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Mommy dearest

Summary: Yes, I live. Surprise, surprise. Now feast upon log-ies involving Magus making his way to Twisted... and a character from Nny's past making a surprise reappearance.

Who: devi, magus, Sickness
When: November 29th, 2006
Where: Zealous Ruins(#1828R)


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Zealous Ruins(#1828R)

You find yourself amidst the ruins of a large palace. If you have the ability of sensing magic you'd realise that nearly everything here resonates with a magica aura. Here and there small stones literaly float from the abusively large amounts of power stored here. Because of the broken and fallen walls and celings not much of the palace is explorable. In the back of the room rests a large golden throne atop a small platform. Behind it glows a swirling vortex which even now seems to want to pull you inside. Too bad the world of Chronos is a protected world. Violating the Council's order is a serious offense...

The area of the street infront of the Zealous Ruins seems more empty today than normal, and at the same time somehow darker. The portal resting deep within the ruins casts a strange bluish-silver glow which forces the shadows to lurch back and forth mysteriously. Almost inaudible comes the clicking of tiny claws against the pavement as a new shadow comes running down the street finding a place to hide amoungst the rocks. From it's position it calls out to the figure walking in the distance behind it, "Come on, mother dear. You asked for answers, here they are." Chuckling to itself the small creature spies the portal in the distance, it's face curling into a gleeful show of teeth peering out from the darkness.

Devi grunts in a dissatisfied tone, and walks towards the tiny grin, muttering to herself. "Wow, I've got be crazy. Going towards a abandoned castle, talking to myself. This sucks.... I can't belive I'd rather be back at my crummy apartment...."

Stepping out of the portal is a man in a dark cloak. The man has long blue hair, and it's easy to tell that he is foreign to the lands... mainly because of his demeanor. He's looking around back and forth, trying to figure out where he is... what he's doing here. Sadly for him, he has no answers. But, to be careful, he does have a scythe in his hand. One with a blade of pure energy. It glows around him, illuminating his face. It's a pale complexition.

Sickness laughs at Devi's words, "Crazy? We're long since crazy, wouldn't you say? Your the one reopening old wounds going back to that house. YOUR the one listening to the little voice in your head telling you to go searching. Would it surprise you to find your just sleeping in an asylum somewhere?" As the newcomer's form steps into view Sickness's smile fades. "Oh fuck..." Franticly it looks back towards Devi from it's hiding place, "You know, on second thought maybe we should be somewhere else, instead. Yes. This is the wrong place and time, I think. How's about a burger?"

Devi eyes the stranger, then looks at Sickness. " I'm not really hungry, and I don't ever remember your advice doing me any kind of good. Plus he couldn't be any fuckin weirder then the freaks back home." Fingering a can of mace in her jacket pocket, she step towards the man, keeping well out of arm.... or scythe reach. " You look a bit lost too man."

"Lost?" asks the cloaked man with a pained black expression on his face. Black, because his eyes are nothing but black. "To be lost, I must have a destination. I have no destination. I am simply exploring," the man that looks like an elf says coldly. After that statement, he walks away, not much caring about the girl, the sickness or anything they have to say.

Sickness blinks as Devi seems to stare at her from it's hiding place, but ignores it once the conversation moves towards the newcomer. Faintly a long forgotten memory bubbles to the surface forcing Sickness to grin once more. "So, he does still live. I think I like this place... Dev-uh... Mother? You should ask him if he knows something. I'd imagine he's gone far in his travels, " The grin widens, "...maybe to the ends of time itself? Heh."

Devi raises an eyebrow at the high and mighty fantasy creature. " Everyone is lost, and there is no destination..... But maybe she's right. Do you happen to know where I the fuck I am? Do you know guy named Johnny? I have to find him." Fiddling with her pocket corner, she taps her foot, annoyed. "Ode to the joys of confusion."

"... Johnny? His name even reaches these parts? Where exactly am I?" the man asks the young girl. He seems quite interested, now, in what she has to say. So much so that he even makes his scythe disappear, just to make him seem less menacing.

Sickness blinks and tilts it's head. Raising an eyebrow the creature looks back towards the portal. It's eyes narrow as it ponders Magus's reaction. Under it's breath it mutters, "...they didn't know him by name last I checked..."

Devi steps back, the man's sudden interest in Nny, and the dissapperance of his weapon making her uneasy. " I thought you said you were just exploring. Which means you know where you are. I don't even know where I am, or if this is real. I don't even know what these parts are." Cursing herself lightly, she mutters,"I just had to go to his house. I just had to get myself into this. Now I'm standing on a street with a elf in a crappy cape who's no help at all......Damnit."

"I am just exploring. But you said the name Johnny. I know a Johnny. A powerful Johhny. He is a man I should very much like to meet with again... I take it you know where he is?" the man in the cape asks. He disregards the comments about his looks. He would kill most for saying something like that, but this girl could prove to be useful.

Sickness chuckles at Devi's words, using this opportunity to move closer in an attempt to make sure this is the face it remembers. Stretching it's legs as high as they'll go, it looks upwards at Magus, not realising part of it's head is now exposed from beneath the shadows... If unnoticed it retreats again into the darkness least it's plan be spoiled before they reach their destination.

Devi says, "Yeah, I know a Nny, a John...Nny. He's a bit fucked up but I don't think he's a powerful Nny. If I can kick his ass.... Well, come on. And no. I'm looking for him, he has answers to my questions. So, no."

Magus is, of course, always attentive to that which is around him. Thusly, when Sickness pokes its head out, he quickly reaches his hand out... not to grab it, but to freeze it in place, so it can not get away. "Spying? Or are you a companion of this girl?" the Magus asks, his eyes not focusing on Sickness or Devi. Instead, he's looking around, studying the atmosphere around him. To be in tune with one's environment is to study it and know it. To use it effectively. That's what he is doing now. Learning it.

Sickness hisses in frustration as it draws back into the shadows again anyways. "Well, aren't we mister dark and spooky? That's the beast I call a mother these days, unlike your whoring bitch of a demon. That is, if your who I suspect. There's creatures in Hell more plesent, trust me. I've met them..."

Devi grins at the words. " I feel the need to make sarcastic spooky sounds. You're a bit uppity for a guy who looks like he could dance like a farie at the ballet. What do you know of Nny? And why is a guy as "spooky" as you looking for such insanity?"

"... You two are simple creatures," the Magus simply says as he takes a step further away from the portal. A step towards where Sickness just was. "Tell me, who do you think I am, then? A whore of a mother... many mothers are whores. An unfaithful mother is a whore in the definition of some minds. Who was my mother, then, and who am I?" He seems more interested right now in sickness than in Devi. Even though Devi is attractive. But he's not in that sort of mood.

Sickness blinks and stomps forwards out of the shadows letting it's 13 inch tall form be revealled to all. "Well, let's see. You look like the brat of Queen holier-than-fuck Zeal. Act like her too. Infact, didn't you lift that cape out of her closet? Oh my, how the little ones grow up when you turn their back. I'd accuse you of wearing makeup but then I'd have to acknoledge the fact that you know what a mirror looks like. Then again, perhaps not." Snickering it brushes off a flake of paint from it's face and bows, "I was one of your fucking experiments for a time. Luckily the whole Kingdom burned in flames and gave me a chance to get out of my cage. Give me half a mind and I'll see you locked in one yourself." Raising an eyebrow she/it chuckles, "Oooh, that's an idea. I bet you got enough empty room up there for a nice cozy home for me and my friend." Clicking it's teeth, the creature grins, "Gimmie your brains."

Devi, for some reason, feels the sudden, unexplainable need to wash and shudders. Thinking to herself, she ponders going back to Nny's house and seeing if the tunnel she found might lead to where Nny is hiding. " Speaking of, dear, how exactly did you manage to get out of my backpack and here?" Turning to Magus, she takes a step back. "Simple is as simple does and you look like you couldn't manage a lock. How do you know Johnny and where was he?" Speaking to herself again, she tugs on her silver cross earrings in thought. " Yeah, I bet those tunnels do led somewhere. Nny wouldn't leave his house alone for a long period, he hates the world as much as I do....."

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