2005-04-09 (PreU) Dreamwarrior

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Summary: Zarek has the weirdest dreams...

Who: Johnny_C, Zarek
When: April 9th, 2005
Where: Chronos

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Abandoned House(#824R)

You see nothing special.

Johnny kicks open the door and glares, "Alright, fucker. Fight me. Now."

Johnny draws his daggers quickly and holds them tightly at his sides, "What? Too fucking chicken? Huh, Zarek? Come on. Show me what you got."

Zarek is strewn out on the remains of a rubble-like sofa, sitting up fully awake as his makeshift door is kicked in, tilting his head to the side with an... unusual grin on his face "Oh my, my, so violent, yes, yes violent indeed. Do you wish to die so soon, yes, yes so soon so soon.?"

Johnny screams as he marches in the room and glances around, sizing the room up as he does so. "Do you value your lifespan? Do you understand how important it is to live and to die? Do you know the significance of the moment you come to realise your standing on the edge of the abyss and as soon as you breathe you'll go tumbling to oblivion? Do you want to live or continue existing? ANSWER ME!"

Zarek sighs, standing from his sofa-slab, cricking his neck from left to right "Oh my my you are so very very loud. You should relax, yes, yes, you should. would you care for some tea? It's not very fresh, but I can make more, yes, yes I could... Exist? Why of course, I would like to exist, yes, yes I would. Do you?"

Johnny hmphs and shakes his head, "No. I want to live. Life is important to me. Existing is what you do when someone cuts upen your skull and rapes your brain with a soddering iron leaving you alive but barely able to function. If all you wish to do is exist, then allow me to remove the troubled burdens of life from your bones." With an extravigant guesture he twirls one of the blades back into it's sheath and from his belt produces a long needle with a hook on the end. "Gimmie your brains, bitch. I've no room on this planet for those that fail to value the gift of life."

Zarek griiins widely "Why are you threatening me? If you are, please do so quietly, Miriam is asleep right now, indeed she is, yes, yes and she does not like to be woken, no, no she doesn't... doing so would make me... rather upset." He warns, his body blurring from sheer speed as he attempts to dash past the rather... slightly more violently insane than he being to grab for his cane, which rests across the room

Johnny watches carefully as his prey bolts for a weapon. A smile growing on his lips, "Ahhhh... what's this? A desire to continue living as you do now? Excelent. I'll respect the wishes of your sleeping friend then. Meet me outside. If you run, I'll track you down and rip you apart piece by piece. Understand?" Walking backwards to keep an eye on the subject matter he steps out the door and into the unusualy bright light outside.

Zarek says, "Oh of course, no, no indeed not. Miriam says to face things like a man, she does, she does indeed." He says casually, taking up his cane and sliding on his bowler "Outside, yes, yes, outside please." He says twirling the cane with a flourish to follow the homicidal maniac outside

Johnny stands accross the open clearing before the old wreck Zarek calls his home. However, in this circumstance perhaps a platform is a better word to use. The rest of the world apears to be miles below the old house and the soil floating in the air before it. Strange, it seems solid enough. Johnny stands in a crouch, ready to strike. As Zarek steps out he chuckles, "It's simple. Prove to me you deserve the gift of life and you can continue to exist. Fail... and 'Miriam' will find her home a little more vacant when she wakes in the morning."

Zarek tilts his head as he looks around outside "Oh my my, Miriam will not be pleased with our relocation, not pleased at all." He says, turning back to matters at hand as Johnny lays down the ground rules, holding his cane in a quasi batto-jutsu stance "Oh, but that would make Miriam sad, and Miriam cannot be sad, no, no she can not." He warns back "On your mark."

Johnny cackles and holds his arms straight out to his sides. The hook is gone from his hand, and once more he holds a dagger tightly in each one. As his wide eyes narrow into a glare they turn into two bright white orbs. His skin immediatly changes arround him to a sickly black and soon his clothes do the same. In the span of a few seconds he becomes a living shadow that seems to burn in the wind as though his body had no real form. Leaping forwards, his feet barely touching the ground, he brings his daggers down over his head to impale the man in the shoulderblades. The air fills with the sound of his cackling as he does so.

Zarek grins as the knives dive into his shoulderblades, showing no mental reaction to the pain, his body in fact defying a bit of even physical logic as he brings his own cane's hidden inner short-sword out in a fell swoop across the 'torso' of this now bodiless entity of suffering

Johnny winces as a spray of blood is sent into the air from his own chest and pushes away from his prey, leaving his daggers where they are. Holding his stomach tightly he chuckles, "Nice... good to see I'm still alive." The shadows comprising his form begin to stretch over the wound as though it where somehow stiching it up for him. Soon the bleeding stops and he drops his arms to his sides, leaving his palms up and open towards Zarek. In an instant the daggers, which currently are cold and getting colder by the second, vanish from within his skin and reappear in Johnny's hands. Gripping them tightly he flings his arms outwards sending the blood they'd collected into the air. "So... how does that make you feel? Still more concerned about existing than living?"

Zarek simply tilts his head in minor interest as 'nny leaves the daggers in him, pulling away. He clutches his bowler, having re-sheathed his cane after the initial slash, chuckling darkly... then loudly... and finally quite insanely ashe is asked how he feels "Feel? I have felt nothing for so long, yes,yes so very long, but I -would- like to live, indeed I would, because Miriam would be sad if I were dead, yes, yes so very sad..." Johnny rolls his eyes, if you would call them that, and frowns. "So you choose to live not for yourself but for this Miriam of yours? Do you feel your life is unimportant? Don't you feel you can make a diffrence in this world? Is she the only thing you have to live for?"

Zarek lolls his head from left to right "Miriam and I just wish to live in the village, yes, yes we do. Miriam is so very sick you see, yes yes she took care of me, and I of her, that is how it is yes. My dear big sister, yes, yes, she is who I listen to, yes, yes she is... Would you like to meet her? I am sorry, she is asleep now, maybe tomorrow, yes, yes tomorrow."

Johnny crosses his arms as he thinks this over. For a time now he'd been floating about an inch above the ground, or... soil... the ground is far below them after all. But now he drops the rest of the way down and tilts his head, "Maybe... maybe not... we'll have to see where you go from here. For now though, you should wake up. No point in waisting your day away talking to me." As he says this the air around him seems to grow thick with dense fog. Of course, at this height that's easily explained by a passing cloud, but the effect is still there. Johnny's form continues to blur in the fog and soon seems to vanish within it...

Zarek tilts his head, looking out and around at the fog, trying to find Johny's form "Oh my, is it raining? I supopse Miriam will need the wash taken in soon, yes, yes she will..."

As the fog fades away everything seems to be normal again. Even the evidence of the fog seems to vanish. Soon, everything is normal once more. ...almost. Carved into the door is the mark of [Z?]. A sign meaning to question sleep. Perhaps it had all just been a dream. Or perhaps it was a warning. Reguardless life goes on. Zarek's shoulders are probably still a little sore though, despite the lack of a visible wound upon them...

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