2006-12-26 (PreU) Getting down with the Sickness

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Getting down with the Sickness

Summary: Well, with Magus missing and Devi still not getting a very good introduction, we snuck behind his back and tried again. There was still a chance to fix it, but he still never showed. So, taking the initiative we've moved on. He's just gonna have to re-invade Twisted I assume. Anyways, here's the highly entertaining log parts one and two of Devi's arrival. It's fun! It has a Cale-alt! It was witnessed by the unconscious form of Arthur! WEEEEEE!

Who: aquariu, devi, Sickness
When: December 26th, 2006
Where: The Twisted Street(#1833R)


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The Twisted Street(#1833R)

The Twisted street stretches on and on in two opposite directions, though in a straight line it does not stay. Forever is the street a black and white color, and even your own body and clothing begin to lose their flare and become a dull grey if you stay outside for too long. The sky above this part of the street is dark and grey, and rarely does the sun shine through. Newspapers from various times and places roll across the street, which isn't properly maintained and has multiple cracks in its forever running surface. Never does the wind stop blowing softly here. Pieces of buildings warp in and out of existence at times, all except one. A lone restaurant sits amidst the madness, alone and untouched by the darkness, a beam of light from the grey clouds occasionaly touches its surface.

From here do all the worlds, times, and lives of Twisted connect, on a never ending road that has no beginning or end. A simple five minute walk could bring you to another world, another place, another time. One can also get lost if they stray to far from the road, though rumors of Street wanderers spread eternally; those who have learned to stroll through the maddening insanity beyond the road. Wander where you will, but stick to the path lest you never return to it.

"Please, no!" A young girls voice screams as she runs along Twisted St, she's probably about nineteen years old, and she is -running-, the kind of run that happens when a blonde haired girl with small bat wings and a giant scythe with a dancing blue ribbon at the end is chasing you laughing! Aquariu leaps through the air and slams into Twisted, cracking some of the black stones as she lands in front of the girl, who stumblesteps and falls right into her. The blonde girl smiles wickedly, her fangs showing themselves as she holds the paniced one in her arm, tightly, "Hello lunch." She says, running a tongue along her fang. The girl struggles and screams, and Aquariu lets go, causing the girl to run off in the other direction, afterwhich, Aquariu begins running after her again, "Ohhh, quick, quick now!" She calls out, giggling.

Between the shadows of the buildings a pair of eyes peers out at the events with marked intrest. Well, perhaps not a pair of eyes. A pair of misaligned bolts might be a bit more appropriate. It watches intently, letting the malicious vibes of the hungry winged girl flow into it until... Suddenly the creature remembers that it was in the middle of doing something. Tilting it's head down the street in the opposite direction it looks for the woman who should be coming this way. Under it's breath it whispers to itself, "...come on, 'Mother Dear'. Damn, I wish I'd have found this thing before you showed up..." Looking back at Aquariu, Sickness sighs. "Still, she makes for a nice snack..."

Wandering down the odd street, trying to figure out exactly where she ended up, Devi looks up to see the young girl being followed by what Devi can only identify as Bat-girl from the old Batman shows. Humming the theme to Batman, she steps into the shadows of an alley to watch the chase and see what thing she's run across this time. "Strange place..... Tenna would love this.... You need to get out more my ass.."

Aquariu does another sailing leap, but this time she lands next to the girl, running along side of her, she reaches out and shoves the end of her scythe inbetween her legs, causing the girl to trip, scream, and hit the black stone roughly. There's definately the sound of a femur bone no longer being in the position it should. Aquariu comes to a stop next to the girl, who is writhing in pain, panting for breath, and crying. The girl steps over and hunches down, holding the scythe in her right hand, she reaches out her left hand, petting the girls head, which jerks away, but doesn't really go anywhere. "That was a fun chase, it was good for me and for you. When you see your Creator, tell him it wasn't your fault and that Aquariu just delights in tormenting humans for what they did to her dad. K?" She smiles then and stands up and twirls her scythe, decapitating the girl with one easy stroke, she then angles it a bit more, disecting the girl into pieces. She lets go of her scythe and sits down next to the body, fishes through it for an arm and starts idly munching on it while looking about the area, a soft sigh escaping her.

Sickness's eyes almost seem to glow at the carnage. Even through the vail of darkness, a razor-toothed smile is etched accross her features. She begins to leap foward, but catches herself just as she notices Devi has come within range. "SHIT! FUCK! CRAP! MOTHER, DEAR... leave and come back. NO! FUCK! Uhhhh.... HEY BITCH! LOOK, MORE FOOD! NO! Don't say that!!! WE need her! NO WE DON'T!!!" Hurridly she throws her hands into her mouth and skuttles to the back of the alley to hide further within the shadows. "I.... I need get out of this city..."

Devi looks up towards the sky as she hears that damnedable voice again. Pulling her back pack off, Devi opens it and shuffles through some drawing books and looks for the bolts.... Seeing them, she gives a sigh of relief and talks to herself. " I killed you, you know. You can't come back. Yeah, you're dead.." Seeing an alley across the way that might lead to a better part of this fucked up world, she glances at Bat-girl chewing on her meal. Deciding it's better then running towards her, or away in plain sight and she can't really stay here much longer, Devi chances it and slips her back pack back on and starts walking at a casual but quick speed across the cobbled road, heading towards the open ended alleyway.

Aquariu has good ears, more than enough to pick up the shouting, but there's always a lot of shouting on Twisted, still, she listens nonetheless, and looks over towards the sound, she can also see in the dark, which is horribly useful, although she doesn't catch sight of Sickness, at least not yet. She stares, until she hears footsteps on Twisted, and looks over at Devi crossing the street. Hm. She takes out another chunk of arm meat, wondering if she feels like another chase or just talking to someone. She's feeling melancholy, and Yoiko's not around to entertain her right now. "Hey." She says, and throws the femur bone she's eaten off of at Devi, because she wants her attention, and if it whacks her, it'll be pretty funny anyway.

Sickness franticly clutches the wall as Devi chooses the same alley to travel down. However it's eyes narrow at Devi's assumption of death. Preparing a witty quip of her own she coughs in response to a flying... femur? Her mouth curling into a grin once again she mumbles, "Huh... I wonder if her skulls looking for a new room mate..." Chuckling darkley it climbs atop a trashcan to view the reaction. Should Devi turn around that is.

Still humming the theme to Batman, Devi looks over at the 'Hey.' and spots the flying femur bone. Her reaction time is slow, resulting in an ,"OW!", as the bone nails her in the shoulder. Devi opens her mouth for the usual Fuck You redieric, then reminds herself of where she is and the fact that Bat girl is nawing on someone and shuts it again until something more suitable then sarcasm comes to the top. Well, why not stil to smoke up the ass small talk, it works in her world. Shrugging to herself, she turns to respond, keeping her face as still as possible to avoid the smartass smirk that tends to stare at people all on it's own. "Oh, Hello. Um, yeah, good shot."

Aquariu gives a big fanged smile at Devi's response, "Thanks!" She reaches over and grabs a leg and then rolls up onto her feet, her black wings flapping rapidly, trying to get her into flight, but lacking the mass to do so. She walks over to stand a few feet from Devi, idle lobbing the leg up and down in her hand, she then runs her eyes up and down Devi's body, assessing her in multiple ways. She then shifts the leg around and uses it as a cane for the moment, she tilts her head to the side, then narrows her eyes down slightly, and leans forward a bit towards the girl, and takes in a slow, loud, breath through her nose. But, she doesn't say anything.

Devi leans back a bit as Batgirl examines her. Maybe she should be feeling un easy but for some reason, the only thought is,"I wonder how sturdy leaning on a leg could be." Abesntly fingering a paint stain, Devi eyes Batgirl's wings, wondering if maybe she's not fully grown... You'd think her wings might be of some use at least... Lackin ideas for the seemingly dead end conversation, Devi grasps at straws. "So, how's you're lunch going?"

Aquariu leans back at Devi's words. Must not be human, or if she is, she's a decidedly brave one, and not worth trying to prod into chasing. She looks over to the leg, and then tosses it behind her where it splatters down onto the street. "She was good, I think she ran a lot, or at least she did for the last half hour of her life." She smiles and licks off her fingers one by one, glancing back and forth along the street. Unsure of what to do now, she's not hungry anymore, and chasing doesn't seem like fun at the moment. Let's see...she looks back to Devi, "Are you human?" She says, and then reaches out to prod at the girl in the shoulder with a finger.

Sickness listens intently... and facefaults off the trashcan. "What the fuck is this? Barbie girl humor? Another episode of Buffy the fucking vampire slayer?" Mocking the typical gossiping schoolgirl she rambles on, "Like, ohmygod! Check out this violence! Let's go grab some ice cream and poke at something bloody!" With a sigh it flops against the brick wall of the alley and shakes the nubs it considers hands. Apparently putting them in her mouth has bloodied them. "Fuck... I hate this body..."

Devi automatically smacking away Batgirl's hand, the smirk rises and settles on Devi's lips. Looking over the gore and what's left of the young woman, Devi shifts her backpack. "Well, you looked like you enjoyed yourself too. Although, I would imagine you'd actually have a purpose to killing someone, aside from the fact that their human. Me, I'd kill a cat first and donate it to Eat or Die back home." Devi trails off as she looks around. As if she just heard it, Devi gives a quizzical look to Batgirl. "You're not human are you?" Duhhhhh, but maybe Batgirl will tell Devi what she is, aside from looking like a bad Capcom Charecter.

Aquariu rolls her eyes, "Of course not, there's wings coming out of my back, I have fangs, and I just -ate- parts of a human, -hello-." She says with sarcasm, then looks over to the alley where someone is having a serious episode in there, she ponders walking over to see who it is, but also wants to bother the person in front of her. Tough choice. She brushes a hand through her hair, the one that was smacked, then waves her other hand back and forth with her index finger raised, "Nah nah, nahhh, you have to tell first, I asked first, that's how the rules are in conversations, now spill it, are you human or aren't you?" She reaches down, grabs a black chunk of stone, and hurls it towards where she guesses the voice from the alley is coming from.

Sickness has begun to ignore the conversation as she literaly begins to lick her wounds hoping to stop the flow of blood. She does to a limited extent, at least till a rolling rock the size she is comes tumbling through the air knocking both her and the trashcan she slumped before over. With a loud crash and the rattling of a now rolling trashcan lid comes the not-as-loud yelp of surprise from Sickness. Digging herself out of the onslaught of trash the small doll-like creature stands upon it's two tallons and growls at Aquariu. She'd do more, but currently she's a bit tounge tied at the thought of explaining herself to Devi...

Devi stares at the fallen trash can and it's disgusting contents. "You should play baseball. And of course I am, genius. I'm not floating 2 feet above the ground, I don't have wings or the desire to kill and eat once living things. I have no impressive powers and if you fall into the wanna be D&D people, I don't have a 10\17 base. helloooo......"

Aquariu looks over at the sound as her rock apparently hits its target. Good. She then looks back towards Devi, and smiles, "Yo! You know how to talk human, that's for sure. Good!" She moves right up next to Devi to try and drape an arm over her shoulder, if successful, she'll then start walking towards the alley, wanting to know just what it was she hit, "I don't get to talk to humans too much, keep talking. I liked that ten seventeen thing, use that again so I can copy ya!"

Sickness leaps behind the turned over trashcan once Devi looks in her direction. Franticly she begins letting her eyes peer back and forth for something to hide behind. Finding nothing she holds her breath to hear what's being said. "Oh, please... don't let her find me yet. We're so fucking close to the portal..."

Devi raises an eyebrow at Batgirl as she drapes an arm over her shoulders. Keeping her hands in her pockets, she fingers a can of mace, making sure she can grab it if nessicary. "Talk human? What the fuck. You speak the same language. But I gotta ask, why the rock throwing. By the way, where exactly is....well, here.?"

Aquariu comes to a stop in the alley, and her scythe appears in her free hand, she grips onto Devi with the other, tightly, as if her hand just turned itself into a rock, really, or something harder. With the other hand she swings the scythe, though she's aiming for the trash can too impale it on the end. "Nah, you humans use different words that mean the same thing, ya know? Like that, yo." She nods her head, grinning, "I'm pretty good, huh?" She then looks forward at the trash can, "This is an alley, but you're referring to this place, I dunno. It's this long street where a lot of dimensions are, and there's lots of stuff to do if you just wander around, or stuff that'll try to eat you." She giggles, "That's always funny, when they break their teeth and all."

Sickness leaps again as the trashcan is impaled dramaticly. This time crashing down on it's face a few feet further away. With it's innsect-like talloned feet leaping seems an easy chore, but landing is always the hardest part. With one of it's nubbed hands it smacks a newspaper laying nearby. Luckily the blood helps it stick as it pulls the paper over herself. Slowly it crawls towards the dim light at the end of the alley and onto.... the same street? What's with this place?

Devi curls her lip as she subtly tests what range of movement she has left. " I can understand that I guess. And thank god that no one's tried to eat me yet." Flinches as the sound of ripping metal gives her goosebumps. "But here's some more 'Human' for you. Yo, Batgirl, how's about you move your FUCKING ARM!" Cringing as she trys to pull away, feeling Batgirl's fingers dig into her shoulder.

Aquariu lifts the trash can up with her scythe, scanning the darkness of the alley. There...that's moving, and newspaper...well, most of them, don't move themselves, so she twirls her scythe, arcing the garbage can through the air to go smashing onto the paper, if she's a good enough shot anyway. She looks over to Devi and grins at the shouting, "Oh yeah!" She lets go, might have a bruise on that arm after this, "Aquariu is my name, I'm not a bat, or any part of one, it's the wings, I know, but they're not bat wings, they're just similar." The scythe in her hand disappears as she releases the grip on it, and she moves over to where she hurled the trash can, "Do you have any cigarettes? I know somebody who want some and I know you humans usually have them."

Sickness lays motionless from the impact of the trashcan. The newspaper continues to stick by means of the drying blood, but there's not much point in running away anymore. If she's gonna get noticed - she'll get noticed. Oh well, time to make a plan B.

Devi rubs her arm and inspects the injured area. Looking up at Aquariu, she shakes her head. "I don't smoke. Why, may I ask, did that trash can deserve to die?"

Aquariu stares at Devi closely, wondering if she's lieing or not. She gets in nice and close, nose to nose, staring, "No? Hm, that's lame." She pulls back and then looks over to the newspaper and then to the trash can, "Simple, the thing the trash can hit was moving and making sound, so I hit it to make it stop." She smiles, her fangs showing off. She hops over and brings her foot over to the newspaper to kick it up and into the air, her left hand then snaps out to her side, each finger elongating and changing into a granite color, sharp claws replacing each digit, which she uses to slash the newspaper into ribbons. She then looks over to Devi, "See?"

Sickness hits the wall with a squishy thud. Hanging there for a moment, she falls again - face first onto the concrete. Pushing itself up it looks up at Devi and Aquariu first with disgust, then with almost a pleeding attempt at pitty. Forcing a smile the creature locks eyes on Devi. "heh... Hello, Mother Dear." Spitting out a small mouthful of blood, Sickness wipes it's mouth and pulls itself up onto what passes as feet. "So I guess the questioning is about to begin, huh?"

The only note of suprise on Devi's face is her slender eyebrow going up, and her emerald eyes growing hard and cold. Devi crosses her arms and digs her nails into her tender flesh. Slowly what little color she has leaves her face. Saying nothing Devi unfolds her arms and pulls the backpack towards her front. Unzipping it, she says, "Oh yes. Where shall I begin? Johnny. Surly by now a smart little bitch like yourself has located him? Tell me." Digging behind large cumbersome drawing pads and bundles of pencils, Devi with draws two odd looking silver screws, stained with blood and a bit of paint. Her earrings glimmer in the light of the day as her gaze harshly pulls up to level with the reality of her voices. "And these. How?" Her voice shakes, although it's hard to tell between fear and anger.

Aquariu looks down at the ragdoll thing. Wow, whoever made this one must of been really messed up, she wonders what gets in Creator's heads sometimes, but then, she's never been able to figure out Damon The Overlord's mind either. "What is it?" She asks, her clawed hand morphing back to normal, which she then uses to brush some spare bangs away from her face. She takes in a slight breath, and looks up at the ever changing sky above, hm...

Sickness dusts itself off, figuritivly speaking, and bows at Aquariu. "Currently I'm called Sickness, although I've worn several other names before this one." Looking at the screws in Devi's hand, the creature winces painfully. "Yes, I know where Johnny is... I think. He's the reason I'm here and not exisitng as those misearble reminders of my last failed attempt at independence." Rubbing it's head, Sickness sighs. "Let's just say that a copy of his house was moved here and made intact complete with the demons that lurked within. I was a part of that before you came along, so I was remade as well. Sort of a home coming that went horribly wrong." As she speaks, the creature begins to grin, "...once I find him I plan to begin leaching off his mind again. He's got enough power by this point to ensure I finally reach my state of completion. I was using you as a pawn in this game, and an easily manipulated one at that. For someone so independant, you sure seem to be willing to listen to the voices you think are in your head. Just like the ex-boyfriend, huh?"

Glares at Sickness and tosses the bolts absently back into her pack. "Why did you follow me then... I still hear you, but you're here...Nevermind." Shaking her head, her purple pigtails shifting in the movement, Devi rubs her temples. "My work still goes well, and yet you're here." Tapping her temples, Devi stands, partially forgetting Aquariu is even here. "And I'm nothing like Nny. While I relized his insanity is justified and maybe not that crazy, I am nothing like him. I killed you once, and I'll do it again. Just get in my way, and I swear to Bob I will... Where do you -think- Nny is?"

Aquariu watches the doll and the girl talk back and forth about weird things. Whatever. She looks around, trying to find a way to occupy her time, these two aren't that interesting, though the doll is kind of fun. She wonders how it works...it must have blood. "So if I decapitate you, will you still work if someone puts your head back on?" She asks the doll, her scythe appearing in her left hand and twirling once through the air, which rends the side of a building pretty good and sends a chunk of it sliding off to the side to crumble in on itself, the rest of the building starts shaking too, but hey, she doesn't seem too worried about it.

Sickness's eyes go wide as it backs away from Aquariu, "Hey now! You kill me and she never finds her answers! The voice of me she hears in her head is the original. The one I copied when we took over. You think it knows the answers she wants? Fuck, it only knows what she knows..." Swallowing hard, or at least appearing to do so, the creature steps back again. "...Devi, you only -think- I followed you here. Time doesn't work the same in all places. I've been here far longer than you could ever imagine! The same goes for Johnny. Time passes in the blink of an eye, why do you think I've worked so hard for so long to try to be alive? I WON'T BE ERASED SO EASILY!" Glaring now at Aquariu, Sickness shakes her head. "You kill me, bitch, and I'll find a way to destroy you so completly that your fucking ashes will still be hurting..."

Devi grunts then heaves a sigh. "Fuck. Don't kill her, I do need her and she's of no concern or help to you." Turning to Sickness, Devi's tired image fades as she breaths in, almost as if she's a diffrent person, a very.... angry... person. "Don't test me. I have to find him, and I have to know why you came about. I don't belive in conincidence. At all. You're still nervous of me, just like before. Arn't you...."

Aquariu watches Sickness back away and get nervous and afraid, which is what she was going for anyway, well, she was curious, but it seems it'll put these two out if she slaughters the ragdoll, and she doesn't really enjoy making people suffer, so she lets her scythe go, which disappears. The building behind her begins to rumble again, and she glances back at the stone building, then back to Devi, "Anything for a little human, do you -know- where I -could- get some cigarettes?" She asks next, reaching over to rest a hand on the unstable building.

Sickness lets out a brief sigh of relief as Devi requests the lack of killage, but at her question she scowls slightly. "You ask a fly if it's afraid of a fucking flyswatter. As long as I'm in this form I'm a bit fragile if you haven't noticed!" Maybe she's right, or maybe she's covering something. No point in questioning it now. As Sickness watches Aquariu lean on the rumbling building she looks around with a sudden nervousness. "Speaking of being fragile, um... shouldn't we be moving away from the heavy crumbling concrete death-box? Perhaps?"

Devi looks at Aquarium, her eyes narrowing slightly as her sarcam rises once again. "Wait, let me check. No." Walking away from the pair at Sickness's mention of the not so stable building, Devi moves to the other side of the street and re-adjusts her backpack, mubbling to herself again. "God I wish I was home. Fucking crazy ass people, with their crazy ass worlds." Looking up, Devi sighs. "Will someone please point me into the direstion where I can find some fucking answers. I'm tired of playing around, I want to know why I'm here."

Aquariu watches Devi leave the alley, she looks down towards Sickness, then back at the building that is starting to crumble over on its side now, towards the alley and her. "Well, it's not -it's- fault, someone built it wrong, that's all." She patpats the side of the building and walks out of the alley as it goes crashing down behind her, of course pieces and chunks of the building smack into her, but she doesn't pay them too much head, except for when a brick hits the back of her head, she stumbles forward and turns around, grabbing the brick and narrowing her eyes, "WATCH IT!" She yells at it, then sets it down on Twisted street, to move back over near Devi, nice and close this time, almost right against her, "You're here too....tell me more about humans and why they talk funny, yo!"

Sickness takes the opportunity to leap onto Devi's backpack as she walks away forcing her to readjust it. As Aquariu catches up the doll peers at her over Devi's shoulder and shakes her head. "Oh yeah. We've found a brilliant one here, haven't we Mother Dear?" Leaning in close she near-whispers, "Still, you'd be wise to keep her close. Answer her questions. She seems an expert at violence, and Johnny does seem to be drawn to such a thing. Likely they've crossed paths, or will..."

Devi gives a sidelong glance to Aquariu. "You'd be amazed at how few humans use the word 'yo'. Try dude. Dude works. And Humans in singular form are smart.........well....some. Most, stone stpid, and it's horrible that you'd want to be like humans in anyway. Nasty race." Setting her pack down not as lightly as she could, Devi finds a comfortable spot on the ground and sits, looking across Twisted, watching figments of things that -might- be in this world flicker in and out of vision. Devi smiles softly at the chaos that is, liking the scenery.

Sickness looks franticly at Devi as she drops her backpack and sits down. "EXCUSE ME?? WE HAVE THINGS TO DO, DON'T WE? I thought you needed answers! I thought you where going to find Shadow-Boy? When the fuck did I loose a page in the script!?!?" At this point Sickness is just ignoring Aquariu, but then again when the world revolves around you and suddenly sometime takes time for themselves - well, that's a big fucking problem...

Aquariu looks over at the ragdoll, not missing what it says, but hey, whatever. She looks back to Devi, tilting her head to the side, "Ah? Okay dude, that sounds good. And yeah, I totally agree that humans are nasty, selfish, immoral, and uncaring, but I've met one or two that have been good. Like my girlfriend, Yoiko, she's sooooo funny, you need to meet her sometime."

Devi stares up at Aquariu, her face devoid of any kind of emotion. The courners of her mouth start twitching as she begins giggling, that rolls into laughter, tears coming to her eyes as she holds her stomach. Gasping for air, she trys to speak. " Oh God, I'm sorry, that was just unexpected.... *sniff* Ah, wow." Settling down Devi collects herself and looks at Sickness. "Don't bitch at me. I asked for someone to point me into the right direction and you jump into my backpack! What the fuck? If you can tell me where I can find 'Shadow-Boy', you go ahead and I'll go on. But if you arn't going to help, keep your mouth shut!"

Sickness glares at Devi but remains silent. However, only by the grace of the jagged teeth digging into it's bottom lip. Briefly it glances down, swallows hard again, and digs through the girl's backpack. Popping it's head out again it throws the pair of bloodied bolts out the side and as far away as it's little arms can manage. "....fucking momentos..."

Aquariu watches Devi start laughing and she tilts her head to the other side, her fangs showing as she smiles as well, "What was? The fact that I have a girlfriend? Look, you humans don't get exclusive rights to having relationships, dude." She says, then steps back a bit, to give Devi more space as Sickness tosses he bolts away, she watches 'em fly and looks back to Devi, then around Twisted, trying to decide what to do next. Hmm...

Devi asks, "Not that you have a relationship. That one, you have a relationship with a female, after what you did to that poor girl I have to wonder what your fights are like, not to mention the bedroom. Aside from that I thought you had something against humans..." Waves a hand vaguly, refering back to the comment about daddy?

Aquariu blinks once, then looks over at the remains...which seem to have all been picked off by scavangers now. She contemplates it for a moment, then looks back at Devi, "Well, I wasn't feeling very good, and it's a special day, because I chose it. And she was going to die anyway, eventually. Obviously." She comments, she then ponders, "I haven't had a good fight with Yoiko yet, she's pretty small. And like I said, almost all humans should be killed anyway, but some are okay." She reaches out to patpat Devi's head with a smile.

Sickness chuckles from within the backpack at the sight of Devi's expression. "Awwww. Someone made a friend..." Before it's sarcasm can be responded to, the creature burries itself within the pack once again and out of sight.

Devi flinches at the patting, then glances down at the backpack, seriously comtemplationg zipping it shut and throwing it into the next fire... But then all of her drawings would go up in flames to and we can't have that. "Anyways, I'm happy that I've not offended you so far. I've gotten kinda attached to my head." Standing, Devi streaches, looking something like a cat does, arching her back and extending her long alabaster white arms to the sky. Dropping back into a relaxed postion, Devi looks around. "Ok, back to work. Sickness, which direction do you think Johnny is. Because if you can't answer, I'm damned to wander around until I stumble across something......Damn."

Aquariu stares at Devi for a few moments, then looks around the street, wondering who she's looking for, but not caring too much about it. She glances back at the Usual, wondering if she should try to find Yoiko, just in case she's wandered off again or something...if she has she'll have to hunt her down again, the girl gets lost going to the bathroom, sheesh. She taps her foot on the stone and looks up at the sky, "Okay dude, I'll see you later then."

Sickness listens in enough to hear Devi asking for directions. Appearing once again from the depths of the bag-of-doom TM she suggests, "There's a place here called the Usual Restaurant. It's a shitty little tavern thing where he tends to drown his sorrows. That'd be my first guess. I was just going to have you try to hang around the portal back to that hellish Zeal-world until you ran into him. I'd bet he spends most of his time sulking there after everything that's happened." Wow, for someone who doesn't know anything, Sickness sure seems to know what it's talking about all of a sudden...

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