2004-12-08 (PreU) The Art of Dread (Sacrificial Imp 2)

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The Art of Dread (Sacrificial Imp 2)

Summary: The mercenary Lee Truart descends upon Truce Village with ill intent, pursued by a dark shadow from her past - and this world's future...

Who: Blue Imp, Lee, Lynx, Magus, Miff
When: December 8th, 2004
Where: Chronos


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...continued from last time...

Magus stabs the Blue Imp in the back.

Blue Imp wobbles, "Noooo! No kill Imp! Imp good! I swear!"

Magus throws something bundled at Blue Imp's face, "Quit your whining and put on my spare clothes, fool! There's people chasing me and I need a good decoy for them, and fortunately these Mystics arn't that smart."

Blue Imp tugs at the edge of it's red dress, "But my new master wants me to wear this... I no can wear that! No wanna be a girl! No wanna have my memory erased... No no no..."

Magus is staring off down the side-street in slight anticipation and not aware of Blue Imp's protests until right near the end, in which the Zealian mage suddenly glares at the small summoned creature with burning eyes, "I'm your new master if I command it, and unless you want to be erased completely... memories, body and /soul/... you'll put on those clothes." Magus flippantly reaches out a gloved hand and points it directly at the Blue Imp's face as suddenly black electrical-like energy begins to crackle between his fingers and strike at an intercepting point in the center of his palm, as a black surging ball of destructive magical energy begins to gather. Well really it's just your average Dark Bomb spell, but it looks somehow more powerful when someone like Magus is casting it.

Blue Imp glances back and forth and in a brillant display of unexpected speed rips off the red dress and puts on the new outfit. "Yes master! Yes! Imp obeys! Yes! See? Good Imp! Yep!"

Magus averts his eyes as the Imp rips off his clothes so quickly and tries to keep himself from gagging, and clenches his fist around the dark energy ball and almost seems to crush the half-formed spell out of existence as it dissipates outwards on either sides of his gloved fist. Dusting off his hands the cries of extremely /pissed/ mystics can be heard from down the distant alleyway now and a mysterious roaring sound as suddenly searing balls of flame magic scorch out in every direction shooting off to the sky, striking building and arching out to explode on the ground. What the hell did this strange cloaked man do to cause such a riot in the village? "Now I want you to run forward and yell out these exact words. 'I've turned to my ultimate Imp form, you now have no chance to harm a powerful magician such as I!' And remember, if you don't follow along with this exactly I'll hunt you down, force you to disembowel yourself and then eat your soul... got it?" Magus clicks his fingers and suddenly he's floating in the air a few feet from the ground, before turning abruptly and floating off so fast he's kicking off dust in his trail. Now it's just the Blue Imp in a Magus outfit and the angry Mystics.

Blue Imp glances around franticly and begins to sob as the advacning mob approches him. Taking off in a sprint for it's life it tries despiratly to remember the phrase and, between sobs of fear manages to spit out, "I in my ult-mate form! ULT-MATE FORM!!!! Uh.... um.... no chance! No chance to...? WAAAAAA! Harm a magiciun such as is I!!!!" Waving it's arms franticly it runs crying into the distance...

The angry mob your average fat hammer-wielding, skinny-gargoyle type, snake-like naga and a whole bunch more throwing flame and now other types of magical spells like you wouldn't believe point accusingly and start chasing the poor little Blue Imp in Magus's clothes while some smarter ones fall off the back of the crowd and spread out, but Magus has already achieved his purpose. When will they stop chasing him? Who knows!

...and now on to the actual RP...

Central Truce Village(#1362R)

Here, amidst all the more elaborate homes rests Truce's oldest structure, the Truce Fountain. Originaly used as way of getting fresh water back with the town was first founded, now it's simply a shining example of humanity's will to survive. The houses on the west side of the fountain are all large and elaborate, mostly antique shops and eccentric clothing shops. Only one or two homes rest on the eastern side of the fountain, and amoung those the former home of the current king...

Miff folds the deed up and tucks it into his ?bosom? in the dress, then eyes the Imp over, "Stop that, they're just ghosts. All we have to do is go satisfy whatever the problem is, and have you deal with a few nasty one's that won't listen to reason. Now, do you have any weapons or anything?" He asks as he steps away from the house, heading back towards the apparently, haunted one.

Blue Imp trudges off reluctantly after Miff as s/he heads to the new property. Still clutching it's original red vest tightly the Imp scans the area for any more surprises and tugs on the bottom of it's new master's dress, "Um... we no going in there, right? It's spooooky... I don't wanna see the spooky ghosts..."

Miff turns around as the Imp tugs on his dress. Ohh.. *SLAP!* "Never, EVER touch my clothing, you understand? If you do it again I -will- turn you into a girl Imp, or maybe worse, a girl HUMAN." He yells at the minion, then looks back to the definaetly haunted looking house. He rests his hands on his hips, smacking his lips a few times and tapping his shoes on the ground, trying to decide if a frontol approach is best for this kind of a house.

Blue Imp shivers at Miff's words and nodnods despiratly, "YES! YES! I understand!!" Clutching it's vest like a security blanket it's large again tearful eyes gaze up at the house and it sighs mournfully. "...I want my old home back...."

Frontal approaches can be fun... but coming from neighbouring rooftops is a darn sight funner! And right now the two dress-clad figures are watched from the eaves of this 'haunted house' by the lithe form of a mercenary in the employ of Porre. Lieutenant Lee Truart, in all her glory. Not that they'll see anything beside a silhouette of a crouching humanoid form, set against the sun. Not that they'll even see that, though it wouldn't take too much close scrutiny to give her away... she's hardly trying.

"Hmmm..." she muses to herself as she watches, idly brushing the index finger of her right hand along a cracked roof tile, "Never thought I'd see you -here-. Who's yer pretty little friend?" Talking to herself? Check. Or more purring to herself, insofar as a human can, a deliciously dark tone to her (unheard) voice. She'll bide her time a little longer before she makes good on her.. assignment.

And for a momnt the apparition of what looks like a panther slinks through, turning it's head to look at the two, then at the house, and then it scampers off fading into nothingness.

Miff ignores the Imp's little proclomations of being afraid of the place, wanting it's old home back. He should really punish the creature, but really, it's going to be sacrificed soon anyway once he finds a suitable slave. He turns to look over his shoulder at the Imp, "Do you have any weapons or amor?" He asks it again as he did before, knowing that often you have to ask stupid creatures, especially males, the same question over and over before getting a proper answer back.

Blue Imp blinks and holds up it's vest proudly, "I.... I have red vest! I like my vest!" Blinkblinking it clutches its's vest tightly and draws back, "I like dress too.... um... no take away?" Taking a step back the creature backs into the fountain and tumbles onto the ground, "OWWW!!! I SORRY! I SORRY!!! No punish Imp!!! Nooooo!!"

Lee's nose wrinkles in mild distaste as she continues to peer down at the scene. Really, who would want such a silly little thing? It wouldn't even make good sport, by the look of it, though the dimunitive merc HAS learned not to underestimate based on looks alone. Sort of. It's more that she's been underestimated, and had the opportunity to laugh over the disembowelled wreckage of the poor fool who did such a thing. Still, impy'll get his chance to shine - if he's worth his weight in blood then a quick test should prove it! ...as soon as they get just a leeetle closer.

There's a rustling sound behind the Merc as the black garbed panther slowly settles on the roof, thuogh he says nothing observing this scene as well. He peers out over the seen and his mouth curls into a smile.

Miff stares at the Imp's idiocy, glad when she can finally enslave a human by sacrifice the ridiculous Mystic. He moves over to look down at the Imp and snatches the vest out of the Imp's hands, giving it a good kick as well. o O ( Honestly. ) His hands run over the frabic and then he whips it around in the air, a gentle grey shimmer flooding over the material. He then drops it at the Imp's feet, where it clunkclatters. It's fabric has changed into an unknown red metal, but it looks very strong, and very sharp, "Use that if any ghosts show up."

Blue Imp screams as it's last remaining shread of it's past is shattered at it's feet. Getting down on it's hands and knees the creature tearfully snatches up the strangely crafted weapon. "I HATE YOU!!!! I WANNA GO HOME!!!! I HATE THIS DRESS!!! I NOT A GIRL!!!!" Slowly regaining it's self it stands clutching the thing to it's chest. "I I... I don't know why I take girl up on offer. I don't wanna work for army! I wanna go home!!"

Company, huh? Lee gives a slight smirk, whipping a glance to one side - making an all-too-subtle acknowledgement of that sound for her own benefit. She doesn't care to check who it is just yet, since obviously it can't be one of those troublesome soldiers and if it's some two-bit thief then they can get on with their work without fear from interruption. She's got her purpose today, and it ain't guard duty. Reaching up with one hand, she lazily rubs at the back of her neck whilst watching Miff's little display... even from a distance, it can be made out for what it is. Texture might be vague, but weight makes it all obvious. "Gotcha some powers, huh?" The mercenary asks quietly, lifting an eyebrow and shifting slightly in her crouch, an amused smile playing on her lips. "Better pray it delivers ya from what I've got with yer name on it... unless you play nice, little girl." Still chattering away. So what if she has an audience now?

Lynx moves towards Lee, his feet lifting from the ground as he glides over, "Does this amuse you little girl?" he asks, he settles near her again, "Amuse you as muchas it does myself?" He stands up straight this whole time not seeming to worry about stealth or concealment.

Miff glares down at the Imp. Oh, if only he had found a human to make a slave first, he could just sacrifice this darn Imp right here and now. But, for now...she can't. "Listen, Imp, if you're good, I'll change it back to normal, and let you wear it. But, you have to be good and do what I say. If you don't, I'll turn it into a blueberry bush, and you can't wear those." He says, hands back on his hips, scolding down at the Imp, her dual pontails flickering in the gentle wind that passes through the air, causing a 'oOoOooOoOoO' sound to issue forth from the haunted house behind her.

Blue Imp rubs it's eyes as it clutches the strangly crafted weapon tightly. Nodding it's head it takes a few more steps towards the door of the house while casting the briefest of glances around looking for something -anything- to destract Miff from going inside. Feeling lost, broken, and defeated, it swallows hard and readies the make-shift weapon out before it.

"Hm?" Lee blinks as she's addressed by her mystery companion, and this time she actually makes the effort to turn her head, braids swishing gently as she looks towards the approaching Lynx. The tone of her enquiry is.. less than welcoming. She sounds a little annoyed at having her vigil invaded, now that it actually has been. "Amuse me? Prob'ly. But I'm here on some pretty important business, too." She gives a shrug and turns back to watch the floor, continuing to speak to the strange Mystic over the curious sound now emanating from the building they stand atop. "What brings ya up here, quick drop down the chimney or..." she cracks a lopsided grin, turning a wry glance towards Lynx, "Is it the view?"

Miff nods as the Imp finally complies, and then begins following it towards the house, moving towards the doorway, his eyes play over the house itself, though not trying to take in detail from the roof, so he misses the figures up there completly. "I doubt anyone is home, Imp. Try the doorknob and see if it will open." He requests, once again resting his hands on the hips, the wind teasing at his dress softly, more 'OooOoOo' sounds issuing from deep inside the house.

Blue Imp shakingly lifts a hand up towards the door knob, and swallowing hard, turns it slowly letting the door swing open on it's own. Gazing into the darkness within the house it takes a step inside, holding the weapon with a shaking grip. The wind picks up breifly, pushing the door the rest of the way open with a loud SMASH as it hits the inside wall. Jumping at the noise, the Imp turns tail and runs to the far side of the fountain, screaming in terror.

Lee... doesn't actually wait for an answer. If the dark, silent type wants to keep playing that roll then he can, but she's got more important things to do. "Hey hey, gotta make tracks. Don't be a stranger!" She offers with a brisk wink, then setting one palm to the edge of the roof and promptly kicking herself into a slow arcing leap off and into the air. In the same smooth motion, her lithe form twists around to face her previous perch and she drops into a tight aerial crouch, braided hair launching up around her along with the mail protecting her upper arm.. as she drops in a breathtaking freefall towards the ground below.

*whump* Right next to the doorway of the house - and her two quarries, conveniently enough - the Porre mercenary makes her landing with an expulsion of breath, landing in that same crouch with fingers of both hands going to the floor to help her balance. Agile she may be just jeez.. she's only human, and a leap like that is gonna wind anyone. At least for a moment. So with her grand entrance made, she takes this moment to catch her breath before hopping lightly up onto her feet, "Good. I think we-uhh." She blinks at the empty space that greets her, and flickers her attention from the Imp she -meant- to be addressing, onto Miff. Anger flashes in those sapphire eyes and the merc lifts a finger, wagging it towards the girl in the red dress. "Okay, kiddo, where'd ya put my payrise?!"

Miff watches the Imp take off and rolls his eyes, he can't believe what a coward this one is. Okay, all Imp's are like that, but still. He's about to go scold the stupid thing and take it's vest away and tell it to wait while he checks out the house, but then the figure lands down before him. He blinks, tilting his head to the side at the finger pointing at her, and the payrise comment. o O ( ..what in the Magus? ) He wonders. Well, at least it's a female and not some stupid guy, "I have no idea what you're talking about, but this is my house, and you're on my property." He looks towards the Imp, making sure it isn't trying to make a break for it or anything.

Blue Imp peeks it's eyes over the edge of the fountain towards the new comer and breathes a sigh of relief. Now's it's chance! Very quickly it tip toes in the opposite direction, eager for a place to hide. Maybe it can even run away before anyone notices...

Tch. We're not having ANY of that. Lee's raised finger wavers in place for an uncertain moment before with a violent tut she whips her hand down to the hilt of the katana protruding from her left flank, fingers closing around it and yanking the curved blade just free from its sheath. "Don't talk to me like that! Besides, this place'll belong to my boss before ya know it, so don't get too attached huh? An' look at me when I'm talking!" She's about to draw the weapon fully, when she decides to toss a quick glare towards whatever it is Miff has her attention on... and this does nothing to diminish her irritated frown. She rounds on Miff once more, threateningly shifting grip on the katana's hilt. "-The imp-. Where is it? Two seconds."

Miff's eyes suddenly dart towards the katan at the humans side. His lipstick lips turn into a frown, and his eyes get a concerned look, oh, that's not a good sign. He was too distracted to really weigh what was in front of himself. Miff, however, didn't miss the Imp trying to get away, he points to the fountain, "Behind there, likely trying to get away from me, you'd best go and fetch it before you lose a piece of your information base." Or whatever this human female wants, but, one things for sure, no one's getting this haunted house but him, it's going to be his new clothing store. Huff.

Blue Imp almost makes it onto the next street before tripping over it's dress. Falling on it's face it begins to sob once again. Pulling itself up it glances back at the two now watching it from in front of the door. "...oh no..." Aiiie! It's been seen! Now what? Brandishing the vest-weapon before it, it begins to slowly back away once more, this time the imp's eyes don't move away from the two feminine humans. "Gotta go home...."

"Oh." Lee looks rather bemused for a moment. So she missed it. She must be getting rusty, or maybe the fall didn't help.. but either way, she owes this young lady an apology. But owing a debt and paying one that are quite different - and for all the merc knows, this is all a ruse anyway. She was warned that someone else might need the little blue annoyance. Someone dangerous. And considering 'never underestimate an opponent' and all that, she's not quite willing to extend any kind of default trust to Miff. Even so, she gives a curt nod and releases her blade, spinning smartly on her heel before breaking into a short dash to cover the distance to the imp. "O-kay, time to come home." She's about to duck low as she nears and grab a handful of.. dress.. to drag her prize home, when there's a big ol' sheet of sharp metal in her face. "Woah, hey!" The girl trips back a pace, raising one hand in a warding gesture and spreading the other to imply she brings no harm... honest. "All I want is to help, okay? Nothin' nasty, just gotta take you back to yer rightful place..."

Miff is very glad to have the seemingly dangerous female human from out of his face. Now he can take a moment to think. Okay, some random human has come claiming this house is to be hers, or her bosses, or some odd thing, and she wants a payraise? That doesn't even really make sense to him. Whatever. He glances behind him to the open door, not sure if he wants to deal with this, but, what choice does he have? He glances down at his dress, well, at least he can just change this to some adamantime or something to prevent that katana from actually cutting him, but...geez. Oh, good, the Imp'

Miff is very glad to have the seemingly dangerous female human from out of his face. Now he can take a moment to think. Okay, some random human has come claiming this house is to be hers, or her bosses, or some odd thing, and she wants a payraise? That doesn't even really make sense to him. Whatever. He glances behind him to the open door, not sure if he wants to deal with this, but, what choice does he have? He glances down at his dress, well, at least he can just change this to some adamantime or something to prevent that katana from actually cutting him, but...geez. Oh, good, the Imp's giving the girl trouble. He rubs the back of his head, unsure what to do... o O ( Magus... ) He curses.

Lynx chuckles amused at all this as he watches from his perch on the roof, "Bravo girl, bravo." he then watches Miff, "THough I'm afraid I must help the Mystic in this instance...what a bother." he hovers from his place and land lands on the ground and pulls out the dagger hidden in his clothing, "Let us see how well this bauble shall work..."

Blue Imp waves the weapon franticly "No more homes!!! First the crazy one with the dress and the spooky house and now the crazy one from the sky? No no no no! I just wanna go home!!! Lemme gooooo!!!!" Once more tripping and falling backwards, the pathetic Imp's weapon goes tumbling accross the ground. Unsure of what to do, the creature begins to cry once agin.

Lee's not one to miss an opportune moment, and the very instant the little imp's weapon goes flying her hand is rocketing back to the hilt of her own. *shink* The katana comes free with a flash of steel as sunlight strikes, and before a heartbeat has passed the tip of the blade is held to the sobbing creature's throat. "Heh.. pathetic! Is that all you got? Here I was expectin' to -earn- my livin'..." tailing off with an amused shake of her head, the mercenary girl then tips her head to one side. Is it her imagination, or did someone else just set down behind? The imp's crying is blocking out all but the loudest noises from nearby, but she thought she heard -something-. That odd deep-voiced girl perhaps? Lee poises for further action just in case, keeping only half her attention on her quarry now. "An' yeah, yeah.. I heard that bit. I'm here to take you home. What part can'tcha understand?"

Miff glances down and over towards Lynx as he lands. Agh, another Mystic? Uh oh...the horrible thought that perhaps this is the Mystic that -actually- summoned the Imp occurs to him. If that were the case, then he really needs to be in hiding and soon. But, Lynx doesn't look towards him, well, that's good...he looks over towards the Imp and Lee, eyeing the situation over. Dang it, everything was going well, now chaos has come upon him. His hands go to his hips, he's lost control, and is nothing but a bystander for now. Just great...oh well, nothing to do but observe, so he stays silent, watching.

"You require the imp, yes...How shall I refer to you, girl or boy?" he keeps his eyes on Lee and the imp and begins advancing on the pair, "Let me retrieve it for you." he then calls out, "Release the imp girl." and levels the dagger at Lee as he crosses the space.

Blue Imp stares up hatefully towards Lynx, "I NO GIRL!!!!!!" Resuming it's sobs it begins to scurry towards it's dropped weapon hoping that it can even come close to making it that far...

Oh ho! So that's what her sneaky rooftop companion was after, all along. This'll serve the brash girl right for being so damned cocksure all the time. Lee grins at the realisation of her own mistake, shifting her grip briefly in order to bring her blade down into the floor beside the imp's grasping hand. Actually - she's aiming to make a little passing slash with the motion, catching one finger with a vicious nick before letting the steel edge settle itself in the ground. Her attention is immediately turned away though, as she lifts her left arm up and back, extending a bandaged open palm towards Lynx. The movement sets the small amount of chainmail she wears to a rattling crescendo. Quiet, but distinctive. "No way!" She calls back, laughter blatant in her tone, "Not 'til ya give me some authority. I won't be givin' my prize away to some overgrown pussycat just coz he thinks he's hot stuff. Can ya blame me?"

Miff takes a brief moment after Lynx speaks to him. He doesn't really care if people call him a boy or a girl, and general just adapts to the situation, depending on which is more advantageous. Also, boys suck. She clears her throat, shifting it to a definitely more feminine sound, "Girls fine. And thank you." He says, even giving a curtsey towards Lynx. Okay, maybe this Mystic isn't so bad, but most of them are...she really hates them, and is only glad this one showed up because he's helping...

Lynx says, "I answer to a higher authority than you're pitiful country girl. You couldn't comprehend the weave of fate." Or is that FATE? strange wording though. Black energy begins to swirl around his body, one paw moving in a motion to gather the eneergy, "Now, give the imp over." He doesn't release the spell yet however.

Blue Imp grabs the weapon and swings it wildly around it as it again climbs to his feet. "What going oooooon????" It's eyes running with tears the confused creature finds itself casting a glance to everyone franticly expecting someone or something to try to cause harm to it... oh, if only it hadn't gotten up this morning...

"-I'm- pitiful, huh?" Lee responds, shaking her head and rolling her eyes heavenward. "At least I eat my food at the table an' don't need'ta be checked for fleas all the time." Though she did just miss a close-range slash to the side of an imp's shaking hand... hardly professional work for someone holding an officer's post. But nobody's perfect. Ignoring the imp for now, she shoves her blade a little further into the floor and then releases her grip - leaving the katana embedded there as she spins to face Lynx, raised arm lowering down to her side. An eyebrow raises then as she takes in his.. slightly modified appearance. But pfft, energy schmenergy. It can't be all that important a thing to note - there's few with any kind of ability, and she's not heard of this one in her travels. "As for yer 'fate', I don't believe in that stuff. I make my own way in the world, an' nobody's gonna tell me different." Every bit the picture of defiance, she hooks a thumb through the waistline of her leggings and leans back on her heels, eyebrow shooting up a little higher.

Miff is impressed that the humans willing to stand up to a Mystic. But, it's obvious this human has head some training. More reason for him to just stand in the background, next to the haunted house, which is still emitting little 'OoOo's' now and then. Miff takes the time to adjust his dress, and glance into one of the broken windows, checking his makeup, yep, everything looks perfect. Oh, wait, he adjust one of his ponytails, lining it back up, there. Sure, most people would think this a bit odd to do in the middle of a battle that's about to begin, but well, Miff got blacklisted in the Mystic community for more reasons then just not wanting to make guy's armor and clothing. Finishing the touchup, he looks back towards the Imp, Lynx, and Lee.

Lynx gives a disgusted hmmph and then extends the hand that had been gathering the magic around it and in a very snnoyed tone speaks, "Shadow Beam." the Mana form into a ball before his hand and then explodes forwards in a torrent of black energy at the girl.

Blue Imp stares in slowly growing horror realising that something more than it's freedom is being discussed here. Sweatdropping, the creature tries hard not to soil itself, but the urdge to go numb is just to great. Instead it continues to sob and swing the weapon around as if somehow that would fix everything...

Lee's other brow raises to join its partner in crime as Lynx's hand is extended. So let's see what the new guy's got.. could be interesting, could just be good for a giggle. Win/win, right? It's with a casual air that the lithe mercenary avoids the beam that comes toward her, assuming it to be some silly short-range trick, curving backward and throwing up her free hand to slap it to the floor behind her - yes, she's flexible... - and then vault off it into a slow arcing backflip. Unfortunately the arc is modified pretty outrageously once the beam of shadowy magic catches up to her, smacking through her golden-skinned body with a fair amount of pain and causing an astonished/pained grunt to emit from her throat.

Not that it'll stop her for long, mind, and with the headstart in her momentum she's hurled back far enough to avoid anything overly damaging, smashing feetfirst into the floor a dozen feet away and barely getting a hand to the floor to stop herself toppling over completely. "Jeez.." she pauses to cough a couple of times, looking notably woozy despite her continuing brash demeanour, "-That- I didn't expect. Maybe yer not so weak..." she gives a one-shouldered shrug and pushes herself up, straight into a headlong sprint towards Lynx. And she's fast, gotta give her that, probably close to the limit for any human, grabbing her blade en route as she passes the imp and then diving to the side to pre-emptively avoid any blasts - before thundering in with a wide sweep of the katana, dropping to a crouch for the last few feet and letting her staggered momentum add force to the attack.

It might not be any fancy-pants energy, but a blade to the stomach can hurt one heck of a lot too if you time it right... and speaking of pain, she quite enjoyed that last burst. Very refreshing, very enjoyable! Makes her totally forget about the imp she was so desperate to catch!

Lynx slips back though he bends down for a moment gripping his stomach and then he chuckles, "Very good, however..." he then flies at her swiping with the dagger three times.

Miff watches the two compatants go at it, then looks towards his Imp. Okay, now that the Imp's alone, he feels he can go get it. He runs away from the two combatants and around the fountain, coming upon the Imp the next moment, "Look at the trouble you caused." He says, back to his normal not quite feminine voice, though it'd be still hard to tell because, well, he does look like a girl completly. He looks the Imp over, glancing towards the battle, then back to the Imp. He just wants to setup his clothing shop and sacrifice the Imp to enslave a human forever! Is that too much too ask?!

Blue Imp looks up at Miff in horror as he stands over it. "N-n-n-no! I good! I good imp! Stay away!!!" Swiping the weapon patheticly towards it's oddly dressed master the creature clearly has forgotten the threats from before. But then again.... right now that haunted house sounds better than this...

"Ha!" Lee's lips contort in a half-sneer, half-grin, her dangerous sapphire eyes flashing as she draws first blood. This is what it's all about - feeling the spray of fluid on your flesh, the spray that represents the opponent's pain. Liquid pain. Pure, and delicious. What good is magic when you have this? Speed and a good blade, that's all you need. "Some kinda--!" Whatever she's about to quip dies half spoken and the mercenary backpedals frantically out of her crouch, Lynx's own speed surprising her considering his build and manner of dress. He's not what she could call streamlined. All the same she evades the first swipe of the diamond-bladed dagger, twisting away as she backsteps and raising her katana two-handed above her right shoulder. She produces her opposite shoulder ready to weather the second cut and respond with a more deadly one of her own, but as the black blade bites tanned flesh the smatter of crimson is accompanied with an eerie feeling, the girl staggering where she stands. Her eyes widen on Lynx's feline features as misty tendrils of shadowy night rise from the wound and flow up the dagger even as it comes in for a second successful cut across her chest, biting through battered leather and into flesh below. She staggers backward with a gasp, watching more shadow flee through her inadequate armour... the pain she feels is unbelievable for such wounds. Things she'd normally laugh at, openly mock in the heat of battle. She switches to firm footing as quickly as she can, fighting down the agony and gritting her teeth. "I'm not.. done yet! What... what're these things?!"

Lynx grins and flicks the blade, "Ah good, it seems we were correct." he then comes forwards firing a smaller beam of Shadow energy at the girl, "How does it feel? Not what you were epecting?" his eyes reflect an ordered chaos, as contradictory as that is.

Blue Imp, feeling overwhelmed by the chaos going on around it, begins to wobble. Looking up at Miff it blinks and states, "You smell like toenails." Without warning the creature falls flat on it's face. Apparently all this screaming and crying finaly did the stupid imp in. Slowly it continues to breathe, but obviously it's out cold...

Miff watches the Imp collapse in front of him, and frowns, hands on his hips. Oh, honestly, that's just plain ridiculous. "For Magus' sake." He curses, prodding the Imp with his foot. Great, it's out. He looks over at the vest turned into a metal weapon, reaching over and grabbing ahold of it, whipping it around in his hands, a red light sparkles over it, returning it to the fabric it was before. He tosses the vest on top of the unconcious Imp, then moves over to stand between it and the two compatants who are still at it. He is rather glad Lynx showed up to help him, though he isn't completly sure just way. Dusting off his dress, he folds his arms across his stomach, waiting patientily for what looks like the inevitable, Lynx to win out over the human. He glances to make sure the Imp to be sacrificed is still unconcious, then back to the fight.

Lee is caught full-on by this second blast, neither having time or energy to get away at this juncture - feeling your very life energy tearing itself from your veins tends to have that effect. This time the raised katana is fumbled from briefly limp fingers, and scatters to the ground where it skitters before coming to a stop. The dimunitive mercenary herself buckles to a crouch, clutching at her chest with one hand and her left upper arm with the other... trying to hold in whatever these curling shadows may be that are pouring from her wounds to the dagger flourished by this strange, powerful Mystic. It's been a while since she's fought anyone -this- strong... actually, it's been forever. Even the biggest brute beast can be toppled, but having someone who can combine power, speed and brains? That causes a little more difficulty for such a straightforward warrior. Guess she'd better learn from this experience...

Not just yet, though. Right now she just wants to stay conscious, "I was -expectin'- a fair fight..." she grates out through clenched teeth, staring at Lynx with wild and irritated eyes. Sure, pain can be sweet but this much pain? This is just.. annoying. Very, very annoying. Clenching her two wounds tight enough to whiten her fingers and cause a fair amount of additional pain, she shakes her head and looks heavenward with an exasperated groan. "Just take the stupid thing! It seems pretty.. useless anyway. Just lay off, huh?" And give her back those tendrils! Whatever they are, they seem important.. they feel important.

There is a moment and then he sheathes the dagger, "Run back to your masters with your tail between your legs puppy." he then lowers his hands to his sides, "After all, it seems FATE is not on your side."

Miff watches the fight more or less come to an end at this point. With Lynx the victor. Well, that's good news for him, he clears his throat, making sure it's much more of a definitive feminine tone, and claps his hands, "Ah, thank you so much!" He calls out, waving a hand afterwards and smiling awfully wide. Yep, the day is won, the Imp is his, and now hopefully, he can go clean out that haunted house. Well, possibly anyway, you never know what might happen. Hmmm, maybe this Mystic might help him, but then, he is male, and he is a Mystic, that's two counts against him...nevermind.

Lee gives what can only be described as a growl at this point, her bright blue eyes narrowing to slits and one hand coming away from her body as she points a finger towards Lynx. "I told ya, Mystic, I don't believe in that stuff! I'm stoppin' this coz ya wouldn't fight fair.. whatever this is, it's not.. any way for a real warrior to take on... another." Though she wouldn't object to it used as an assassin's tool.. maybe she'll look into that, once she's made a report and got someone on the lookout for a similar weapon. Whatever it is, this burns worse than anything else she's felt from a single slice, and her energy feels half gone already after the few tendrils of darkness have made their way to the dagger. Once sheathed, they stop their journey and the girl breathes a short sigh of relief.

"Anyway." She addresses Lynx with a raised voice, trying to keep his attention a bit longer. Apparently any threat of being finished off doesn't bother her - it's not like she couldn't move if she wanted to anyway. Really. "Before.. ya get outta my life an'... my business. Care'ta.. give me a name?" An eyebrow shoots up violently, and the gasping merc waits for her answer. Information is power.

"You may call me...Lynx." he says after a moment, "Though it only fitting you give me your name." Especialy since this woman was one he didn't know, which made him suspicious. The Mytic on the other hand he knew, but this girl is definitely an enigma, no records of her in FATE, or well, passing records.

Miff glances back at his Imp, just making sure that it is still unconcious and not trying to sneak off, then back towards the human and the Mystic. Lynx? Mm, hasn't he heard that name before? He's rather sure of it...which is probably bad, because it may be he refused to make this particular Mystic. And, well, you're not supposed to refuse someone the best quality armor because they don't have the right body for it and it goes against your natural fashion sense, at least, not in the Mystic community when they're out supposed to be annihilating the humans, or warring n such. Oh well. He'll just deal with it if that's the case, it could just be another Mystic was passing by and helped out another Mystic, but who really knows?

Lee gives a slow nod, assigning the name to memory... which isn't much of a task. As for her own name - not many know it outside of those who've used her services. While there's quite a few in that bracket, you'd be lucky to find one of those willing to speak of it. You don't hire a pain-loving swordswoman if you have subtle and honest purpose in mind... not often, anyway. After a moment's pause, where she occupies herself by reaching down to shakily take up the hilt of her dropped katana, the lithe human offers her own information, "Truart. Lee Truart... I do stuff, for gold." A one-shouldered shrug comes forth, and the bleeding girl shoves herself to her feet, visibly shuddering all over as the last vestiges of intense pain subside. Though these wounds could be a long time healing.. something tells her that. Now she forces out a wry grin, sliding her weapon home in its sheath. "It was nice to meetcha. A -real- pleasure." And with this all said and done? She's had enough, and the acting Lieutenant drops down to a half-crouch, spinning on her heel and diving into a low spring off towards the western end of the village... she may be hurting, but she also has work to do. Pain can wait, first aid can wait. This needs reporting.

"You may call me...Lynx." he says after a moment, "Though it only fitting you give me your name." Especialy since this woman was one he didn't know, which made him suspicious. The Mytic on the other hand he knew, but this girl is definitely an enigma, no records of her in FATE, or well, passing records.

There is a nod and the panther demon commits that name to memory and earmarks it for the FATE database. This would require some later investigating, an anomaly like this isn't a good sign. BUt enough of the musings. He then turns to Miff, "So girl, you have what you need now."

Miff was thinking inwardly, but then he's addressed by Lynx directly. Oops. He smiles brightly and then does a perfect curtsey, "Thank you very much, m'lord." He says in a perfect female voice, he's horribly good at mimickry. Straightening from the curtsey he gives a winning smile, hopping back and over the top of the Imp, to make sure it's still there, ah, good, sacrifice still in vicinity. And what's great is that the haunted house is now free for the taking (more or maybe less, depending on what's actually inside) Miff isn't so worried about that now though. Oh, should he give the Mystic something? He probably should, as a reward, but, really, it is just a male, still...that was some good help. o O ( Oh Magus, I feel so low saying this. ) "F-feel free to come by my shop after it's up and make a request from me and I'll make it on the house." He gives another curtsey at this. o O ( Male clothing...uuuugh... x.x )

Lynx gives a bow in return, "Why thank you, I will make sure to do so. And perhaps we shall see each other around. After all, FATE can be quite unpredictable to many." he then straightens up, "I wish you luck in your endeavors."

Miff gives a light nod of his head towards Lynx. Well, at least this Male isn't so bad, but, bleh, he's still gonna take him up on the offer, blast! Oh well, he said he, he's stuck with it. Maybe he can do something...to make it somewhat bearable. He curtsey's once again, "Indeed it can, thank you m'lord." He says once again, still smiling quite pleasently, and looking oh so thankful. Which he is, but, well, not so thankful about having to make something for, well, any Mystic, especially a male, he is blacklisted afterall. Then again, mayhaps that's why this Mystic sought him out, because he makes the best stuff around and doesn't care about the blacklisting. Well, anyway...

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