responds, "Meep!"

Zim grins triumphantly, "Eeeeeeexcelent!"

Starfire floats up along with Zim, touching her hands, both clasped together, to her breast as she follows to see what's going on. As Zim continues his tirade, she frowns, "What you say is just not true! Children are wonderful, energetic vessels of laughter and joy!" Hmf. Then, a small satellite dish? That was the purpose of the concern? "If you merely wished to install a dish for the TV, I could have assisted you!" Silly Earthling.

Zim points and glares, "ASSIST ZIIIIIM???? You know nothing of Irken technology! Your FEEBLE mind could not comprehend it's HIGHLY ADVANCED SPECIFICATIONS!!!!! Bah, and childrens are nothing but scum! I know! I've pretended to be one for FAR TOO LONG! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a planet to conquer..."

Starfire exclaims, "I am merely offering assistance." She lets out a little hnf, addressing the moose, "Your friend is very talented at the playing pretend or he is very mean." She straightens her arms, considering this Zim character. "A planet to conquer...? Oh, that cannot be true!" She then scoots in to attempt to pull Zim off of the wall, "Let us go back down to the ground, then we will take you to your parents! It is much too late for you to be out and alone!"

Zim leaps upon the roof and backs away from the advancing Tamaranian, "KEEP AWAY!!!!! Do not touch ZIM!" As he backs away the spider legs of his Pack retract. The moose continues to keep by his side. "MINIMOOSE!!! Protect meeeee!!" Obiedently the Moose floats between Zim and Starfire and sternly demands, "Meep!"

Starfire headtilts at the peculiar behaviour. "You... are frightened?" Aww, she looks almost hurt. "Oh, I do not wish to harm you! Merely to take you to where it is safe!" Then, as the moose interposes itself, she can't help but smile! So, she reaches for it once more! "Here, I will show you that I mean no harm!"

Zim reaches the other end of the rooftop and glances down the side of it in terror. Regaining his composure he turns and glares at the girl, "Liiiiiesss.... you want to harvest my sweet Irken blood candy, or WORSE!!! I've fought and defeated tougher -humans- than you, Ice Cream Girl!! What you see before you is more than just a transport device! The moose contains the devestating Vortian Doomsday Device!! Continue your advancement and I shall order him to use it!!"

MiniMoose wobbles in the air, "Meep!"

Starfire stares, shocked at first by the strange reaction to her approach. She's never had anyone apparently scared of her before! Still... "Your blood candy? I do not wish to steal from you any of your candy that you have rightfully trick or treated for! I am also not human, nor am I merely Ice Cream Girl. I am Starfire!" She shifts in the air, "You will... Eep?" Peers at the little stuffed Moose! Surely not. "Um..."

Zim growls and points, "Your just like the rest of the.... FILTHY humans on this world. From what I've witnessed this place is no better than the Earth I came from. Know this, -Starfire- I am the mighty INVADER ZIIIIIIIM!!!!! I shall conquer this -PATHETIC- world and use the same tactics to conquer the -other- Earth for the Tallest. YOU ARE NOTHING BUT AN EXPERIMENT TO ME! In danger my mission and be -DESTROYED-!! MINIMOOSE! READY THE DOOMSDAY DEVICE!!" MiniMoose does nothing. "MINIMOOSE?!!!" It's eyes turning red the moose bobs in the air, "Meep." Zim spits in rage, "I don't care what you think. ATTACK THE HUMAN!!!!!!" MiniMooose turns and blinks. "Meep?" Zim shakes his head in confusions, "What do you mean 'What human?' That one. Right there! THE ONE INFRONT OF YOU!"

MiniMoose asks, "Meep?"

Starfire pauses as she considers, then she lifts one arm and sniff-sniffs as she's seen one of her friends do. Nothing out of the ordinary - bubblebath smell. Okay. "You do not like the scent of the bubble bath solution?" Hmm. Nobody else has ever complained. "This world is not for conquering!" Headshakes, "It is for people to..." Live? Accumulate? Um... okay, she doesn't know what it's for, really. "I am sure there is a reason for it to be here, other than for being conquered. Now let us go to your parents. I am sure that they are missing you." She'd offer a treat but... she's not sure such a hyper child would handle it well. "Please, no more mean-screaming? It is... unsettling." Then, she looks expectantly to the meeping moose. "I am not a human. I am from Tamaran!" Smile, "It is a very long way from where we are."

Zim glares at MiniMoose and ignores most of what Starfire had to say, "I don't care what country on this miserable planet you come from. All shall fall down before ZIIIIM! ...and as for anyone missing me, I assure you my robot parents are quite comfortable in the storage boxes I packed them in. Although it would bring them rediculous insane joy to be reactivated, I have no need of them. Your assistance in such matters is not welcome." Rising up into the air, aided by the legs of his Pack, the Irken glares down at the girl and cackles as a leg with a sparking lazer tool extends over Zim's head and points at Starfire, "...and if MiniMoose here won't obey, I shall destroy you myself!!! BOW TO ME OR FEEL MY MIGHTY IRKEN WRATH!!!!!"

MiniMoose exclaims, "Meep!"

Renamon lands on the rooftop next to the one Star and Zim are on, attracted by all the yelling. "......Do I even want to know?"

Starfire can be screamed at, can be called names and can even be threatened. All without batting an eye. But as weapons come into play, she becomes much less happy and becomes very serious, "I do not wish to fight you." Well, she really doesn't. If he wasn't always so stressed out he'd be kind of adorable, like the moose! "Though, if you cause danger for the other in this city, I will be forced to!" And, to stamp her point home; her eyes glow a fierce green. Not stoplight green. Not camo green! Oh no, not like that. Just... green. Then, as Renamon 'appears', she turns. "Please, do not be concerned. This child is simply misbehaving!"

Zim spits as he yells, "I AM NO CHILD!!!! I AM ZIIIIIIIM!!!! Do you know how many years it's been since I was a Smeet?? Have you no idea whom your dealing with?" Finaly registering the new voice he turns and nods at Renamon, "You'd best leave before the Ice Cream Girl here has to be delt with. It could be messy...."

Renamon simply stares. At least for a few minutes. Then looks at Starfire with a smirk. "Hyper, isn't he?"

Renamon chuckles. "Don't look at me. I know nothing about alien children, though I suppose I could always probe his mind. Though I'm not sure I want to know what he thinks about."

Zim glares coldly listening to the conversation, "HOW DARE YOU MOCK ME?!!!! MINIMOOSE!!! ATTACK!!!!!" As he chages forwards after Starfire, his laser fires cutting a hole in the roof and missing the girl completly. MiniMoose on the other hand hurls itself towards Starfire and taps her lightly in the head. "Meep!"

Starfire seems... at odds. She's not sure if she should blast the poor cranky thing out of the air or grab him up and hug! Okay, she's gotta make a decision. He's causing damage. So, after Minimoose bonks her, she grabs for the animated stuffed animal! If successful, she'll swish over to snatch Zim out of the air! "Please, do not be shooting the lasers into the buildings! They are not toys and may cause harm if they are not properly handled." Oh yeah, listen to the expert.

Renamon megasweats.

MiniMoose is snatched out of the air and suddenly a quiet 'bleep' is heard as Starfire manages to activate the concealed weapon Zim has yet to deliberatly set off. Very loudly the purple moose exclaims, "DOOMSDAY DEVICE ACTIVATED!" Suddenly the plushie seems to explode outward revealing thousands of various weapons and missles. Zim cackles and drops down from his electronic spider legs, retracting them. "YESSSS!!! FINALY!!!! DESTROY MY PET!!! DESTROY!!!!!" The moose-thing wobbles but does nothing, "...MEEP."

Renamon says, "......That....can't be good..."

Starfire is about to proceed to Zim-snatching whenever this dire announcement is made! She umms, then lets out a startles shriek as the poor moose suddenly bristles with weapons! So, in a shaky voice, "That is not good!" Points, "Please, do not do anything harmful!" She sweeps over in a semi-panic, grabbing for Zim as he winds his backpack legs back up! "Please, you must stop it from destroying things! It will destroy us as well!"

Renamon asks, "Uh.....Starfire? Why not just use the off switch to deactivate it?"

Zim grins proudly, "Yes! I know! I'm so INGENIOUS!!!" Scoffing at Renamon's words he crosses his arms and states, "You can't just switch a Vortian Doomsday Device on and off! IT IS NOT A TOY!!" Pointing at the moose-monster he grins and announces, "I created MiniMoose! He is the ultimate in sidekick technology!! Now, as I was saying. BOW TO ZIM OR BE DESTROYED!!!!! BWA-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!!!"

MiniMoose watches Starfire snatch up Zim at the end of his speach and coldly demands, "Meeeeeeep..."

Zim struggles helplessly as he's lifted from his Pak, "PUT ME DOWN!!!!!"

Starfire blinks, looking up from the task of siezing Zim in her hands at the much-more-serious moose-thingy. She frowns, "I am not going to hurt your friend! I am also not going to hurt you. But if you use this dangerous... weapon-thing you will possibly harm this one, myself and anyone else! You do not wish for that?" Aww, appealing to the stuffed moose!

Zim screams, "GYAH!!! FITHY GERMS!!! CRAWLING ON ME!!!! PUT ME DOWN MEAT-SACK!!!! Don't listen to her MiniMoose!!! DESTROY!!! Show me how loyal you can beeeeeee!"

MiniMoose glances back and forth from the screaming Zim to it's new friend and panics not knowing what to do. It's programing says to obey Zim, but the friendly one did have a point about harming the Zim.... what to do..... "Meep?"

Renamon sighs. "Maybe I should look into Zim's mind and find how to deactivate that weapon after all?"

Starfire attempts hugging Zim and even petting the antennae! She's gotta figure out a way to calm him down while also keeping the friendly moose-toy-weapon, relatively, calm. "I do not think it would be a good idea... I am thinking, perhaps, that our friend the Meep!" Or. "MiniMoose." Oh, so confusing. Sniff. "Please do not? You are too friendly for such things! There will also be tricking for the treats, later!"

Zim squirms and yells a blood curdling scream of terror, "NOT MY ANTENNAE!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!! THE FILTHY EARTH MONKEY TOUCHES MEEEEEEE!!!!! GET IT OFF!!!!" Looking up at MiniMoose patheticly he sobs, "Pleease MiniMoose!! HURRY!!!!"

MiniMoose begins to panic. Shivering violently the creature's eyes blank out and, returning to normal, the moose drops to the ground immobile as it's programing shuts itself down.

Renamon blinks. "...I guess it resolved itself rather well..."

Starfire winces at the screaming and panicking of the Zim-creature-trickortreater-person, so she continues petting. "I am clean. Now please, try to be calm!" She flits over to the fallen MiniMoose, attempts to scoop it while trying her best to hold on to poor distraught Zim! Now. Whatever can she do!?

Renamon faceplants at the comment by Star about being clean. She's starting to get the idea that Zim's a little insane, but that's just her

Zim says, "NONONONONOOOOO!!!!! YOU CAN NOT DO THIS TO ZIM!!!!!" Flicking on his wrist comunicator he yells, "GIR!!!! GIR WHERE ARE YOU????" As a reply the Scary Monkey Show Theme begins to play. Flicking off the comunicator he glares up at Starfire and pleads, "Pleeeeeease put me down.... if you don't SO HELP ME I'LL RIP OUT YOUR SQUEEDLY SPOOCH AND... Oh yeah!" Out of his Pak once again extends the long series of mechanical spiders legs hopefully lifting Zim up and away from his captor... In the process a clawed arm extends and snatches back the lifeless MiniMoose.

Renamon snickers. "Oh yes. He is DEFINATELY insane."

Starfire awws. She seems to be causing more harm than good. So, she sets Zim down by MiniMoose, or tries to anyways. Then, piff, he's spidery again and grabbing for the inanimate animate stuffed doll moose weapon doomicecreamcuddlefluffy... nevermind. "You are silly! My species does not contain a squeedly spooch. There is no need where we are from!" Oooh, alien anatomy.

Zim halts in his excited attempt at escaping and comments, "Your species? Ahhh yes... I knew that. Humans have no squeedly spooch..... Yes, well... I just said that to throw you off! All part of my ingenious plan! HAH-HAH! Which has worked PERFECTLY ACCORDING TO PLAN!" Tucking MiniMoose under his arm he smiles happily, "Yep! Just like clockwork!"

Renamon says, "You didn't have any plan. You're just trying to keep from looking like an ass." From out of nowhere, a stunning young demoness manifests herself, cackles something about 'looking like an ass' and disappears once more.

Starfire smiles and crouches, unsure if this whole display was somehow a pre-trickortreating practice run. If this is just training for this holiday of Gloom and Terror and Fear... maybe she'll just stay inside. ... Where Gar can get at her with his scaryness. Not that she'd suspect, natch. "You are very amusing, friend!" Beam. "And, I am not a human!"

Zim says, "Eh?" Out of his Pak a set of high tech goggles retract and scan the beaming girl, "Intresting.... are you an Invader as well?" The goggles retreating back into the Pak, Zim eyes her cautiously. "...because if you are..."

Starfire tilts her head, "No, I am not invading. I am living here, though I am certainly not originally from this planet." She points up, indicating one of the brighter stars in the sky. "I am from Tamaran, of the Vega star." She squints, not really seeming to mind the examination. But. "Why do you wish to invade things? You could merely ask for the candy and it would be willingly shared, I am told."

Renamon says, "Uh...Starfire, I don't think he's practicing for Halloween. I've run into him before. He honestly believes he can invade this planet."

Renamon says, "...That or he's the equivalent of an alien so high on drugs that he's hallucinating"

Zim hmphs, "I am a member of the mightly Irken ellite from a neighboring reality! I have a gateway to my demension in my lab. I was sent here, or rather... there, to that Earth to prepare it for the coming INVASION! However, due to some unforseen involvement by the Dib child I've come here! On this world, without the Dib I shall find a plan to conquer this world, then return to my reality where I'll use the same plan to fullfill my duties! The Tallest shall be pleased...."

Renamon asks, ".....Maybe he's both an alien invader on drugs and also exceedingly demented?"

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